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Brognoli very instructively clarifies to what extent can the strength of formation of Selves-Devils, can say either ideo-plastic, that is sexual representation aroused by the sexual organ.


"Having been arrested in 1664 in Venice, came to me the vicar general of a bishop of the continent, to ask my advice on the following case":


In a nunnery there was much given to voluntary fasting and abstinence. Apart from them, it was their pleasure reading secular books dealing with transformations, such as those made by Circe and other delightful, either by ancient deities who became beings in animals, birds, snakes and spirits.


One night it appeared the figure of an extraordinarily beautiful young man, and as she looked astonished, said:


Fear not, my dear sister! Are you not that nun who like fasting on any action? And you have not given them wholeheartedly?


For you must know that I am the Angel called Fasting and I come to you to thank you and correspond with equal love to yours.


Before I was a king's son; but as in my youth, where you also find yourself, I loved and I also gave entirely to fasting, my father became very angry, scolding.


But I, ignoring his warnings, kept doing my will until he, full of anger, expelled me from the palace. But the gods I worshiped flunked such repudiation, and welcomed me, I turned into Angel, and giving me the name of fasting, I also granted the power to take the form of a young, where you see me, and the gift of never grow old.


I am also gifted with such mobility, which can move unspeakably short time from one to another part of the world, coming and going invisible, but showing me they love me.

And so, when they had said the gods have destined me all your love, I come to you to express my thanks, and to stay with you and serve you in all according to your taste.


For this reason I have made today the great journey; let me then, sleep in your bed tonight, if you please. Fear not my company because I am a friend of chastity and modesty.


The nun, extremely pleased and seduced by this speech, admitted the angel in his bed. The first night everything was fine; he did not move. But the second began to hug her and kiss her in gratitude and love, not separated from it day or night, admonishing to that did not have the secret never to her confessor or anyone.


He served it with the greatest zeal and diligence and followed her everywhere. Finally, in 1664, when the set date of the Jubilee, the nun was assaulted by repentance and discovered all his confessor, who advised him to expose the matter in confession also the vicar general of the diocese, so that it provides it suitable to release the evil one. So that came to me for advice. "


It is obvious that the Lewd Spirit Fasting was I so vividly projected by the nun, who certainly seemed to be a different person.


Such Ego obvious is that it had to gestate in the underbelly of the religious before the unusual projection.


The "magic eye belly" charged with sexual substance is a tremendous intermediary plastic.


There take shape all repressed sexual urges; all unfulfilled desires.





Says Dr. Rouband, the following: "As soon as the penis enters the vestibulum, slashing the glands penis in the clitoris found in the entrance the channel of the s**, and by their position and the angle that form can give in and flex. After this first excitation both sensitive centers, the glans penis on the edges of both slides vulvae; the collum and the corpus penis will be wrapped by the projecting parts of the vulva, being on the contrary the gland penis most advanced in contact with the fine and delicate surface of the vaginal mucosa, which is elastic to the erectile tissue found between individual membranes.


This elasticity, which allows to adapt the vagina at the Penis volume even increases the turgidity and thus clitoral sensitivity, while driving

 him and the vulva the blood that was expelled from the vessels of the vaginal walls.

Moreover, the turgidity and sensitivity of the glans penis are enhanced by comprehensive action of the vaginal tissue, which becomes increasingly turgid, and both vulvas in the lobby.


In addition, clitoris is pressed down by the front portion of the compressor muscle and find the dorsal surface of the glans and of the  corpus penis, it rubs with them and rubs, so that each movement influences the coupling of both sexes and, finally, adding the voluptuous sensations (the of God Eros) lead to that high degree of orgasm, which on the one hand cause ejaculation and the other receiving the seminal liquor split into the opening of the cervix.


When is thinking in the temperament influence the constitution a series of other circumstances, both special and currents that have on sexual faculty, one is convinced that there is not nearly settled the question of the difference, of the sensation of pleasure between both sexes, even if that question, wrapped between all the various conditions, is insoluble; this is so true which present difficult to wanting to draw a complete picture of the general manifestations in coitus, but in one  person the feeling of pleasure translates only a barely perceptible vibration, the other reaches the highest point of the exaltation, both moral and physical.


In between are countless transitions; acceleration of blood circulation, live palpitations of the arteries; venous blood, which is retained in the vessels by muscle concentration increases the overall body temperature, and that stagnation of venous blood, so even more pronounced has its action in the brain, by the contraction of muscles neck and backward tilt of the head, causing a momentary cerebral congestion, during which lose some reason and all intellectual faculties.


Eyes, reddened by the conjunctiva injection, become fixed and of uncertain look, or as in the case of most of the time, they close convulsively to evade the contact with the light. (This is something that is entirely checked).


Breathing, which in some are wheezy and breathy, is interrupted in others by the spasmodic contraction of the larynx, and the air retained for some time, finally seeks a path to the outside mixed with disjointed and incomprehensible words.


As I mentioned, congested nerve centers produce only confused impulses.


The movement and sensation show indescribable disorder; members are convulsions, sometimes cramps, move in all directions or contract and numb like iron bars; clenched jaws to grind his teeth, and some people go so far in their erotic delirium, completely forgetting the couple, they bite in these spasms of pleasure in the shoulder to make it bleed. "


This frenzied state, this epilepsy and this delirium of Eros, last customarily only briefly, but long enough to completely exhaust the body's energy on the intellectual animal who does not know Sexual Magic and for whom such hyperarousal has concluded with a more or less abundant loss of sperm, while women on very strongly that there may be participated in the sexual act, only suffers a passing lassitude which is much smaller than men's, and that allows her to recover faster to repeat intercourse ".


"Triste est omne animnal post coitus, praeter mulierem gallamque" said Galen, essentially axiom is true as regards the male s**.


In love, nothing certainly care about the pain or joy, but only that which is called Love...


While free love binds, disunity kills him, because Eros is what really binds.


Love lights with Love as the Fire with Fire ... But where did the first flame comes out? In you jumping under the Rod of Pain ... you know.


Then ... Oh Gods! ... When the hidden fire blazing out, the inside and outside are one thing, and all the barriers fall made ashes.


Love begins with a flash of sympathy, it is substantiated with Endearment and synthesized in adoration.


A perfect marriage is the union of two beings, one who loves more and the other who loves better...


Love is the best affordable religion. To love? How beautiful is love! Only the simple and pure Souls know how to love. Love is nourished with love. Revive the flame of the Spirit with the force of Eros.


"Since the bond of the sexes be equivalent to a creative act, which adheres to the power and splendor of the first day. Luther called the sexual organs the "bonestissiamae et prasteantissimae" partis corporis. It was sin where the most useful and honest members became the most shameful ".


Mohammed said: "Coitus is an act even pleasing to religion, provided it is done with the invocation of Allah and the own woman for reproduction" (or better for Sexual Transmutation).


The Quran says: "Go, take to wife a maiden to you cuddle and caress you; do not pass to the coitus without having before exited by the fondling."


The Prophet emphasizes thus: "Your wives are for you a farmland. Go to it as you please, but do before some act of devotion. Fear God and do not forget that one day you will have to find in his presence. "


The author of El-Ktah, (written extraordinarily appreciated by the Arabs),not enough of glorification of coitus; this is for him "the most magnificent hymn of praise and sacred, the noblest longing of man and his companion after the original unit and the paradisiacal delights".

The famous theologian often emphasizes the sublime and divine character of the carnal act; more takes a decisive stand against profane and vulgar natures that satisfy only his animal voluptuousness.


"These, he says, have not understood nor seen that Love is the Fiat Lux of the "Book of Moses” the divine mandate, the Law for all continents, seas, worlds and spaces."


And in its further explanations, the author of El-Ktah reveals the Early Esoteric Science, "that in the bottom the physical union of man and woman is a supernatural act a paradisiacal reminiscence the most beautiful of all the hymns the praise supernatural act, for the creature directed to the Creator, the Alpha and Omega of all creation."


Sheikh Nefrani puts into the mouth of a wise saying: "The woman is like a fruit whose aroma is aspire first when taken by hand. If it is not heated for example by hand grass basilisk, its aroma is not seen. Amber dismisses its fragrance only when heated. And you know this well. So it is with women: When you want to go to lovemaking, you must first warm the heart of her with all preparations for the art of love, kisses, hugs and small bites. If you neglect this, you will not be bring any full enjoyment, and all the charms of the lovers will be hidden for you. "


In a very wise treatise on Chinese medicine I read the following: "Taoism has other influences in medicine, as evidenced by reading a compilation of Taoist treatises the Sing-Ming-Kuei-Chen, 1622 approximately.


“Three regions are distinguished in the human body. The superior or cephalic region is the origin of the spirits that inhabit the body.


The pillow of Jade (Yu Chen) is in the lower back of the head. The so-called bone pillow is the occiput (Chen-Ku).


The palace of Ni-Huan (term derived from the Sanskrit word Nirvana), is in the brain, also called sea of ​​the bone marrow (Suei-Hai); It is the origin of seminal substances.


The middle region is the backbone, considered not as a functional shaft but as a conduit connecting the cavities brain with the genitals  centers; It ends at a point called the celestial column (Tien Chu) located behind the neck at the point where the hairs are born. Do not confuse this point with acupuncture same name.


The lower region comprises the cinnabar field (Tun Tien), which will be discussed later, it settles the genital activity represented by the two kidneys: Fire of the Tiger (Yang) on ​​the left and the fire of the Dragon (Ying) on the right.


Sexual union is symbolized by a couple; a young man leads a white tiger and a young woman riding on the green dragon; Lead (masculine element) and mercury (feminine element) are to be mixed; as they are attached, young people cast their essence into a bronze cauldron, the symbol of sexual activity. But the genital fluids, particularly the sperm (Tsing), are not eliminate and lost, but can return to the brain through the spine, thanks to which the lifetime recovers. "


The basis of these Taoist sexual practices is coitus reservatus, in which the sperm that came down from the brain to the prostatic region (but which has not been ejaculated) returns to its origin; It is what is called to return the substance (Huan-Tsing).


Whatever it be the objections formulated against the reality of this return, is no less true that the Taoists understood the cerebral dominion over the elemental instincts, which maintains the degree of reproductive genesic excitation below the threshold of ejaculation; They gave the sexual act a new style and a distinct purpose to fertilization.


The VIPARITAKARANI esoteric teaches scientifically how the yogi Hindustan instead of ejaculating semen does rise slowly by concentration, so that man and woman united sexually can eliminate the animal Ego.


The ancient Greeks knew very precisely the essential relationship between death and s**; they represented in Eros the "Genius of Death", holding in hand, the God, a torch angled downward, as bringer of death.


Being the most profound and primitive force in all men the sexual one, it is considered by the Tantras as the cosmogonic Eros, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers.


Far from violating our Innermost Essence in the sense of brutal lust, either numb organically by a spasm that only lasts a few seconds, the practitioner takes on against the power of your particular Divine Mother Kundalini, to merge with her in a unity and eliminate this or that I, that is, this or that psychological defect previously understood thoroughly.


Only with death brings forth the new. This is how Eros with his torch tilted downward, reduce to cosmic dust all those psychic aggregates which together constitute the self.


The mantra or magic word which symbolizes all the work of Sexual Magic is KRIM.


In this mantra should be used great imagination, which works directly on Eros, this in turn acting on Imagination, insufflating energy and transforming it into magical force.


To contact the mobile universal power, the practitioner perceives diverse images, more especially it reveals his Divine Adorable Mother with the sacred spear in her right hand, fighting furiously against that I-Devil personifies this or that psychological error that we yearn destroy.


The practitioner singing his mantra KRIM then set his imagination, his translucent in the Fire Element so that he feels himself like burning flame, as unic flame, as a terrible fire that incinerates the I-Devil that characterizes the psychological defect that we want annihilate.

The extreme sensitivity of the sexual organs always announces the proximity of spasm; then we must withdraw in time to avoid the ejaculation of semen.


Work is to be continued after the man lying on the floor in supine (face up) and the woman in his bed ... supplicate to the Divine Mother Kundalini, request outputs of sincere heart with simple sentences, remove  to eliminate with the spear of Eros, with Sexual Force, the Ego who personifies the error that we really understood and long for reducing to cosmic dust.


Bless finally the water contained in a clean crystal glass of glass and drink all giving thanks to the Divine Mother.


All this ritual of PANCATATWA frees the hero from every sin; no sinister can resist him; is subordinate terrestrial and supra-terrestrial powers and walk through the land with awakened consciousness.


Feared by all the demons, lives as Lord of Salvation in complete blessedness; escapes the Law of rebirth because through long and terrible work of Sexual Magic, has used the formidable electrical power of Eros, not for animal satisfaction brutal kind, but to reduce to dust the pluralized Ego.

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