1. Sirius is the capital -let's say- of the entire Galaxy in which we live. This galaxy is the Milky Way, the macrocosm. It has many millions of solar systems, and all the suns and planets in the galaxy revolve around the central sun Sirius. It is a sun millions of times larger than the one that shines on us; this central sun Sirius has a twin brother who is a moon a thousand times denser than lead. That moon revolves around Sirius, a double star. It is very interesting to know that the very nucleus of this great galaxy is properly polarized. From Sirius itself come all those irradiations that govern all the supra-heavens, from the various worlds that make up the galaxy, and from its twin brother - that heavy moon, five thousand times denser than lead - come all those negative, dark influences. , which characterize each of the "moon" satellites that revolve around the worlds; fatal, sinister radiations, which govern the infra-hells. There is a third force that we would call neutral, which allows a certain balance between positive and negative powers. See how the galaxy is properly balanced between light and darkness; between the positive and the negative. Sirius itself is a gigantic world that has rich mineral, plant, animal, and human life. The inhabitants of Sirius are very short in stature, they are not even one meter tall; I think they are about half a meter, slim in body and with a beautiful presence. They are true adepts of the White Brotherhood. In Sirius no one can be reincarnated who has not reached the stature of a Kumara. There, those Men are true gods; They live humbly in the fields. No one there thinks of building cities. That of making cities is typical of non-intelligent people. The inhabitants of Sirius would never fall into such an error. They have humble houses. They wear simply woven robes. Each one sows his food, since each one has his orchard where the Sirian grows his food; everyone has their own garden where they grow their flowers. They live in peace and harmony with each other. No one would think of making wars there or anything like that, because all that is barbaric and savage. The Sirians are cultured people, true enlightened Men in the most transcendental sense of the word. There is the Transcended Church. One is amazed when one enters that temple of wonders. The great Initiates of the galaxy officiate there; I have attended the rites several times. The Cosmic Drama is constantly made to happen or lived there: the life, passion and death of the Christ; Well, as has already been said, this drama is completely cosmic. In the heart temple of that gigantic world, of that extraordinary sun, we find the Sirius God and with him all his initiates, his disciples. Actually Sirius is the capital of the great galaxy in which we live. It is extraordinary, wonderful.
  2. Many ask me, why can't you leave Mexico, since all the initiates traveled a lot? To this I say that on a certain occasion, being in that state called Nirvi Kalpa Shamadi, I asked my Divine Mother Kundalini that question. The answer was: "Because that body that Nature has worked so hard to create for you, they will destroy it." Then I objected like this: -What does it matter if they destroy my body? I love humanity. I am willing to give the last drop of blood for humanity. The Divine Mother Kundalini heard my words and added: -It is that they will not only destroy your body, but that of many others and that would not be love. Remember that you are the Avatar of the New Aquarian Age and that you will have to deliver to humanity a teaching completely different from everything that was delivered in the past, a totally revolutionary doctrine for the new era". After hearing these reasons, I will limit myself to saying: -I will obey!
  3. Certainly I do not know how many works I will have to write. I obtain the information from the Superior Worlds of Cosmic Consciousness. I normally use the Nirvi Kalpa Shamadi in a state of Manteya, rapture, ecstasy or whatever you want to call it; The information; I obtain it and bring it to the physical world. The truly arduous and difficult part for me consists in having to adapt all the information brought from the superior worlds to the contemporary cultural environment in which we move. Obviously, it is necessary for me to document the teaching and I do it naturally with infinite patience. Thus, the crude reality of the facts is that the Body of Doctrine I bring from the Superior Dimensions of Nature and the Cosmos. Thus, the task of writing is frighteningly difficult. When we think that we must coordinate the spiritual aspect with merely rhetorical, grammatical, philosophical questions, etc., the task becomes laborious and delicate.
  4. Finding myself one day in a state of deep meditation, I had to put myself in direct contact with the Blessed Lord "Tlaloc". This being lives in the Causal World, beyond the body, effects, and the mind. In all parts of my being I certainly experienced the tremendous reality of his presence. Exotically dressed he looked like an Arab of ancient times; his face, impossible to describe in words, was like lightning. When I reproached him for the crime of having accepted so many sacrifices of children, women, men, the elderly, etc. etc., the answer was: -I was not to blame for that, I never demanded such sacrifices, that was a thing of the people there in the physical world. He then concluded with the following words: "I will return in the Age of Aquarius." Unquestionably the God Tlaloc will have to reincarnate within a few years.
  5. The masters of the White Lodge usually help some distinguished disembodied who have sacrificed themselves for humanity.. The best of them lives in the molecular world; It certainly has not reached the intermediate liberation that allows some disembodied to enjoy a vacation in the different molecular and electronic kingdoms of nature, but it remains on the threshold, awaiting the opportunity to enter a new matrix. but the best of such, those values that sacrificed themselves for humanity, those values that gave their blood for freedom. of an oppressed people. That man. The disembodied, or better to say, the really useful values of such people, will return, will rejoin, and the Great Law will pay his sacrifice by taking him to the First Magistracy of the Nation or things like that. These men received special help because of his great sacrifice for humanity.
  6. One is amazed to see Mahatma Gandhi dressed in lunar bodies and living in Limbo. On a certain occasion, after verifying that the Sacred Fire had never ascended the Mahatma's spine, I had no problem telling him: "You are unfulfilled." The answer was: "I didn't have time for that." "That's not a fair apology," were my final words. Certainly Mahatma Ghandi could have manufactured his solar bodies in the Burning Forge of Vulcan (sex) because he had a magnificent wife, but he made the mistake of abstaining, he believed that by renouncing sex he could self-realize. He was honestly wrong.
  7. In the Temple of Limbo I found Yogananda dressed in lunar bodies; He honestly believed himself to be self-realized, and when I made him see his mistake, when I told him "You are not self-realized", he was filled with astonishment and wanted to argue with me; the intervention of the Superior Master of the Temple was necessary for him to understand his situation. I will not regret having warned the Great Yogi, the noble Yogananda, that he will have to reincarnate to marry and work in the Ninth Sphere, if he wants to manufacture his solar bodies to enter the Kingdom.
  8. On a certain occasion, my Real Being, my Intimate, before the banquet table with two more people, the first was my Buddhi, my Valkyrie, the other was myself, the Human Soul dressed in the causal body, the Lord spoke and said: -I have two souls, the first (Buddhi) is the Spiritual Soul and is feminine; the second is the Human Soul and is masculine; the Human Soul is the one that works; while the Human Soul works, the Spiritual Soul plays; that is my doctrine. This lesson was taught to me by my Real Being Samael in the Causal World or World of the Conscious Will.
  9. . In a Buddhist pagoda in China, the Buddhist monks taught me a very special form of prayer, an asana or sacred posture to ask the Intimate Buddha and in fact to the particular Cosmic Mother of the Intimate Buddha. Kneel down, sit on your heels Muslim style, open your arms in a cross; Praying to your own Divine Mother, lean forward and back with your arms outstretched, but remain seated firmly on your heels. After having understood this or that psychological defect in each and every one of the subconscious levels of the mind, we must cry out, ask our particular Divine Mother for help, begging her to eliminate the particular ego entity, the entity that personifies that defect.
  10. Many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists read Sivananda. There is no doubt that this man was really a Guru-Deva who worked intensely for suffering humanity. However, it is therefore to be known that this aforementioned yogi worked deeply and in great secrecy with Sex-Yoga. It seems rather that Hatha Yoga only used it as bait to fish in the river of life. I am pleased to communicate to our beloved readers that Guru Deva Sivananda joyfully disincarnated in a Maha Samadhi (ecstasy). I met him in the parallel universe of the fifth dimension. My joy was tremendous when I evidenced that this man had manufactured his solar bodies in the Burning Forge of Vulcan. My surprise was extraordinary when I verified that this Master, before dying, had already died within himself. Sivanada worked intensely in the Great Work of the Father. It is therefore about of a Guru-Deva in the most complete sense of the word. Our meeting was very unique, it took place in a beautiful room where I was fulfilling my duty to teach. Suddenly the great yogi entered and as if wanting to recriminate me he said: -You are vulgarizing the Doctrine". It is obvious that he wanted to refer to the dissemination of Maithuna (sex-yoga) among the profane. In no way did I remain silent; my answer was frank and sincere, since I belong to the Virile Fraternity it could not be otherwise. Sivananda, since he is an enemy of all disputes, preferred to sit in the sacred buddhic position and then immerse himself in deep meditation. I felt the yogi's mind within my own recondites, this Man dived, scrutinized, explored in my most intimate depths. No there is no doubt that Sivananda wanted to talk with my Real Being, whose secret name is Samael, and he succeeded. Amazed, I could not help but exclaim: -Sivananda, you are a true Samyasin of thought!. The Guru-Deva, full of ecstasy, got up and embraced me. He had understood the revolutionary approach of our doctrine, and he exclaimed saying: - Now I do agree with you and I will tell everyone to read your works. Then he added: -I know your Mother (referring to my Particular Divine Mother), I have seen her very well dressed and she wears a white cloak that reaches her feet.
  11. Ineffable charms, love poems and things impossible to describe with words come to mind. What I have known, what I have seen, what I have touched in my Father's house and in all those resplendent mansions of that Great City of Light, known as the Milky Way, can certainly only be spoken with the golden verb, in the most pure ortho of the Divine Language. Once upon a night studded with stars, the projected moonbeams penetrated my room pretending to be a silver shawl. The deep blue of the sky seemed more like an infinite ocean where the stars twinkled. And so, meditating, I went into ecstasy and left the dense form. There is no greater pleasure than that of feeling the soul detached, then the past and the future are twinned within an eternal now. And filled with a delicious spiritual voluptuousness, unspeakable, indefinable, I arrived at the doors of the temple driven by the mysterious force of longing. The door of the Sanctuary was sealed by a Great Stone that prevented the passage of the profane. Do not stop, sweetheart, before the things of mystery. Open up, Sesame! was my exclamation, and the stone opened for me to enter. And when some intruders wanted to do the same, I had to take up the flaming sword and scream with all the strength of my soul. Away with the profane and the profaners! I had entered the Great Temple of the Milky Way, the Central Sanctuary of this gigantic galaxy, the Transcended Church. In this revered place reigns the reality of love and law. Before the sacred altar of that terribly divine temple, only the sidereal Gods can prostrate themselves. Happy I advanced before the place of prostrations and adorations. Here and there in all the blessed places of the temple came and went multitudes of humble and simple men, they seemed rather submissive and obedient peasants. These were the Bodhisattvas of the Gods, Men in the full sense of the word, creatures enjoying objective knowledge, one hundred percent self-aware. Beyond all doubt, I was able to demonstrate ad nauseam that there was no longer anything in those human creatures that could be called ego, Myself, really these Men are quite dead. I did not see in them any desire to stand out, climb, climb to the top of the ladder to make themselves felt, etc; these creatures are not interested in existing, they only want absolute death, to lose themselves in Being and that is all. How happy I felt advancing through the center of the temple to the Ara Sacra! I certainly marched proudly, energetically, with a triumphant step. Suddenly one of those humble "pick and shovel proletarians" crosses my path, for a moment I wanted to move on, haughty, arrogant, disdainful. But, Oh My God!, an intuitional ray struck me to death and then I vividly remembered that once, in the remote past, I had made the same mistake in the presence of that poor peasant. That past mistake became clear in my mind and with fear, terror and horror I recalled the terrible moment in which I was thrown from the temple, the terrifying voices that came out of the Ara Sacra between lightning flashes and thunder. All that past revived in my mind in thousandths of a second, then, repentant, I stopped my haughty and proud march and contrite, sorrowful and sorrowful of heart, I prostrated myself before that modest and submissive "villager". I kissed his feet exclaiming: -You are a great Master, a great sage. But that creature, instead of feeling satisfied by my words, replied: -I don't know anything, I'm nobody. "Yes," I replied, "you are the boddhisattwa of one of the great gods, ruler of several constellations. My joy was great when that authentic Man blessed me. I felt as if I had been forgiven, and happily continued on my way to the Ara Sacra, then returned to the physical body.
  12. Only in the absence of the ego can we experience that which is the Truth, the Real, that... I went on the day of the Lord inquiring, searching, investigating mysteries about my last hour. And I saw and heard things that it is not possible for the profane and profaners to understand, and I directly experienced the end, the twilight of the I, the catastrophic end of the ego. And I was able to experience the crucifixion of the Intimate Christ and the descent into the Holy Sepulchre. The fight against Satan was terrible... My priestess-wife sealed my sarcophagus with a large stone and smiled sweetly. From the Golgotha of the Father came terribly divine voices and lightning and thunder.
  13. Someday, no matter the date or time, I achieved that state known in Hindustan as Nirvi Kalpa Samadhi; then my soul was totally absorbed in the AIN SOPH to travel through the ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE. My journey began in the pineal gland and continued into the deep bosom of Eternal Space. And I saw myself beyond all galaxy, of matter and antimatter become a simple self-aware atom. How happy I felt in the absence of the ego and beyond the world of the mind and the stars and anti-stars! That which is felt during the Samadhi is inexpressible, only by experiencing is it understood. And I entered through the doors of the temple, inebriate with ecstasy, and I saw and heard things that it is not possible for intellectual animals to understand. I wanted to speak with someone, with some divine priest and it is obvious that I managed to do so and thus I was able to comfort my aching heart. Any of those many self-realized atoms of the Ain Soph (Absolute Abstract Space increased in size and assumed before my unusual presence the venerated figure of an Ancient of the Days. From my creative larynx sprang up then spontaneous words that resonated in infinite space and I asked for someone I knew in the world of dense forms. The response of such an illustrious atomic master was certainly extraordinary: -For us, the inhabitants of the Ain Soph, the human mind is what the mineral kingdom is for you. And he added: We examine the human mind in the same way that you examine any mineral. In the name of truth I have to say that such an answer caused me astonishment, admiration, stupefaction, surprise. Then came the demonstration; That essential lover studied the mind of the person for whom I asked and gave me exact information. Many years have passed, but I have not been able to forget that mystical experience. I had the good fortune to talk with an Atomic Kabir beyond the parallel universes, in the Ain Soph, but not all those atomic stars of the spiritual firmament are self-realized.
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