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Please can I get a healing off whoever!!


Ive been really excellent lately and something happened at work today  then whammo I just went into angry upset mode and have been all day! Right at this moment Im still angy and now really upset and finding it hard to let this one go. If any one on

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I have been doing Reiki for years which has been great but in the last week I have completed two levels of Heart Resonance Therapy and have found this to be a very powerful healing tool. Lets just say I wont be using Reiki anymore!! II will be

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Recent UFOs

I dont know if I enjoyed the commentary more or the clip itself but still cant figure out if thats a rollie in his hand or a scoobe???Thursday, December 30, 2010UFO video: Bright objects or Orbs flying over Belfast, UK Dec-2010Latest UFO sightings -

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