You have answered the call; you have begun to realize that it is you who makes the difference....your planet is moving energetically to what is being called the 'zero point' where everything is reset or rebooted....You were selected to be here during this great and grand completion of cycles.






Answer the Call!
Peggy Black



We are here; it is our honor to connect with you in this manner. It is of great importance that you allow yourself to be acknowledged for the true courage, strength and wisdom that you carry and express during these most challenging of times.


You are witnessing the incredible transformation of reality; all that you know and have known is changing at a very rapid speed. You are observing the extremes in political, economic, and social environments as well as weather situations around the world. There are conflicts flaring up across the globe.


These extremes in your reality are generating such intense feelings and thought forms of fear, stress and worry that are especially affecting and being felt by everyone because each person is opening up to their abilities to feel the collective vibrations. It is most important that you use conscious tools, mediations, breathing exercises and sound expressions to transform the chaotic energies you are feeling.


This is the point in history in which each individual must claim and own their true power to transform dense energies.


This is the point in history in which each individual realizes and recognizes that they are truly a part of the solution.


The solutions and brilliant new ideas and ways of doing things differently are emerging.
Realize that there is no easy or quick fix to resolve the problems that humanity is facing, yet knowing who you are as a divine being of consciousness, be aware and awake to the knowledge that this is why you are here.


You are in the moment of time in the dimension on this planet that you call Earth by a personal choice of your divine essence and magnificence. Imagine that there were many other divine beings of consciousness who desired to be part of this phenomenal unfolding and it was you who was selected. You were selected to be here during this great and grand completion of cycles.


There is now a shift occurring every 20 days, a new awareness is coming to mass consciousness, compared to 20 years ago when a new awareness came to mass consciousness about every 365 days. So you can see and sense how energy has escalated and is activating your remembrance and knowing of who you truly are. This is a time when your evolutionary processes are being magnified. This is a time when your focused intention and vibrations contribute to the whole in powerful and awesome ways.


Your Earth revolves once around the Milky Way galaxy approximately every 228 million years. This could be called the Galactic Cycle. The completion of one pass of the precession through all 12 signs of your zodiac represents one Grand Cycle of approximately 26,000 years. There is also the completion or the end of a 5,125 year cycle of time that is called the World Age. These cycles of time are all coming to completion. There is a divine galactic synchronization occurring.


You are witnessing the chaos that accompanies the perfect alignment with the galaxy's core and are anchoring the gifts that are being offered. Let us say that your planet is moving energetically to what is being called the 'zero point' where everything is reset or rebooted so to speak, the beginning of enlightenment and the power of the intelligence of the heart. There is great potential here, however it remains only potential until it is willingly anchored within the heart and realized as truth.


It has been a decade since the event of your September 11, 2001; this horrendous event touched the hearts and minds of all global citizens. This caused a radical shift within the consciousness of each individual. It has been a decade of revelations about what's behind the "power organization" and the breakdown of systems and frameworks that are no longer serving humanity or this planet's well-being and highest good.


We acknowledge that you have experienced struggle, challenges and strife in your own lives and the lives of your loved ones. This radical shift has affected all levels of understanding and consciousness. The physical aspects are the most obvious; however, there has been a radical shift within humanity's mental, emotional and spiritual understanding. It has been a wake up call in the most profound and intense manner.


You have answered the call; you have begun to realize that it is you who makes the difference. You are taking action. You are igniting your magnificence. You are committed to anchoring a new reality. Step by step, breath by breath, heart beat by heart beat; You are calling forth a breakthrough, inviting a powerful shift in how you and others relate to one another, to this planet and to all living things as well as honoring your partnership with the celestial and galactic realms.


There is still much to be done to fully anchor this new reality. These changes are happening now, in each moment. You are being required to focus on a new way of thinking, a new way of being and a new way of visioning life. There is no time to hesitate or question your role. Own and honor that you have a choice! You are not powerless, you are powerful beyond measure. Own that awareness.


Realize that wherever you stand, whatever you are doing, you can offer the energy and dedicated focus that transforms and uplifts the moment, the experience, and the encounter. Now is the time to connect fully and consciously with the force and strength of the heart's awareness. It is through this mastery that you will support the rebirth of the new world.


The key is to know and energetically reach out and connect with others who are also sending out coherent empathic waves of love and light from their heart center. Together these waves of clear loving vibrations generated by millions upon millions of dedicated individual multidimensional beings will call forth a reality that is heart based.


Humanity is approaching a potent window in which the collective aware and awake citizens of this planet honor the knowing within their hearts of a greater potential.
You are personally a part of this awesome and rare moment in the history of your planet.
You are an energy and emotional alchemist using your heart center as the chalice for transformation.


It is through your personal choices, your personal actions that you set in motion the patterns and the seeds that will grow and flourish in these new times that the cycles of completion are offering.


It is important for humanity to begin to forgive and heal the wounds that the heart carries. It is essential to healing the planet's dysfunction. Heal the wounds passed down from generation to generation. Heal the wounds within the family dynamics of this lifetime. Heal the wounds that have been experienced on the personal level, genetic level and global level. This especially important as the world is focused on remembering this horrendous act of September 11, 2001; be responsible to heal this wound within the global matrix.


We invite you to look within and forgive what needs to be forgiven, to clear what needs to be cleared, to release what needs to be released. Use all the effective energy and conscious tools at your disposal. Do not rest until you have offered yourself in service. Remember when one is uplifted and healed all are uplifted and healed.


You are being invited to come from a heart-based way of living in each moment. It is this connection with your heart's awareness, using the language of the heart to radiate and focus love and light, that you offer your greatest gift. It is the heart which is in command.


The energetic magnetic field of vibrations and frequencies of the heart matrix is thousands of times greater than the energetic matrix of the brain. It is your heart's vibration that connects you with your planet and its rhythms and magnetic fields. Practice sensing what your heart is feeling, what your heart is telling you. The most important tool in the healing, harmonizing and balancing of your heart portal is to continue to return your awareness to the vibrations of joy, gratitude, appreciation and forgiveness.


The heart center is your portal; it was designed to serve as the gateway to all dimensions, timeframes and to the stars. This heart portal allows the energy to flow from divine source. Your true power as an embodied divine celestial consciousness resides in the energy generated by the heart.


We are inviting you to continue with your dedicated intention to heal your heart portal,
for it is through this heart portal that all transformation takes place. It is the service work each human being is asked to give for the wholeness and healing of the heart center of humanity. For when human beings live from an open and healed heart they know and feel their connectedness with each other and their connection to the wholeness of the galaxy.


 We offer our deep love, appreciation and gratitude to you. The 'team'


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  • The advice is very sound. Amara
  • This is same as I have received from Me and Mine.. Truth here in lies =) Lovely Message KH.
  • Hi Karma,


    Yes lots of changes, I have stepped back alot and just been watching for awhile and now coming back again. I am definately alot more happier, everything has slowed down within myself while life gets faster and things don't affect me as much due to me letting go in areas.  Time to get back to heart work.




  • This resonates with me, inside and outside changes are happening  quickly now :-), may the divine plan unfolds in glory.
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