ASTROLOGY RESEARCH PROJECT - Black Moon Lilith: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Horoscopes used in this project are: Linus Pauling, Robert Oppenheimer, Mother Theresa, and Paul Newman ("The Good"); Angelina Jolie, Bob Crane, Allen Dulles, and J.P. Morgan ("The Bad"); Susan Atkins, Angelo Buono, J.D. Rockefeller,  and JFK ("The Ugly").


For review of what Black Moon Lilith is, refer to the image below.  Black Moon Lilith is the lunar apogee section of the Moon's orbit. It has an approximate revolution of 8 years and 2 months around the zodiac in the standard counter-clockwise motion (of which the Nodal plane does not follow; the Nodes move clockwise around the zodiac).  Black Moon Lilith appears to bring out strong Piscean and/or Scorpio energies if this point is in key positions of the horoscope.  This is especially true if the Personal Points are involved (which are the Sun, the Moon, the Nodes, the Ascendant, and the Midheaven).

Black Moon

For a referral of the names of the planets, signs, and houses, please use the page below.  I have stated in my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation" that one has permission to copy it.


For an outstanding musical performance of "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, " check out the Danish National Symphony Orchestra performing the theme from the "spaghetti western" movie "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" (and it is one of my favorite movies).  Click


The Good


Linus Pauling appears to reflect the good Piscean aspect of advanced sciences and charity services to others with Black Moon Lilith.  He is the only person to win the Nobel Prize in two separate categories: chemistry and peace.  10819078693?profile=RESIZE_710x

The Moon Square Black Moon Lilith aspect (in green boxes above) may define an affair that Pauling had with a reported shapely scientist (who was reported [or was claimed to be] a spy for another scientific team).  The reported love affair took place while Linus Pauling was trying to prove the DNA helix strand to be a triple helix (and it isn't, it was proven to be a double helix strand by the team of Watson and Crick).  This reveals there is a sexual and espionage side of Black Moon Lilith (and we will see the espionage side with the horoscope of Allen Dulles under "The Bad").  Thus, there is a strong probability that this reported love affair may have happened.  And according to G. Gordon Liddy, spies love sex.

The Red Squares (above) define a Grand Trine that defines the following for Pauling: advanced sciences aspects of 9th House Neptune (and the 9th House represents "higher education"), charity or advanced sciences with a 12th House Black Moon Lilith (and the 12th House represents "services"), and a Venus ("friends") in the sign of Aquarius ("technology"), in the 4th House ("one's home space").  This Grand Trine brings out the advanced chemistry scientific aspect of Pisces very strong, along with a little help from his friends.


The lead scientist in the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, New Mexico was Robert Oppenheimer.  Seen below, Oppenheimer has Chiron in a key position and a key house (along with Uranus and Black Moon Lilith).  Black Moon Lilith is near the Midheaven (Mc), which rules one's reputation.  Oppenheimer will be known for the advanced science nature of Black Moon Lilith (since Pisces rules advanced sciences), but there was also a lot of Scorpio-style espionage work mixed in with Oppenheimer's research.  The secretive nature of the 8th House works well with Chiron due to the presence of much personnel involved with operations of secrecy guarding the technology research in Los Alamos at that time. 

Because Chiron can represent "advanced technology" (and especially the type of technology not available for public use, such as technology used for surveillance and spying), this aspect of Chiron placement works out for both Oppenheimer's research and the secret forces guarding his research.  Uranus is strongly tied to "science in general" (or technology available to the public).  Uranus Opposition Ascendant defines this to be strongly in the environment of Robert Oppenheimer. 


The Semi-Sextile Fan of these three points (with Chiron being the main focus, and in the secretive 8th House) defines a science of a most advanced type, but also of a secretive type.  And there are usually reasons why some advanced sciences are secretive, especially if it involves death (which is an aspect that also rules the 8th House).  This was the unfortunate aspect of Oppenheimer's advanced science that concerned the Manhattan Project.  Things have never been the same since this event.  Nevertheless, it is up to mankind to try to do the right thing with advanced science knowledge, regardless of how many times we can blow the planet up.


Mother Teresa's chart is below.  The red squares below reveal the Piscean service-nature of Black Moon Lilith, along with the transforming (and "healing") side of Scorpio.  Because the Moon can represent "customers, employees, or the general public," there is a connection of charity services with the public.  This is further enhaced with the Nodal Plane involved with the Moon Opposition Black Moon Lilith placement.


The green squares above show the Trine aspect connection of Black Moon Lilith with Pisces ruling Neptune.  The Trine can represent harmony, and this combination of Neptune Trine Black Moon Lilith seems to work well for charity purposes or services to others if the energies are used for positive reasons.


Paul Newman was a well-known actor and race car driver.  He reveals the charity side of Black Moon Lilith with his food brand company known as "Newman's Own," in which he donates all the net profits of the company to charity.  As he told the Financial News Network, "we destroy the company at the end of the year of operations, and we do this every year.


Please look at the red squares above.  The 6th House can rule "nutrition" (as well as health and sanitation).  With Black Moon Lilith in the 6th (and forming aspects to lucky Jupiter in the Pisces services ruling 12th and also to the "customers" ruling aspect of the Moon in the 2nd), the concept of using nutritional food for charity appears to work well with Black Moon Lilith. 

The green squares above show a Trine of Neptune again, and this time with Chiron in the 3rd House.  According to my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation," Chiron rules the 6th House (along with Mercury).  The nutritional side that rules the 6th House (and Chiron) comes out with Newman's Chiron on his chart.  This is opposed to the previous discussed advanced technology meanings of Chiron (and of which such technologies appear to be unavailable to the public).  This aspect of Chiron is combined with the charity-services side of Neptune in a harmonious Trine.


The Bad  


Angelina Jolie has (or had) a reported sexual addiction problem.  This is revealed in her horoscope chart below.  The red squares below feature Black Moon Lilith and Neptune in a Square aspect, and thus an intense perspective (along with the Scorpio sexual side of the 8th House.  Remember what G. Gordon Liddy said: spies love sex. And while Jolie is not a spy, there is still the sexual aspect involved with this Black Moon Lilith placement).

Black Moon Lilith is in the 8th House, and it has been reported by some sources that Angelina Jolie reportedly had a very bad sexual addiction issue at one time  The problem was reported to be so bad that she had sexual relations with the therapist trying to help her out with this problem.



According to my book, the Sun can represent "one's vitality and health" and "the man in a woman's life" (and the Moon can represent "the woman in a man's life." We will see this aspect of the Moon with Bob Crane's chart). The involvement of the Sun with the Neptune Square Black Moon Lilith placement may define a need for physical love (especially involving men) as a part of one's "vitality and health," and also well-being.  However, the T-Square (in red above) has a center focus of Black Moon Lilith in the 8th House.  This may indicate problems in 8th House areas (such as sex) if one is not careful in an intense way due to the conflict nature of the Square aspect. 

The sexual role of Black Moon Lilith on Jolie's chart has an additional problem that is further enhanced with the green boxes above.  Black Moon Lilith is also a center-point between two Sesquiquadrate aspects coming from a Venus Square Uranus placement (which may define "shocking or unusual types of friendships") which is also drawn in green boxes.   


Bob Crane (who played Colonel Hogan in the television series "Hogan's Heroes") reportedly had a sexual addiction problem similar to Angelina Jolie.  But note that people who knew him claimed he was a good husband and father; this was also claimed by family members.  He just had a constant need for sex with women that eventually caused a divorce.  


Note the T-Square involving Neptune and Black Moon Lilith (which was just discussed with Angelina Jolie). But this time the Moon is involved, and my book defines "the woman in a man's life" as an aspect of the Moon. Just as the Sun represented men for Jolie, we have the Moon representing women for Crane.  Along with that intense energy of the T-Square that indicates possible conflict.


Now onto Allen Dulles below.  Allen Dulles is considered to be one of the founders of the Central Intelligence Agency (or C.I.A.)  He has Ascendant Square Black Moon Lilith, and the use of the espionage energies of Black Moon Lilith come into focus in the environment of Allen Dulles (since the Ascendant rules "the environment").

Additional tension applied to this Square is revealed with the Taurus-ruling 2nd House placement of Sun Conjunction Venus (and both are in the money-ruling sign of Taurus).  This Sun Conjunction Venus placement forms a Quincunx with Black Moon Lilith, and the Quincunx can define "minor tension." But this is in an intense additional energy addition due to combining this minor tension with the intense energies of the Ascendant Square Black Moon Lilith placement. This is all featured below in red squares below.


The Moon is known to represent "the customers or employees" in business astrology horoscopes.  These two areas of the Moon work out well for Dulles with Moon Trine Black Moon Lilith (since this placement ties in with the  employees and customers that are involved with espionage work).  But the Moon is also an additional part of an energy setup of great tension just discussed.  And while there are good people who work for the C.I.A., there are others involved with that agency that may be of a conflicting nature with the public.  This is due to power that can be abused with the use of secrecy enforcement at the C.I.A., and this would also be a major (and unfortunate) side-effect of Oppenheimer's Manhattan Project after it was completed. 


J.P. Morgan's chart is below.  He has a simple T-Square involving the Nodal Plane with Black Moon Lilith.


The 2nd and 8th Houses are involved with this T-Square, along with the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.  These two zodiac signs are strongly associated with money and banking, along with the two houses where these two signs are placed in (along with the Nodes). 

With Black Moon Lilith (in the 6th House) as the center-focus point of this T-Square, this looks very good for banking and finance. But as was the case with Dulles, there can be an abuse of power due to the power of high-level secrecy enforcement.  It is well known that bankers are some of the most secretive people on the planet, and yes, J.P. Morgan was considered to be a robber barron via the use of profits made from banking.


The Ugly


Susan Atkins was considered to be one of the key participants in the Helter Skelter murders.  Also known as the Tate-LaBianca murders, these murders were very gruesome.  These murders are claimed by many to be a part of the MK-ULTRA program, and this program was a mind-control project started by the Dulles-era C.I.A. 

Susan Atkins ran into Charles Manson in San Francisco.  Atkins was reportedly a topless dancer for Anton LaVey's Church of Satan.  Susan Atkins claimed that Charles Manson was Jesus Christ, and Manson reportedly followed a religion that believed Jesus and Satan were one.  



Susan Atkins has a Grand Cross drawn in red squares above.  The cross features the following: Black Moon Lilith (secrecy and similar 8th House matters [i.e. death]), Chiron Conjunction Midheaven (legacy for involvement with advanced technology), the midpoint of Sun and Mercury (interest with short distance travels or media involvement), and the midpoint of Mars and Saturn (associated with death and war).  All of these four points are within 45 minutes of forming a perfect cross. 

Just as Robert Oppenheimer's Chiron in the 8th represented advanced technology used for death, the Chiron Square Black Moon Lilith placement may define secretive technology (such as brain-wash techniques) that is used for reasons that are ethically disagreable (and of which others may have a very big problem with since life is involved). 

The use of LSD and communication gestures were the technology used to brainwash people and their actions in the public.  This method of brainwashing was used by both the C.I.A. MK-ULTRA program and by Charles Manson; the quality of Manson's LSD was that of a laboratory liquid form placed on sugar cubes and given to Manson's followers.  Charles Manson reportedly took 1/3 to 1/2 the acid dosage that he gave to his followers, according to a follower who watched him place LSD on the sugar cubes given to his followers.


Angelo Buono Jr. is known as one of the two "Hillside Stranglers" of 1977-1978 in Los Angeles (and yes, the summer of 1977 was known as "The Summer of The Son of Sam" murders in New York City).  Just as the planet Mercury played a "local travel" role with the Helter Skelter murders, we have the same role of Mercury here as a main-focus of a T-Square involving Black Moon Lilith (and with the Nodal Plane involved with Black Moon Lilith, similar to Mother Teresa and J.P. Morgan. But this time another role of Lilith emerges: 8th House Scorpio "death," similar to Lilith in the chart of Susan Atkins). This is drawn in red squares below.



The green squares above point hard to Uranus in the sex-ruling (and death-ruling) 8th House.  Angelina Jolie has an 8th House placed Black Moon Lilith Sesquiquadrate Ascendant, and Buono has an 8th House placed Uranus Sesquiquadrate Ascendant.  Both had very strong sexual appetites, and both liked unusual and intense forms of sex. 

But Uranus rules "unusual friends, surprises, unusual activities, and terrorism" in addition to "science and technology available to the public." And these described aspects of "unusual friends, surprises, unusual activities, and terrorism" come out with the nature of the 8th House meanings of sex and death.  Also note that Buono liked to torture his rape victims with high voltage electricity (sometimes to death or near death), and electricity is an available technology that falls under the meaning of Uranus (in addition to "terrorism").


Drawn in green squares below, J.D. Rockefeller Sr. has a Chiron-Black Moon Lilith aspect, as did Susan Atkins.  But his aspect is a Chiron Trine Black Moon Lilith placement, not a Square.  This Trine involving Black Moon Lilith appears to favor spying on people (somewhat similar to the Moon Trine Black Moon Lilith placement on the Dulles' chart), and especially if the spying is on one's competition. 


Drawn in red squares above, Black Moon Lilith (placed in the "open courts of law and partnerships" ruling 7th House) forms a Sesquiquadrate with the Uranus Conjunction North Node placement in the 11th House (which rules "friends and associates").  The Sesquiquadrate often indicates a minor tension that may affect health and well-being in some way.  This may involve the Black Moon Lilith secretive areas and activities of courts of law, but this Sesquiquadrate can also tie in with Uranus and its ruling of the area of terrorism (and J.D. Rockefeller Sr. reportedly had associates that used dynamite against his competition who "wouldn't buy his stock." This quote of "wouldn't buy his stock" was stated by David Rockefeller in defense of the actions of J.D. Rockefeller Sr.) 

Also note that J.D. Rockefeller Sr. was hugely responsible for the creation of the American Medical Association.  The creation of the AMA was a creation of a monopoly, and would lead to removal of natural and holistic medicine practices in the United States (which were popular at that time).  This was done via a monopoly that decided what practices could legally be called doctors of medicine and which practices could not be called doctors of medicine.  And because this attack is on the healthy practices of others, this may qualify as a form of "terrorism."


John F. Kennedy has a T-Square involving Black Moon Lilith and Uranus (drawn in red squares below).  Note that Uranus Opposition Black Moon Lilith is forming a pair of triple Squares to Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars (in the 8th House, which rules areas of "sex, espionage, death, and [as stated in my book] activities of the elite"). 

JFK had a huge sexual appetite that was so bad he reportedly married a woman once just so he could have sex with her (and then sent someone to break into the courthouse and remove the marriage certificate and license).  JFK was sexually involved with many women, and was so occupied with sex to a point where he once stated that he "couldn't have a woman unless he had her three ways." 



Black Moon Lilith rules Scorpio-aspects of secrecy, as well as sex.  The problem with Black Moon Lilith power of secrecy is that friends and associates (which are ruled by Uranus) who also share this power of secrecy may only "be in it for the money" and/or power (as Caesar found out with Brutus, and as JFK found out with LBJ). 

JFK was reportedly blackmailed into military contracts he didn't like due to recording of his sexual activities, as was probably his brother Robert.  And the JFK threat to end the C.I.A. (along with the end of the Federal Reserve [and the general order that ordered the troops out of Vietnam]) was a direct Square-like attack on the activities of the elite (and [as stated in my book] "activities of the elite" is an area ruled by Scorpio and the 8th House). 

The 8th House midpoint (or centerpoint) of the Uranus Opposition Black Moon Lilith placement is 23 degrees Taurus 7 minutes, and "law-knowledge" ruling Jupiter (in the money-ruling sign of Taurus) is located at 23 degrees Taurus 2 minutes (which is VERY CLOSE to this 8th House midpoint).  This placement of Jupiter at the center point of this Uranus Opposition Black Moon Lilith (per T-Square formation) can define that JFK was killed by secretive associates because he was going to change the law regarding what could be defined as money in the U.S.  And the way to do that was to end the Black Moon Lilith enhanced Scorpio-ruling Federal Reserve (along with his secretive defense industry and intelligence industry associates that were using blackmail for important military contracts).




Black Moon Lilith appears to have three sides.  These sides are represented by it's Scorpio/Pisces energy, and these sides have qualities that may be good, bad, or ugly.  And there are different ways this power can be used, as well as abused.  As for me, I still say "good" will always win.  For some fun, here is the famous shoot-out scene from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."  Good wins. Click 

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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