The Symptoms of AscensionEarth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila"April 27, 2000We, the ensouling factor of this ship that humanity (along with all other kingdoms) reside on, also known as Earth, recognize that much of the material written through our channels is detailed and esoteric in nature. It is our channel's genetic lineage (which is one of the spiritual elite of long ago who governed ascension in a region that was once known as Lemuria) that causes her to be so detailed in her material. For there are the records of over 300 biological ascensions in her ancestry, and each occurred as the result of intense inner study and the consistent release of those patterns necessary to be transcended in order to ascend.We also recognize that not everyone will resonate with this material as it focuses on more detail than perhaps the average human has interest in. So this article is written for those who are ascending and perhaps who are not the mapmakers but are ascending nonetheless and need to understand what is happening to their bodies and their lives.E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-NAscension brings about the expansion of the auric field, the chakras, the subtle bodies and the etheric body that surrounds the form. This ultimately translates down to a physical expansion that follows suit. This expansion will be for all species, including those in human form who choose to ascend. The expansion will also include the global body of Earth. The expansion of Earth will take many centuries and will be gradual enough to allow for humanity along with other species to move as needed as the Earth body is reconstituted.Why is expansion necessary to ascend? The expansion comes hand in hand with a new biological and biochemical structure that holds a new vibration. This new cellular structure not only holds a higher vibration but is larger in size, which ultimately causes the entire body to grow in the process. It is not just the human form that will increase in size but all species, including the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms along with the dolphins and whales. This expansion will be roughly a twenty per cent increase overall in size and weight.At another time, the human species stood ten feet in height and was much larger in bone structure and form. Over the last 10,000 years of human history, the human genetic material declined, causing the human form to shrink in stature by many feet and drop in lifespan and consciousness. This is also known as the 'fall of man' in which mankind fell so low in vibration that he/she embodied fear rather than unity consciousness and unconditional love. This has also been called the fall out of the 'Garden of Eden.'Ascension brings about restitution in the genetic material and vibration that all forms experience on Earth. For the human form, this restitution causes many new glands and organs to grow in the form that allow for the new cellular structure to subsist and results in a renewed level of joy and unity consciousness to prevail in the human experience. Our channel is one of 5,000 mapmakers of the process of ascension in human form and has detailed articles on the subject available free of charge on this website.About six years ago, the first group of 100 humans embarked on the initiations to restore the physical form to what is called the 'crystalline form' (of which our channel is one). It was determined, after some planning, that it was not appropriate to restore the human form to its original size and stature. For one thing, a ten foot tall human would have a difficult time living in your current civilization. The second consideration was simply an issue of chi or energy. Too much energy would be expended attempting to restore the original height to the form that could be expended instead in the process of resurrection and ascension.You see, the loss of genetic material and consciousness has caused much of the human form to decay over time. Even babies are born with over ten to fifteen per cent decay already present that has become a part of the human genetic encoding. By the time a human is fifteen years in age, they stop growing and begin to age. This occurs as the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) ceases to be produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. By the time an average human form reaches age thirty, the form has decayed by thirty per cent. By the time the form reaches fifty, it is over fifty to sixty per cent decayed. Decay is aging, which is also the result of molecules that have ceased to vibrate in the energetic gridwork of the form.In order to bring forth the first known cases of resurrection of the decay and the growth of the crystalline cellular structure, the human growth hormone must be activated. This hormone allows cells to be converted or transmuted to a new biochemical structure that holds a higher vibration and allows those cells that have decayed or scarred to be resurrected. HGH also brings forth an overall growth of the form, not so much in height, but in size.NEW GLANDS AND ORGANSFirst and foremost, both the lungs and diaphragm grow to allow for the experience of 'conscious breath,' which is not to be confused with hyperventilation but rather with the ability to collect oxygen and convert it into eight types of blood sugar. The blood sugar feeds the crystalline cellular structure, which has a much higher metabolic rate, so much higher in fact that you could not eat enough to sustain the crystalline form. In order to collect oxygen for this purpose, the diaphragm grows over the ribs, creating multiple pockets in which the oxygen can be collected as it passes from the lungs to the circulatory system. This new crystalline diaphragm will cause the entire ribcage to grow and expand with the organ itself protruding many inches outside of the ribcage itself.In addition to the diaphragm, there are four new organs that serve a unique purpose to the crystalline form and the process of ascension that grow the further you ascend. Two of these organs are utilized for the purpose of filtering decay from the form. As you ascend, you move to a cellular structure that ceases to decay or die. In your current structure, humanity experiences every cell in the form being renewed and replaced every seven years. In the crystalline cellular structure, cellular renewal is considered a waste of energy that is utilized instead for the purposes of ascension and resurrection. As a result, the crystalline cell regenerates itself without needing to be replaced. Those cells that do die, perhaps in the transmutation process (along with other toxins unnecessary to the crystalline form) are filtered out by two of these four new organs which grow slightly above the hipbone, expanding the size of the lower belly.The additional two new organs (which grow under the ribcage just above the kidneys to the side and rear of the form) produce a new kind of cell that holds photon energy. In ascension, photon energy is collected and distributed to every cell in the form, allowing the form to become infused with light or soul. This occurs a little at a time over a many year period causing a lightening up of the density of the form. These glands (which allow the photon energy to be collected and distributed throughout the form for this purpose) also increase the size of the mid-drift and waistline in ascension.In addition to the changes in the lower part of the form, the head also expands, making room for the growth of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland buds to have 1,000 separate petals, also known as the 1,000-petal lotus as described by Buddha. Each bud in the pituitary produces a different chemical necessary to bring forth biological ascension. These chemicals also alter the nervous system, and these alterations often resemble experiences on drugs such as peyote, in which you are in a conscious dream state that is connected to all of life and sitting in an expanded state outside of time. However, this state is an ongoing manner in which you relate to the world, which is most joyful, and allows for the heightened experience of unity and communion.PLANETARY CHANGESIt is not only the human form that expands in ascension. In a few short years, each of you will see representations in all animal kingdoms of the same sort of expansion, and it serves a parallel purpose. You see, all kingdoms are transcending on a biological level to the next dimension, a little at a time, over the coming century. Each species in turn will develop parallel organs that serve a parallel purpose in each respective form.Additionally, the form of the Earth herself will grow. This growth is also the result of the crystalline cellular structure that will permeate all rocks, minerals, forests, oceans and vegetation. Because the crystalline cellular structure holds a higher vibration, global warming will continue and in time melt both polar caps of all ice. This increase in your oceans will come hand in hand with an expansion of the form, and so the oceans will not cover all land continents. However, some continents will indeed flood and bring forth a cleansing to regions often overly populated with human form and therefore very toxic.There will also be a change in Earth's weather patterns, which will related to the global warming and the cleansing necessary to allow for global ascension. Those areas often devoid of water for many years or centuries of time will balance out, allowing for water to flow in what is known as the many desert regions of Earth. The balance of water flow is a reflection of the re-balancing of Earth's energy field, which will provide equal chi or energy to all parts of her global body. Rain is one form of transferring energy to a region that is in need, and those areas that have been starved of rainfall have also been starved of the energy necessary to ascend. This will change in the coming quarter century.HEATING UP OR HOT FLASHES - KUNDAHLINIEarth is heating up, which is known as global warming. She will indeed continue to heat up with many more eruptions of what you know as volcanoes in the centuries ahead. The heating up and volcanic activity will cleanse the 'skin' of Earth in preparation for ascension to the next dimension and cause the tectonic plates to move which is often experienced as earthquakes. As you learn to tune into Earth Mother and listen, you will know when it is time to move to avoid all natural disasters in your life experience.In a similar manner, those who are ascending will experience the resurgence of the kundahlini energy system. The kundahlini is a recycling body energy that is hot, like fire, and allows for the burning off of karma or contracts and agreements which are necessary to be released in order to ascend. The kundahlini has often been associated with sexuality, but sexuality is not necessary in order for the kundahlini to awaken.As the kundahlini runs, the molecules of the form begin to excite and rotate at a faster pace. This increased molecular pace creates a 'heat' inside the form, which can go so far as to cause dripping sweat. This heating up is a part of ascension, and it is a sign of regeneration and resurrection, not aging or menopause. The sweating allows for the toxins to leave via the pores of the skin that are being cast off in the biological transmutation process.In a similar manner, Earth will continue to heat up as the molecular rotation increases over time, allowing for a heightened vibration. This is what will cause the ice caps to melt on both poles and eventually translate into more volcanic activity. The volcanic activity will occur as the vibration continues to rise, 'melting' more and more rock at the core of Earth. As the pressure inside increases, it will be released through the birthing of new land. Some of this birthing will occur under the oceans and create new continents in the centuries ahead. Some will occur on the land, cleansing what has become overly polluted due to human activity. Again, we invite you to tune into Earth to determine where to live as to not experience these natural disasters in the decades ahead. View a map of the new earthCHANGEAscension brings about change within one's life experience. Why is this so? Well, the human species is transcending karma. It is karma or agreements that cause humans to stay in a certain relationship with a spouse or family member, or to live in a particular region of the planet, or to hold a particular job to sustain their livelihood. As the karma is complete, change results. Sometimes such change means the end of a long-term relationship, or the parting of family members, or the end of a long-term occupation. The change however offers a new sense of freedom , which is also a part of ascension.We guide you to allow the change. The change will allow each ascending human to be at the right place at the right time to continue to push forth and ascend. It is through the change that each of such humans will avoid participating in natural disasters because they have allowed themselves to move wherever they are so guided from within.We also foresee new communities of ascending humans drawing together in remote areas around the globe. These new communities will be constructed in safe pockets of Earth's surface not destined to be drastically altered in the decades ahead. Such communities will also allow for a new form of community and governance based upon joy, unity, communion and unconditional love to become a living breathing reality. It will be with great joy that I, Gaia, will watch such a transformation occur within my human children.Supporting the Human Form in AscensionEarth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila"May 14, 2000I, Earth Mother, the consciousness of the planet on which you reside, would like to speak about the process of detoxification in ascension, along with the numerous body aches and pains or tiredness that can accompany the act of biological ascension. I see that it is the nature of my human children to often go into fear about these things and seek out assistance of the current medical establishments currently incarnate in human form.Unfortunately, the medical establishments and their related doctors know nothing about biological ascension and are therefore unlikely to be able to assist. We guide you instead to seek support from homeopathic or herbal sources, along with acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy. These more or less natural treatments should best support the form through the periods of tiredness and aches and pains that accompany the process of biological ascension.TIREDNESSIn ascension, the body grows. Not unlike a growing child that sleeps longer as the form is restructured to a larger size, so this is also true in the process of ascension. Humanity assumes that six to eight hours of sleep is enough and believes that there is something wrong with needing nine to twelve hours. We guide those who are ascending to give their embodiment what it needs, which may include longer hours of sleep than prior to embarking on the path of ascension.The choice to ascend is a spiritual choice. This choice brings about a resurrection of what has become decayed or diseased in the form and anchors a new unity consciousness paradigm into the human embodiment. Consciousness is physical, and therefore embracing another level of awareness requires the biological transmutation of the form. This commitment may require you to rearrange you life accordingly, placing your spiritual journey above other seeming endeavors that perhaps have been considered of great importance in your life. Those who are ascending will place their need for more sleep ahead of an active nightlife and take care of their form in this manner.There is a medical diagnosis known as 'chronic fatigue syndrome' in your current civilization that is actually a symptom of ascension. As the body moves up in vibration, it requires more 'chi' to sustain consciousness in a given day, week or month. If you are not adept at collecting chi in your form, the result is an ongoing sensation of tiredness. These sensations of tiredness were also the experience of both of our channels, particularly Mila who is extremely sensitive to energy.Another excellent manner to address chronic fatigue is to develop the skill of Tai Chi or Yoga. These skills, which are directly related to the ascension teachings of long ago, teach you how to collect chi and direct it in the body through certain stretches and/or movement. These skills are an excellent manner to support your choice to ascend and to reverse the symptoms of chronic fatigue.PRESCRIPTION FROM Earth Mother FOR FATIGUEInstead of lying down and taking a nap, go outside and walk. Call on me, Earth Mother, the Earth Mother, and ask to connect to me. My 'Marias,' which are my guardian angels that are bright blue in color, will appear and support you in grounding into your form. As you walk, I ask you to breathe, breathe in every two steps and breathe out every two steps. Through the breath, soul is called back and re-anchored in the form, and soul then can recharge the etheric body by filling it with its love. The act of walking also calls the chi from Earth's etheric body into yours, allowing your form to be fully recharged by the end of your walk.Running to an excess, exercising in excess, and lifting weights to an excess, creates scar tissue in the muscular structure, which leads to the further aging or decay of the form. It is not heavy exercise that I guide you towards but rather a gentle walk or a swim, allowing yourself to reconnect to nature and the elements therein. Many of you live in cities. Even in the densest places are parks and gardens in which you can connect with me. I guide you to go to these places, or to the ocean, or to the mountains, to commune with me. In communing with me, Earth Mother, you will be replenished.In your current civilization, your employers, friends and family take take take. They take chi from those who are ascending to fuel their creative endeavors and exploitations. As an ascending being, the chi you generate is for your own ascension. I guide you to intend to stop giving your chi and energy away and to release all karma and contracts that cause you to relate to others in this manner. I, Earth Mother, will stand at your side as you make these intents and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. Because ascension brings forth the peeling of karma one layer at a time, doing this intent each day will lift that particularly day's worth of patterning from your field. You must intend again and again to ascend and to release all contracts and karma ready to be released each day, week or month. Each day leads to the next layer, the next level, and so it is with my global ascension as well.BODY ACHES AND PAINSAs each part of the form is transfigured, the old cellular structure dissolves, giving birth to a new structure that is crystalline. For some who are sensitive, this can be a particularly uncomfortable experience until enough of the form has been transmuted to allow for a new vibration to take hold in the overall structure of the form. The body aches and pains will be directly related to regions in the etheric body that are blocked or stuck. The act of walking and moving the kundahlini helps to move the energetic blockage, allowing the pain to be eased.As enough of the form has ascended to a new vibration, ongoing aches and pains become a thing of the past. Until that time, I guide you to utilize whatever herbs, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, acupuncture, mud baths, mineral pools, salt baths or massage necessary to move the pain. Know that it is temporary, and the body is simply being prepared to hold the 'light' of a higher vibration and thought form.VIRUSES AND ASCENSIONAs the cells are transmuted in ascension, viruses that may have hidden for your entire lifetime may surface to be cleansed. Sometimes these viruses will also create a minor outbreak of a related disease for a short time. I ask you not to panic when this outbreak flares and understand that it will pass as the current phase of ascension that has been triggered has been transcended in full.At these times, I guide you to boost the immune system with colloidal silver and colloidal gold, which kills viruses and bacteria on contact in your system. Our channels have also found that colloidal silver may also be dropped into the eyes, ears and nose or sprayed into the lungs to help with infections that may occur as the result of the ascension of these regions. There are many other herbs that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial that our channels have also found useful during these times, including Echinacea and Golden Seal.Sometimes, when a virus has collected in the nervous system, it will cause the related nerve to swell, causing the symptom of a pinched-nerve. Again, this is a symptom of ascension and will pass. Also, some nervous systems randomly fire, causing seeming symptoms of involuntary muscular contraction. At those times, certain herbs have been found useful by our channels to help treat these symptoms, including Valerian Root, Passion Flower and Kava Kava.NIGHT SWEATS AND HOT FLASHESOften, while asleep, the kundahlini runs unrestricted by your consciousness, leading to the experience of night sweats. Sometimes the kundahlini surges during the day, creating the experience of 'hot flashes.' Both are the result of burning off the karma necessary to ascend during a particular day or evening. Know that it is a symptom of ascension and not to be feared or worried about.DIETMy human children have become very concerned about diet. Yes, indeed, the toxic mess you have created has polluted your environment, affecting all species. And yes, these toxins do come through your food, often in alarming amounts.Do not be alarmed. Know that each toxin is only a particular vibration. In ascension, new vibrations are added that dissolve and transmute the old, which are indeed toxic. This occurs a little at a time, over a many year period. Our channels are currently less than 2 per cent toxic overall, which is lower than a newborn child. This is the nature of ascension, which detoxifies toxic substances from the form, which are directly related to the toxic thought form of separation. As separation is detoxified, unity prevails, and disease and decay cease to be experienced simultaneously.Do not concern yourself about what you eat, where it has been grown, or whether or not it is organic. I guide you to each food that is 'alive' with chi and life-force. Alive foods are those that are freshly cooked and prepared, not canned or frozen or packaged and shelved for long periods. The fresher the food, the more chi it will provide your form to ascend.CRAVING FATSAscension requires specific nutrients during each phase of development. Early on, our channel discovered that she craved foods heavy in cholesterol. She chose eggs and cheese to supply her form with what was required for her to ascend. You see, as the form is converted to the crystalline cellular structure, each cell receives a new lipid or fat coating that is cholesterol based. This fat coating holds a higher vibration or frequency than the protein that once held the cell wall or membrane together. The craving of foods high in fat is the natural outcome of ascension, and we guide you not to deny yourself. However, I suggest eating what is fresh and not processed if at all possible.BLOATING AND CRAVING OF SALTThe crystalline cell holds more salt or sodium chloride than the old cellular structure. As a result, it is salt that you often crave during certain phases of ascension. The salt is being utilized and will not create high blood pressure or heart disease if you are ascending. Likewise, potassium chloride is being released at a parallel rate to the salt being added. This often creates a situation in which you are bloated with water retention, which is directly related to a sodium/potassium imbalance. I guide you not to utilize diuretics at this time but rather to drink lots of water to flush the potassium out of the system and take nightly 45-minute sits-baths in Epsom salts to draw the excess potassium out through the skin.CRAVING PROTEINThe crystalline cell also brings forth an alteration of the amino acid chains. Some chains require the consumption of certain proteins not found in vegetables. During these periods, I guide you to eat a little fresh fish, chicken, pork or meat several times per week. Some digestive tracts have a hard time digesting the heavier meats, in which case fish is recommended instead. We guide you to eat meat, which is freshly prepared and not canned, frozen or dried. Fresh meat will be full of chi along with the nutrients you need to bring forth a certain segment of ascension. Consuming a little protein each day will also assist in keeping soul grounded in the form with greater ease and therefore serves in sustaining your energy level as well.We recognize that some humans are concerned about the animal kingdoms and believe profusely in vegetarianism. We guide those humans to understand that the animal kingdoms have agreed to support all life on Earth in their ascension. These species have agreed to being consumed and are in joy in the greater understanding that it will bring forth a new tomorrow based on unity and harmony. Therefore, I ask that you set aside your concerns and do what is necessary to ascend.DETOXIFYING THE FORMIn ascension, the form is continually detoxifying and releasing what is no longer required and constructing a new structure that builds a bridge towards unity consciousness. The toxins released are too numerous to mention and most are released either through the sweat glands and pores of the skin or filtered through the kidneys, liver and intestinal tract of the form.If you have a weakness of the kidney, liver or intestinal tract, these patterns are addressed early in the ascension process to allow these organs to increase in their ability to support the detoxification process. You may need to support the body by flushing the system to allow those organs to increase their ability to detoxify. There are many kidney and liver flushes and herbs that can be utilized to support those organs, and we guide those who are ascending to make use of these things as they are so guided from within.One of the easiest methods to flush all three of these organs simultaneously is simply to each one watermelon per week for a six-week period. If watermelon is unavailable, grapes can be substituted in an equivalent amount. Both grapes and watermelon dissolves fats that have accumulated in the ducts of the liver and kidneys and cleanse the intestinal tract by providing a gentle form of bulk that will have a laxative effect on most forms. Some forms may require several months of this treatment, and I guide each who is ascending to muscle test their particular embodiment's needs.Additionally, certain fruits contain digestive enzymes useful to the breaking down of the old dense cellular structure. These fruits include pineapple and papaya. I recommend eating fresh fruit or drinking freshly squeezed juice instead of what has been canned or bottled. These requirements are intermittent, and you simply need to pay attention to what the body requires in order to bring forth the next phase of ascension.Dietary supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, are often provided in such large quantities that they become toxic to an ascending form. Adding toxins just adds to what needs to be detoxified, thereby slowing the entire process of ascension down. Instead we guide those who are ascending to eat fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and breads/pasta instead, which will supply the form with just the right amount of all nutrients required for ascension. Herbs are a food and are not so concentrated, and so I guide you to switch to purely herbal supplements. Keep in mind that fresh herbs will be the highest in chi and life force and to choose these if at all possible.BATHS AND SALT SCRUBSIf sulfur baths are not available in your own region of origin, there is a product called 'Batherapy' which is a mixture of sulfur and minerals nicely mixed with chlorophyll so that it doesn't smell that can be added to your own bath.There is also a product known as 'Fango Mud' which is a form of silica aspirin taken from fresh volcanic ash that can be added to your bath. Fango Mud has also proven to be an effective detoxifying agent and has the added bonus of relieving the minor aches and pain associated with ascension.There are many essential oils that can also be added to your bath. Our channels have come to rely on essential oil of lavender, which is known for its regenerative properties; spearmint, which stimulates; and oil of eucalyptus, which draws toxins from the pores. Often they create their own bath mixture of these three essential oils mixed with salt and almond oil and then use it either as a scrub or in the bath.Salt scrubs are useful as they remove the dead skin cells, which allow the form to become increasingly efficient in detoxifying. To create your own salt scrub, mix two cups of sea salt or Epsom salt with one teaspoon each of essential oil of lavender, spearmint and eucalyptus and six tablespoons of almond oil. Mix well. Following each shower, take a palm-sized amount of the scrub and spread it all over the body, wait two minutes, rinse and towel dry. The scrub will remove dead skin cells, and the essential oils will draw out toxins for up to two hours following. The salt scrub is useful with each shower taken daily or at night as a substitute for a bath.SUN BATHSI guide you not to fear the sun. The sun contains all of the fifth-dimensional vibrations you will be embodying, a little at a time, in order to ascend. Sun baths for an ascending form will not age the form. Instead, the sun will burn off the etheric blockages and etheric mucous that collects as a result of the continuous transmutation of the form and field. Ten minutes on each side appears to be a good amount to burn off most etheric blockages and mucous and can even be accomplished in a twenty-minute walk to save time! Those who love to sunbathe are also welcome to do so in this fashion.The sun brings you into a state of 'timelessness' and communion with I, Earth Mother. Entering a state of communion allows for a surrender into what 'is' in your life experience, which allows you to let go of what no longer serves. It is in the act of letting go that you begin to 'feel better,' feel revived, rejuvenated and ready for the next phase of the dance of ascension. So I guide you to use the sun also to help you commune with me.SUMMARYI hope you have found this information useful. Each of you who are ascending begin to understand that you have entered a special time in your lives, a time in which the needs of the biology and the form are of the utmost importance. As you take the time to give the form what it needs, whether it be in relation to sleep, diet, exercise, sun or bathing, the act of ascending will be accomplished with the least amount of trauma and difficulty. It is for this reason that I, Earth Mother, wish to bring this information to your conscious attention at this time.I, also have a global body. Some of the global changes ahead will be the result of the cleansing of regions that have become overly toxic over time. However, all toxins can be cleansed through the use of vibration, just like with your human form. And for this reason, I also guide you to know that all toxic mess that is the result of the human dance on Earth will be cleared in full in my global ascension. It is just a matter of time.Namaste.
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