HAGAL RUNE


Let's talk now about Elementals, Gods and Devas, Sparks and Flames. May the Muses inspire us! Let the lyre of Orpheus resound.


Let us remember the old TIBER in person emerging like a mist from the waters of the river that bears his name to speak to AENEAS.


"O son of the Gods!" He said, "You who bring us the idols of Troy and have saved the renown of your Homeland! Do not be frightened by the threats of war. The true persecution of the Gods has ceased. Now is offers you a fight, but you will fight victoriously. And so that you don't think yourself now the toy of a vain dream, I will give you a sign that you will soon recognize. "


"Among the bushes next to this place you will find a white sow that suckles thirty newborn pigs".


"This meeting coincides with other prophecies that have already been made to you, and serves to prove to you that this is the land that the GODS intend for you."


"The thirty piglets symbolize that in thirty years your son Ascanio will found the city of ALBA LONGA here. What I predict you will come true. And now, if you want to know how you will be victorious over the enemies that threaten you, listen to me: Among the Italic peoples not all are willing to support Turnus. There is a city near my sources governed by King EVANDRO, who is usually always at war with the Latin nation. This Monarch will be your ally. To reach him you will go up my current, upriver, with a boat in which you will carry weapons and chosen companions ".


"As a sign of intelligence, I will appease my waves when you embark, so that you do not have to row against the current. And when with this help and many others, you have been victorious over your enemies, you will have time to pay me all the tributes you own me".


"With that said the old TIBER returned to his scepter and plunged into the deep waters."


And VIRGILIO, the poet from Mantua, tells us that when the vision of the TIBER faded, AENEAS woke up, got to his feet and, after rubbing his eyes, ran around to see if he discovered the signs that the sublime old man had spoken to him. And indeed it did not take long to see the white sow with its 30 piglets.


Needless to say, the predictions of the GOD TIBER, ELEMENTAL DEVA of the sacred Italic river, were totally fulfilled.


Those were the times when our Aryan race had not entered the descending INVOLUTIONARY cycle; the human mind had not yet been poisoned by the materialistic skepticism of the 18th century; then people had FAITH in their visions and worshiped the ELEMENTARY GODS of nature.


That are the lands of JINAS, paradises where the wolf and the lamb, the men and the GODS coexist? That's obvious.


Let us remember the monk Barinto who, after sailing for some time, back to his homeland, told Brandan that beyond the Stone Mountain, was the Island of Delights, where his disciple Mernoc had retired, with many religious of his order. , and that farther still, to the west, and passed a layer of fog, another island shone with eternal light that was the promised land of the saints.


It is clear that BRANDAN did not allow himself to be told the story twice and full of intense faith and penetrated with holy zeal, he embarked for this purpose on a wicker ship, covered with tanned and embattled skins and with it seventeen religious, among whom were still counted the young Saint Malo, one of his most illustrious disciples.


"Navigating patiently into the tropics, they made a stop on an island, if rugged, hospitable."


"They arrived at another, rich in land animals and freshwater fish, resplendent with light and beauty."


"And they arrived at another island without beaches, sands or banks, where they decided to celebrate Easter, but this land turned out to be a great whale, perhaps a gigantic sperm whale."


"Continuing onwards, they remained until Pentecost in the paradise of the birds, where the abundance of leaves and flowers pleased the eye and the painted birds to the ear."


"They wandered many months through the ocean and on another island inhabited by Cenobites whose patrons were Saint Patrick and Saint Ailbeo, they were from Easter to Christmas until after the eighth of Epiphany."


"They spent a year on these pilgrimages, and in the following six months they always met for Easter on the Island of Saint Patrick and Saint Ailbeo, for Easter on that of Rams, for resurrection on the back of the whale and for Pentecost on the Island of the Birds ".


"They had not yet arrived at the Island of Delights, from where Mernoc had taken Barinto to the promise land."


"The strange and mysterious adventures continue with the most curious occurrences."


"In the seventh year our heroes fought successively with a whale, with a griffin, and with the Cyclops."


"They saw other islands and a very distant one that produced large red fruits, inhabited by a population that called itself STRONG MEN, and another embalmed by the smell of clusters that bent the trees that produced them."


"They returned to celebrate Easter in the usual place, then sailing north, they avoided the terrible Rocky Island, a wasteland where the Cyclopes had their forges. The next day they saw a high mountain that threw flames and it was the Island of Hell."


"Undoubtedly, it was not such a place that Saint Brandan and his consorts were looking for, so looking south, they landed on a small round island, devoid of vegetation, on whose summit a hermit lived, who showered them with blessings".


"They celebrated Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost, where it was already an inveterate custom to do so, and leaving that vicious circle they crossed the area of darkness that surrounds the island of the Saints, which appeared to them covered with precious stones and fruits as in autumn, and illuminated, for a perpetual day ".


"They walked, in short, around the island for forty days without meeting end, and in a river that crossed it an Angel told them that they could not go forward and to return the way they had gone. They went through the darkness, therefore, they rested for three days on the Island of Delights, and after the blessing of the Abbot of that monastery, they returned directly to Ireland, without being able to fully realize what had happened to them. "


These stories, placed in quotation marks, come from Sigeberto de Gemblours and Surio el Carthusian.


You worthy ones! Those who came to the Second Birth, dissolved the EGO and sacrificed themselves for humanity. Please listen to me!


On the LIVING ROCK, there on the beach, draw the RUNE HAGAL with a stick. Call now the nacelle of the sacred swan, so you can embark for the mysterious islands of the FOURTH=FIFTH DIMENSION.


After tracing the holy sign, the wonderful RUNE, chant the following mantra: ACHAXUCANAC ACHXURAXAN ACHGNOYA XIRAXI IGUAYA HIRAJI.


Gaze fixedly at the HOLY RUNE HAGAL and with a heart full of FAITH beg, ask the ROMAN APIA, the NORDIC URWALA, the SCANDINAVIAN ERDA, the primitive SIBILLA of the earth, your DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI, to send you the singular Nacelle, the Sylphs that they move it.


Ah! Happy will you be when you embark on the mysterious ship of the sacred SWAN heading to the mysterious islands of EDEN.


And to you, the apprentices, I advise you to worship the HOLY GODS, to work with the creatures of FIRE, AIR, WATER and EARTH.


Do not forget your DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI, without her no progress could be made in this sacred science.


Remember that GOD has no name and that he is only an aspiration, a sigh, the incessant eternal breath for himself, deeply unknown.


; It is thus clearly the beginning of the LOGOS of all RUNES and of all words.





Beloved disciples. Meditate deeply on the UNITY of LIFE, on the GREAT ALAYA of the UNIVERSE, on the INVISIBLE WORLD, on the PARALLEL UNIVERSES of the SUPERIOR DIMENSIONS OF SPACE.


Concentrate Your thoughts on the VALKYRIES, GODS of FIRE, AIR, WATERS and EARTH.


AGNI is the GOD OF FIRE, PARALDA is the GOD of AIR. VARUNA, is the GOD of WATER, GOB is the GOD of the earth element.


Through MEDITATION you can come into contact with the GODS of the elements.


Trace the HAGAL RUNE on a blank piece of paper and then focus your mind on any of the four main GODS of the elements. Call them to your aid when necessary.





How to forget XOCHIPILLI the GOD of joy, music, dance and flowers, among the AZTECS?.


Glorious still shines among the NAHUATLS, TLALOC, the GOD of rain. This ELEMENTAL GOD lives in the Parallel Universe of CONSCIOUS WILL.


"I was not to blame for the human sacrifices" —he answered us— when we reproached him for it and then added: "I will return in the AGE OF AQUARIUS."


And what shall we say about EHECATL the GOD OF THE WIND? It was precisely this ELEMENTAL DEVA of the AZTECS, the one who cooperated in the resurrection of JESUS by inducing activity and MOVEMENT in the body of the MASTER.


We GNOSTICS still worship the GODS of tender corn and ripe corn.


We know very well the AZTEC BAT GOD, that ANGEL who lives in the PARALLEL UNIVERSE OF THE COSMIC WILL and who works in the FOURTH DIMENSION with the ANGELS OF DEATH.


We love the ELEMENTAL GODS of the old PHARAONIC EGYPT and we will never forget the millennial SPHINGE.


The HAGAL RUNE and the background Meditation will allow us to get in touch with those Sparks, with those ineffable Flames.

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