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These Creature Humans have created sick games with Alien Abilities!! They attempt to use me and my children as some kind of Lifeforce Power to them. My children are 25 and youngest needs the most protection from these local idiots!! Please send us all the LIght Force to surround us here in NC!!


My children and I are suppose to be in Montana..we are stuck in NC Hell...


The biggest problem seems to come from a female by the name of Lisa Morrision...


These local fools are playing with me at work and at home...this telepathic link..must be turned off!! I am not like these idiots down here in NC!!


They have created all kinds of Games down here..such at mating season and feeding season..somekind of serious bull-shit..then they attempt to play like nothing is going down..


Send the Good Aliens to me!! If you guys have the ability..Light Workers I need some assistance down here!!


Main Areas of activity...Gaston County, Cleveland County, Rutherford County..NC..maybe the entire damn piece of crap State!!

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