DNA ACTIVATION INCLUDES CREATION OF A NEW VERSION OF OURSELVES Dr. Angela Barnett all messages are channeled from the Entity called Crystalai Crystalmagicorchestra.com These are questions and answers about DNA activation from one member who is using their Eternal Life Album. If you have questions like these please send them to krystalimagic@gmail.com and come to my website for all of the answers you will ever need. http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/dna-activation http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/cosmic-twins-diary http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/buy-music-mp3s http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/eternal-life http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/contact http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/cosmic-twins-diary-more Dear Crystalai, Thank you so much & I am really grateful to you for all the answers you have provided for my different questions. I have another questions(of course if you don't mind). 1. Are there any common physical symptoms of a successful DNA Activation other than spiritual. How can I notice those symptoms while I listen my Eternal Life Album. Each time a Seal is melted away between the DNA strands, all of the old cellular memory that was attached to the lower DNA begins to melt away. ( If you don't know what a Seal is-- There are supposed to be Seals between DNA that melt away naturally during specific ages of your life in NORMAL REALITY. The Seals would all be melted away by age 33 in normal reality). However, we don't live in normal reality. Our Seals were FROZEN so that our DNA could not activate normally. All of the Light and Sound Frequencies within the NEUTRINO's showering into Earth's atmosphere and into the Crust of Earth are allowing the Seals to melt. The MUSIC in the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM is to align with and ACTIVATE these processes within you. So, when a SEAL MELTS all of the old cellular memory will come out. It is much like unlocking a pandoras box, that allows all of the bad news to come out. So, one of the things that happens when DNA is activated is this Cellular Memory which might come out as NIGHTMARES, bad dreams, UNFINISHED BUSINESS -- Which means the Awakening to Realizing that you have not found your TRUE PATH- YOUR HEART"S DESIRES--YOUR REAL JOB. So, you can see, that the event of your husband loosing his job could be an exact part of DNA activation itself. This DNA activation process must be seen as a COSMIC EVENT -- not a BIOLOGICAL EVENT like the Medical Doctors would make you think it is. This event is completely overseen by our Soul, Over Souls, Avatars and Rishi Selves and all of their Friends Families and all of the Ascension Committees related to our families on all dimensions. They are all a part of this DNA activation because the DNA activation is a piece of the process of giving all of our Starry Families back their COMPLETE SELF. This is not just about our Biological Body. The DNA is actually a Cosmic Neuronet System that connects us to more and more of our Higher Consciousness of Knowing until we break through into the Super Consciousness that connects us to the Mind of God. So, the reason for this OLD NEWS coming out of the Cellular Memory is to allow the awakening of the INITIATIONS that lead to the next set of DNA strands. We cannot manifest our new reality until the old reality is MELTED AWAY. Our Sun is Melting away our old reality each time there is a CME, a Solar Wave, A Stellar Wave Activation. It is always the SUN that is activating our DNA. So, again it is always the NEUTRINO from the Gama waves and Plasma Pre Light and Sound of the Neutrino which holds the Complete Frequency Template of the Mind of God. Other symptoms have included EXTREME HEADACHES because one of the Seals that needs to melt is in the PINEAL GLAND. The Elementals actually need to perform surgery within our pineal gland to remove the thorny Seals from that Gland. There is also this huge pain on top of the head when the 10-12 Strands are being woven into the neuronets. Sometimes people have flu like symptoms because the body is completely transforming to a new chemical structure. When a Seal is melting and the old Cellular Memory (which used to be called KARMA) has melted, the first stage of chemical change is the BLOOD CRYSTALS. Since our blood is being transformed into Stardust based Light energy, there is sometimes a need for DRINKING LARGE AMOUNTS OF WATER-- Bashar says we should all drink four quarts per day if we want to stay healthy. My higher self and the elementals constantly remind me to drink more water all day and all night long. That is very important to the changes that will happen in the body. The Brain actually uses a lot of water during this transition. 2. I have come across an article on internet that Cells in the human body are being replaced in about every 120 days cycle. Does that mean it also replaces DNA within the human body. That would be according to Medical Science which knows nothing about Cosmic Reality. Our cells are replaced every NANO SECOND in Normal Reality. We must dedicate ourselves to the NEW REALITY- the NEW VERSION of ourselves and stop listening to Medical Science. The 120 day cycle was something that many Doctors wrote articles about in the LIFE EXTENSION magazine in explaining the Mitochondria Vitamin. 3. Do the Akashic records still survive even if cells are physically replaced during these 120 days cycle. The Akashic Records of our Eternal Lives remain in our Soul's Records forever. When we Die, we go into this white room and we can watch these Movie Reels of all of our Life times- there are Billions of these. Those Movie Reels Stay there forever. What changes when we die and we go look at those Movie Reels is we can choose to go into any of those movies that we choose. We can pick any event in any lifetime and go re-live it. We can go to the past or to the future. Even our future lives already exist. Our VERSION of lifetime is what we have complete control of . We can go back into any of those movies and re-make the outcome of the movie. That is why EVERY ONE who is on Earth at this moment is here. We all chose to go to that place in our movie reel. We chose to be here at this time which would allow us to CHANGE EVERYTHING. This is the biggest Change that has ever occurred in this Cosmos. Entities from every Universe have been lining up to jump into a Soul that will be on Planet Earth at this time. The Event that we are going through has never happened before. We are being given the opportunity to create any VERSION OF OUR REALITY NOW. We do not need to Die and go look through all of the old movies. We can look through the old movies and create this VERSION OF REALITY NOW. We are in the 5th dimension. This is a very fluid, slippery place. We can SLIDE around into any reality that we want to. We can Choose to manifest anything we want to. This is it. This is the place to be. 4. How does Eternal Life Album works on such cycle physically & spiritually. The Eternal Life Album brings the Spiritual You into the Physical You. It aligns you into the Frequencies of Attunement with All That Is, which is All that you Really Are. It tunes you in to the Universal Frequencies which are needed to activate the DNA. It contains the actual Frequencies of the Stellar Wave Infusions and Activations that already took place on Earth for the purpose of activating the DNA. The Eternal Life Album also melts those SEALS between the DNA to allow the activation. The Eternal Life album does the Braiding and Weaving of the broken subharmonics in each strand. The reason that there are problems in our DNA is because we had our subharmonics broken apart. Those subharmonics are the actual Consciousness of our Higher Selves, our Race Lines, our true Angelic Raceline that braids together into One Neutrino in NORMAL REALITY.

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