Shariff Rainbowbridge quality

My horse died last week. I learned he went to the rainbowbridge.

My mother liked it to have this text on a paint in her house, so I made this for her. The horse at the picture is extracted from a real photo of Shariff. The text is in dutch.

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  • Dankje :)

    Ja hoor gebruik maar, destijds heb ik de achtergrond ook van internet geplukt en zelf tot dit bewerkt.

  • Mooie naam had jouw paard en je kan wel heel goed schilderen/tekenen. En heel mooi deze tekst. Vind je het goed, als ik dit opsla op mijn computer??

    Trouwens, welkom als vriend, leuk om hier contact te hebben.


    Great name has your Horse and You are wonderfull painter and the text is awsome. I just love this, is it allright with you, that I download this to keep on my computer?

    By the way, nice that we are friends, nice to have contact here.

    Have a great weekend, enjoy your life and I feel so sorry for you, for the loss of Your beautifull Horse Shariff. I think You are missing him a lot. What was wrong with him??  Or don't You want to talk about it? You will have a great memory of him, and I think he will be fine at the other site of the rainbowbridge and will be waiting there for you. Love & Light, Groetjes, Gonnie

  • Beautiful when I was little I had a rusty orange horse he hated saddles. Only I could ride him. Anyhow Danny boy was his name when I get on him I'd run my hands down both sides of his head bend over wrap my arms around his neck and whisper in his ear I trust you run. I would close my eyes and listen as his gallop and heart became one and soon my heart would beat in rythym with his we were one it felt like I was flying. Freedom was real in those moments.
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