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Extrasensory Perception

 I write this post today, inspired by conversations with ”clients” that I have had the privilege and honor of aligning with through the Spiritual Alignment “work” that I enjoy.

 Many, or, “enough” of those that I have come in contact with, have shared and expressed feelings over the course of “time”… of periodic feelings of frustration, having to do with “lack” of extrasensory perceptual experiences, such that I feel inspired to write on this subject…

There are of course many extrasensory perceptions (aka. sixth sense “abilities”), so I name in this blog, only a few for explanatory purposes only… as really any of them could be exchanged for any another in order to be relative to that of the ONE that may be reading this.  As all of them are, for many, at this place in this time/space reality, only but perception.  When ONE, eventually evolves to that point of real alignment and integration of Truth and Knowledge.  It is then, that REAL See-ing, hearing, etc. begin, when Truth is no longer perceived, but KNOWN.  And that, I will save for another blog post of its own.  LOL


Because this has been expressed by many, I was inspired to feel more into this subject…


In these instances, when “clients” have expressed their feelings of frustration of their perception of lack of visuals (seeing) and/or lack of hearing (clairaudience), it is then that I will express the equal value of claircognizance and clairsentience.  In some cases, some have experienced periods of experiencing frequent visuals and/or  periods of frequent clairaudience.  And then, at some point, they may perceive these to “turn off”.  There is purpose in this as balance is key in everything.  I find that when one experiences these periods where one or more of their “senses” seems to “turn off”, it is to find balance in all of the sensing capabilities. In other words, if one becomes too dependent on visuals (or anyone of the other senses and/or “abilities”), in order to find balance, one may periodically be “toned down” (never disconnected however), in order to find the center of balance within them all. When one is “toned down”, it really has to do with balance and alignment.  So, it is not so much that one is being toned down and certainly not turned off, it always has to do with alignment.   So, if one has become so dependent on visuals and has come out of alignment with their inner KNOWING and/or FEELING (for example), then the place (sense) where they have become dependent upon, may be perceived to be “toned down”  in order to come back into balance and regain alignment to the sensing center in which is needing re-alignment with.  All are ONE and balance is key.


While feeling into this further, this is what came to mind…


I feel that the power of KNOWING (claircognizance) and that of clear FEELING (clairsentience), have often become under valued in this world of perception where we have projected ourselves, as cells, to dwell within.

This, I find to be quite interesting, as I find that these are the PRIMARY senses for most! 

Yet, they are often denied their value as being “less than” the other sixth sense abilities. With the perception of the typically spoken of, 5 physical senses that we perceive to be as “physical”, I feel that the unseen and non-physical senses of clear knowing and clear feeling have perhaps become undervalued by some.  Hence, many seeking out and finding preference in clairvoyance, clear seeing, visuals and also that of clairaudience (clear hearing), among others of course. These two are the two that I most often hear about from “clients.”  These two claires, of visual and auditory, being more in congruence with the 5 physical senses of what we perceive to be as SEE-ing with our physical eyes and Hearing with our physical ears.  These are the two that I most often hear of  frustration experienced with;  where there Is lack felt and a desire of “wanting more” of these “experiences” within these two claires.


In truth, clairvoyance and clairaduience, have absolutely nothing to do with our physical senses at all. However, many have connected the two and perceive them to be physical.   It has only been perceived this way, as a sort of comparison made by the thought of the ego.  The ego likes to make comparisons and “levels” of importance. And, the ego thought, also tends to attempt to  make any connections it can to the physical body… to give the body power as being itself “real” and also, to attempt to make the body a creator, when in fact, it is not. So, the motivation of the thought of the ego to give power to the idea of actually seeing with the physical eyes and hearing with the physical ears, is an attempt in leaving out the mind.  And because perception takes place within the ego mind, and since the ego mind itself is not real, it extends power to the idea of “partnering” with the body that the ego thought perceives as physical to further extend power to the idea that it is a creator, when again, it is not. The body does not create.  Only mind creates.  The ego thought can only make, it cannot create.  The Divine Mind of One, is the ONE and only Mind that can truly CREATE.

Thus,the small self,  relates certain sensory abilities to the physical body in an attempt to make the physical parts seem that we are really processing them as senses “here” in this physical reality.  Again, thus lending to the idea that the body can create, when it fact, again, it cannot.  This then leads back to why I feel I hear more about frustrations of lack of experiences having to do with visual and/or hearing, perhaps more so than the abilities preceived to be the non-physical senses.  And, furthermore, lending them (seeing and hearing) more “power” and perceiving them to be more “real” than that of KNOWING and FEELING.

Visuals and hearing (among the others), are no more physical than knowing and feeling.  It has only been  perceived this way. ALL takes place first in the non-physical.  All is mind.  Whether it be clear-FEELing, clear-KNOWing, clear-SEEing or clear-HEARing, they are all processed via Mind, which is non-physical.



I could perhaps elaborate further on this topic.  However, I feel the point has been expressed here well enough in this summary.  Balance is always key, within every-ONE.  Should you find your-self experiencing a version as mentioned above, it may be of value to find alignment within all of your sensing, within all of your-Self for you have and are every-thing.  


Love and Blessings to ALL,


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Thine Eye (I) Be Single


March 9th, 2014

“Thine Eye/I be Single”

 When one perceives and believes the “I” to be an “Individuated I”,  two separate “I’s”, hence leading to the belief and projection of a Me, She, He, They, Them, Etc., this then is what is translated into the experience as one of separation.  This separation and Not seeing as ONE,  is even seen  in the body of form, projected as the literal two eyes that we believe we use to see with in this projected world hologram, within the split mind that is used to create the projection.

Our TWO eyes literally represent and are an outward projection of our belief of separation itself… believing itself separate.  Seeing through two eyes.

 I like to use experiences for teaching. If it is not experienced, then it remains only theoretical. So, stay with me, and then that which I am getting at, will come back around to this.  I share this experience as it corresponds with this topic.


Experience:  During a Regression Hypnotherapy Session, I saw and felt myself in the Light.  The Light that I was shown and felt I was one in, was purple. I felt and saw my own conception, of seperating from the Light into a fetus and then, was shown my own birth.  This was all very painful and excruciating.

So much so, that during the regression, I was in convulsions and in tears.

What was being shown to me during this regression, was separation from the Light and the pain that is felt by this.  At the time, I thought I was just being shown my inception and birth and at the time, I really didn’t see too much further beyond that idea… and as for the pain that I felt, I just thought that explained the reason why I have never felt grounded here or truly happy being human.  One part was correct, in that, the pain of separation, was indeed true…that was the contributing factor and the cause being the belief in Separation.

What I did not see at that moment, was that was a universal cause for pain and suffering for “every”-One of us who are projecting our thoughts as being incarnated “here”.

Yet as we know, we are not truly separate at all.  We just bought into the belief of the split mind matrix when we came out of alignment from the Divine Mind of One, when we began projecting out of alignment from that which “I AM” (that which we all are.)


Good News is, that the projection never leaves the Source. 

It is but a dream, like a movie on the big screen.  There is no one on that screen, it is but a mere projection and scripted story the author created and then projected running from a pre-recorded film (negative).

When we separated, we began our outward projection of me, he, she, they, etc., the projection and “Story”/Dream of Separation.


When we awaken to this, we begin to see the world for what it is and make the journey back into alignment to the I AM.


“There is only ONE.  There is only I.”


When the perceived Individuated I, the projected two separated I’s are realized with the I AM and return to the single, only and ONE I (Am), we return to the Divine Mind of One.


The Pineal is the Light of the I/eye.

“Thine Eye be Single.”

This is the ONE Light in which we want to see ALL through.

When the Pineal is not receiving the signals of the Diamond Core God Cell within the Heart that is the Receiver Cell of the Divine Mind of ONE, it is in darkness, the biological brain computer of the biological system, functions in darkness. (Perhaps the word really should be does NOT function at all.  This then goes into other like topics, such as the reasons for death and decay.  When one is not in alignment with the Divine Mind of One, and it is functioning from the Ego Mind, death and decay are experienced.  Only the Ego Mind sees death and decay.


Metatron is the generator of the Source Light.

Through Metatron, he brings the Light Programs of Source/Creator /God, to ascend this lost consciousness time zone into alignment with The One Divine Mind.



When  the Diamond Core God Cell in our Heart ignites, it also ignites the pineal and illuminates our biological brain computer to receive the thought forms of the Light of the One… the Heart/Mind, the Divine Mind of One.


Visual:  You have a computer… and you tell the computer what to do.  Liken to our brains and us, the us that resides in the heart, the I.  The I needs to tell the brain computer what to do and not the other way around.  You are either Living in the Presence of the ONE, in alignment with Divine Mind, or, you are perceiving decay in a program on autopilot, a program of the split ego mind.  That said, even if darkness is your current perception, it is not what you Truly are.  You are the Light and Love of ONE and you will return your Mind to Source at your own moment of choosing.  For you cannot ever be truly  lost from that which you are, only hidden from it.


Ignite the Light within.  See ALL through the I (eye) of ONE.

Blessings of Love and Light to ONE and ALL,


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The Kingdom of Heaven is Within

March 7th, 2014

All “dimensions” are within us, within our minds… “different” and “separate” “dimensions” are only in the mis-perception of the split mind matrix.  There is no separation or division.  There is only ONE.

Heaven is within us. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”


As one aligns with the Divine Mind of ONE, it is seen that one never really left. When we are in alignment, we see that we are still in Heaven and are eternally so. We never left, we only believed we did!

“With you”, you carried the God Cell that you ARE, The Diamond Core God Cell.  It is a crystalline sphere that is of the ONE, that you are.  It resides in your Heart.   Heaven is no-where outside of you, it is in the Mind and Heart of One. You never left Heaven and Heaven never left you!

When you heal your mind and align your mind with the True mind, the mind of the divine, the ONE Mind that is also the ONE heart, you are consciously igniting the Diamond Core God Cell within.

The veil begins to come down and you KNOW that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

You are Spirit. You are not consciousness seeking to perpetuate hollucinations of a false ego.  That which you seek and long for in your Heart, is a return to Home. “Home is where the Heart Is.” It is the True PEACE of God that you long for.  When you align and return your mind to God/.Source/Creator, you cease your illusory perception of being a separated piece and you return to being Atonement with the True Peace of God.

When the mind is healed and it is in alignment with the Eternal Mind of One, the Son of God that you are, The Christ returns within you.  When we are truly ready to return to Him, via the Christ Light Body, we can close our eyes and remove our presence from “this place” within the blink of the Eye.  Within the “blink of the eye”, you can enrapture yourself. This is what is the termed the “rapture” and the  ”second coming of Christ”. When the Cosmic Christ  returns within, The Way is shown… you can withdraw from this false perception of “being here or there” and return your full awareness, right back to Heaven where you never really left! (You just believed you did).

This is what  immortality is. In Truth, there is no “death”, nor do you have to experience it as you have believed it to be.  You do not have to “die.” When we decide to withdraw our presence here, that’s it. You return within a “Blink of an Eye” via the Christed Light Body.

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth

Love to ONE and ALL,


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