On August 2nd, we released an excerpt of this channeling, due to the claims of a landing during the Olympics - which they denied in the channeling. We edited and translated the excerpt as soon as we could, to be able to get it out before the alleged landing date, August 4th. This is the full version of the channeling, which is now ready to be published. Even if you have read the first version, we recommend that you read the full channeling from beginning to end, since the first version we released was a compilation of excerpts from different parts of the channeling. We have also made addition to the background text.


This document is created by Manne Lindberg and Maria Bertram, who run the global Mother Earth Network in Sweden outside of Stockholm. More information about the network follows the channeling.

Maria Bertram is a medium and channels guidance from enlightened civilizations of the Galactic Federation regularly. We have published some of the channelings through the Mother Earth Network, while most of them have been private spiritual guidance. She has achieved her pure channel through intensive spiritual development work for many years, mainly through daily deep-going grounding with the female energy from Earth’s interior.

For many years we have read many channelings from other civilizations through other mediums and found that the information doesn’t always correlate with our channelings, and sometimes directly contradicts our messages – even though the messages sometimes come from the same source. The main difference between other people’s channelings and ours is the absence of deep-going messages about inner spiritual development and the absence of messages on the importance of grounding – to which our sources give the highest importance in their messages. Instead the focus is often on the changes due to external events and dates.

Recently a channeled message from enlightened extraterrestrials of the Pleiadian Council on July 27 were spread on the Internet, telling us that now is the time for their first official landing, and that it will take place August 4th, 2012 during the Olympic Games in London. The channeling has gone viral on the Internet and has created large expectations. Subsequently, several other channels that channel other enlightened civilizations have also received the information that confirmed that they were planning to land during the Olympic Games on August 4th. In relation to this, we were contacted by members of Mother Earth Network asking us what we thought of the information about the alleged landing.

The message didn’t correlate with our previous messages from the Galactic Federation about the future official landing. As we read the channeling, we felt that the message was incorrect, and that the channeling also contained other incorrect information. On the other hand, Maria felt the Pleiadian Council’s presence in the text, and they contacted her and said that they would like to bring out a message to humanity through her. They confirmed that it is they who have contacted the channel in question to convey a message, but that the message unfortunately was filtered and manipulated – and that it's not true that they will land during the Olympics.

We performed a channeling with them where they, among other things, brought up the reasons that channeled messages on Earth often become filtered and manipulated, why humanity is not ready for official landings yet, and the necessary spiritual development work humans need to do in order to prepare the transition to the New Spiritual Age. Since it was a very long channeling, which we wouldn’t have time to publish before August 4th (the alleged date of the landing), we chose to edit and translate an excerpt of the channeling as fast as we could, and published it on August 2nd. The document that you are now reading contains the full channeling. Even if you have read the first version, we recommend that you read the full channeling from beginning to end, since the first version we released was a compilation of excerpts from different parts of the channeling.

The channeling also addresses the reason why we have not performed and released any new channelings in over a year. Maria has gone through large powerful cleansings that have taken all her time and energy, but additionally, she has also felt a resistance to channel public information, and felt that the time hasn’t been ready for a new public channeling. The reason for this is explained in the channeling below. 

In the message that the Pleiadian Council contacted us to bring out, they say that most other channels on Earth unfortunately haven’t been able to convey channeled messages in a clean way. Therefore, it’s a challenge for us to publish this channeling, since we don’t wish to diminish other channels in any way, because they have an incredibly important role to fill due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age. We know how challenging it is to work as a medium, and how difficult it is to convey pure messages. But we must focus on our life tasks and spread the messages that we are meant to spread, regardless of what messages other channels spread. Humanity has a right to know what’s really going on.

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Presentation / The channeling situation today / The channeling-filter over Earth / Why humanity is not ready for an official landing / The presence of spaceships on Earth / What would happen if you met us before you were ready / Reasons for the manipulated message about the landing at the Olympics / Purify your channel with the grounding / The new light waves and the increased need for grounding / The inner energy reality creates the outer physical reality / The illusion of time and the obsession with dates / There is no precise date for the Transition / The energy changes around the Winter Solstice, December 21st 2012 / Every civilization consists of unique energies / The fear of malevolent civilizations / Heal your fears with the grounding / Closure



Maria begins by describing the person who contacted her:

It’s a human-like man with a large, shining smile. He has medium brown hair that goes down to his ears, and a fringe that hangs down. He has very intense blue-green eyes and bright skin. He says his name is Kaleidos. He has very powerful bright male light-energies in his aura, combined with a reddish-purple female energy, which creates a white energy with touches of bright reddish-purple nuances. He looks almost fluorescent, due to the extremely high frequency energy he emits. It almost feels as if I would get an electric shock if I touched him. He smiles at me, and I can feel the immense love he radiates, like a gentle breeze coming towards me. He begins to speak:

We belong to the Pleiadian Council. It’s a collection of many different civilizations that live in and around the Pleiades, who cooperate for the development of Earth, humanity and the Cosmos. We have been engaged in the work with Earth for eons of time. We have been with you since the birth of humanity, and since the birth of Earth. We are closely related to you. Humanity on Earth has close family connections with most human civilizations who are members of our Pleiadian Council. We are also part of the Galactic Federation.

-So you are human-looking?

Yes, most of us, but not all. We represent a large group from many different civilizations that are both human and non-human.

-Is it the same variety in terms of whether you are what we would call "physical" or "non-physical"?

Yes, that's right. Some of us are more physical than others. It’s an ascending scale. You can’t give a clear answer to that question, whether we are physical or non-physical in your terms. Being “physical” or “non-physical” is not two separate states, but it’s a scale where you gradually become more and more non-physical and gradually rise in ever higher dimensions. But this development toward higher non-physical states doesn’t happen automatically just because you reach a higher state of consciousness. Every soul has free will and decides whether they want to become increasingly non-physical in reaching higher states of consciousness, or whether they instead want to remain in their physical bodies as part of their development. There are as many variations and options as there are different civilizations and individual souls. It’s up to each soul how it chooses to manifest itself. Each soul's experience is unique. Diversity is one of divine infinity’s greatest gifts.

We have wanted to speak with you for a long time but it has not really been the right time or possible for us to contact you, Maria, because you've been busy with your great cleansings and therefore haven’t been receptive to receive any message from us. We are very happy to now have come in contact with you both, that you are now ready to listen to us and convey our message to humanity. It's very important that we get to talk to you and tell you about what is happening, because things are happening that we want to talk about and explain to you, since you are the ones who best can take in our message, understand it on a higher level, and forward it in the best way.


We have contacted several different channels on Earth to try to transmit this message, but it hasn’t been possible to transfer it in a way that they have been able to receive it, because there are practically no other channels who are clean enough and have achieved high enough states of consciousness to receive this information or be able to interpret and understand it, because they are too ungrounded, and are more or less filtered by their blockages and their karma, which means that they filter all the information we give them. This leads to very large gaps in the communication, and they receive incorrect information, impure information, from impure beings. This means that yes – it is we who have contacted these channels and channeled information to them, but they have unfortunately not been able to pass this information on in a pure way.

We have discovered that this situation has gotten worse and worse. That is, the impurity of the channels on Earth, in their conveying our messages, has gotten much worse than it was a few years ago. In other words, there is a much, much bigger difference between what we actually say and what they convey in their messages, than it was before. Giant blockages have come to the surface that have now been activated in full effect, and that's why so many erroneous and manipulated messages flourish on Earth, pointing in so many different directions, and that to a large degree are completely erroneous. We are very saddened by this, but we haven’t been able to do anything about it. It’s a part of humanity's collective karma to go through this. There are blockages that exist in humanity's collective consciousness, which you need to come to terms with and heal. But I know you have the opportunity to do this in your work with Earth, and through Maria’s work for the planet, our beloved Earth, Mother Earth.


We have discovered that there’s like a filter over the Earth that has been strengthened recently, leading to all forms of channeled messages becoming weakened and distorted, making it increasingly difficult for us to get in touch with channels on Earth to bring forward our message to you humans. There are today very, very, very few channels that are so pure that they can convey information that’s completely correct or more or less correct. But what has happened is that information from channels who previously channeled messages that were at least 50 or 80 percent correct has today been weakened and become so erroneous, so distorted and so confused that it sometimes is not even 10 or 20 percent of what is conveyed in messages that is correct. This is also what has created the chaotic and confused situation regarding channeled messages on Earth.

An example of erroneous information is that we would somehow manage the entire ascension process for you humans on Earth. That is of course completely untrue. That is something we neither can nor want to do, it's simply not meant that way. Earth and her inhabitants have the responsibility for their own ascension processes. It’s nothing we can do for you. However, we are part of a huge, gigantic cosmic network of many different ascended civilizations that are sending you healing and are helping you in different ways through opening up various energy portals and performing various energy transmissions.

-I, Maria, would here like to ask if this filter and these blockages have influenced me in my channelings, and if it has hindered me in any way when I have channeled information from you?

Yes, in the sense that you've sensed this blockage in a way that you for the past year have felt a very strong resistance to channel information, and therefore haven’t done any public channelings at all. You have felt an insecurity and that the time has not been right to channel public information. This is also why you took such a long break, even though you haven’t really been aware of the reason for it on a conscious level. But that is also why we come to you with this message, because we know you have the ability to convey our message in a clean and clear way so that humans will understand what's going on Earth today, and why there are all these confused and contradictory messages circulating at the same time.

Now that we have gotten in contact with you, Maria, it's time to begin the work of removing this filter. It is your task, as a part of your work with Mother Earth, to participate in this effort as a representative of humanity. As you well know, we in the cosmic network cannot, due to karmic reasons, carry out certain actions for Earth and humanity until representatives of the Earth themselves are ready and capable of participating. We assist humanity in your development, but we neither can nor want to do the development for you. It’s your task to participate in the removal of the filter, together with us and the cosmic network, and the time has now come to begin this collaborative effort.

[Here, Maria felt the filter's presence so strongly that it was difficult to continue with channeling. Instead she chose to take a break in the channeling to begin the work of removing the filter. She started working with removing the part of the filter that was hindering her in her channeling. However, she felt that the filter was extremely powerful and had many layers and that it will take a long time to gradually remove layer after layer of the filter. After about an hour of meditation and work with the filter, she could proceed with the channeling of Kaleidos:]

At this very moment, the work of our cosmic network together with Maria has started, where we are now in the process of healing the blockages that have created this filter, so that the messages in the future will be purer and clearer. This filter is very powerful and is lying like a layer around the Earth, and it’s also part of the cosmic quarantine that Earth is still in. When the cosmic quarantine finally is breached, so will also the last parts of this filter. It is part of what prevents the higher civilizations from contacting you to convey messages to you, but also to meet and socialize with you. All of this will disappear when we have entered the New Spiritual Age. That is when the final breaching happens, and that is also when the final opening occurs. This will enable people to communicate and socialize with the highly developed civilizations, and to develop cooperation and exchange experiences of various kinds. This is also part of the same process that makes it possible for the first official landing to occur.


We will not perform an official landing on Earth during the Olympics. Nor will any of our enlightened friends. It is due to the simple reason that humanity is not ready for it, and that the time has not come yet. The energies on Earth are not the right ones for the first major official visit to take place. That day, when the visit will take place, will happen together with the very most enlightened humans on Earth, who have reached highest in their spiritual development. It will happen together with tomorrow's representatives and leaders of humanity who will bring humanity into the New Age. It will not happen during any event that is linked to the Matrix [such as the Olympics].

There is no set date for when this first official landing will take place. All we can say today is that the visit will be performed when it's supposed to happen and where the energies are right, in the infinite now. The only answer we can give you today is that we believe it might take a couple more years until this visit will take place. It may be that the visit does not occur until after the final transition to the New Spiritual Age, but more than that we do not know. [Later in the channeling, Kaleidos says that today it looks as if the Transition will take place around 2015, but probably not later than 2017.]


However, there’s a gradual escalation taking place, where we gradually show ourselves more and more openly to the Earth's inhabitants, and of course such performances can also take place at various types of large events such as the Olympics – in the same way that it can occur in many other places and on many other occasions around the Earth. We are present there, just as we are present in many other places. We are much more present than you think. We are present in many more places than you know and can identify. If all of us made ourselves visible at the same time, humans would be shocked to see all the ships, both large and small, that are present all over the Earth. You would realize that the whole sky is practically completely full of spaceships of various kinds.

We also want to comment on another thing that is said in the channeled text. It says that we have a mother ship that is four times larger than Earth, and that we came down to Earth at one point, creating an energy change there. This is completely incorrect, and indicates a lack of knowledge about the energy-reality that we are in. If a ship of that size approached Earth, it would have enormous consequences for the Earth and the entire solar system. It would result in a massive disruption in Earth's energy system – and Earth would turn herself inside out and be completely destroyed. It would also affect the spacecraft in a negative way to come that close to the powerful gravity of Earth, Earth's magnetic aura. This is because the strong light-frequencies that run such a gigantic craft would knock out Earth's energy balance and create a powerful counter-effect. The gates of Earth's interior would be opened up and large quantities of concentrated black feminine energy [magnetic radiation] would gush out, which would lead to Earth's gravity becoming many times stronger.

The largest types of mother ships that come and visit the Earth from us today are about the size of ten football fields. Then you can imagine the approximate proportions.

-Are you present on Earth right now?

Yes, I am now on our mother ship, which circulates around the Earth at the moment. But of course we have a variety of vehicles of different sizes that circulate around the Earth and are landing at different places.


-Do you meet humans when you land or is it mainly landings where you are invisible?

It’s both. But it is mostly invisible landings. There are times when we show ourselves, and times when we choose not to show ourselves. It's very, very important to us that the breaking of the quarantine on Earth, when humanity is welcomed into the cosmic community, happens in the right way. Our opinion is – and this opinion we share with the entire cosmic community in the network that we collaborate in – that Earth and her inhabitants are not ready for public meetings with other civilizations at this time. You must understand that when we come and visit you we carry very, very powerful energies with us that affect Earth, but most of all it affects the humans we meet, through our presence. Once we make ourselves visible to you and show ourselves to you in your area, you will be able to tune in to us, and that would, in the current situation, mean an enormous energy-clash for the humans who are not in any way ready to face the high-pitched, powerful energies that we bring with us. It would simply not be good for you. Humanity as a collective is not mature enough for such visits yet. Humanity is way too ungrounded and is carrying too much heavy karma that she has not addressed and processed. She is carrying so much insecurity, fear and paranoia – which block higher spiritual understanding and insight. This makes it very difficult for humans to take in higher spiritual messages, and to open their hearts to us and to communicate with us on a higher spiritual level.

-Does this also apply to the small minority of humans who have awakened spiritually and are working with their spiritual development?

Unfortunately, there are so very, very few humans who are ready for physical meetings with us, compared to what most people think. It’s important to understand that all humans who have had spiritual awakenings and are working with their spiritual development would be affected in a very, very powerful way by the meetings with us. When you are in the spiritual transformation process currently happening in humans on Earth, you are so incredibly transparent and sensitive to energies. This means that if they haven’t reached the frequency that we represent in their own spiritual development, then our presence could interfere with their process in a way that is not good for them. Therefore we choose to wait and to make contact when individuals are ready to meet our energies. This means that the humans in the little, little group of spiritual humans who are open to contact with us, who actually have started and are in a spiritual process, who have opened up and started a cleansing process where much of their karma has come up to the surface – they will also be much more sensitive to meetings with us. So it was actually easier for us to meet with humans 50 years ago than it is today. It may sound like a paradox, but it’s not. It depends on this tremendously powerful energy-transformation that is happening on Earth today and that takes place inside of humans due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age. Since there are so many humans who are not ready for our energies, because humanity has not come as far in its spiritual development as it was meant to, we choose to wait until humanity is ready for these meetings.

-What would happen if the energies "clashed" when humans who are not ready would meet you?

Above all, there is a risk that it would activate a lot of fear, panic and paranoia in humans – and that humans wouldn’t have the capacity to open their hearts to us and trust us and our message, and our will to help. The majority of humans on Earth today carry very large destructive fears within them. They don’t have the ability to distinguish between the civilizations that come to visit that are at a higher state of consciousness, that come with good intentions, and which ones are in a lower state of consciousness and not of equally good intentions. This is an ability that only very, very few humans on Earth have. This breeds a tremendous amount of insecurity and fear, and it breeds a lot of internal conflict in humans. This means that humanity is not capable of handling this type of visit. We want the conditions to be the very, very best when our first official landings take place, and that humanity and her representatives, the new leaders of humanity – who will then be in an enlightened state of consciousness – will be ready to meet us with open hearts and open minds in complete love. These leaders will have the ability to distinguish between the civilizations that have a higher state of consciousness and which have a lower state of consciousness. It's the enlightened masters living in physical bodies on Earth today who are waiting to show themselves in the public light, and they will do so when the time is ready.


-Why has a channeled message saying you are going to land at the Olympics come forward? It's very specific information that’s been given.

It’s important that you understand that even very, very specific information can be wrong and can come from the wrong source, so to speak. The question can be answered on several levels. There are a variety of factors that interact here. One aspect is humanity's immense longing, that we feel very strongly, to finally become full members of the cosmic community. You yearn to be part of us, you’re longing to go back to your cosmic origin. It’s something completely natural that you do. Many of you, especially you in the spiritual world who have a spiritual belief, are daily being exposed to questioning, diminishment and other kinds of challenges. You long to have the "hard evidence", to finally be able to show the world that you have been right all along. You can’t wait to finally stand face to face with your ancestors, your friends, your family members. [Both Manne’s and Maria’s eyes tear up, since they both deeply feel this longing.] It’s this great longing that makes you wish for, and also to take in this type of message, because that is what you want to hear. That's what you yearn so much for. Many humans on Earth are carrying a very great sorrow that they may not even be aware of, a desire to return to their cosmic origin because they have lived other lives, in other times, on other planets, and they miss their families and the communion that they had there.

Many humans don’t feel as at home on Earth as they should because they haven’t managed to achieve the level of grounding that’s needed. They haven’t been able to heal their connection to Mother Earth and become one with Mother Earth, in order to be able to feel truly at home on Earth. Many souls who have lived a large number of lives on Earth have been exposed to a large number of challenges and much suffering, and are for natural reasons longing to go home to their former existence on other planets which were often much more harmonious and filled with love and communion, than their lives on Earth have been. Life on Earth has for many souls meant very large challenges and very painful experiences. This is also why all of you souls have come to Earth. It’s part of your journey and your learning process. It has been part of your spiritual development to have gone through these painful experiences in these challenging lives. It’s something you have chosen for yourselves. But now this journey is coming to an end, since the transition to the New Age will be a breaking point, a change to something completely new, to a whole new energy situation on Earth. But this longing for your cosmic origin is an important factor when it comes to these messages about us now coming to land.

Another aspect is that there are beings who are trying to spread disinformation, to feed their egos and steal people’s energies. They feel good when they feel important, so they make up information that they think people want to hear, information that they think people are interested in and can embrace. They can also give humanity misleading information in order to lead humanity in the wrong direction, such as delivering information that gives people certain hopes that are then crushed. It can create a lot of disappointment and scepticism in humans when these big promises are not met, that is, when they don’t come and land during the Olympics.

There are very large blockages, both in humans’ personal energy systems, but also in humanity's collective consciousness, that leads to a lot of doubt and the fear of being deceived. You don’t really trust your own intuition, and you don’t really trust the messages you get. This is a challenge to humans' ability to take in higher spiritual messages: “What can we trust and what can we not trust?” It will be an important lesson for humans to experience getting inaccurate information, to learn to distinguish between the different messages and what is true and not true. This is a long learning process that you as humans have to go through when developing your mediumship, to learn to distinguish between what are clean and what are unclean messages. This experience can actually help humanity. It can be a very important lesson in the spiritual development process, to better learn to distinguish between the different messages through getting a stronger sense of what feels right and what does not feel right.


-Do you have any advice to mediums on what they can do to develop this ability?

Yes, the most important advice that I have to give to all mediums – and to all humans living on Earth, because this is the same whether you are a medium or not – the definitely single most important thing you can do to strengthen your psychic ability is to ground yourself and become one with the Earth's interior. Channel energy from Earth's interior daily, the red female energy. It’s that which strengthens and develops your intuition and your psychic abilities, and your ability to be in touch with your inner truth and your inner voice. The more grounded you become, the more you come in contact with the female energy, the stronger your psychic ability will be and the clearer and cleaner your channel will become and the easier it will be for you to learn to distinguish between clean and unclean messages. The female energy is the solution, it is the key to opening the psychic ability on a higher level. [See the end of the document for a miniguide with instructions on how to ground yourself with Mother Earth-healing.]

Mediumship is not just something that you either have or don’t have, it's not like a button that is switched either on or off. It’s an ability that is being developed gradually along with your spiritual development, being strengthened step by step, and where the channel is gradually getting stronger and stronger and purer and purer. The more grounded you are through Mother Earth's female energies, the more receptive you then become to the cosmic male light, and can thus combine the two different energies and reach a higher state of consciousness, and become a stronger and purer psychic channel.


The Earth is moving into a new level of her spiritual development towards the 5th dimension, and as you know, it's a process that has been going on for a very, very long time, and that humanity is also part of. It’s a "collective ascension" in the sense that humanity is also affected by Earth’s ascension. But that does not mean humans will automatically reach a higher state of consciousness. It rather depends on which consciousness level the individual soul is on, and if he or she is ready to receive and embrace the new energies that will now sweep over the Earth or not. We can say – and we’re saying this with sorrow in our hearts – that most humans on Earth are not ready for these new energies coming in, because they have not prepared themselves in the way necessary in order to become ready. Many humans will instead be affected in a negative way, and it will be very difficult for humans to manage these new energies. This is a gradual process that has lasted a very long time and that will continue up until the Transition.

What is happening now is that a new unique frequency of light-energy has been released and will sweep over the Earth. What will happen to humans who are not ready to be exposed to these new energy waves that sweep across the Earth, is that the individual souls will lose their footing. These humans have not been preparing the way they would have needed. They have not grounded themselves enough to be able to receive these powerful light-waves. These humans are not sufficiently grounded. They are not sufficiently in touch with Mother Earth's energies and Mother Earth's energy system to be able to receive the strong form of light that is now sweeping over the Earth. These humans are simply not able to perform this ascension in the way that was intended. This will lead to the humans beginning to feel very uneasy and developing different types of psychological and physical symptoms and diseases. It will also activate new layers of karma, in individuals and in the entire planet's development. It will expose these humans to very large personal challenges that will be very painful, because they are not prepared for these energy waves and are not using the energy tools available on Earth. These individual souls are not working with their spiritual development and grounding in the way they would need to, to be able to receive these large and powerful energy waves that are coming in.

One thing we have noticed with very great clarity is that in almost all of the channelings that are now being spread across the Earth, except for some isolated exceptions, nothing is even mentioned about the importance of humans working on their spiritual development, and that the human needs to channel the Mother Earth energies from Earth's interior. This knowledge is close to non-existent, except in your channelings. This is very worrying since this is by far the most important message of all that we have to convey to you. It’s the grounding, the connecting and tuning in to Earth's interior which is the connection that will protect you, that will save you and that will help you in your spiritual development. That's what you need in order to be able to receive the strong light-waves that are now being spread on Earth, and to develop in the way that is meant.


Humanity's ascension will not happen by itself. You have to work, as individual souls, with your personal development. It’s the internal development process that is important. That is what determines your entire future. Be aware of that all this focus, in channelings today all over the Earth, on the outer development makes you forget what is what. Of course you should celebrate what is happening in the outer world on Earth, of course it’s important that you follow the progress and what’s happening now that the power elite is losing its grip on the Earth and humanity, and that their whole power system and the whole Matrix is falling. This is of course incredibly encouraging news, and a very important part of the process. But remember – and this is very, very important that you understand – that the changes occurring in the external reality, such as the power elite losing their grip on Earth, are only the results of the changes taking place in higher dimensions, in the internal energy reality. It’s the internal energy reality that creates the external reality.

Humanity's collective and individual spiritual development, and Earth's spiritual development, create and affect the changes that occur in the outer, physical reality on Earth. This means that humanity's ability to create a real change in the physical world, and to free themselves from the power elite and the Matrix’ grip around them, can only be done through inner work. It’s the internal energy reality that creates the outer physical world. Everything else is illusion. The sooner you understand how it fits together, the faster you will also be able to affect your outer reality through working with your inner spiritual development. Even though the power elite is losing its grip on humanity in the external reality, humans as individuals will still need to work with their inner prison world. Otherwise, they will only create new forms of prisons in the outer physical world, until the day they heal the root cause of the problem inside of themselves. It’s very important that you understand this.

This big focus that is placed on changes in the external reality, and the severe lack of the spreading of wisdom and knowledge about the importance of working with your inner, spiritual development, creates a risk for humans not to develop in the way they should. What humans need today is to reach insight about this very important fundamental truth about Existence and reality. Humans today are way too busy and tied to physical reality, physical material things. They have a very great tendency to ignore their inner reality and the collective inner reality on Earth. That is, what has the greatest importance of all, is instead given the least importance. You live in the Upside-down World. This is something that is very, very, very important for you to change. It’s a precondition in order to be able to make actual progress in your spiritual development on Earth, and to be able to enter into the New Age, and create a new world from entirely new conditions, in the name of love, truth and abundance.


Something else that we want to address here is this huge obsession with dates that exists on Earth. You have very strong attachments to time, and the idea that time exists and that it can be divided into months, days and minutes. This is an illusion. We don’t share your perception of time since we live beyond time and space, and have a completely different view of things than what you have. For us, dates are completely irrelevant, they serve no function whatsoever. Therefore it is extremely seldom – practically never – that we, your friends in the Cosmos, give you information that is tied to specific dates. The Gregorian calendar is a construction, and part of the Matrix. The development taking place on Earth is not in any way tied to earthly dates from the Gregorian calendar, or from any other calendar for that matter.

-I wonder if you could clarify this. Previously we have conveyed messages from other civilizations on energy transmissions for humanity to participate in at certain dates and times, and we have received information that the energy window for the Transition probably closes in 2017, and so on. Those are still predictions about dates. Is it the energy-situation that you try to translate to dates when you mention dates in your channelings?

Yes, the reason we sometimes make use of dates is that we try, in the best possible way, to translate the energy-situation to a language that you on Earth can understand, because you have such strong attachments to physical time in the form of your Gregorian calendar, where you divide the infinite now into years, months, days and minutes. In our opinion, this division is illusionary, and doesn’t actually exist. But since you have such strong attachments to it and find it difficult to relate to our timeless approach, we try our best to adapt to it in order to help you understand what is happening. You could say that we compromise with our timeless approach to help you understand, so that it will easier for you to be able to relate to the information we provide.

That is, all the information we give you that is related to specific years or dates are always relative, since we don’t share your sense of time. Therefore, we can never give you definite answers that are in line with your sense of time, and we never will. What will instead happen in the long run is that humanity will change its perception of time. You are going to let go of time, you will let go of the Gregorian calendar and all other calendars that exist on Earth, and you will start living your lives in the infinite now. Then you will no longer have need for dates and times, they will simply cease to be used on Earth. But until then, in our communications with you, we will do our best to translate it so that you can best understand what we're talking about.


There is a window that has now been opened for the Earth's development, where the whole Earth and humanity are approaching the transition to the New Spiritual Age. But there is no – and this is very important that you understand – there is no precise date for when the transition to the New Age will happen. The transition to the New Age will occur when the Earth and humanity are ready for it, and when the right energy-situation prevails. There are many factors that affect when it will happen. It’s not something that we can go into detail about here, since it would require a very large space to describe how it works. But what we can say is that in our network of cosmic civilizations – and also souls from Infinity beyond our Cosmos, along with enlightened masters in physical bodies on Earth, that all work together to bring the Earth into the New Age in the best possible way – our goal has been to postpone the Transition as long as it has been possible, since humanity is not in any way ready for the Transition as it looks today on Earth.

Our hope is that we, in our great collaboration, will be able to wake up as many humans as possible and get them to start working with their inner spiritual development, and to begin the important work of grounding themselves and preparing for the ascension to the 5th dimension, and beyond. As it looks today, there's a window that according to our perspective will be closed sometime around 2017. This means that as it looks today, it doesn’t seem to be possible for the Earth and her inhabitants to wait longer for the transition to the New Spiritual Age than 2017. That's how it looks right now. Therefore, our goal is for the Transition to take place on Earth before that. But today we can’t give a definite date for when the Transition will happen. Right now it looks like the most appropriate time is 2015, but that may change many times as there is no fixed timetable to follow. Much can happen before then. Some changes may take a longer time, in your perception of time, than what was originally intended, while other changes may happen very quickly. It’s thus not possible, by your standards, according to your Gregorian calendar or other calendars, to give you an exact date for when the Transition will take place.

Remember that this is a gradual process with many steps along the way. This process is ongoing, and there are new changes and new energy inflows to Earth happening all the time. Earth and her inhabitants are in a constant process of development, so actually, according to our timeless approach, the Transition is already happening here and now. But the final step has not happened yet, and probably will not happen for a number of years.


-Although the exact dates are not important, could you still comment on the energy changes that will happen around the Winter Solstice this year, the world-famous date of December 21st 2012?

Yes, during the period around the Winter Solstice – that is the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, it's not Winter Solstice around the whole Earth – there will for a few days be a transmission of very heavy, dark energies to Earth, from the black hole in the center of the Galaxy. These are very powerful, dark female energies that are perfectly pure, but – and this is important to remember – when these powerful dark energies hit the Earth's aura, they will activate a cleansing process in the Earth. It will launch very powerful reactions in the Earth, so we can expect a certain number of days around this time, around December 21st – the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere – where certain natural disasters may be activated on Earth, but it doesn't necessarily has to happen that way. Exactly what will happen we don’t know, and we don’t need to know – since we have trust in the Divine Flow. But what we do know is that it will not activate the Transition, the final transition to the New Spiritual Age.

However, it is another step during this time period, part of the transition to the New Spiritual Age, another step in Earth's transition into the 5th dimension. These dark powerful energies can of course activate other changes on Earth too, such as changes in the global economy and in other ways affect the civilization. It will affect the development processes that occur on Earth in different ways, both on the collective and individual levels. The humans will be affected in a way that the energies will activate cleansing processes in them, bringing karma and blockages that need to be cleansed up to the surface. Many humans will be able to sense these energies, in the same way that they can sense other energy changes that happen on Earth. You could say that the Earth and humanity will be subjected to a particularly large amount of energy pressure during a certain number of days, a number of days of "darkness", of pure, divine, feminine darkness. This means that the Earth’s cleansing process goes up another level.


Another thing that we want to bring up is that all civilizations and all the different planets and solar systems and so on throughout the Cosmos, carry unique energies. Each civilization is unique, and carries with it a unique energy composition. Our task, and every civilization's task when they have reached a higher enlightened state, is to spread this unique energy and helping other less advanced civilizations through the sharing of their energy and their wisdom. It’s through the total spreading and merging of this great diversity of unique energies that exist in our Cosmos and beyond – because we also receive large energy transmissions from other civilizations and souls beyond our Cosmos – that we evolve as souls and reach higher states of consciousness. In the same way, Earth carries very, very unique and important energies and energy compositions that are currently being developed, that do not exist anywhere else in our entire Cosmos. This energy is very valuable and it's a part of humanity's future task to strengthen this energy, balance it, and to eventually start spreading the energy out to our Cosmos, to other civilizations, and to help them in their spiritual development, just as we are helping you today. We are all one, and we are all needed. We are all important pieces of this huge, gigantic cosmic puzzle, and we all help each other develop.

The energy that we have in our aura is now being released on Earth, and that energy is our gift to you. This is an energy that’s needed to heal this filter that we've talked about. It’s an energy with bright and very, very high frequencies, which consists of very strong male energy but in combination with a female red-purple love-energy.

-When you say "we," are you talking about you from the Pleiades, or about a larger group?

It’s our cooperative group from the Pleiades and around it that contribute with this energy. It’s a channel that’s being opened up right here and now, and it’s a part of the process and the ascension that Earth right now is going through, into the 5th dimension. This is the strong new wave of light energies that we talked about earlier. This is our gift to you, just like you have received energy from a variety of other civilizations and collaborations before, and just like you will in the future receive new energy gifts from other civilizations and collaborations. This is an ever ongoing process, actually throughout the Earth's entire existence, but that has now been intensified in a very, very decisive way through the transition to the New Spiritual Age.

-Is it the case that certain messages from certain civilizations have been more difficult to convey to humanity than others because of this filter? You said that the energies you carry are associated with this filter, do you mean that the messages from the Pleiades have been particularly difficult to convey, or is it the same with messages from all kinds of cosmic civilizations?

It has been a more comprehensive blockage of all kinds of messages. But you can say that this blockage has needed our energy frequency to be removed.


-Do you have any advice for people when it comes to the fear of malevolent civilizations? As I have understood it, all of you enlightened civilizations are both in a majority and are also overseeing all the other civilizations that are present on Earth.

Yes, that's right. We would like to point one thing out here, although it has been said many times before, because it’s so incredibly important that you humans on Earth understand this. We will never ever, ever – under any circumstances whatsoever – allow any destructive civilization with a lower state of consciousness to come down to Earth and invade you. That will never ever, ever happen. When it comes to that, you can feel completely safe. You are protected, we are watching over you, and we don’t allow such destructive and dangerous civilizations to even come close to your solar system. However, there are civilizations that are in a sort of a "middle-level”, who are not quite harmful, but who are not enlightened either, and that sometimes come with erroneous messages, and who sometimes behave in a way that is not completely in accordance with the Divine. But we also monitor them to an extent, but due to karma reasons we can’t prevent all their visits to Earth.

However, you on Earth were visited earlier by destructive civilizations. There has been a presence on Earth since a long time ago. They've even had underground bases in Earth's interior, and they have collaborated with the power elite on Earth. But these bases have to a large extent been emptied now and the very, very last ones are about to leave. So there is very little left of that kind of presence on Earth, and they are about to disappear altogether. They simply can’t handle the powerful energies that are now emerging on Earth. Above all, they can’t handle the strong, powerful, female, red energy that is now being strengthened on Earth. This has meant that these destructive civilizations have had to flee. But we have always protected you against them, we have always been there and made sure that they could not harm you in a way that would cause permanent damage to the Earth and humanity. This does not mean we have been able to stop all of their activity. They have been here and they've caused trouble, this you should be aware of. But due to karma reasons, we have not been able to stop them completely. It has been a part of humanity's karma, and part of the experience that humanity has had to go through during this period of their development. But this period is now coming to an end, and they are now leaving Earth permanently. But I want to repeat once again that we will never, ever allow any destructive civilization to invade Earth. It will never ever happen. You are fully protected against that.

-What’s the situation when it comes to different civilizations being present on Earth in physical spaceships today?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many different types of civilizations visiting Earth, and it’s not only enlightened civilizations, but there are also civilizations that are on a "middle-level" in their development.

-But the strictly destructive civilizations are not present in spaceships on Earth now?

Those who are strictly destructive are present on such a small scale, and are so weakened, that they don’t have the capacity to cause harm to humans today. But they are now so incredibly few that they are barely worth mentioning. It’s also important to understand that you only draw to you what you already carry within yourself. To be able to attract such a situation, where a human finds himself or herself in a location where a spaceship with destructive beings are present, who want to hurt them – it can only happen if it’s a part of his or her personal karma. It is important that you understand that. It’s also important to understand that you can’t protect yourself by controlling what is happening in your lives. Control is an illusion that can never be maintained.


That which is supposed to happen in your life will happen, and the only way you can protect yourself against the destructiveness and pain is by working with your inner spiritual development, to ground yourself by channeling and working with the female, red energy, tuning yourself into Mother Earth's interior and becoming one with her. That is the only way. However, taking to your heels and running away as soon as you see a spaceship is no protection. It’s an illusion. Besides, as you well understand, it’s rare that the spaceships from destructive civilizations show themselves, but they are here clandestinely, or rather have been here clandestinely before. That is, those who have had negative experiences of destructive beings before have not even had time to escape. But this is not possible anymore, this is slowly but surely disappearing completely.

But what I say to you is that you have to heal your fear, you have to stop letting the fear eat up your life. You can’t protect yourself by going around trying to control your lives and believe that the fear, suspicion and caution in any way will be able to protect you. It does not, it's an illusion. The only thing that can protect you is working on creating an internal security and healing any fears that you carry, and that you heal the internal destructiveness that you carry. Remember: The destructive is drawn to the destructive, and the pure is drawn to the pure. As long as you keep your hearts open and ground yourselves, and heal yourselves with the female energy – and build a strong base, a basic security – the destructiveness can’t get to you. That is your protection.

The further the spiritual development process progresses, the more grounded you become, the more connected you become to the female energy of the Earth, the more you can then raise your energy frequency by receiving these strong, cosmic male light waves that are coming in, and the stronger you will become and the stronger the protection you will create against this form of destructiveness. It will in the future not be possible at all to in any way damage the Earth and Earth's inhabitants, through the purification process that is currently underway on Earth, where all the destructiveness and all impurities gradually are being cleaned, thrown out and dissolved. But this process is not finished, it’s still ongoing, and there are still a lot of karma and impurities about to come to the surface. That is why the transition to the New Age is called the "Great Purification". It is, like we said before, an ongoing process both on a cosmic level, through the planet Earth’s cleaning and cleansing, as well as on the human individual level.


We would like to call on you here to focus on letting go of fear, because it does not help you at all. Being fearful and cautious is no protection, it’s an illusion. The greatest protection you have is to become one with the Earth's interior, to become one with Mother Earth, through giving yourself Mother Earth-healing every day.

We want to thank you so much for this conversation, that you’re taking the time to channel the message from me and those I represent, and that you’re spreading it to the humans. I'm very happy to be able to talk with you both and to be a part of this.

He smiles a big smile and I feel his love shining on us. We conclude and thank him for the conversation and the message he has given us.


Below you will find a miniguide on how to ground yourself with Mother Earth-healing and more information about the Mother Earth Network.



Ground yourself with Mother Earth-healing – Miniguide


Mother Earth-healing is a channeled healing technique (through Maria Bertram) in which you ground yourself in depth through receiving and filling yourself with the female energy from Earth's inner core, in a meditation. The purpose of the healing is to reconnect with our Sacred Great Mother, and to restore the balance between the male energy ("light" / yang / expansion / high frequency / ”sky”) and the female energy ("darkness" / yin / regression / low frequency / Earth) inside of us. Humanity in general is suffering from a huge surplus of male energy, and a huge lack of female energy. In other words, we are extremely ungrounded. The female energy has for a very long time been weakened, denied and suppressed here on Earth. Every person, regardless of gender, needs to have half male and half female energy in their energy body to be in complete balance and to develop in a balanced way. When these energies are in complete balance, they create the Highest Divine Energy of Love. This is part of an ancient and timeless wisdom of which fragments have been kept in different cultures around the world, including different indigenous humans. Mother Earth-healing is the missing link for humanity’s way towards a higher state of consciousness today. Our grounding base is necessary in order to reach greater heights in our spiritual development. By giving yourself Mother Earth-healing regularly, you gradually restore your energy balance, you gradually heal your energy blockages, accelerate your spiritual development and prepare in an optimal way for the transition to the New Spiritual Age.


Sit down to meditate. Sit outdoors if possible. Have full contact with your rear or feet on the floor or ground. Hold your palms cupped together as in prayer and let them rest in your lap. Turn off mobile phones and other technical equipment if possible. Take a few deep breaths, relax the whole body, and clear your mind from distracting thoughts. Get ready mentally to work as a channel for the Mother Earth energy, and focus your intention on channeling energy from the ground. Read the prayer for Mother Earth, out loud or in your mind. Visualize how a channel is opened up from the center of the Earth and how the glowing red female energy starts to come up and is flowing through your feet, buttocks and hands. Let the energy fill your entire body and stay there. Once you have opened up the flow of energy, just focus on being present in the moment. It is individual how the energy feels, but it works whether you feel anything or not. You can also use mantras and affirmations simultaneously to strengthen and direct the healing. You can give yourself the Mother Earth-healing anywhere, even for example in a tall building or on the subway. Fifteen minutes a day is a good start, and then gradually extend the time when you feel ready for it. When you give yourself Mother Earth-healing through channeling energy directly from the Earth, you can in addition to the low frequency female energy, also get a certain level of male energy from Earth’s energy system automatically, if that's what you need. The purpose of Mother Earth-healing is always to restore your energy balance.


Prayer to activate Mother Earth-healing for yourself


Dear Mother Earth,


In humbleness, love and complete trust, I am asking you, please give me strength and guidance.


Help me to channel energy from your interior, to heal myself completely, both my body and my soul.

Mother Earth, I am calling on you!


End the healing session by saying "Thank you".


We will later publish a more extensive e-handbook on Mother Earth-healing, with deeper-going information about the healing technique, and additional tools for your spiritual development process.



The Mother Earth Network is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of humans around the world. We, Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, run the network from Sweden, outside of Stockholm. Our life tasks are to help humanity and Earth through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and to take part in re-establishing the female energy on Earth. Maria has for many years channeled messages from the Divine Consciousness (God), Mother Earth, nature spirits, spiritual masters, angels and representatives from other civilizations in Cosmos. Besides spreading channeled messages, we’re also spreading instructions to a healing technique, Mother Earth-healing, in which you ground yourself in depth, which is a precondition for spiritual transformation and to prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. The network also holds lectures in Sweden with, among other things, public channelings from different sources. Everything the network offers is 100 % free. Read more about us on the network’s website, where you can also sign up to become a member and receive our newsletter – with reminders and instructions for the global healing sessions for Mother Earth, our future channelings, publications and other updates. You’ll find the website at:








English: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/full-channeling-of-kaleidos-from-pleiadian-council-through-maria
























~Thanks for helping us spread the channeling!

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  • Thank you Manne and especially Maria for all your hard work this year.  I would wish that every member of this site read your posts.  I believe these understandings could help people to live less in fear and more in Love and help us to take charge of our own spiritual development.

    Your work is very much appreciated by me and, I'm sure, many others also

    Love and Light to you both

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