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A Prayer for an important Supreme Court session

For me it was important to say this invocation at this historic time. Hope you will find it in your hearts to do the same.



A Message from El Morya: The Golden and Violet Flames’ Union to Create Highest Good Outcomes for All

Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame. The Light Within touches and knows all things. It is the Great Golden Flame of All That Is. It is the Golden Flame of the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun, of universes beyond universes beyond universes.

Tune into this Golden Flame. Tune into its Light, its Gnosis, and its Other Worldly Healing Power. Tune into its Light when you desire grounding, or answers, or Divine Love in your life and daily choices. You can direct the Golden Flame’s energies into situations by focusing your Heart Flame’s energies on a particular intention, outcome, or goal. While the Violet Flame of St. Germaine heals, purifies, and alchemizes . . . the Golden Flame that I am the keeper for . . . manifests, ignites, expands, relates, and unifies.

When you seek unification and manifestation, the Golden Flame is here to spread its Wingfull Light . . . and fill those Source Seeded Desires with Full Source Power.

Today is a day the Golden Flame and Violet Flame can work together, to create Highest Good Outcomes. Direct the Violet Flame to purify the Hearts of All Those Involved in the High Court Decision about Honoring All People . . . and Honoring Equal Rights to All of the Blessings of Life.

Violet Flame, pour over and within the hearts of All Judges, All Participants, and All Related Staff today, and this week, with the Power to Create History and a New Legacy of Honoring All People . . . . Pour into their hearts and cleanse any prior biases of Division and Separation of the People. Cleanse any outcomes that might manifest from such separation. For as the Violet Flame clears and purifies these hearts in their gatherings and discussions today, we invoke the Golden Flame’s ignition powers to manifest only Unifying Outcomes of the Highest Order of All. Let the Golden Flame’s Light illuminate decisions and outcomes that will lead this country, and all countries, in the direction of a unified, loving, compassionate, harmonious people . . . and a global society of peace.

Golden Flame – fill every portal, every heart, every word, every deed, and every decision today and tomorrow, in this Supreme Court Case of Marriage Equality and Equal Rights for its Gay and Lesbian Citizens, so that only the Light manifests. Only Peace reigns. Only Unity Consciousness prevails.

Let it be so. Let it be so. Let it be so.

Thank you Mother/Father God, and Mother Earth, for these powerful tools in this manifestation. Thank you for their miraculous gifts and power . . . to reveal the Light once more . . . where only darkness reigned before. Bless all Highest Good Intentions praying for Peaceful, Honorable, and Highest Light outcomes today . . . Ten Fold. May these prayers of Light clear any prayers or intentions to the contrary. Thank you God. Thank you Earth Mother. May it be so.

Dear One – Let this be today. St. Germaine and I will be directing our healing and manifesting flames to this ruling and to all court centers today, to reveal the Light and Unity in all things, as Mother/Father God originally intended. We bless you and love you, and know your heart flame is pulsing Divine Waves of Love, in accordance with the Divine Plan. We thank you, for your years and intentions of service to the Light. All in the Cosmos send their gratitude to you, and to all lightweavers at this time. May this flow as Highest Good Outcomes in all of your Light-filled Dream Seeds!

All Love to you, this day and All-ways.

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A CALL FOR DISCLOSURE: An Open Declaration to the Company of Heaven, the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command, the Angelics, and Ascended Masters 25 February 2013 - 11:22pm | smarske A CALL FOR DISCLOSURE: An Open Declaration to the Company of Heaven, the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command, the Angelics, and Ascended Masters In the name of I Am that I Am - in BE'ing and DO'ing under my Sovereign Free Will, beholden only to my Creator - do so duly declare myself as the sole owner and custodian of my BE'ing, and any and all creations therefrom. I stand in my honour before you. My request to you has no other motive but my human desire to uncover the truth, and bring remedy and hope to the rest of my worthy-hearted brothers and sisters. I am writing this to you to inquire about a very pressing issue, an issue that touches every human BE'ing as Inhabitants and Caretakers of this beautiful planet, in this very moment. Under my current awareness and within my current consciousness, it is apparent to me that you possess certain "knowledge" and are a participant in "plans" that exist in this moment that may pertain to and concern my BE'ing and Creations therefrom. I here so request that any and all information, data, and/or documentation regarding such Knowledge and Plans be presented openly to me, and all other BE'ings who so desire, in the Spirit of Transparency and under the Light of Truth. I claim my Sovereign Right to full Disclosure from the Company of Heaven, the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command, the Angelics, and Ascended Masters regarding the following: 1. All details and timelines of alleged plans and/or actions for changing the current forms of government structures amongst Gaia's surface humans 2. All details and timelines of alleged plans and/or actions for changing the current economic structures amongst Gaia's surface humans 3. All data, information and documentation related to the ancestry, lineage, and historical accounts of Humanity on Gaia. I have respectfully declared who I BE under the Creator and One with all that BE under Creation. I now ask for a formal, reciprocal Declaration of who you BE including any and all evidence stating your relationship to who I BE, and supporting your authority and role in any and all matters relating to my BE'ingness. Therefore, In the I AM that I AM, I do not authorize any BE'ing under the Creator to take actions within my Creations thereof, without the full and transparent Disclosure of such activities and authority. No more secrets, no more cloaked agendas, no more standing behind the curtain. I stand now with ALL that IS, fully in the Light and in balance, free of any and all fear. 

" This is posted on Lightworkers.com by Smarske"

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After the big non-event of 12/21/12 I have been so confused and have been trying to pin down just what is going on. I am trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t.  I have decided that probably about 90% of channeling is fake. Maybe they feel they are not and believe what they are saying is from a higher dimensional being, but that was proved wrong on 12/22/12. Now we are hearing that the Earth did go into the 5th dimension and that the earth is being infused with energy that is changing us all. Personally I can see no evidence of this at all. Its still the same bad things happening that were happening before with no visible change for the better, looks like that to me anyway. I know the spirit world exists, I have seen it all my life. And I know that the spirit world does help us when we request it, I have also seen that. I know the Galactics exist. I have seen them, and all the videos to prove it. What I don’t know is, are they coming to help us clean up this world. Are the Illuminate really losing power? I see no evidence of it. Are we going into the Golden Age now or will I be to old when it happens to be able to participate. Is NESARA real? I find it hard to believe that it could work as we have been told it will. Not saying it isn't, just dont see how it could work.  These are some things I have been trying to understand and wonder what you all think about this?8108913279?profile=original
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James G wrote: Shifts Changes and 2013

We have posted many opinions on the newsletter letting them either unfold or fall by the wayside. There were many events on the books that either were lessened or intervened upon altogether. The poles have experienced a magnetic pole shift yet returned close to their original places. One time they were so intertwined it was as if we had no poles at all.

The Sun and intervention with the sun by 9th dimensional beings has played a dramatic part in lessoning many of the Earth Changes. These interventions seem to go unannounced to some of the 5th, 6th and even 7th dimensional beings which is why there is so much confusion in the messages. Many of those monitoring the Earth on many subtle levels aware of major probabilities do not know when and where these major interventions will occur. I would suggest for the best yet prepare in case some changes are allowed to occur due to the awakening and healing process. There is an old saying, praise Allah tie your camel.

We are well into the energies of Galactic Plane, the alignment with Alcyon and Sirius. We are moving through the dark rift; which is filled with space debris. As we have said expect to see asteroid and meteor explosions and in some cases impacts. The Russian Asteroid was shattered into smaller pieces by off worlders. It was much larger than reported and if allowed to impact the Earth would have created immense damage. There has been a lot of batting practice and diversion by the spiritually and technologically advanced ETs.

It is time to acknowledge this and give thanks along with setting the intention and asking for more divine interference. If we continue to do our part in redirecting this civilization towards universal law, ending the aggression, pain and suffering holding those accountable, the war and disease profiteers, the international banksters, and those in the unjustice system we will receive even more divine intervention. God helps those who help themselves. It is time to rise to the occasion and stand up for our God given rights. We are one Earth under God/Creator/Spirit. We all come from the same source and return to the same source despite culture or belief. It is time we began to operate as one family. The separation, elitist, unbridled greed and lust for power over others game is coming to a close. This is now being seen in the headlines. Focus on the world you want to live in, act on it, demand it. Be well, James Gilliland



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From 1983 to 2012, humanity has entered into, traveled through, and is now colliding into the opposite side of the dark riff in the milky way (mentioned in the “Astrology of 2012”  by Marcus Mason, by Hay House http://www.alunajoy.com/books.html).  This is the 33 year passage of the Living Masters.  The Maya understand that this riff as a place of intense transformation.  Some call this a dark night of the soul for Earth and humanity.  This sacred passage will be 100% by 2016, and we are beginning to see a little glimmer of the light at the end of this long tunnel of transformation. Together, humanity has been going through a dark riff collectively.  This 33 year passage comes at the end of every 26,000 years.  Some make it through this time without too much scarring; while others are ground up, unrecognizable compared to their original forms.  What true light of pure, unaltered consciousness shines upon, no darkness can undo. There is no going back to who we were, and how we lived, before we began this journey. We cannot unlearn the light that we discovered in the contrast of this dark riff. We have fearlessly dug into our deepest and darkest places in our very soul, sometimes kicking and screaming all the way. We have cried from the deepest part of our souls for a deeper relationship with God, Creator and our own inner God Presence.  We have even screamed for mercy to be released from the bondages that we feel in this human form.  But we have survived, and we are ready. There have been several phases to this dark night . . . One phase is a dark night of the soul for the Spirit/Soul. This is where our ego must die to its illusionary ways, as we see the light of pure unaltered consciousness. It is a time where we must end the blaming and take responsibility for our lives and actions.  It is a time where we reclaim our divinity as God BE-ings. It is a time where we make huge and radical shifts in our lives to align to this awakened divinity within us. But before we complete this divine plan, we must embrace the second phase which is a dark night for our physical body. Our bodies have memory in our DNA that, in the past, at the end of each age, it remembers to drop the physical form and pick up the soul/spirit on the other side of the shift. This is the first time humanity will not drop their bodies, and we will now take them along for a ride of a life time through a shift of an age. This has never been done before. Many of us may have been experiencing this during the last few years, and very possibly the last few months. We might have been experiencing unusual phantom aches, pains and body symptoms as our bodies DNA is rebooted with new programing that come upgraded without the death memory. When we complete this divine plan that we have collectively set into motion, we can break the life/death/re-birth cycle forever, and for future generations. Apostle Paul said “I die daily”. If we had followed his advice, we would not have had these dirty closets to clean.  But do not judge yourself for collecting all the ugly baggage.  We have learned so much by working to clear it out.  The Star Elders say that we are the most courageous ones from any age that they have witnessed, as we dove into the darkness without a flinch or second thought.  We jumped in head first.  We knew we could get the job done. We have gone through many phases in these last 30 years (3 lighter years to go).  We dismantled and demolished all that was not the light within us.  When there was nothing left to destroy of our former selves, we bore our depression and grieved as we painfully felt our losses and said good bye to the past.  The hardest part of the pilgrimage was when we entered the next phase.  This was a scary, unknown place where, once we had let go so completely, there was no solid ground for us to place our feet. This phase came with profound disorientation.  In this petrifying place, we were faced with two options:  One . . . we could embrace this terrifying void, or two . . . struggle to swim upstream to the old self and what we knew as familiar and normal.   In this disorientation, there is no way to know which way to go.  I am sure that we all tried it both ways often until we became so exhausted by the effort that we were forced to surrender to the light that was growing inside of us.  We entered the unknown.  We are, just now, starting to come out of this phase. The next phase of the dark night of planetary transformation is the rebuilding phase.  We begin to envision and create a new identity based in the light and a new world along with it.  It is the phase where we rebuild, upgrade and re-establish a high vibratory world, and rise to a higher, clearer level of consciousness.  The Star Elders say that whatever we thought this new world might be, there will be huge surprises ahead of us.  If you don’t like surprises, I suggest you get used to the idea.  In ever changing nature and the cosmos, there is no normal or constant other than our personal center and core.  You have found this core inside of you, even if you think you have not. Now that we are finally coming into our living mastery, the universe is bound by natural law to give us MORE of what we think and believe, and are grateful and thankful for.  Buddha said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”. This is a power we must use wisely. If we sugar coat all our wounds and things that are NOT alright in our lives, then we give permission to the universe to order up some more of what we really don’t want!  This is a highly misunderstood concept about positive thinking in new age communities. I call it the “IT’S ALL GOOD” mentality.  Don’t sit back and just take the pain and suffering you feel today and say “it’s all good” like a powerless victim. Do you think the Creator wants you to suffer?  Absolutely not. The challenges and pain in our lives are here for us to learn from, and THEN . . . be grateful and thankful for what we have learned.  This will break the negative cycles in our lives.  Any uncomfortable situation we avoid and cover up with the “it’s all good” mentality will come back over and over until we learn the lesson.  We got to get it, before the universe will let it go. Sometimes there are things we must accept that we cannot change.  Ram Dass’ approach to his stroke is a great example of this.  But now we have the power to change the things that we can. We are stepping into being creators, Living Masters, now. This is a great gift for our personal selves and all of humanity.  The more living masters that we have walking upon the Earth, the more it unifies our world. We must foster new, upgraded gratitude . . . not based by comparing yourself to others, but by feeling gratitude based on your abundance and your life (at whatever level that may be today) within the consciousness of oneness and unity that includes all of humanity.  Our thankfulness and gratitude will be a benefit to all of humanity . . . not just us personally.  As the Maya say, “In Lakech a la Kin”, which means we are all one, and what I do for me, I do for you as well. We must love ourselves and all our brothers and sisters as well. What life was before this 33 year journey is now dead and buried.  It is time to say good bye and to say thank you to our past.  It has served us well. We have discovered our true authentic selves, and we have healed past wounds and elevated our consciousness.  It is time.  We must say good bye to our past before we can travel to the future.  We must say thank you to our past, so we can reach another and higher level of consciousness.   The beginning is near! Song for the day – PURE by Shimshai - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDZ83dWEnMY .

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