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The last few days i have been going into deep thought and trances, a couple hours i am dead tired, drifting to sleep, the next hour il be wide awake. Anybody having anything similar?.

Also anybody like this lol.

The more you look at the positive, the m

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Eating animals.

For some are vegetarian, some eat meat after asking for it and some just eat meat lol.

Anyway, we all know that meat isn't the best for the body, although iron is the main reason we should eat it, if at all.

People say, cats and dogs run away or get hi

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I understand why people can’t seem to be happy. But, You can, all you got to do is be happy, it isn't hard.  What brings you down get rid of it or make it/them happy. It is true that you can’t make somebody happy that doesn’t want to be happy, this a

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Last night i had a cone lol. I was feeling like i was continuously waking up, after i said something to somebody, i felt like i just woke from a dream, my reality was flickering around me, i was so sensitive to everything around me. 
I was getting vis

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