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June 14

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I'm an artist painting, empath, indigo, lightworker, and Reiki Master Teacher. I took a break for a while and moved and living now my own, is really awesome! Glad to still be here and part of Asthar Command. Love, light and Angel, Reiki hugs! 

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Ashtar, Christ, Saint Germain my Mom :-) 

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                          Greetings, Space Travelers! We are on this beautiful Lightship Mother Earth Gaia and our lights and hers are shining brighter than ever! Just wanted to send you all warm hugs! I took this photo this morning, beautiful! We…
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"Infowars, spiritual wars, galactic wars, wars for minds, nuclear wars, temporal wars, religious wars, political party wars, cultural wars....beating the drums of war just keeps activating the vibration of Perpetual War in the field....
Who/what does…"
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Amazimg results will come up .. during the wars countries looted from other countries by force...like the British Empire, Roman Empire, Germany during the wars
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"Bruce Lipton's work offers such important insights, R.Lovely. Energies 'organize' on subtle levels (Sheldrake's 'invisible medium') before reflecting/translating into DNA/RNA, gene expressions, cellular activities...

And on the physics front, you…"
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"Hi Valana, I also feel Val's primary 'mission focus' (on Earth) is with the US, overlighting its role in the collective Shift connected with freedom codes.....smiling now, as this quote just came down my twitter feed: "Human kindness has never…"
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  .Revelations, Resurrection, & The Greatest Awakening Of All Time By Marie Mohler It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here.  We are delighted to connect with each and all of you on the cusp of April 2021 and…
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https://youtu.be/5dlmv8OwNXU Yes, with each enfolding of the petals, More revealed, within and around, most exciting times!! 💎☀️💜You are the treasure
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