The Avatar

Peacock Feather - The Symbol of the Avatar

An Avatar is a divine being who has come into a physical embodiment to assist on the physical plane. It is our ego which assumes that the Avatar is only here to assist humanity. This Divine Being has already walked this Earth plane, and most probably other planes of existance, many many times and has undergone a vast amount of spiritual growth in order to ascend to the state of divinity in which it currently resides. It is their knowledge of the Divine Creator which enables them to have the LOVE necessary to want to come back once again in a selfless act of service to assist those still searching on their spiritual path.

The peacock feather is said to have been worn in the hair of the first Sai Baba who is a respected and adored holy man. It is said that Sai Baba is an avatar. The peacock feather is also called the 1000 eyes of God and are said to carry spiritual healing abilities to anyone wishing to connect to the Universal Healing Energy which is available to anyone who will seek it.

The Peacock is also viewed as the modern day version of the Pheonix. It is said the Peacock can help you on your spiritual path - just like the avatar - as it helps boost your self esteem and helps you to show your true colours.

The peacock feather is a symbol of spirituality, healing, resurrection, immortality, faith, vision, glory, royalty, guidance, protection and watchfulness. The list of positive attributes seems to be endless.

Peacock feathers are as individual to a peacock as our own fingerprints are to each of us. Colours not only add to the beauty in life, they also have their own vibrations and send out a tangible signal which can be felt by many sensitives.

The colours used in this painting are:

Turquois - giving protection to the traveller... in this case it is the spiritual journey.

Green - used for Universal Harmony and Love - green sends out a strong balancing signal.

Yellow - intelligence and creativity - self confidence, optimism, emotionally strengthens and uplifts

Pink - represents the feminine ability to nurture, love, encourge and uplift others. Pink truely is a compassionate colour.

Gold - illumination, love, compassion, wisdom

Black - spiritual and physical healing properties, black absorbs light, protection

There are other uses and attributes to color as well as many associated stones which may be used in similar ways.

The black lines of the peacock feather represents the lonely roads we each journey on our spiritual paths to enlightenment. The hardest journey of all is in awakening to the fact that we are never really ever alone at all. We are on the journey from separation back to Oneness. The Gold patterns represent the patterns of The All That Is as He/She tries to guide our path. Each golden path is touched with the struggle with duality - the light and the dark.

On one path there is a prayer written in Angelic text which says..


Giving thanks to God we call out to you for help.

Hear our prayers for guidance and assistance in all issues meant for our highest good.

May the eternal light of love, peace, joy, wisdom and

compassion guide our ascension.

In the name of All That Is,



Then in the center we have the all seeing eye of God. There is that vision of who we are and who we wish to become. There is the knowledge that we are being watched, guided and indeed have spirit close enough at any point in our journey to just look up and make eye contact. How do you view those around you? There are avatars walking unaware to you - in your everyday life. Open your eyes. Wake up. Be a modern day Avatar. Even if you think you walk alone. You do not. Share your gifts with each other. Love each other. Help each other. These gifts are given to you and it is your duty to share them. Share the Avatar in YOU.

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