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  • Thanks for the blessing. It was D-elicious
    My eyes are quenched on this Monday morning with a thought
    of a green green place.
    Its rocky surface and soft green grass touches my feet,
    as I stare off in the foggy mist.
    And what of tomorrow, I must not worry
    And what of my confusion, I must not fear
    For as the silken robe surrounds,
    so do the butterflies, as they take flight.
    So do the star lit energies rise daintily.
    So do I stand to stop pondering and
    continue my walk in safety.
  • Blessings Star Godess
  • Like this picture. This is what came out.
    As I sat one afternoon under a tree blessed upon by a rainbow light from the universe I took a breath. I felt my bodies aura increase waking up every cell daintily. It was a feeling that made my mind slip away where all I could do was to be in the moment. Suddenly I felt a rainbow hug me with my dreams and I started to grow inside becoming one with the ground and sky. And when I felt the rhythm of the musical wind of song caressed my heartbeat the leaved tickles my senses allowing me to fly in a kaleidoscope of love.
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