"...the worlds first PCR (polymerase Chain Reaction) DNA profiling of a biological material imploicated in a alien abduction experience. The analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal genetic, but of an unusual racial type - a rare Chinese Mongoloid - one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except African pymies and aboriginals.

There was a strange anomaly of it being blonde to clear instead of black, as would be expected from the Asian type mitochondrial DNA. The study concluded, "The most probable donor of the hair must therefore be as (Khoury) claims: a tall blonde female who does not need much color in her hair or skin as a form of protection against the sun, perhaps because she doesn't require it."


Do these ET entities who came to Khury live underground or in the mountains? ... we can only wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • i totally understand !

    we need to have a certain vibration too, to send / emit, and staying focused can be achieved by meditation as one means to an end :)

    I love to telepathy all day if i could, lol


  • i gotcha Drekx, thanks for that...., telepathy , it is a skill that needs to be learned i feel, also it gives a chance for our mouths to rest...lol

    off point;

     thank you ACC members  for not bringing down the tone of my thread, i must say lately i notice some go around trying to lower the vibration on threads, then maintain they are all sweet and innocent and know everything when they are far from what they preach , so to avoid negative idiots (as i call them because its just dumb behavior to trol posts) lol,

    i must say from now on i moderate all my threads so inbeciles can piss off and go someplace else to vibrate down and talk crap lol


      thank you all here who responded & for being awesome and wise!


  • Yes, ancient Earth humans first physically settled on Earth in very ancient times and came from many parts of cosmos, primarily Lyra.....The first real civillisation they created was Lemuria, some 900,000 years ago.....which had a surface presence (under firmanents) as well as an inner continent, Agartha......

    100% of that population, over millennia was completely telepathic, as with all cosmic humans.....

    This all changed with the Atlantean DNA limitor experiments, which severed the link between an incarnated person and his Soul/Spirit and Guides.....

    So modern mankind will have to learn these skills again, as some are.....Many are now doing so, I call them Novamen......Yet the majority will need help and proper tuition.....


  • Drekx, did you ever hear the ancient humans had telepathy skills?

    i ask because i read that someplace that the ancient humans on earth did, so i thought all earth humans had this skill of telepathy, and it couldve lay dormant in them all this time, what do you think?

    its all so interesting and fascinating i do say.

    My GF pleadian friend  whome i recently found out the name of, whome i call here her shorterned name of Jenn,

    she spoke to me telepathically in perfect english, almost like us, drekxy, haha!

    I could talk back to her too, albeit i wish i had more things to say to her... lol


  • Unfortunately, most earth humans have neither reception, not transmission telepathy skills....and one ofme reasons why that GFL will be handing out "universal translation" devices, during the First Contact process....They are about an inch in diameter, round and attach to clothing, easily, usually affixed to the chest area.....(not the head, as some may suppose.)

    These devices will even allow an English-only speaking Terran, to comms with a non- English speaking Terran....Marvellous way to unite the planet with itself, let alone with cosmos....It uses telepathic potential in ALL to function and works because all are ONE. a universal principle...



  • I believe that this man had no prior warning of the event, not even a slight untuition, that something was due to happen....So his telepathy skills were rudimentary and natural, albeit untutored....so unable to link before the event....Actually, the Lyrans admitted an error with this donation attempt...which certainly underscores for people that ETs are not infalable, as may be assumed by many...
    What is terrific of him, though, is his rational abilities, which meant that the DNA samples were kept for analysis....so something great did come of this event.....which went beyond those Lyran plans of the time..

  • Thanks Drekx, - yes it makes sense most recieve communication when they are contactees.

     I always thought telepathy as a 2 way thing, so wonder why he couldnt respond to these aliens telepatically?

    Prehaps the  the initial shock of finding aliens in his room , have been responsible for his lower vibe prehaps hence why he couldnt communicate with them to find more info out about them?

    ( interesting question, hehe )

    I feel these ET beings werent that high up on the evolutionary scale, otherwise they wouldnt have tried to break into Khury's room at night to attempt to sample dna ;) lol

    Anu, so glad you enjoyed this too, its good to see proof out there.

    <3 love!

  • woo.. superb!

  • Interesting to observe that most contactees have telepathic reception skills, even if they do not always possess the ability to project their own thoughts.....Receptive to the comments made by those Njsan females, as described by the chap in this video.....So he could not ask them questions directly, as easily as receiving their comments back...

    I suspect that he was a natural telepath and although he appears as a "normal joe" to most people, he had an important spiriual link with the Lyrans, himself...As well as having the necessary gene to live upon the harsher sun beat areas of the planet, to pass on to his potential  Njsan offspring, albeit that failed in his case and they did not repeat the process, apparently....

    They did secure the desired quota I'm told, from other Terran "doners."  (LOL)


    Thoughtforms are checked, en mass, across the planet, frequenty......Such thoughtforms do not need to be linked to telepathic skills though, in order to be collected by the GFL....

    Always enjoyable to receive questions from Ivy and STAR....both clever cookies on ACC......  ;-)



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