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channeled from the Crystalai Council
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Those who have taken the Manifestation Workshop know that the process of the Journal was to learn to take a step back from your normal concept of reality and look at you past, present and future in a new way. You were learning that every thought, idea and experience that you have placed in your past projects into your present. You learned that your present thoughts and beliefs will project into your future reality.

So, let's look at this formula again. Are the things that you are believing today what you really want to manifest into your life tomorrow and next week and even in 2017 when we have the opportunity to have a brand new reality manifest before us?

Do you really want to continue believing that you can get sick or die? Do you really want to continue to believe that you are not capable of becoming everything that Jesus Christ became? Do you really want to continue to believe that you have any enemies? Do you you want to believe that you don't have enough supply and that you have to keep working for it?

If you have any of those beliefs now, they will just re-manifest again tomorrow and the next day and next week and next year.

We must create a NEW VERSION of ourselves in order for that new version to manifest into our reality.

By the Love of God Alone will all my Bills be Paid.

That is a fact. It has always been a fact. However, we have been creating a different version of that reality.
We haven't been believing that God Alone will Pay all of our Bills.

We have been living in a different VERSION of our selves. We have been living in the Version that believes we have to go out and make money to pay our bills.

So, that is the Version that we keep living in.

When a Spiritual Healer performs a healing for a client, they can only heal the client if they bring that client into the VERSION of himself where he is already made in the image and likeness of God. That was the Melchizedek Version of the Spiritual Man in Genesis One of the Bible. In Genesis Two there is a different VERSION of Man who is created by mortal parents. That version of man would suffer and die.

Now, is the time that we begin to live in the Version of Man who is made in the image and likeness of God. The perfect immortal man who has Eternal Life. And that Eternal Life is not the Soul leaving the Body to begin a new life. That Eternal Life is the Soul continuing into a NEW EXPERIENCE or a NEW VERSION of the same person.

However, there is a trick to this. The SOUL demands a new experience. If you just keep repeating the same old third dimensional belief system the Soul will leave your body, because the Soul DEMANDS a  NEW EXPERIENCE. And the Soul demands that you are GRATEFUL fo the NEW EXPERIENCE. So grateful that you are in BLISS.

That is the great mystery to eternal life.

When I create Frequency Music for an Individual, the Music is the Frequency of the Frequency Signatures of the Eternal Life Code of that Individual, the Frequency Signatures of the Soul, Over Soul, Avatar and Rishi Levels of Consciousness of that Individual, the Perfect Divine Morphogenetic Field that holds the VERSION of the Human Angelic who was originally the Oraphim Cosmic Angel of each creation template.
We must return to that VERSION of ourselves to bring forth the Future of ETERNAL LIFE.
I cannot heal anyone by telling them about their past Akashic Records, or by reading the Astrology Charts that are a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Those Past Realities are from A Fallen System that contains so many ERRORS that the Version of the Melchizedek Cloister Version of Reality had to be returned to the Earth through a Portal of Reality created by Jesus Christ 12.

During the past years of 1996-2012 there were more of these Portals of the Original VERSION OF THE PERFECT MAN CREATED IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD created by the Six Avatar Children who were born with the Templates that did not contain those Seals that were placed in the Race Creation Template. So, just as we connected our consciousness into the Morphogenetic FREQUENCIES of Jesus Christ in order to RAISE our Frequencies into the REALITY that does not include the past, present and future realities that we create through our belief systems, we must now connect our Versions of our new reality in the Six Avatars as well as the thousands of Indigo Children who were born to raise our frequencies of consciousness. We must also include in our new Version the Stellar Wave Infusions provided by our Universal Consciousness Team and the 12 Star gates provided by our Ascension Teams.

Each of these ITEMS are created from FREQUENCIES. The Frequencies are now within the Sphere of Amenti Morphogenetic Field within the Crystal Heart of Earth. And those frequencies are flowing through the Earths Grids into our Consciousness--IF WE TUNE IN TO THAT VERSION OF REALITY.

All of the music that is created by CRYSTAL MAGIC ORCHESTRA is to help the LISTENER move into the VERSION of his or her reality that will give them the DESIRED MANIFESTATION.

The individual must tune their consciousness in to the music and then realize what the music is tuning them in to. They are being tuned in to the VERSION of themselves that is the Man made in the image and likeness of God-- the ETERNAL MAN.

Now, there is something a little different from that old Bible Story. We have always believed that there was this Spiritual Perfect man called Jesus Christ and that he was the only one who could be perfect. The only reason that he was the only perfect one on Earth at that time was because the VERSION of the original Man had been distorted by the distortions placed in his template.

Now, we are having those distortions removed from our Divine Template. Now our Race Line is being Re Born with the Divine Imprint that Jesus Christ was born with. Now, we can tune in to that VERSION of who our Race Line always was in the Spiritual Universe that did not contain any of the ERRORS that were placed in the Physical Universe.

The Physical and Spiritual can become ONE. The rule is the HIGHER FREQUENCY sill always TRANSMUTE the lower Frequency. So, now we know that the Spiritual Frequency is the Higher Frequency that can transmute all that is in the Physical VERSION of the Individual.

However, if we don't tune in to the HIGHER FREQUENCY, the Lower Frequency will continue to be the version that we live in.

We now have the opportunity to move into the Higher Frequency of the Ascension Earth Consciousness Field and begin a new VERSION of our selves. That NEW VERSION creates the NEW EXPERIENCE that our Soul DESIRES. We show the Soul that we are living in the BLISS of GRATITUDE for this NEW EXPERIENCE and the Soul lets us keep it.

That's how it works!!!

The fundamental steps are in the MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP.

The Frequencies that keep you in the focus of your desired manifestation is the MANIFESTATION MERKABA album.


 Ask to have the items you desire to manifest through the mind of God. God only knows the infinite unknown. He doesn’t create old out dated ideas. You must be willing to have God create your hearts desire in the way that he knows is the best for you. You must become humble enough to conceive a concept that is out of the boundaries of your own ability to do it, and become willing to see God manifest it.

So, no matter how clever you think you might be intellectually, you must be willing to let go and allow God to do the manifesting in the way that he knows, which is the infinite unknown. A person who has got the knowledge understands. To see to define to need to know does not come out of the intellect. It comes from the mind of God when we pray. When we beseech through our holy spirit this appealing to God we are asking to have this manifest in our life. You are also admitting that it could never come in the fashion in which we are asking God to give it to us.

When we talk to God and we roll our eyes back into our head and we talk to our holy spirit and we beseech God for this aspect of its mind and that we want to have it, that is all we have to do. But, we have to be sincere.

When you approach before you wake up you go in your mind and you give this focused intention to your God. Oh, God of my being, I say to you, I can of myself do nothing, but I know that you have already created this wonderful day for me with all of the things that my heart desires. I know that you have filled my day with the wonder that only you could create. I am grateful my beloved God that you have created this wonderful day for me full of all my hearts desires.

I have always been fabulously wealthy. I have always been twenty years younger. I have always been able to bi-locate. I have always been able to read the back of cards. I have always been able to disappear. I have always been able to manifest perfect health.

That I may know, grow, learn that in all that you are, oh my beloved god, let my journey never end , let my heart quiver at the anticipation of beginning a NEW DAY.

This is how you connect to the Cosmic Sphere of the five frequency bands of the music of the spheres. You connect your consciousness thirty six inches above your head. This is the place where the pre light and pre sound and the heliotalic frequencies of creation become the fabric that your movie is created from in the Mind of God, The idea is taken into the Creation Lab, the Negative is developed and then the positive plays out in your movie screen of your Radial Body around you. This is how you make the symphony of love begin to perform in your life.

The GREAT WORK is to become that entity who will never die. That great entity has no longing for its past in any way. The great work is to press forward in secondary consciousness to make the body in life to think in life as detached and awesome as it is to take that into life. That is the great work. For what is remarkable about us. What allows the grand fortune of living thousands of years. What is it to be able to live longer and maximize the experience but never to langer in the experience to bring it to wisdom. What is that. How can that be accomplished. If you contemplate why is it upon death that there  is no desire from the point of self to come back to this body. There is nothing in the yellow brain that is desired. The real self only desires the experience of the infinite unknown.

Once you’ve cleaned out the junk in the yellow brain by owning all of the experiences and placing them in the  crystal light energy sphere to dissolve into the golden liquid light, you are finished with the brain that dies and you can begin living in the brain that lives.
Now you can live in extraordinary thought and extraordinary experience. You can do marvelous things in this physical body because this body is made up of the same particles as space itself. We can be far greater. We can replace with greater events with out the past emotionally. Go into the experience and let the experience created by God, become defined by the nature of the new chemical feeling of higher frequencies in the body.

Instead of using raw material to go through the body, we use the energy of God- the Omni particles of etheric God energy, for new experience. Then the body is sustained until the time the secondary consciousness has made an in road to make the nature of every day, a new form of thought.

To make a new form of thought and then to work that form of thought until it manifests.

Next, comes the morning when you are floating five feet above your bed because you have become so changed in your neuronet that your brain has used these changes to heal the body. During sleep your body is levitating into the fifth dimensional body.

Your life can then be drawn out for tens of thousands of years until one day you have the power to disappear and take this matter with you. Never have to be born again fro the plane of bliss. The path of power to unfold it is in your mind. You can take your body to any level and any frequency that you like if that is your focus. All lower frequencies must rise to the highest.

We make a list before we go to bed so that our subconscious through the mind of God will create our night in which our souls align into oneness with the Sun of Inner Earth and the Sun Alcyone to lift us into our Blue Bodies.

We are now in control of the body because we are out of the body. We are out of the body because we are in the outer band- the highest frequency band of Source. All of the multidimensional bands are outside of the body. When we rise into the frequencies on the immortality CD’s we are rising out of the body. The outer bands are the holy spirit. Outer bands have full spectrum of light and sound. This is your secondary consciousness and this is your pattern of all of the bodies you have ever been. The outer body is the infinite unknown.

In your day to day affairs we have the infinite unknown touching our bands and as we allow our bands to melt into or dissolve into the infinite unknown, we leave behind all of the old bodies and use our holy spirit bands of quantum energy to experience the infinite unknown.

The hertizian wave band touches all of the Source Frequency and soaks up the full spectrum. You have been loved into this life through the activity of Divine spinning and oscillating the bands into One Full Spectrum Frequency. The God frequency is holding all of the quantum together clear out to the never never land. We were loved into this experience. It is love that binds us into the full spectrum of the infinite unknown.

This entity, the outer band - is God -- and its action is the Holy Spirit. It is super natural because it has all aspects to act on this level as a Divine Being.

What happens when we raise the frequencies from the third band to the fourth band? All of the frequencies rise through the outer band of Source frequencies. It makes the bands flip into the mind of God. Infinite Unknown is flowing inside of you and the rest of us is dissolved. The outer band and the holy spirit is the super natural. From this zero point is flowing toward you, through you and into  every particle in you. You have analogically become the mind of God.

This is the ultimate creation. We access this God through very specific process that interact with the very nature of who we are. We are human beings and begin to open our boundaries into the infinite unknown. If we begin to walk into the wonder of God, God will give to us all that we ever ask for, and we can never exhaust all experience.

What is the experience of the Infinite Unknown. When you are creating something that lives as a POTENTIAL, outside of your body, the personality that is very disciplined, will fight back because it only knows what it knows. It is only God who knows the infinite unknown. That is only a measure of what exists as potential in the mind of God.

Give focused intent to your god. Oh, my beloved God, I am about to create my day, and indeed the specifics on the list which in and of my being I cannot do, I say to you, this as I create my day, that you fill it with the wonder of that which I do not know that I may know. And as I enter into my list, that these things that I have said , I ask the lord god of my being to make them

We are moving through the grandest of times ever known to our Cosmic Families. We are being given the Stardust and Hydrolaise (Spiritual Water) that is needed to transform our bodies. The Consciousness, or the Frequencies of this energy of transformation is coming in through the Stellar Wave Activations related to the Solar Flares and CME ejections of the Sun.

We are going through this transformation because our COMPLETE SPIRITUAL BODIES where tilted to an angle 15 degrees from their original Templates. Our bodies are tilted 15 degrees clockwise from the Alignment with our Eternal Life Body.

This angle of rotation created a loop that goes through the Crystal Heart Area of the Body. That area is what would be called the Density One Body or the Etheric Body. The loop cause a mis alignment with this Etheric Body that is positioned within the Crystal Heart as well as a mis alignment with the Mental Light Body. So, there was this distortion of energy fields that locks right at the Crystal Heart area within the Thymus. This is also where the SEED ATOM of our oriignal creation resides.

So, our physical body was disconnected from our Etheric Body, our Seed Atom, our Soul, our Mental Light Body.

We can now use the Frequencies of Star Dust and the Spiritual Water H2 O2HE3 from our spiritual Aquari Matrix and our Inner Domains in the Cosmic Core of Mother Earth.

When I create the Eternal Life Albums I realign the Physical, Etheric and Mental Light Bodies back into the Original Divine Self, where the three spheres or three bodies intersect at the Crystal Heart area correctly, without the Loop that keeps them disconnected.

The process of removing that loop in the Heart area requires an alignment from the Mid Brain up into the Cosmic Consciousness of the Aquari MAtrix. The Cosmic Alignment point is 36 inches above the head. I create a clearing from the Mid Brain through the ears and into the Elohim of Hearing or the Aquari Maharaji ( their new transformed selves). Once that PRIMARY NEURONET is reconnected up to the Maharaji, That Consciousness Neuronet creates a Clear Passage to Cosmic Consciousness. NExt the Frequencies of the Stardust flow must saturate the Mid Brain area and the Pineal Gland. We then Move that StarDust Consciousness down into the Crystal Heart area to begin the transmutation of the block or the loop in that area. Next, I inhale the Water Orbs of Hydrolaise or Spiritual Water that are brought into the atmosphere from the Cosmic Inner Core Domains of Aquafaria. The Water Elementals from the Spiritual Matrix are inhaled into the Mid Brain and into the Crystal Heart.

Once there is enough of this consciousness brought into the Crystal Heart, a Secondary Neuronet is opened up through the back of the lower skull ( the medulla oblangata). That is the Secondary Neuronet that connects directly to each Individual's Original or Normal Body that does not contain the ERROR of ALIGNMENT.

We create a back flow from within the corrected mid brain and crystal heart areas into the Eiron FLow that Flows out the back and up at the 15 degree angle into the DIVINE TEMPLATE or Correct Body alignment.

The opening of the flow is increased each time a person listens to their Eternal Life Album.

The stardust consciousness, the spiritual water consciousness from the Aquafarian Elementals, and the Plasma of Crystal Gelaisic Elementals are available to us to be used for this purpose of Transformation.

I continuously connect my consciousness to this restored transformation pattern and I connect my Consciousness into the Elementals from Aquari and Aquafarians who are making this Ascension happen for us.

It is the consciousness or frequencies of the Stardust, the Liquid Light and the Crystal gel that is transforming our bodies. We must inhale these frequencies into our atoms and then see the explosion of energy from within the atom create a 12 pointed starburst. That is actually an activation of the neuronets from within the atoms. When the neuronets reactivate into a NEw Reality where the distortion that blocked the physical from the etheric and the mental light bodies, the body begins to realine into the Median Earth- the Coud Cities, the place we have called Shamballa.

The meaning of raising frequencies means we are now living in a hertzian and visible light frequency where we only believe in the things we can hear and see. We must move into the Cosmic Frequencies of Stardust, Thermal Plasma, Liquid Light, Hydrolaise. This level of frequency cannot be seen, but it can be felt. We can feel the stardust and the hydrolaise come into the atoms of our mid brain and our crystal heart. We can feel the opening of a cosmic flow through and between the atoms. The Consciousness that is allowed to enter the body is Cosmic. This is the Frequency and the Consciousness that is required to realign our bodies into the Normal Template that allows us to begin the process of Orbing into Higher Dimensions.

All of the Universal Life Force Albums and the Eternal Life Album and the Violet Flame Album are for the purpose of bringing the Stardust flow into the body.

The Sun becomes the Son of the Star and the Stardust becomes the Son of the Sun
A new Star is being born within the Sun to Transform the Earth into the Star from which she was born.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons  into positively charged ion. This is a conversion--harmonic conversion into a new reality- a new frequency- a new dimension-a NEW HARMONIC UNIVERSE.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons into positively charged ion. This is a conversion--harmonic conversion.

When a person learns the process of ascension is a breathing and spinning process that utilizes a very complex system of polyhedral geometries that create Cosmic sphere that contains multitudes of merkabas that spin in side of each other through the activity of consciousness called love, they will go through this process of becoming a disappearing entity through a rainbow prism.


If you believe you need to create energy in order to have an experience, the experience will never happen. Experience doesn’t come from mass to mass. It only comes from God, who directly knows how it is going to happen and the flow of that information to you . As you observe the experience in the film of the Omni particles or God’s movie screen around you becoming developed through the activity of Divine Love. When you do this you are learning how to co-create through the mind of God. Now you are learning how humble one must be to conceive a concept that is out of the boundaries of ones ability to do it. And you can see God manifest it.
 The creation of the manifestation is always done where the outer Cosmic Sphere meets the God Source Sphere. The pre light and pre sound of the music of the spheres is the sphere of the infinite unknown or God’s mind. When this frequency of Source Consciousness is woven into oneness with all of the other five spheres of dimensional consciousness energy, the manifestation is developed into the film of that Omni particle energy which is sub atomic etheric stardust particles. It is the etheric foundation that the manifest reality is painted upon. The frequencies that are recorded on the Ascension Kits and on the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM utilize the frequencies and codes of manifestation in the five spheres and place these codes within and through the body. The ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM actually activates these frequencies into the Oneness of God’s mind manifest as You. These frequencies make these Omni particles that you may begin to create your new reality from. The more you feel, inhale and exhale these frequencies, the higher your body and consciousness will rise above and beyond the old third dimensional illusions into the infinite unknown that you may now manifest as your new reality.

The old reality has been programmed into the cerebellum of the brain. The amygdala gland has been recording and replaying movies of fear, control, lust, sex, violence. These old movies will continue to play until they are wrapped inside the sphere of crystal light energy. First wrap the fear ideas in a sphere of white light and then ultra violet blue light and then golden light and then melt the ideas into golden liquid light energy. When you do this you are allowing the old bands of lower frequencies in the third dimension to flip up into the mind of God or the infinite unknown frequencies. This transmutation process must be completed through out all parts of the cerebellum as well. These are all old worn out third dimensional movies. We don’t need them any more. We are dissolving these old three dimensional control channels.

The frequencies in the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM are to pour into the old brain and allow the MID BRAIN to become activated. The Mid Brain - pineal gland and pituitary gland are Frequency Specific. They think, move and create through FREQUENCIES. The Mid Brain is able to see infra red, ultra violet blue and even gamma waves. The Immortality Cd is allowing you to feel these frequency waves in order to prepare your mid brain to see these frequency bands.

The next step needed to activate your mid brain is focus on the center of a flame from a candle for at least one hour per day while listening to your ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM. Try to eventually work up to two or three hours. The longer you focus, the closer you become to the full utilization of your mid brain which will allow you to see all dimensional realities.

Next, after a week or two of practicing this level of focus you will be able to stare at a card and learn to see both sides of the card. In the reality of infra red frequency, the mind can see in a 360 degree angle. You can train your mind to see both sides if the card. Your mid brain already knows how to do this. When the other old brains are completely turned off and the mid brain is completely turned on, you will first gain infra red sight which will allow you to see orbs, space ships and to read a deck of cards. This will come in handy if you ever want to go pick up an extra few hundred thousand dollars at the casino.

The frequencies will continue to raise the foundation of the entire body. The subconscious will become activated into the blue realm. The medulla oblongata which sits right at the top of the spine is where the SEED ATOM which holds the original Seed of your Creation. When you raise your frequencies into the blue frequency the seed atom acts as a primary healer of the body. Activate this area of the body before going to sleep and ask the god of your being to raise you into the blue body for complete healing while you sleep. The Seed Atom connects inwardly in the etheric realms of the Thymus and it Connects into the Physical Body through the Vagus Neuronet Center. Use of the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS SET ONE AND TWO guides you in connecting the Neuronets of the Body into the Highest Frequencies of Consciousness. This is how the Cosmic Elementals begin reconstructing your body every nano second. Each morning when you wake up you should have a brand new body.

Listen to your ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM while you sleep. Practice breathing in a fashion that oscillates the frequencies from the higher rings into the lower rings or frequency bands. Focus on breathing at the speed of light -- do this in your mind. Feel the body become lighter and lighter until it rises above your bed. The frequencies of your body will lighten the body into the etheric Omni particle of God consciousness.

Now, that your yellow brain- your cerebellum and amygdala glands are dissolved into the higher frequencies and your mid brain is activated and your sub conscious is aligned into the blue body, write a list of all of the things that you would like to appear in your new world. This is the world that you will be creating with the mind of God. Write the list and call on the God of your being.

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