Seems rather quiet lately. A lot more of the UFO vids and personell coming to light to wake people up. Thats a good thing, I wish BLUE TEAM would re gather and expose the truth.And I promised to wait until I got shipside to tell some of you this. I have my reservations on certain things, surely you can respect that.It needs to be said.The GOVT has created the whole GREY/ZETA RETICULAN and DRACO fear factory. Im not saying Im an abductee, nor a fine example of one, Like Whitley Strieber or some of you. And I understand the reluctance to work with such an profoundly telepathicly intense and(how did Whitley put it...) stubborn? rough treating handler.. Surely we dont like being tossed about the galaxy without explanation. Or our very most intimate thoughts probed about willy nilly.And that isnt what those of us here, or those in charge upstairs intend on treating any of you. Each race, each group, each galactic Guild as it were(yeah ok, more from a game but you get the idea) is different.You need not fear an outsider. Mutual respect, mental clarity in communications...but not fear. FEAR is for ENEMIES. FEAR makes ENEMIES. You are supposed to LOVE everyone.Anyone remember..well maybe not. It was the LATE Doc.Micheal Wolf that said it."EVEN the Greys know who the FOREVER INFINITE CREATOR GOD is." What does that tell you?And believe me, this is one of the more balanced groups, the Federation. But we are not the only ones here by far. And some are not willing to leave or leave without a fight on many many fronts, not all of which are visible or physical.But yeah, Ive been out of the loop for awhile. Im due for a Brief or two Im sure. I just wish some people would get on with the show already. So unless I hear back or make the time to come thru...I guess its off to GamerVille so I can keep my senses and keep from losing my cool. As I think some need to do in order to withdrawl from the chatter a tad. Do whatever it is you do in your OFF time. Not everyone has kids.Everything can get to you IF you LET it. Who has the TV control of what you do? Who tells the TV what channel to be on, IFF to be on at all? The PERSON whose HAND the remote is in. Same with the mouse and archaic keyboard.Back off the auto-reply all for a TAD.Try to remember that.
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