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Why am I so tired all the time? - You know that feeling you get when you have eaten a big meal like a Sunday Roast or Christmas Dinner. That sort of bloated, full, content, blissful feeling when the body says, I can’t eat any more, I just want to sit down and rest, fall asleep and just relax. That feeling is energy overload – the body is literally shutting down the need to continue seeking further energy reserves, it needs time to adjust, to process the excess and the easiest way to do so is to create drowsiness leading to sleep. After all, you can’t sleep and continue eating. The additional calorific intake dramatically increases blood glucose levels which releases the hormone, insulin to help with the digestion process. This is turn, triggers production of serotonin and melatonin which are the key hormones used to regulate bio-rhythmic and sleep cycles. And of course, these are both produced within an important area in the centre of the brain, the Pineal Gland, also known as the Ajna or third eye.

Four recent X-Class Solar Flares brought to us several big energy meals, not as food, but as high energy solar particles in the form of protons, electrons and ionised plasma as large Coronal Mass Ejections entered our atmosphere. These particles are the building blocks of all matter and are the basic ingredients of what later becomes food in a denser form. So what happens when we suddenly receive a huge intake of energy, not just within our physical body, but within our emotional body, our mental body, our celestial body – we react by instantly feeling tired, sleepy, we want to shut down, step away from the world, our desires and appetite closes off and we just want to stop whatever we are doing and go to sleep. What’s wrong with me, where’s my drive, where are my desires to do things, where’s my zest for life, what have I got to look forward to, what am I doing wrong???? Nothing – it is a natural state of Being when overloaded with energy, we are just not used to it.

So how do we cope with excess physical energy? - we find a way to allow the additional flow of energy to be directed outwards through our actions, we exercise to burn off the additional calories that have been stored. What is the best way to direct all of this additional celestial energy we are receiving directly into our energetic bodies? - direct its flow into something you love to do, something that brings you joy. Emotionally and mentally – where focus goes energy flows - start something new, if it doesn’t work for you, start something else or something else or something else. Boredom is created by a closure of energy flow, excitement is created by allowing energy to flow to a higher state. 

We are now responsible for using this energy in a manner of our choosing, our energetic bodies are increasing in size because higher vibrations require more energy to sustain them. Gaia, as the consciousness of Earth, has chosen to increase her energetic input to allow raising her vibrations on a global scale to Fifth Dimension. We are doing the same as our own energy bodies increase in higher vibrational mass. One day, you will need to choose the body of moon, a planet and then a Star in which to manifest your physical Self and store All THAT YOU are. But for the moment, your multi-dimensional Self is concentrating on connecting your Higher Self with your grounded physical aspect. Of course, you can sleep through it all if you choose but then again that is what Awakening is all about, isn’t it?

With Love and Blessings, Polaris AB 
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  • Great post. Linking the sun energy to the physical and emotional/psychological, the heart focus. Thanks ! Love and Light.


  • Special today...was a day to stay in bed...

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