Dear Mr. President...

My name is Jennifer and I have something to say. I am one of a great many people who call themselves “Lightworkers”. We did not decide to present ourselves with this title rather it is a Calling that we have chosen to answer in order to Create a better World for ourselves and all of Humanity. We have chosen to become Consciously Aware, follow the Universal Laws, and Live our Lives from our Hearts rather than our egos. We seek a path of knowledge and understanding in order to increase our Awareness and the Awareness of those around us. We have chosen to turn ourselves upside-down from the “reality” we have learned in order to embrace a new way of thinking and BEing. We have chosen Spirit=Heart in order to put ourselves into the Universal flow of the Creator so that we may Co-Create a New Earth and a new way of Life that is fair and equal for all Citizens of Mother Earth. There are a great many things “we” have chosen to do for this cause and we recognize the Beauty of our Individuality and what Unique and Special Gifts we each bring to the table so it is not about “competition” or “labels” but about embracing diversity, for us. Most importantly, we Understand that we are ALL ONE in Humanity and if just one of us suffers we all suffer. Now that you know “who” I AM I would like to have a moment to “speak”.I would like to suggest that we withdraw all of our troops from all foreign countries and have them returned Home to their families. What has been Created from this war, and all wars, is terror, fragmentation, PTSD, and of course death including the deaths of a great many civilians. This American public firmly believes that this war started with an act of terrorism on 9/11/2001 but is it not True that this war started long before this act was committed and that the United States has become one of the biggest bullies on the Planet? We have become an “elitist” society and in looking at all of the fights that we’ve picked or decided to get involved in we have become no better than Hitler’s own army. Please understand that I Honor the soldiers who have fought and died for this country and also wish for my cousin to return home from Afghanistan in one piece, both physically and emotionally. The soldiers, and the general population for that matter, has not been given all of the information necessary to make an educated decision in regards to the wars that have been fought so I have the utmost respect for those who decided to “fight” for our Country. However, is it also not true that when the United States invaded Iraq the American public was told that it was in retaliation for 9/11 but in fact Iraq had nothing to do with this attack? And, is it also possible that this war is about resources that belong to ALL of us who are Citizens of Mother Earth and when the United States initiated this attack they did not hit the intended “target” and approximately 90% of those killed were civilians…Mothers and their Children included?I will also be Honest in saying that I have become somewhat “embarrassed” as a citizen of this country in watching the bickering going on daily in Washington. It is like watching children fight over toys in the sandbox because none of the things that are being argued over come close to being a solution to the problem. It has become a game over which side is right and which side is wrong when there are no winners or losers here…only a great deal of problems to be resolved. Obviously, one of the biggest problems to be solved is the ever dwindling economy and the corporate greed that has become so commonplace the government has decided to take a slice of that pie for themselves. I hear you argue over our economic situation and I watch you create new problems for to argue over in their place. There are 535 representatives who say they speak for the American people but I see you speaking for those who seek money only for themselves and see the rest of the population as below their standards if they haven’t figured out how to get a piece of that pie. Again, we have become an elitist society. Which goes back to the above paragraph in wondering how much money we would save if we just stopped fighting the entire world? We spend more and more money on fighting and killing one another while our taxes are raised, our benefits are lowered, our fear is evident, and people around the world go without food, water, or shelter. Perhaps we should all go Home, apologize for the acts of terror WE have committed, forgive “those who trespass against us” in hopes they will also forgive us, and try to pull ourselves together right here. Read more...
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