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  A man died.His dog died too.

At the moment a man soul together with a dog soul reached the doors with the inscription on : " Paradise.Dogs not allowed."

The man passed the doors and went on and on , to the void. After some time, he saw the other doors.With no any inscription on. By the doors he saw an old man sit.

The man approached the old one and asked; - Excuse me,Your Highness....

- I am St.Peter.

- And what is there behind this doors ?

- The Paradise.

- And can I enter with my dog ?

- Of course,you can !

- And,by the way; what was there,behind the first doors ?

- The Hell. The Paradise reach only those who haven't left their friends behind.

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Chemtrails over my country

I observe over my head that the last two month we have the escalation of chemtrails being sprayed over our heads there ion Poland.Every day,every night i see them spray "painting" the unbelievable patterns in the sky.Round,crossed and more "sofisticated.People do not believe they are deadly chemicals they use to repeat me" these are only the noprmal planes.I do not know how to open their eyes.

I have been living for some time in the southern part of Europe and since I am back there 3 months ago I only see grey skies without any hidrance of sun or stars.Sometimes I see stars and the Moon in the night/I have 4 dogs so I walk very often/ but only for a while,the next moment I see a lot of planes spraying very labourously new patterns of chemicals in above.After my reetuirn I have more headahes.I suspect they are connected with those...My dogs are also not very fit after walking.


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