A Message of Hope ,By Mike J Hughes

Very soon my Brothers and  Sisters we our going to serve in such a way as to create a very powerful impact. Those of us who are members  on many spiritual blogs and websites who truly love their fellow man  ,and who are ever aspiring towards true soul contact,and may feel a calling to serve in some way are the more advanced members of the human kingdom,along with a deep searching and interested   in the Age Less Wisdom Teachings, have reached a stage in which they become great pillars within their own community.

Anyone who is a worker into the occult have the responsibility to care for their fellow human beings and to learn the best they can on performing a valuable service  upon the astral and on the soul levels where clear understanding is so vivid ,and where we all see each other as the divine beings we are. It is our job, my friends, that we let the healing begin. There are ,all over the world groups who are dedicate to the awakening of humanity as to the reality of who we really are as divine beings.

We are on the verge of witnessing one of the greatest events in human history. ;-The Coming World Teacher  who`s name is Maitreya, the first flower of the human race,and many will see him for who he is without him having to say who he really is . Instead humanity will see him as the return of  the Christ , the Messiah, Krishna,, Imman, the fifth Buddha , and so on.
With the rebelling,violence,  and riots all over the Middle East we can see that great cosmic energies are now having a powerful effect upon humanity which tells us that  their is at this time a great invocative cry for help coming from the collective soul of all humanity. This cry for help has been heard by the spiritual hierarchy of our planet and now are returning to the everyday world out of compassion and Love.

I truly believe my friends that we are to witness this return of the Elder Brethren  in our very life time. Each and every one has a part to play towards this great event,and every nation has something to contribute to the coming World Civilization that now looms on the horizon . A great age of self realization and peace are now soon to appear .
What we see now going on in the Middle East will make its journey all over the world as the power  and voice of the people is now being heard  as they demand their freedom from the rulers who are suppressing the God given freedom of the people. Soon our world will be transformed into a work of true beauty and an unforgettable  heightening of the aspiration and vision that will find its place within the hearts and minds of all humanity everywhere.

                                                                                                                Good day my dear friends

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"Aye! Let's get rid of all the money-wasting Org's. on our payroll, it's about time we cleaned up our own mess that we have turned a blind eye to. Wasted too long, lets's get this for our people."
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"Yep, exactly!☺ When there was no nail anymore, what was the purpose of continuing to carry a very heavy hammer in the side pockets?

It is a shame that, thanks to NATO, Europe could not prevent the current mess in Ukraine. History will judge Europe…"
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"Nato is an org of stuffed suits-they get paid to do almost nothing. And -what a surprise-it;s 80% funded by US taxpayers-as is the UN-so much insanity-its time to shift to an alternate world permanently"
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"NATO is well passed it's sell by date and festering in the kitchen, making for a terrible stink...
I think that Finland and Sweden should not join this "HMS Titanic" style of collective debacle....

I would prefer the UK to leave NATO and forge new…"
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