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8111384464?profile=original***** UNITE NOW , EVEN THOUGH WE ARE DIVERSE AS HUMANS AND IN LIFE*****here are some views which shall assist in UNITY *****

The highest level of environmental integration is the BIOSPHERE which is composed of the living world with the non-living surr
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We are looking for writers who share the same interests and passion to contribute to our website. Your work should help evolve humanity. Share your thoughts, knowledge and spiritual insights to awaken minds and the collective unconscious of humanity

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POSTURE: Close your eyes, keeping your feet together and your back erect  your chin should be lowered to rest on the sternal notch.

EXERCISE:According to Yogic science, the center of intellectual vigour is in the depression at the back of the neck. Co

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POSTURE: With your feet together, the body erect and the mouth in the normal
position and the eyes must focus on a spot of 5 ft. in front of the toes.

EXERCISE: Concentrate on the Brahma-randhra, which is the Yogic name for the
area just under the anter

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Bellow is a list of Jen Rachael´s reincarnation.

  1. Goddess Anouke
  2. Goddess Athena
  3. Goddess Minerva
  4. Goddess Durga
  5. Joan Of Arc
  6. Anne Frank

1.  Goddess Anouke, the egyptian goddess of war.

2 . Goddess Athena, the greek goddess of war

3.  Goddess Minerva, roman goddes

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Here is Aniu Sariel´s message about her beloved twin flame Ashtar Sahriel.

There are many stories out there about Ashtar and who his twin flame is. I will tell you another, one you have never heard before and if you listen to your heart you will hear

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20000 years ago in Erra, Taygeta in the pleiades DAN-IL Sheran was born! Some time later in his life when he became the High commander over all the fleets at the GFL, the 12D star elves started to call him for his true Elven name Ashtar. DAN-IL liked

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Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara is the oldest son of Gabriel Esu Immanuel Kumara. By the pleiadeans he is known as Asan-Da. Some of Sananda´s reincarnations are as follows bellow...





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Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.


“Sirius” is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an Emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secre

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8111377495?profile=originalExercise for stopping thoughts and for feeling energy lines.

Sit in cross-legged position and lean sideways as you inhaled, first to the right, then to the left, and feel how you was being pulled by a horizontal line extending out of the opening of yo

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Ara Kara for manifesting …


Ara Kara. (Pronounced "AH-rah KAH-rah")


You can say it, chant it, or sing it. The only thing that is essential is to physically or mentally make the sound of those four syllables. You can SILENTLY say this sound and create

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Chakra 1 --  MT Shasta Cali


1- Buffalo Lake alberta canada

2- Hudson Valley new york

3- Niagra falls NY Canada

4-Mesa Verde NM

5Metor Crater Arizona

6 Roswell NM

7- Redstone - Las vegas nev

8- Haleakala Maui Hawaii

( undersea portal sw coast lenai Hawaii




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Relax. Close your eyes.

Recall the first songs you heard as a child. Begin to sing them in your thoughts. Little by little, let a certain part of your body your feet, your stomach, your hands, your head, and so on but only one part, begin to dance to

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