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My frog dream-an emergency


 I had the craziest, saddest, sweetest dream last night.

Dozens and dozens of little frogs were on emergency help telephone lines phoning humanity from a frog conference or gathering with a message to humanity telling us of really important things concerning earth changes.

It was such a higher dimensional experience and so detailed..and of course I can't remember the exact message in words. I wish I could remember everything.


The feeling of it though..That's what I brought back.  The animals need our help and understanding right now. They want us to take responsibility for ourselves and our impact on the earth. They are deeply saddned. It is an emergency, and things are reaching a tipping point. In the dream they are reaching out to me/us in desperation, love and wisdom.







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I can't believe my eyes sometimes



  After being away from AC for some time and exploring other forums, I decided to come back a couple of days ago. After being approved yesterday, today8108743074?profile=original I was at a local store sending a money gram. What I saw may be common place to some but for me it was a synchronicity and a beautiful sight to behold, especially not being an active member on here for some time.  I was exiting the parking lot and to my surprise, I see the Ashtar Command logo in place on somebody's hood. As I drove by I looked closer, and there was Ashtar on the side of this vehicle!

The picture was the one that used to head this forum back then...it was perfect, and big. I've included the image here. The background was blue, like here, complete with stars and spirals and everything, just like the pic! It was the most beautiful paint job I'd ever seen on a vehicle.

I'd imagine the owner is here on this website. If you are out there, you should post a pic..please!  I'd love to see it again.

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