The Inspired Zodiac 12

The Inspired Zodiac 12

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  • my moon sign is spices... sun is libra. confusion right???
  • hi friend......!!! i know, u dont know me but i try to search and search someone who can help me find my guardian angel, can give me some knowledge on spiritual line, to help me know myself, to guide me to get more knowledge to learn and from where???? so still i have few more questions and that's why i have sent you the request. I am libran. 28th sep. plus u see after sending you the request you i thought to read about you n found this photo. it is of libra, i hope i m right.


    my friend, i also want to see the confidence which you have in all ur words. i also want to do somany things on spiritual line and path. but how???? from where??? confused,my friend, i m confused.......!!!!!


    if you can help me to do so, i will be thankful to you. i will wait for ur kind and nice reply. thanks a lot by heart.


    Avi, India.....!!!!

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