Awesome dream last night!

I had a dream that i was an angel with two sets of wings white/black.

I found out about some masons who kidnapped a little girl and were going to use her for a blood sacrifice. I flew out my window with my black wings and followed the masons to the location of the ritual. When i landed, i retracted my black wings and spread my white wings. They were beautiful and glowing!

I felt divine energy flowing through my body as i began to smite men with thrashing blows to the heart. However, none of these men would die. Instead, they became overwhelmed with love and formed and army behind me.

We followed a trail of blood to the basement where the WM of the lodge was beginning the ritual. I swooped upon him like an eagle and grabbed him by the head. My eyes turned white and i began to cry. I said unto him, "Why are you doing this? You are a good man. Why are you so confused?" I felt his delicate skull, so brittle in my hands as my tears poured onto his face. He looked into my eyes and when my tears hit his face he began to glow.

I couldn't bring myself to kill him. Instead I turned my back on him and grabbed the innocent girl by the hand. As we walked past the WM, he trembled in fear and had soiled himself. I plucked a feather from both my white and black set of wings. I put the black feather to his cheek and cut a deep gouge into his face. I put the white feather to the same cheek and healed it. I then put the feathers in his shirt pocket and left.



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