All MP3's and CD's may be purchased at PURCHASE 1
Who will be in the first wave of ascension? Who will shift into their fifth dimensional reality in September 2015? Those who have realigned their Frequencies and their Consciousness into that reality. Those who stay tuned in to that frequency constantly. Those who practice continuously being in that reality where we instantly manifest, translate our bodies into light, ionize our water energy, telepathically communicate with all on the planet. Not everyone will achieve this translation by 2015 because they didn't work hard enough at it. And if they didn't work at it they probably weren't ready to start working hard enough at it. That is why it is called the First Ascension Wave. Those who aren't ready by then will need the  Second Ascenison Wave.
By the end of 2015 most of the world's population will believe in the existense of E.T.'s. Many will have taken astral and even bi-location journies to Median Earth (glorious realities that exist just 15 degrees relative to where we presently perceive our Earth's reality.)
2017-2022 will be a time of massive communications, treaties, agreements with the first E.T. group who are the Yanas or Yahels- the Maharaji from Sirius B.
There will be three more groups who will come to our rescue in the later years.
By 2022 many will be ready to ascend or walk through the portals into Median Earth.
By 2025 Space ships will be landing and offering their services as travel vehicles to Median Earth and beyond this Galaxy.
By 2047 the evacuation of Earth will be complete for Human Angelics. The Earth will be used by other forms of beings until 2230.
Our website, provides all of the tools needed to be prepared for, to understand, to tune in to, to practice the reality of the Fifth Dimension. It is the place where members are continuously taught about the entire omniversal reality and how it is shifting.
The shift is all about frequencies. The fifth dimensional frequency is a different frequency than the third dimensional frequency. However, we must become tuned in to the Infinite Frequencies of Source Consciousness before we can ascend to any other dimension.

The reason that the INDIVIDUALIZED Immortality / ETERNAL LIFE Album is 350 dollars and the othe ralbums are  around 35 dollars is because the INDIVIDUALIZED Immortality / ETERNAL LIFE Album  is a complete seven day Reiki Sound and Light Session performed specifically on your complete fifteen dimensional Cosmic, Christic, Galactic and Solar Bodies, Light Bodies, Etheric Bodies, and especially your Sixth Dimensional Elemental WATER BODY. You probably know that my specialization is the Aquafarian Water Body, which is the key to our transformation at this time.
All MP3's and CD's may be purchased at PURCHASE 1
I spend eight hours a day aligning your entire atmic, physical, light, etheric, water bodies at each dimensional level. I breathe the consciousness from each aspect directly from the Elohim of Hearing, who insures perfect attunement and alignment of each breath. The Elohim of Hearing is from the Cosmic Level of prelight and pre sound attaching directly to Source Consciousness.
Each breath is placed on once line of the recording screen. There are usually hundreds of these recorded each day for one aspect of the alignment. This usually takes four to six hours per day. And then another two hours of finding the one second of perfect alignment in the breaths. I take that one second of perfect alignment and record it thousands of times in order to make it last a few minutes.

This process was given to me by a group of Elohim Angels and the Elohim of Hearing.

If you want to get a feeling about this process, I recommend ordering Parallel Universe set one, or Christmas Ascension, or Angel Dust. You can also listen to samples of frequency music on the Main page and by going to the CD baby page to listen.

I hope this gives you a broader understanding of the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM which is INDIVIDUALIZED.
If you go to the MAIN PAGE you will find comments an recommendations from many who have ordered their individualized albums.
I'm including a few of these here.

Dr. Angela Barnett
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Often the first thing a  person would  think, when they see an advertisement that says that an album created from frequencies that are aligned directly into the oversoul matrix of an individual using the sacred geometry of correct universal alignment into the parallel spiritual universe would guarantee the person's activation of the 12th harmonic frequency into all five DNA strands on both sides of the double helix, and therefore give the individual eternal life and the ability to ascend into Tara by 2017, would be :
has anyone else ever purchased one of these, and what happened to them?
This article is only about what other people said.
First, the majority of people who have ordered the  Eternal Life  Albums created for them individually have had immediate realizations of seeing colors in the atmosphere and when they close their eyes that they never saw before. Some have the immediate effects of feeling a little dizzy from their brain shifting or from miasms and seals being removed from their pineal gland. Others have reported feeling itching in the Tail Bone which means the Seat of Ra is activating clearing D-1 and D15 simultaneously, feelings in the stomach area indicate the seal from the third chakra is melting away. These experiences followed immediately by seeing or dreaming the visualizaon of the blue spiritual parallel self and the Cosmic selves have happened very quickly.
Also, experiences of dramatic changes in the life drama experience have occurred very rapidly. Healings of problems that were never healed before.
All of these types of things are indications that the Individual Albums are having dramatic effects on the alignments and experiences, meaning the frequencies of the spiritual are over powering the frequencies of the physical. It means the body is beginning its shift into a higher frequency.
I know that these are all new experiences for many of you. I also know that your third dimensional background knowledge will always be trying to tell you that something else is going on rather than the spiritual transformation. This shift can't take place unless YOU BELIEVE it is happening and you want it and you tune in to it.
I am creating the etheric and super etheric attunements from the etheric atomic d-1, emotional light elemental d-2, mental atmic d-3 into the spiritual parallel densities which are even more etheric than the etheric domains of the third dimension.
All of the alignments of transformation into the new accretion level that we are moving into which is half way to the pure spiritual, is more etheric than the atmosphere you see around you.
If I were to send you the actual frequency breath that I begin with, you would not be able to hear it at all. I am connecting my consciousness into these special areas within the body template and connecting them through the merkaba light transformation into the etheric spiritual parallel reality fields including Inner Earth, Universal and Cosmic Realms, the 12 Suns and the 12 Stars and aligning these frequencies through axiotonal ley lines that connect into particular places in the body.
When you listen to the frequency music you are hearing these actual frequencies that I collected in consciousness and breathed into the speaker. The frequencies then go on to a screen on the computer where I can see them and actually see the color of the frequency to determine if it is full of enough white light aligning into the ultra violet spheres before reconnecting into the physical template.
So, that is the completion of ONE of the breaths of consciousness or frequency signatures that has the power to shift reality. At this point in time, the breath can't be heard. I can't even hear it. I can feel it penetrating my body and lifting me in various ways depending on the frequency.
In order to make that frequency audible, I make multiple copies of it on the screen of the computer. It usually takes at least 20 copies of that one breath. At that time I render that one breath into a new file.
At that time, I can erase the 20 copies and replace it with the one frequency that has been increased in volume enough to hear.
You might ask well why don't I just turn up the volume. If I were to take one of these frequencies and turn up the volume, the red light on the volume would go so high that it would blow out the speakers and create internal static.
Now, we get to the problem of listening. If a person is listening to their individual mp3 through speakers that are much less sophisticated than the ones that I create the recordings with, that static level could happen in their listening experience, even though I had already corrected the problem during the recording process.
This is where the problem of technology comes in. In the 3D recording technology world music is created in the opposite way from what I am doing. I am collecting the most etheric of sounds and trying to keep the authenticity of that etheric frequency.
In the 3D recording industry, the labs would be condensing the frequency to the lowest possible common denominator so that even the lowest of low players and earphones and speakers would be able to play back the condensed form of the music.
This is what is done to recording artists voices. After they finish singing the voice is condensed so that it will be smooth on any playing device. The density  level was lowered to a level that all music could be heard on the radio. And the radio had to maintain a very low density in order to maintain enough bandwidth to play to the masses.
So, there is always this problem of density verses the etheric substance that I am trying to collect and send to you in the closes form as possible of the original breaths.
In the Normal World, communication and music was always done telepathically. There were never these words confusing the meanings, and there was never this 3d technology blocking the flow of Cosmic Consciousness.
We are dealing with all these factors of an etheric substance, an invisible light, a cosmic pre sound and light phenomena that can be felt and known in consciousness, but now so easily recorded.
So, when you are listening to the recording, it is very likely that you won't perceive the layers and layers of breaths that have already been condensed so that you can at least perceive them internally through a FEELING.
Some of the breaths are recorded into audible coding. The codes that were used in Ascension Kits and other albums are often used in connection with the breaths of your personal consciousness layers. I did begin sending the breaths without any of the codings attached to them, but the listeners just felt like they were listening to air.
This is why many of you think you are listening to the same thing over and over again. As your frequencies increase, you will begin hearing more and more subtle breaths and frequencies. If you aren't hearing more it is because your frequencies haven't begun raising yet.
I have some people tell me about how quickly their changes have taken place, and others who are still hearing static or concentrating on the wrong thing when they are listening. This is a personal level of development. Everyone is at a different level.
but I can't put a description to it, I feel it in my body.
But the music you make... oh my B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I never tire of listening to it and now at times plays itself in my head. Especially  - Heaven.
There is a joy bubbling up in me almost everyday since I started the Ascension Kit and my inner world is expanding.
I find the information surrounding this experience vast, deep and expansive. Your knowledge and descriptive analysis fascinating.
Thank you for your work! I look forward to what/who/how you connect with my families of light. The realization I long to gain is the insight into my mission here...questions I have about Mu,  Nommo, Sirius... etc. or whether it pertains or not. Karma? There's so much... and with that,,,it's time to fall into dreamtime.
This is SO Inspiring.  You have been given a gift from the Heavens as I have with a vision of being healed within the soul so we can embrace higher levels of consciousness to turn this beautiful earth to a Paradise through the restoration of my sacred ancient primordial imprint of my original DNA.  Would love partnering with you to bring this to the world; especially the women of the Earth; they are crying inside for more "Freedom to Ascend"  we can help them in a Goddess Forum that I would love to introduce you to.  It is Native based and very well put together manifestation by the higher realms to help us to go within the soul to have our truest dreams manifested and the women there will benefit from your gifts.
Dear Crystalai,
I manifested a job pay increase that was two fold. It happened two days after I started listening to my Individual CD you created.
I would really love to become a member of your Mystery School.
Dear Crystalai,
Thank you for the breath taking music. I have never experienced anything this beautiful before. It makes my mind float away and my body is about to follow. I had a broken hip before I found your website. I noticed how the pain disappeared when I listened to your samples. Now, I've been listening to my Individual Immortality CD for about a month, and my hip is completely repaired. The doctor couldn't believe the results in the x-rays.
Much Love and Gratitude,
Dear Crystalai,
I was so excited to find your website and your music. It was like a dream come true. I knew about some of the old New Age teachings, but they never felt inspiring to me. I know that what you are saying is true. I can feel a new reality in the music. I have been struggling with money problems, but I know that the investment will be worth while.
Glory Be,
Dear Crystalai,
I ordered an album a few months ago. I have been listening and reading everything on your website. My life started to change. New sources of money started coming to me that I didn't know about. It seemed like I had become a money magnet. I am so grateful.
Glory Be,
Dear Crystalai
I have used your music in my private hospital. My patients have various mental disorders. When I play your music the behavior completely transforms. My patients become quiet and focused. I have recommended your music to their families.
Dr. S. Thomas
I am aDolphino. Crystalai's husband and Cosmic Twin. Crystalai brought me back to life with her music. I was dead and now I am alive.
Dear Crystalai,
I ordered your music because I had a brain tumor. I knew that I should not go to the hospital for an operation. Your music took my fear away. The brain tumor is healing without the operation.

Dear Crystalai ~
Deeply immersed in the music tracks you've sent thus far, and just received Releasing 3-D concepts listening to it yesterday. It was timely in my need to structure life in a way to receive and better learn how to be in the world - certainly going to learn at a deeper level.
Not corresponding to any listening time I find amazing visuals coming behind closed eyes.
Things are shifting, as I've been nauseous and very sleepy, the other day napping three times throughout the day. I can't seem to wake up today and was very nauseous this morning.
Thank you again, Crystalai, this is an amazing journey.
I would like to respond to this question:
Also, had an experience when I closed my eyes and started to listen to the CD on the 3rd or 4th day I had a huge flash of white light so bright and bold like I have never seen before. I usually will see white light or ultra violet blue through my Third eye and some visions of people’s faces or eyes and most recently patterns.
When we go into the full spectrum of white light, we are going all the way to Source Consciousness. The ultraviolet blue is only an after effect of going into the white light. Our consciousness is actually going into the full spectrum. It is going all the way into hertzian, infra red, visible light, invisible light, gamma, x ray, white light and pink white light. When consciousness goes into the Sun--which holds the entire spectrum of light and attaches consciousness into Source, there is a bounce back -- a negative of a picture is created. This is the same formula that works if you take your consciousness into a mirror, turn around and look back at your self from the other side. There is an atomic radiation substance within the mirror. If you stare into a candle, the same thing happens. You are saturating your consciousness with the full spectrum of white Light (The pink white light is out in the void -- it doesn't concern us at this time).

So, to summarize, we can't get to the blue light without going into the white light. My music is created to take your consciousness into white light, turn around and become the negative of the new picture made in the blue light. It looks blue at first, but in reality it is ultra violet blue. It is in fact uv radiation. It is the atomic radiation that creates a new picture. But the picture is only a negative. We add the positive or the development of the picture through the ideas placed in our consciousness.

That is why this time - the next few months is critical to what we manifest next year in our brand new world.. Everytime you gaze into the Sun and see blue, this means you are in Sun Alcyone. You are no longer in Sun Vesta. You have aligned your consciousness into the Blue Sun-- meaning the creation sun. The Sun who holds the original blue print idea of who you were when originally created. That blue print is a reflection of the idea created in Source Consciousness. Sun Alcyone is our creator, but Source is our Original Idea that holds the divine blue print forever.

Recently a few have been noticing that some songs are exactly the same length and that makes them think that it is the same song recorded over again.
The length of a song has nothing to do with it being the same song. Most singles on any album are exactly three minutes and some seconds long. That is because it is the most convenient play back length for radio stations.
In the case of the eternal life breaths, I have found that a certain length of time in the recording makes the best play back, and it completes the mission of that frequency. So I have set up in my files that the recording ends at that exact point in time on each recording.
As I said earlier there are many minute steps in this recording process. The first breath recorded in multiple layers is only one tiny little step in the process. I create over one hundred of these breaths for each individual and they are aligned into the consciousness of certain sacred geometries that are found within the codes that I record as little phrases or chants. This is combined with the alignment of my own consciousness which is always traveling within the merkabas within all 15 dimensions and the realigning into the Inner Earth Consciousness of the Sphere of Amenti which holds the individual's 12 dimensional consciousness.
So, what I am doing is creating this little microscopic frequency movie of every thing that is going on in Consciousness at this time while the Guardian Races are working in complete alignment with Source Frequencies to prepare the Angelic Human Race for its ascension.
These are individual problems and solutions from past orders:

I forgot to ad to my last message that it is not the breaths of the angels recorded on your album that cause the side effects. It is the result of the low frequencies in your lifetime activities that cause side effects. It is imperative that old forms that you have been using are completely removed from your life. If you have been listening to any other healing music or using any of the other forms of New Age type pendants, crystals with other entities frequencies breathed into them, or anything that might have lower frequencies.

I have one client who has listened to the Angelic Frequency music from all twenty albums for over two years. She told me that one day she re-opened a box of items including a pendant and a vile that she had used in the past in Reiki healing. She told me that when she touched the pendant it made her fall over and almost become unconscious. She realized that the frequency difference between the angelic breaths and whatever consciousness had been breathed into the pendant and vile were extreme.

She immediately got rid of all of her old New Age type remedies and has never had a problem with the frequencies. When she purchased her immortality album, she began having a wonderful, relaxing sleep at night and felt brand new each morning. These are the types of reports I've gotten from all others who have had their personalized immortality albums made.

Please understand that the collection of frequencies for your individual album will be created for you and for you alone. I spend over one hundred hours aligning my consciousness through the Elohim of Hearing and all Omniversal Angelic Consciousness into all of your spiritual selves of all twelve frequency signatures; and that is just for one breath of the twenty four used on each of the DNA.
 I use the sacred geometry of the music of the spheres which allows the base tone of the highest frequency to transmute all lower frequencies into the attunement and Oneness of the Highest Frequency of the Divine Selfhood. There are three sets of spiritual selves that must become re-united in each of the twelve dimensions or frequency centers of Consciousness. There are one hundred and fourty four sacred breaths of the highest angelic consciousness woven into the spiritual oneness of your future immortal reality.

Each of your spiritual selves are a very pure and unique entity of very high light. Your higher selves of all dimensions are so pure and so high in frequencies. When you purchased the Immortality Album you made a commitment to immortality. Immortality means shifting your body completely into light.
I am spending this week creating a very complete guideline for using the frequency signatures which are unique to each individual collection of their frequency signatures in all dimensions.
The music of the spheres process itself requires me to be completely at One with Source and Omniversal Consciousness and all lower frequencies to be raised into this highest frequency even before the recording process is begun. I spend three hours in meditation and complete attunement into Oneness before I even begin communicating with my own Omniversal Team. I begin recording when the Elohim of Hearing and my Omniversal Team are completely engaged into my Consciousness.
There will be an actual transformance happening in your body at a chemical level. The mortal body is made of a dense substance and requires a certain atmosphere balance of Oxygen and Hydrogen. The immortal body is created from the silicate crystal matrix of stardust and the atmosphere is three parts nitrogen to one part oxygen. So, you see there is a chemical transmutation as well as a spiritual transposition happening. This process will be happening to everyone on Earth at some time in the future. Those who have not prepared themselves for the Evolution and Ascension by atuning their frequencies and rising into their Spiritual Bodies, will have the greatest difficulties in the years ahead.
In order to absorb the frequencies of your spiritual bodies, I recommend focusing on frequencies of the music entering into your cells and feel your cells changing into star dust.

Also, I want to share with you that several nights ago as I lay in bed listening on headphones to ultra violet sun, I had the strongest feeling that someone was standing besides bed looking at me...through closed eyes this person was blue and hominid and male
This is your parallel spiritual self.
Your cosmic twin is visiting you because you are in alignment with your parallel spiritual self. This is what is required to be prepared for the shift into Tara in 2017. This means you will be able to see the Inner Earth become the Earth we live on. It means you will be able to see and talk to the Majaraji Guardians from Inner earth in the next few years. It means you are a success.
You need to forget about the order of the songs, It is totally irrelevant.

Just because I worked on your alignment with Inner Earth first or alignment with Source and the Inner Earth, or first the clearing of miasms and the spinning the merkaba into the music of the spheres and then attachment to 14th dimension.

That doesn't matter. You may have learned that the sequence was important in some other teaching. This formula of ascension is all inclusive in each and every one of the songs.

Your 3D education has you looking at the trees instead of the forest.
You shouldn't be concerned about any of these things.
You should only be concerned with finding the etheric centers within your own cellular structure of your body and allows the frequencies to magically transform you from the inside which is reconnecting to all of the bands of the music of the spheres on all levels.
   I am seeing strange bright bluish blobs of light in my visual field at random times and in random conditions, like sometimes they appear as I am driving, sometimes when I open my eyes they are there.  Also, I have something wierd going on at my tailbone, a strange little sore that is itchy and irritated.  Any thoughts?  Lots of stomach discomfort the last 24 hrs.  Wanted to mention these things by way of feedback about my process.  Feeling swampy and transitional today, like I am a witness to lots of things ending and unsure of what comes next.
I am listening to track one of Ultra Violet Blue Sun...
The music is going straight for my ovaries...starry cosmos expanding in my pelvis
Again, offered as feedback
How wonderful to discover what is really going on down there
Our eyes and ears are the frequencies of the Omniversal. We see as a star sees. We see and hear the Divine Perfection of who you really are. This does not guarantee that you are allowing the Divine Mirror that allows only our Starry Eyes and Ears of Highest Frequencies to enter into your Divine Template and remove all that might be blocking you from the Divine Mirror of your Spiritual Selfhood.
That is what they said.
I received a message from another sweet entity who was listening to her immortality mp3. She said that the first time she listened she couldn't hear anything. She was going to write me and tell me the mp3 didn't work.
Then she wrote back and told me that after she listened a few more times she could hear the frequencies clearly. So, you see there is a process involved in listening. I recommend you approach this as a work in progress and see if you hear something a little bit different each time you listen.

Dear Crystalai ~
I got my Eternal Life Album late today. I listened to it right away and WOW........ I could really feel it going right into me. I LOVE IT!
Your truly a GODSEND, you know. Not just for me, but for many on your site if they will just trust in you to make them one.
Hopefully, I can get inside Mother Earth before long and then I will be able to post that on your site for you.
I'm going to work on it with much vigor. I'm ready! lol
There is a lot been going on with my brain: at first when I decided to order Eternal Life album - after a couple of days I woke up in the middle of the night from strong & loud pop in my head, like a cap come off the bottle,
tail bone is also active and eumbe area as well ... And lately lot's of light flashing in my brain and in my eyes - it makes me feel a little light headed like I am asleep and yet I am active  - so I'm adjusting to the healing that is occurring and listening to Eternal Life is AWESOME! Everything seems to spin much faster for me, and I have to slow down a bit  to read & pay attention in order to comprehend 3D ...
I'm so glad I found you Crystalai and your music & teachings are amazing and of great help at this time.
Hello Dear Crystalai,
Thank you kindly so much for the songs you've sent me, I am enjoying so much and feeling healing is accuring in perfect balance and I so appreciate it :). I've been going through some physical & emotional clearings, my left ear was hearting for 3 days and now it's almost gone. I feel that my whole body is starting to change :) ... I love the song where you sing about EnaKA  :) -
I've studied Keylontic Science through Freedom Teaching for 4 years since 2006 with Ashayana Dean and I remember EnaKA name came up for me as well as Auaella Krystal during meditation practices ...
Words can not express how grateful I am to you for being here on this planet during this time :)
when I closed my eyes and started to listen to the CD on the 3rd or 4th day I had a huge flash of white light so bright and bold like I have never seen before. I usually will see white light or ultra violet blue through my Third eye and some visions of people’s faces or eyes and most recently patterns.
Dear Crystalai ~
Deeply immersed in the music tracks you've sent thus far, and just received Releasing 3-D concepts listening to it yesterday. It was timely in my need to structure life in a way to receive and better learn how to be in the world - certainly going to learn at a deeper level.
Not corresponding to any listening time I find amazing visuals coming behind closed eyes.
Things are shifting, as I've been nauseous and very sleepy, the other day napping three times throughout the day. I can't seem to wake up today and was very nauseous this morning.
Thank you again, Crystalai, this is an amazing journey.

I opened my eyes to see the blue sphere under the covers with me and a mass of stars behind it... It was so incredible. Then as I looked around there was a cluster of very tight stars that seemed to shift and change as I watched them.
It seems like I can't wake up today (like a part of me is somewhere else) feeling very dizzy after the nauseousness subsided
Seems to be an unfolding to understand the shift between our physical 3D eyes and this physical construct to something else. It's like, 'turn off the lights out there so I can see.'
in a recent dream I was in an elevator with 12 floors and someone was trying to slow it down making it shudder as it ascended. Then in the same elevator again it was just going up and not going to stop......How fun would that be...? :)
What I really love about your music and frequencies and your voice is that I can FEEL higher frequencies accreting into my body when I listen to it, it's intelligence & purity is recognized by my body, soul, over soul and higher self and my being is welcoming it without any hesitation and there is this genuine trust and recognition that this type of healing is everlasting because I feel it with intention in my heart to be healed and your songs are a perfect match, just like you describe it on your website. It is very gentle and balanced process where I function in balance here on 3D. Healing's in my body that occurring are permanent and I FEEL that and recognize the difference because I've experienced many other modalities that did not work...
I've experienced some craziness with some other techs out there; I've experienced like crying, depression, nightmares, attacks, etc... And all they would say: oh it's just because you're purging & releasing stuff, release your shadow  -  it's like taking a pill for illness and having side effects that are more destructive then the pill.  I just feel that some healers out there are with great intentions to help people and this planet but they simply do not realize the harm that is actually being done by their techniques and distortions and spins, etc  .... I promised myself that I will only help others heal when I heal myself first ....
Keylontic Science was a great experience for me and I enjoyed it most of the time, but I always felt an underlined bpr of fear, manipulation and control in the group and could not continue with it anymore; KS techs did not have everlasting healing effects as promised ...
I am looking for FREEDOM,  free to be me ....
The technology you're bringing into this planet is nothing I've ever seen here on earth yet, and that is why I got very excited when I stumbled upon your website - it felt really good without any side effects :), my heart & soul is singing and smiling when I listen to it ...
And I thought it would be so great to bring this knowledge into my life energetically, get healed permanently and get connected to source and stay connected to source for real without distortions and know it is original organic source energy and hold it and emanate source pure energy through my skin suite/body into this world without many words, heal myself, my family & friends, this world, planet, galaxy,  etc...  and with that - experience beauty, love, well being, vibrant health, joy, peace, and on & on, imagine what an amazing word we can live in :) ~
Dear Crystalai, I think you are amazing and genuinely true, and I love you ((hugs)) and thank you for bringing this technology into this world,

Dear Crystalai ~
You absolutely can share whatever you wish to.  You need to make sure to include the part about how what you're calling mass ascension material was leaving me wanting more and the individual album made me finally feel satiated.  I think that explains it pretty well.  It just *fits*.  I may still pick up other Crystal Magic Orchestra recordings, and it doesn't mean I won't still listen to the ones I have, but this one is different than the others.  Now I have a place to go into whenever I need it, it's as portable as my iPod, and can balance me out again at a moment's notice.  I just keep it on repeat and live in the frequencies and I love it.
~ Love and Light ~     
Dear Crystalai and aDolphino,

Thank you for all you are and all you do---you have my greatest appreciation and gratitude

for the service you are providing for me and our "human Tribe".  The way you describe it, making one of these Individual Immortality albums seems very intense and almost incomprehensible in its complexity!

Dear Crystalai,

 It just seemed downright painful to be in a physical body. Spending much time in your music last night I felt pain and shifting around my heart and sharp jabs, then a stream of energy seem to flow between my 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakra.

Seems to be an unfolding to understand the shift between our physical 3D eyes and this physical construct to something else. It's like, 'turn off the lights out there so I can see.'
in a recent dream I was in an elevator with 12 floors and someone was trying to slow it down making it shudder as it ascended. Then in the same elevator again it was just going up and not going to stop......How fun would that be...? :)
Feels like graduating from plain meditation that always made me feel rested, but left with a longing, to a sense of happiness, peace and anticipation.  


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  • "Who will be in the first wave of ascension?"

    It has already happened. It happened this spring.
    I don't know exactly who it were that ascended nor where they lived, only that I can FEEL that the total number of humans on earth have radically declined over a very short period of time.

    "All MP3's and CD's may be purchased at PURCHASE 1"

    I think I'll wait until they hit the torrent-sites instead.
    If they're good enough I'll pay by sending you a donation that matches the value of the material I've "stolen" through the torrent-sites and since the taxes regarding donations are lower than they are regarding sales, That ought to be a very good deal for You. ;)

    "I spend eight hours a day aligning your entire atmic, physical, light, etheric, water bodies at each dimensional level."

    So technically, that disables you from serving more than a maximum of 365 customers per year, provided you also work on christmas, 4'th july and new years eve.

    Then I can understand (and also accept) your pricing. :)











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