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Order of Godhood

The Goddess’s universal law is the highest form of order. From it, every law is derived, including the customs of humanity. Try as we may to bend Her will, the laws she puts forth are immutable and inescapable. They give us existence and define our experience.

The Great Goddess is all, and blessed are those who taste Her sacred flesh, for it brings visions of the true nature of the universe. Such visions are a gift to the anointed, and cannot be understood by others. The effect of the endowment cannot be conveyed by spoken or written word--experience is the only medium through which it can be received.

Seek to redefine divinity and man’s role in godliness by growing closer to nature’s law and learning of the deity within. Come to understand that which can only be learned through experience; join the ascension to godhood by way of entheogenic sacrament.


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The Tenets of Experience

  1. We live within the confines of nature and abide by her laws.
  2. The measure of life lived is creation beyond one’s self.
  3. Every event which has taken place will occur again.
  4. Given the infinite nature of time, every possible configuration will come to be for a period.
  5. All actions are predetermined by physics, the governing force of reality.

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The Rite of the Witness

  1. Our sacrament is the flesh of Her; it is a gift.
  2. The passage of the sacrament is our rite.
  3. Through the passage we witness new arrangements of reality.
  4. With each passage comes the chance of rebirth.
  5. The divinity we bear witness to can only be spoken of among other witnesses who have completed the same passage.
  6. Wanderers are those who do not yet strive to witness.
  7. It is our duty to guide worthy wanderers to the passage.
  8. Witnesses of greater experience must aid initiates in reaching deeper passages.

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