Possible landing circle

Last Thanksgiving holiday, I visited my parents home in the midwest. They have a beautiful field across the street from their home that I was intrigued by. The night before I took this photo I had a really unnerving encounter with an interdimensional being who showed up in the place of a being I thought would show up (a very loving fellow from Orion, apparently). But instead of a dapper blonde gentleman, in his place was a semi-transparent blue being with pointed ears and strangely "butterfly on its side" shaped wrap around eyes who was standing in front of a fifteen foot ship in the front portion of the field directly across from my parent's home. I became frightened when I saw him there instead of "Orion Blue" as I call him, one of my semi-regular contacts, and ran upstairs.

Orion Blue turned out to visit me later and told me that the being was just "checking me out" and not to worry, he was never going to harm me. It was very intense nonetheless!

That night I had also seen strange silvery lights moving mysteriously in the field.

I decided the next day to go down there and take a look around, and to my astonishment, about 400 feet away from where the blue being had been (and his elliptical shaped parked ship behind him), I found this crazy circle!

I doubt it was a BBQ pit or some left over bonfire station or something, the tall grass was too tall and the inside of the circle had dried out grass *on top of* soggy/damp/November mud! It looked upon closer inspection as if the grass inside the circle had been radiated somehow. It was *very* dried out and distinct from the wet ground just beneath it. The circle also contained four odd round marks perfectly stationed apart equidistant from each other that to me appeared to very much be capable of possibly being landing gear of some type- it looked like posts had been in the mud about a half-inch to an inch deep as impressions.

I of course am only speculating, and unfortunately only had my crappy cell phone camera to take the images, sorry no close ups were available.

This was all combined as factors, pretty interesting considering what I had seen and experienced not 12 hours beforehand. Curiously enough, there were no marks left from the ship that I saw.

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