Namaste to all;


The following is a template that you can use, if you feel ‘called’ to do so, to send an email or fax/ letter to your MP/MPP and make them aware of the movement that is rapidly going around the world and that will impact their future as politicians.   Blessings to all!  It’s time for change!





Good morning/afternoon {insert name of your politician here};  {send a copy of this to every email address and/or fax number to every office your member has}


In a spirit of ONENESS and honour for all LIFE, I greet you and thank you!  My name is {insert your name} and I am from {insert town/city in the riding}.  I am writing to you as a courtesy to prepare you for a movement that has been building upon the planet, and a movement that is pushing for a global event that is about to dramatically and forever change how humanity lives upon this planet.


Here are the points:

- You will want to note the following the date:  July 8, 2011.  A global movement is now building for a mass-awareness campaign of the existence of our galactic families, and numerous technologies that have been kept hidden from the masses, for the profit and use of the elitists and their groups that have been enslaving humanity.   A call has been put forth for this day to be declared World Disclosure Day by the Paradigm Research Group:


Our galactic families are making extensive appearances lately to push this issue, and can be seen on the internet.  It can and will no longer be kept in silence.  The following message from the Galactic Federation via Sheldon Nidle talks of agreements already in place to replace world governments with better ones.
“Much is coming together on your world and our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins are nearly ready to spring their much-awaited actions upon the dark cabal. The agreements signed a few weeks ago have begun to bear fruit. The Earth allies' European legal team has completed the documents that are to be used as the foundation for replacing a number of major governments. Included within these are the legalities to overturn the illegal American corporate state. We can also report that the organization that is to replace the present global financial system is secretly setting up headquarters in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In other developments, those who are to compel the old governments to concede are taking up their pre-assigned work posts and we are positioning our ships and personnel as backup for them. Our liaisons are there to demonstrate our full support for these changes which are a prelude to full disclosure. Disclosure is the most monumental event in modern Earth history; it is this watershed act that will end the dark's seemingly invincible power overnight!”


Everything included underneath and much more will be officially exposed with the announcement of disclosure


-A recent court precedent in the UK has invalidated the monarchy, due to her not honour her oath in upholding the law of God.  The argument was upheld on May 12, 2011.   Regina vs. John Anthony Hill.  All judges, lawyers, politcians and many civil-servants are also thus invalidated in performing their jobs to uphold ‘law’.
The first line of the Constitution:  “Whereas Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.”


-the world is now rapidly becoming aware of the lies, frauds and crimes of the fractional-reserve model of banking. The movie  Zeitgeist: Addendum explains this model well.


-the world is now rapidly becoming aware of the lies, frauds and crimes of the legal system, the man-made system that has been given the force of law, ahead of the supreme law of God, which is in contravention to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in Canada.  There is a video now circulating showing both the PM of Canada and the former PM of Australia giving exactly the same speech, indicating that another group is controlling what happens in world parliaments under the guise of ‘law’ and ‘democracy’.


-the world is now rapidly becoming aware of the ‘Empire of the City’ and how these three sovereign city-states have contributed to the enslavement of humanity and our planet.  These groups are now very scared, if not panic-stricken.


-Canadians are realizing that Harper and Peter Mansbridge (among many others) are part of the now infamous Bilderberg group.  This is particularly of interest because it was Peter’s action in releasing election results ahead of the legal deadline that may have helped Harper gain an advantage to win his ‘majority’.


- the world is now realizing the lies of things like chemtrails, flouride in water, GMO foods, man-made earthquakes/tsunamis, pharmaceuticals, lethal vaccines and pandemics to keep people sick and in fear.  They know the lies now.


- Canadians and people around the world are now more than ever realizing that 9/11 was a fraud and crime against humanity.  All who have contributed to perpetuating this lie are technically guilty of crimes against humanity. This includes media, politicians, and corporate interests.   All wars fought since that time, at the very least are crimes against humanity.  Soldiers are speaking out.


The coming system (and movement) does not seek to punish, but merely to expose truth, and give those in positions of power the option to resign quietly, or they will be held accountable in other ways as the new system unfolds.

You have a choice as to which side of the fence you wish to be.  It is hoped that you will choose to be on the side of the movement towards truth and Light.  If not, you may wish to consider resigning before you are held accountable to your willing/unwilling participation to crimes against humanity and the enslavement of humanity and our planet.

Support disclosure, support the expansion of free-energy devices and give communities the freedom to support themselves without forcing another agenda upon them.

I choose to see your Light, and gently ask you to awaken and remember who you are, and step into a higher service to humanity and our planet!  It is time to choose!

Namaste, peace and love to you and all around you! 
{insert your name}

{insert any credentials you have here, if any}

A Greenprint For LIFE -- Galactic, global, and inner peace/healing begins with a simple choice ~ a choice made by YOU!!

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    peace love unity respect!

  • to use a freemason term lol so mote it be!cant help it i love transmuting the dark cabal rituals into the light it takes the power back to the light oh boy do i love my mission
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