There are a number of people, like me, who have a fascination with the dragonfly. All living beings have a job to do. When this little dragonfly is doing its job, it’s not a mediocre assignment. In combination with each other, they perform one of the more stabilizing processes in your reality. The job this little creature has is quite complicated and detailed. One of the ways in which they work is through an energy line that travels between them so that they are all aware of everything in motion. This is created with thought processes around the planet. These little fellows are constantly monitoring all thinking consciousness. The reason for each of them is to keep your planet in its perspective form of consciousness. The dragonfly has thought contemplation that interacts energetically with the human species. They help humanity keep in touch with each other in the Astral. So, pretty much everyone on the planet is given an even dose of contemplation understanding so that everyone, no matter what level, can have a basic understanding of the planet's focus.

Different people around in your vibratory frequency are extremely drawn to this energy. The reason is that after the dragonfly has lined up the energy patterns they have to turn it over to a human so that it can be processed into thought consciousness. This is why some people are so attracted to their energy. They have a tremendous communication center set up with their frequency. This attraction feeds the human interest energy into them, which is like a fuel. Everything needs love, no matter how insignificant or ugly.

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