I was going about in my imagination last night, when, at one point, I saw this figure. The background was dark purple, as well as the eyes. The figure was looking away from me at first, but it turned towards me, and right before I looked into its eyes, a shock went through my body as though to distract me from looking at it. After a little while, I saw him again, and he turned towards me again, and this time, I saw his eyes, but not really. It was like... I zoomed into his eyes, going down a hole, before I received a shock that snapped me out of it. I got the feeling that whatever it was, it wasn't particularly with my best interests in mind. The top two show him turning towards me, and the bottom is an attempt at showing the way I 'zoomed' into his eyes. the drawing is close, it's not exactly the way he looked, but that's what I managed.

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  • (gulp) ok...

    The worst part is hands... I hate em.  They always come out half-baked, in my opinion.

    Downloading gimp now...

  • Yeah, I'd say I'd kinda like to draw for a living... but I'd also like write for a living.

    So maybe I could do... manga?  Dunno.

    But I'll put more drawings up there.

  • Yeah, but pencil's about all I do.  I suck at digital art.

    Well, maybe I do pencil because I can't haul around an easel at school.

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