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To uphold constant freedom of volition and will within me as it reflects honestly what I'm currently feeling and pained by or inspired to do....


          In one way or another everything in mind body soul to physical manifest world in motion affecting everyone physically we are all in mind from spirit experiencing valid, real and substantially irrefutable raw sensory data that come from something....

         Otherwise it would be nothing and wouldn't exist at all.....

            Everyone exists and they are all real because they think so and if they and everything was not real.....

                It simply wouldn't be and you would of never of thought it and it would have never just have been typed here on this physical screen in your physical world...

                       *Yessss.......everything in one shape or form is real....

               How you interpret and deal with that information is your trip though and I'm here to dissolve confusion, insanity and teach the lost that

             Life Is As Great As You Can Create!

I don't know about movies in general as they are mostly ego fantasy with false narratives about how these actual true to life realities really manifest into this world. Hollywood and much movies are fun but pure delusion from problem, solution and outcome completely ignorant of the human souls experience entirely on an individual basis anyways.

Music...That's a whole other thing..everthing...dark..light rainbow fright right inside out all about....its all good and the real language and wisdom of the whole human experience is here if it's cult status to not completely basic root inspired mindless drivel with catchy loop siren in a money/fame/ego cage??!! Personally I'm into Moth Music and Culture...not so much Goth Culture and Music...

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                                              The Good, The Bad and Ugly Starseeds

I don't think many starseeds were ever going to truly understand how incarnating on earth would truly be. All on the same team and each to their own mission with custom strengths and weakness to improve and use for our best.
As for my life and when the flood of phenomena begins to hit it's too late and I'm in for the long haul before reprieve. I often wonder why all the strange events, situations or experiences have to happen when I'm most stressed in my life. My life had become better and I truly felt I was on my way and going to make a breakthrough in the world of art and music. I knew at least I was on my way as I had been working at it all for a majority of my life. I'm in my 30's but I barely survived my 20's literally and even up until a few plus years ago.
I'm reminded of one year when I was 26 holding a part-time job on the side. I was mainly doing so much networking between friends who were artists and musicians. My focus was all split up, trying to be a great painter, drummer friend and make a little money too. I remember always using city transportation and that was getting to me as well. So much can happen the longer someone is exposed to the grime and chaos of a metropolis like Phoenix, Arizona in the North American Desert.
I had little time at home and not much sleep. I remember praying about it all constantly going through that madness, somehow, something had to give, break and some place in this world needed to manifest for myself. Especially after a life time of instability, being hard up poor and it seemed like adversity was magnetized to me everywhere I would go. I guess I was wanting too much but it felt like I was only asking for a break however big or small it would have been.
Eventually all the stimulation and little sleep or down time took me way out into deep space. In all the exhaustion when someone doesn't know how to ask for help the ego is going to fracture, fall apart and there is no more filter for the unseen, unknown or impossible to happen anymore. I was well on the way for absolute chaos to commence as far as I was concerned I never considered that all that energy for years building up would take almost 6 months to blow off.
The only break that happened was my mind shattered into so many pieces I could not be a good robot anymore and I went full tilt; The wild cards being drawn all the time.
I ended up telling a co-worker off at a simple little job that was giving me some monkey money anyways. I took off mid-shift and bolted home in a rage, transportation showed up right n sync and somehow I was simply home like I had expended no energy at all with walking a whole lot as well.
I still hung on to the art and music community though they knew I was not doing well. Extra energy and time began to translate into experimenting with old, unused electronics and otherworldly components that I fashioned and integrated together. I began thinking that I was assembling some kind of super technology that I did not fully understand. This felt like mind control and that I was under some kind of programming. I simply could not stop doing this all like I was somehow in charge of defusing a nuclear bomb from going off. The tension, stress and fear was unreal and the damage to my well being, family and friends around me was too much.
There was many hospitalizations that occured within this year but I could not calm down. This energy had to work it's way out of my mind, through my body until I was completely done, decimated and the after math was substantial.
I'm not going to illustrate what sciences or electronic engineering I was experimenting with because this is not a technology journal. All I can say is that my mother and I both started to notice an abundant amount of activity around the complex. People in black suits and shades seemed to almost crowd at times around our apartment porch area and paced back and forth. I remember I was very angry at George W. Bush and his presidency at the time, hatching hostile ideas verbally over the phone. This was before snowden and the fact that I was acting peculiar and police were involved in continually escorting me to psych wards.
There was awhile when I was tampering with electricity connected to strange combinations of salvaged electronic components, large glass containers of water and crystals and connecting these between my Television and cable line. I would also combine plugs to feed electricity in one plug and back out again in another to form a loop. My mother was beyond stressed with me at the time had to send me off for weeks at a time besides the psych ward visits. I truly felt tortured with this all at the time too like it was out of my control too as I stated it felt so much like a program or mind control.
One day I was out on my porch suffocating on a cigarette back when I still had the habit. There were no men and women in black suits and shades around but what happened was beyond me at the time. Two huge shiny black plasma orbs appeared and were making a large buzzing sound like bees. They behaved like they were scanning or searching in tandem with each other along the wall where I had some strange electronic/electrical system plugged into the cable and phone lines. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, like a cinematic 3D CGI sequence from a Science Fiction movie was going on before me. I could hear these sounds realistically and see what I now know as holographic 3D motion projection. It was all very vivid and it was done to scare me away from doing anything more. I believe somehow out there in the high tech communications worlds I was alerting sensors and possibly could have been used to create some kind of transmitter or beacon. I believe with my history so far that I could have been implanted with a program to create a make shift rig to communicate something other worldly. I cannot say for sure and it could be total bullshit but I never experienced this in my life and have no education in any electronic engineering, physics or science well at all. I was a blank slate for all these things that I was experimenting with to achieve the end result. I finally knew when I was done and threw everything away to put my home back in order and tell my mom it was over. I felt out of blind knowing or faith even though I disturbed my mother and friends around myself and my life was devestated by this obsession that something was achieved. It could have been no more than shit just got too real! So I went on with what I do know and went back to continue my efforts as an artist.
One Art Walk Night in Phoenix I was selling art at my table and I was approached by a man and his wife who felt they were extra-terrestrials. They felt and believed they had been trapped on earth for thousands of years now. The husband helped me set up my booth and his wife stood aside and was crying for some reason. This was the most peculiar night and broke my stride, I suppose all I needed was a good mind fuck to end my campaign if you will.
He told me he was on house arrest for strangling two guys to death and claimed that something took hold of him and they were dead before he realized what he had done. He claimed they were undesirables and the world would not miss them. This man and me had a close almost father to son connection moment. He said based on the fact of these men's history he was only put on house arrest, he gave me the least of the true story.
I asked him if he had heard of God Code and I truly was not talking about a popular new age book. He said " Oh Yes, my people have God Code " as if it was rudimentary or basic knowledge. I then proceeded to come to a knee as he sat down and provided a interesting piece of art in the guise of a other worldly ticket or money. I had worked on it for hours not knowing who I would be giving this to but it was him I thought. Front and back was sacred geometry with a rainbow of colors using micron pens, very precise, very attractive on artisan paper.
I presented it to him and told him as I noticed his wife standing to the side crying " There is new ships, would you both like to leave earth and go back home". I then said " Would you take this ticket". This information came out of me without effort at all, this was all not forced, like something sliding right into place autonomously.
This man and his situation which I had to believe triggered me on about the most deepest level and unlocked something which flooded out. Somehow this was meant to be and I always wondered if we were almost acting out some bullshit there but I will continue because it gets stranger.
I get home that night from city transportation and my mother is at work. I come into my kitchen and a note is on the fridge with black letters " That was a great show, thank you".
I asked my mother if she remembers putting that note up or anyone that we knew was over recently " No, don't know" was her reply. There eventually was some odd events like three balls of soft little lights coming through my window and entering my leg. Then I went out quick, I woke up an hour later and my home felt very lit up and I had no sensation of weight. I thought I was dreaming as I was floating around my home almost. I instinctively felt like I needed to go onto my porch. There was an other worldly light over head as I looked up into the sky right above our building. The light then retracted and diminished like it was going further up and away.
I went back inside and noticed the apartment was still highly charged with some kind of energy, I honestly did not feel like I was on earth anymore.
For anyone who would tell me I'm just that crazy that I'm going to hallucinate all of that I would say to them, then you are not real either and this is another figment of my imagination. To truly speak of what the true nature of reality is I would say everything that you have ever thought of, felt and experienced on some level is all real. Denying or refuting hardcore sensory data from memories and other factors of corroboration is ignorant, something obviously was going on there that is not all in the mind.
In all the chaos that ensued I wonder if my prayers had been answered. I was praying for something to give after so many years so I could find a place among society. I don't believe anymore that God will never give anyone too much. Though what I do believe now is that I have control over how much I'm taking on and not to give myself so much. It's the insatiable wolf and when will it ever be enough, when you decide your well being is worth more than all that madness. That's where I am anymore, I don't care about the glory, money or even respect of so many. I do believe in being a good friend when I have them and since then I have been a real asset to my mother with help and support in her life. I appreciate the fact I was never ostracised by my family and the flames of desire didn't consume me like a moth to the flame.
Life could have taken me to a much harsher existence of drugs, chaos and loathing if I didn't settle for being there to support my mother in her life. I'm grateful and happy to have some peace even though pros and cons are clearly evident in any life situation so take your pick. I would rather not engage in deductive reasoning but be focused optimistically because I simply care about clarity and my well being. Better to see what' s really there than people's opinions based on mere glimpses of your life.
Since that year of my life I have been many places other than Phoenix, Arizona. I was able to live in Sedona for awhile, paradise is expensive financially and the reality of living versus visiting is very different. Paradise in any environment requires roots that are willing to be laid down and nurtured indefinitely. I believe now that paradise can be found within first and make any environment beautiful and profoundly meaningful. I have always moved around so much, lived with roomies, a parent or by myself which is alright briefly. I think as human beings we are simply engineered to need each other at least a little daily. I would never want to be isolated, it truly seems like a much harder path with little reward for inability to sacrifice and integrate for the greater benefit. Everyone can learn, grow and benefit from knowing and having to deal with you...and Vice Versa. It's a win-win in the end after all the suffering I believe and so it is and blessed be for all who can recieve these words.

Zachary Hunter 01/07/17
section of my blog: Muzeam's File 13

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Online Bartership...


                I'm sure by now many have heard of " The Sharing Economy". Exchanging Goods and Services on the Internet for money. The sharing economy gives a trust rating to individuals for a reputation. So the more one needs, be a good rabbit and so on. I believe in the reputation rating for the quality of goods and/or the services one would provide.

                                             However what if like Craigslist, people could exchange in their own communities or from afar goods and services for goods and services. Most of us have skills or items (like new) to exchange for others skills or items. In this network imagine the possibilities.

                                             Hey, if you and another individual agree you're exchanging of equal value based on reputation as well, then it's a Go Deal!

                                             So, if your a music group looking for a week of food to play a party both ends make a deal.

                                             Your an mechanic that want's an awesome piece of Art Created.

                                              Dishwashing so you can get some magnificent Jewelry.

                            It's not just materialism or getting one's needs met either. I believe this would strengthen communities and connect people on another level besides money. Don't get me wrong it is still useful in some form or another. Depends what people's intention is in this world where we will end up.

                                      I realize what I'm explaining people have always done but with the internet people could get by with a better quality of life and socialization.

                                                Love, Abundance and Peace to All,

                                                       Zachary Paul Hunter





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Practical Spirituality?


        Practical Spirituality...

          There are many ideas about what constitutes truly deep spirituality. I think that if I could look into the future and then back on this time, I would say we were all confused.

              The importance of persuading each other to our perspective seems to be the quest. Everyone trying to cure this world of all it's evil or ignorance seems to be important right now.

               I have been archiving in my memory many different sources of New-Age doctrines. I feel that a rapture or higher dimensions cancelling out a lower density earth is the same concept.

               It feels like magical thinking to myself and not a grounded or rooted concept.

               I think it comes from a place of fear when perhaps people need to establish more community. It feels also like a survival of the spiritually fittest, believing all the sinners or impure one's will be left behind. I don't believe our creator would design reality this way. It just doesn't feel good to me as I am clairsentient, I would like to believe the Infinite is Omni-Inclusive.

               I am glad for this website and it's connection to Facebook. This website and all that are drawn to it's civil discourse is fantastic. A safe place to free all of our minds, hearts and share without ridicule.

                I feel there is a reliance among each other that will become important in the near future. Healthy Food Production on a local level even within a city would bring us together. Organizing among each other for entertainment needs without Hollywood and signed Musicians. Goods and Services for Goods and Services at a grassroots level will be important.

                Money represents energy output for a human being to receive needs and wants. In our current system their will always be room for thieving with a monetary system. Also, there is a great imbalance as far as living a more satisfying life with a monetary system.

                 Practical Spirituality to myself is about being a Creator. We are all Co-Creating our Collective Reality here on Earth. Even though we may not be able to agree on our perspectives there is a reliance factor for us all. We have needs such as a Home, Food, the wanting of some Entertainment. Most of all, Practical Spirituality means Co-Creating to myself. This brings out the spirit of mankind.

                                       Reliance on neighbors instead of working so hard through a monetary system. We all have skills even if present day society limits what we can share with each other.

                              If Government and Corporations fail us, just remember there is way more to offer than money in this world.

                                                It's Co-Creation, it's Practical Goods and Services for Goods and Services. Thank You for reading....






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COsMic CirCuS

                          The COsMic CIrcuS

                DOesn anybody just believe this is a Cosmic CIrcus. I mean how do you explain the Insanity of the Creator? I think it is all a Carnival of the mind lately. I wonder how good this is going to get.

                  I'm exploring and playing with Reality more these days and nights the longer you go the more there is to behold. THere is a point where exhaustion becomes exctasy and you can behold the infinite creator.

            I know it is hard but it is so worth it to live the fast dangerous path. IT'ss like a bucket of peyote one after the other. THere is no way of words doing justice you just have to experience it for yourself.

                          Peace and Prosperity, Zachary Paul Hunter

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Self Realization Fellowship


                        Self Realization Fellowship

                         This is my faith. Some of you may have heard of Paramahansa Yoganda who published Autobiography of a Yogi. Well, anyways, he is my Guru. I love him and his work very much. I hope you understand.

                                                 I have been going to Self Realization Fellowship since the late 90's. IT has been a wonderful journey to self realization. I may be only liberated as of late as I'm sure you understand. Well, what I want to say is that it is not all it's cracked up to be living in Sedona. Much materialism. I live in Phoenix, AZ where there is a SRF Temple. I love it very much.

                                        Please give Yogananda a chance and you might see he could be the best friend you've ever had. I'm sure he probably supports Ashtar Command crew too.

                                         SO be aware and peace to all.

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