Astral Travels: Blessing Hard Drug Addictions

The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’re going to travel to the surface of our fifth-dimensional Earth and bless representations of people addicted to hard drugs. As we’ve been told, the cabals have invented and manufactured hard drugs in an effort to usurp the money and humanity out of those who become addicted to them, which makes our blessing very important.

I’m sure most of us have heard the tragic stories of those who become addicted to drugs and essentially seem to throw their Lives away, and what seems at first to be a “rush” or a “thrill” when using such things can turn into a Life-sentence of hardship and difficulty. This is because hard drugs, such as methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, etc. are literally designed to slowly and painfully kill a person.

I don’t mean to descend into darkness with that statement, but it’s likely obvious to any of you reading this. If you know of anybody who’s addicted to these drugs, than our blessing will be intended to go to them and to everyone else on this world who’s become addicted to something created by the cabals, in an effort to curtail the spiritual and physical progress humanity makes as a whole.

The cabals have done so much to keep us held back and to force us into states of difficulty and subservience, and the hard drugs they manufacture and keep people addicted to are facets of the old paradigm that are ready to be seen-off.

Our blessing this week is intended to aid such a seeing-off, as we’re ready to build a brimming society wherein no soul-usurping hard drugs exist to bring anybody down.

Before we can do that, we must become active in sending-along our blessing energies to those struggling with hard drugs or with addictions in general. We’ve been told that every person will play an essential role in the time ahead, and those who’re currently addicted to hard drugs deserve to be activated for their greater mission just as much as any of us do.

To begin for this week, we’re going to visualize ourselves existing at an incredible, large waterfall on the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth.

Visualize the most beautiful and serene nature all around you.

As you make your visualization, actively feel the brimming vibrations and the pure awesomeness that is this realm. Notice the brimming, colorful nature everywhere you look, and focus specifically on the waterfall. It’s a very large, powerful waterfall and yet, as we stand/float under it we feel that it’s as well, a very gentle and serene waterfall.

Feel that it is itself a conscious being who’ll actively communicate with us if we make the effort to.

What is the waterfall saying/emitting to you? What impressions do you receive from this conscious body of flowing water? Personally, I received a message along the lines of, thank you for what you’re doing here, noble souls. You are blessed and welcomed in these realms in every moment.

Feel the pure Love being emitted from this waterfall, and from every aspect of consciousness in this serene fifth-dimensional landscape. Visualize specific, interesting things about this land to notice and enjoy and if you wish, perhaps spend a few more moments playing around the magnificent waterfall we’ve visualized before we move on.

As we frolic in and enjoy the serenity of this landscape, visualize as we start to notice and “smell” smoke off in the distance. It’s very thick smoke, and it seems to be coming to us from a broken-down city we can notice off in the horizon.

Longtime subscribers will recognize this broken city as a representation of very real cities and struggling neighborhoods on our Earth, and we’re going to travel to this city along with our millions of fellow New Earth travelers (fifth dimensional souls who already exist here/Earthly astral explorers) because they will, as always, help us in our blessing ventures.

Begin to feel yourself floating up to the depths of the astral sky with the rest of our group of subscribers. As we begin to rise, notice what seems to be a giant flock of millions of evolved spirits, floating toward the same destination as us. Feel the harmonious vibrations emanating from this dear group, and join them in their quest to reach the city we’ll perform our blessings in.

We’re now traveling, in our subscriber-group, with an infinite amount of New Earth travelers who seek to assist us with our blessings and transmutations. Hold the focus of this moment, as we all float toward the city we originally visualized the thick smoke coming from. See the beautiful magnificence of this fifth dimensional Earth we’re viewing; as, from up in the sky, we can get a very good view of it.

Visualize as we float ever-closer to the damaged city we’ll perform our blessings in and after a few moments, we’ll reach the city and be drawn toward the specific representations we’re to bless. Beyond it being the cause of our awareness of this city, the smoke that brought us here has almost nothing to do with what we’re about to perform.

My descriptions of the next part of this exercise may seem a bit graphic, but I don’t intend to leave any aspect of this visualization out and my wish is for us to get as real of a view on this situation as possible, in an effort to strengthen our blessings. We’re all grown, spiritual adults here, and we can handle what we’re about to witness.

Moreover, we can bless it and see to it that tragic situations like what we’re about to witness dwindle down and cease happening altogether. Truly, this is our mission on this world.

With our group of subscribers and New Earth travelers, visualize as we float into our damaged city and find ourselves drawn swiftly toward a hidden alley, which isn’t quite noticeable to anybody in this city walking by. The non-noticeability of this alleyway is why the representations we’re going to bless have chosen it for their very-unfortunate “activities” and it’s those very activities we will monitor and bless as we view them happening.

As our large group of New Earth travelers stays behind, our subscriber-group is going to float on into the alleyway as we gear-up to bless what we’re about to witness.

Floating into the alleyway, visualize and notice as we see a small (yet considerably bigger) group of individuals whose energies seem damaged. Their auric energies seem to be filled with holes and black spots, and we can notice the darkened, dense energy coming through such black spots in their auras continually.

This is in part what hard drugs will do to one’s spirit complex.

As hard drugs have been created by the dark with dark intents, they literally serve to block up one’s auras and bring through density of the strongest degree. The physical and spiritual effects of these souls’ drug use are quite apparent, when looking upon these souls and while they clamor for the next “fix” they seem as if they haven’t eaten in days.

Feel that this group has been together for a very long time; sitting in this same alleyway for weeks and doing everything they can to get their next fix. They’ll do anything they can to get ahold of their drugs but truly, they need Love, understanding and healing. This, my friends, is what we’re here to provide with our blessings.

Notice as one of the people in this alleyway sticks a needle in their arm. This person has long become used to the pain of the needle; it’s the pain of withdrawal they can’t stand. Another person is snorting something, and another seems to be smoking a devious white powder out of a glass pipe. Still another holds a flame under a spoon, hoping to get even a small taste of their addiction.

Again; I don’t intend to offend the sensibilities of any of you subscribers, but this problem is very real and in my view, needs addressed; even if in a blatant manner such as this. These souls are in desperate need of some kind of assistance and at present, only seek their drugs and highs for such assistance.

As we view this truly tragic scene, we’re going to ready ourselves to perform our blessings. My aim hasn’t been to have each blessing session be the same in terms of what we do to perform such blessings but generally, our blessing actions may seem repetitive.

Nonetheless, I’m told they’re very potent and will go to what and whom they’re intended to go to.

Now – visualize and feel as the purest stream of energy trickles up through your spine and out above your head. Really, personally feel and get to know this energy as it emanates up out of you; for it’s your personal blessing energy and contains your signature within it. As you get a good glimpse and feeling of this energy, affirm different things about it.

Affirm that it increase in purity, for example. Affirm that the color of this energy changes. Affirm that the manner in which it comes through you changes – by utilizing “short bursts” of energy rather than the single, silvery stream.

There’s a lot you can do to this energy to affirm and reaffirm your sacred connection to it and as you do all of the things mentioned above, visualize as the energy of every last one of us is added to the collective “cloud” of energies we’ve worked with many times in the past.

This cloud of the energies of every one of us is growing larger and purer by the moment and before we send it off, make one last grand proclamation that the purity of your personal energy increase; so that we can help the dear addicted souls around us as much as possible.

After we’ve done so, with one big push of collective intention, we’re going to send our cloud of energy off to our dear, lost addicts. Visualize as this energy reaches these souls. What happens in your visualization specifically?

Personally; I witnessed this energy wash over these souls in a very blatant, uprooting manner, and then I witnessed it seeming to continue washing around them in a strong, circular manner before finally beginning to fade away.

As this energy fades away, the struggling addicts around us seem to get up, and just walk away from the alley. And that’s it.

I’m told their “walking away” symbolizes their looking for a better Life than what they’ve been immersed-in and as I wrap this week’s astral exercise up, I encourage every one of you to visualize the Life paths of these souls after they’ve walked away from their addictions. Perhaps one of them goes on to go to college and make something of themselves; perhaps another becomes a very successful musician; perhaps even another becomes a spiritual activist, standing-up for the rights of humanity.

There’s a plethora of things we can imagine these souls going on to accomplish and as always, they’ve acted as representations for people on this world immersed in spirit-destroying hard drug use. If our blessings have helped this situation even the smallest bit, then we’ve done our jobs well indeed.

In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to actively bless representations, and we’ll continue to travel to our fifth dimensional Earth, work with the Hathors, etc. For now, enjoy the visualizations of our once drug-addicted souls finding an unprecedented wholeness with Life, and truly succeeding in the face of the adversity that was their drug use.

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.

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  • Thank you so much, Feather. :)


    Indeed, some of the most sensitive souls can be caught-up in tragic drug addiction. They all deserve our blessings. :)


    Much Love,


    Wes :)

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