St Lucia Beach

This is where I go to meditate on a Sunday afternoon when all the visitors to our little town have gone home, and all is quiet and the ocean soothes the soul.

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  • I am not that close to the sea. But, in my minds eye, I can see it and smell it. Thinking of going to Galveston to Moody Gardens where there are 3 pyramids:) I am waiting to see what conditions of the water are like. But, we live by a lake and have a boat. We go and blow the dust off on the lake:) I am going thru my 2nd detox. Not feeling so hot.I was out on pain meds. for illness. I stopped the first time and stepped down with another. I am so excited to be in my body again. I could use some prayers. 9 days to completing detox and counting. I love your spirit. Leslie
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