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Bringing Down the Grid of Love?

Am I bringing down the grid of love?
When I hate that children are murdered on a daily basis for the sake of selfish satanists who don't want to be held accountable for all their crimes?

Am I bringing down the grid of love when I cry for the souls of the lonely, the lost and the weak who are being trampled on constantly?

Am I bringing down the grid of love because I refuse to be ignorant of all the evil that is upon the earth?

If I am then this is no love I want any part in!

Ignoring a situation does not make it magically disappear and thinking things away does not wash the blood off your hands! Only atonement can do that! The whole world was watching. There are witnesses everywhere.

Only ONE atonement can do it. What Father who sends His Son is going to let anyone who denies Him into the Kingdom of heaven? Many enter like thieves and robbers and will be punished!

Anyone who denies Yahshuah as an atonement will not have a leg to stand on in the day of judgement.

All those who practice falsehood will have no part in the kingdom of heaven. All this happy clappy fairy crap does not wash with God! He can see right through you! Ascension and trans-humanism is the new age deception. If you have opened your third eye you have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Did God not say in the beginning you should surely die? Also did God not set the same mark upon the foreheads of the children of Cain, the first murderer? Why is everyone following Cain? Solomon turned from God and worshiped false gods/used demons to become ruler of this world. The son of man, however is not of the world. David is not in this world and the true kingdom of heaven is not this world. Do not be deceived. You won't find Abraham, Isaac orJacob here. The most high is the ruler of all and you have turned Him away for Jezebel.

Sananda IS NOT JESUS!!!! Do not be deceived! Charlatans! Demons! Jinn! That's who you converse with when you converse with the spirits of this world. Do not be deceived! You can't just think it all away. It's just NOT that simple.

You want Jesus? You pray to Yahshuah Ha Mashiach, asking Him to make atonement for you. He is truly the only atonement for your sins. Ask for the Holy Spirit to dwell with you and rid you of kundalini. Believe me God's true love is so much more powerful than kundalini alone. It's something else! Definitely worth doing! Live in truth, not these lies!

I know many of you will not have eyes to see and ears to hear as few are chosen by God to see the truth although many are called. Life is hard, life is difficult and you don't have to do it alone. You need only ask the true atonement Yahshuah Ha Mashiach for salvation. May the fire be with you and not overcome you for hell is real. Don't let them tell you otherwise and so deceive you. If you think this life hurts you haven't seen anything yet. Get out while you still can! While the door is still open! This door will close soon-take the narrow path and accept the cornerstone the builders (Freemasons) rejected.

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Me or We -The Great Turmoil

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the citizens of today's world are a very self-focussed bunch which seems to be a world away from the world preached in the Christian eras which is still being preached in a decreasing number of churches to this day. 


This leads me to consider the best course of action to lead one's life, religion aside, and how an individual life can impact those around them leading to a worldwide change-of course you will always find rogue minds, yet it seems the mindset (or ignorance) of the majority dictates the state of the world as a whole. 


I have therefore, considered two courses of possible action in an effort to bring some understanding to this thing we call life, based on personal experience and observations.


Course 1: Love/Service to Others


The first course of action is to love others in order to feel fulfilment. This would mean to live with a selfless nature and although seemingly good and holy at a glance, I cannot help but feel completely drained of all personal energy/resources to the point where I would end up poor and lonely, having given up all I have to serve another. Of course this would depend on how others receive my charity and whether or not they wish to give back. But would it actually be seen as a righteous act, to give expecting the same back from another in return? Also how fulfilling would this be to my own self? Sure, I would feel good for a little while to help out others but perhaps this is not a wise course of action to seek true happiness and personal fulfilment as this is based on help in return from others. What if the charity is not returned? I feel if I have worked for my gains why should I share with those who have not gained due to slothfulness or distraction and what good does this do them? What does this teach them? This is where I feel most religions are going wrong. How can I possibly be a light to others if I am under their feet constantly lifting them up? Also from a physical point of view, what would that leave me with? What would that leave the future generations of my family with? Which brings me to question the alternative.


Course 2: Love/Service to Self


The second course of action, which did not initially come naturally to me due to being quite a coy child, is to think of one's self first. This made the most sense to me after studying the way today's society seems to work. Of course it makes perfect sense to love yourself but is increasingly taken to extremes by various individuals attracting attention for various reasons. I guess this could play a negative role also, but in the case of the individual, any publicity is good publicity as 'they' say. Looking at most successful people in the world, it seems very fulfilling to think of one's self by indulging in all things one would desire such as money, fame and power and if you can get it, why not? But would any of that truly make me happy? For how long can these pleasures keep me happy and how would I overcome world judgement but to train myself to just not care? I like to see myself as a considerate individual and would like to help benefit others without losing out personally. I want it all, but in order to have that I have to work to achieve it. So if these material manifestations of periodic fulfilment help to lift me up spiritually and mentally while I work on fulfilling my personal talents/goals perhaps concentrating on personal fulfilment is the best path to true happiness? When I take care of myself and my own needs this would have a positive impact on the world around me, or at the very least, I can work to build a world I want to live in and have a greater say on how this world should look. If everyone did this, I am positive humanity would collectively and in time start to see a much more sustainable and welcoming environment to meet our collective needs and the needs of our children and future generations to come.




Maybe the best course is to learn how to love self, then focus on projecting that image as a beacon of light that inspires others to do the same. One thing is for certain, the future of our planet and possibly our existence depends on the choices we, as individuals make. Of course there is a third course I will not even entertain and that is to do nothing. For in the end we only have ourselves to blame when things go wrong.

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Why Do Evil Things Happen in the World?

The universe is ever expanding as you know...bear this in mind..

Just as we look to cleanse ourselves from negativity and fear and seek to find ourselves and who we are individually, we must also learn to do this collectively. Every man and every woman is a star, or more a world within a world within a world etc...therefore, just as every human has their struggle for understanding, collectively we make up the world too and the fear of everyone else on the planet is something we all have to deal with, more indirectly if you have balanced the karma. The misunderstanding of individuals affects the spiritual progression of the world or collective grid as a whole.

Therefore a shadow is created...

The shadow is everything your Godly voice within would call ungodly. So murder, pain, suffering, lying, falseness - you get the idea. These things happen in the world (or on the Earth) as a reflection of so many humans in the world still living in fear and a lack of understanding, false teaching and therefore repeated cycles. You could say the shadow is karma. As we are all connected and we are all one on the Earth we must all work together to stand up to the shadow in order to defeat it.

How can we fix this?

First seek the truth for yourself, then share your truth with the world. People fear what they do not understand. Seek your own understanding and do not be swayed by others, even me. Does this resonate with you? My solar plexus is beaming right now and explanations and ideas are flowing from me as I type this. But I want to make my explanation as simple as possible. We can sow the seeds of truth throughout the world. We can speak truth, we can post truth on the internet (which is a blessing as the truth has never been easier to research as well as multitudes of methods and tips to help us) but most importantly we must BE the truth.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"-Gandhi.

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A Message To The World

To The World

Thank you

Thank for showing me that killing animals without dignity and gratitude is wrong. That every living being on this planet has the right to be and feel loved. Thanks for helping me to understand the nature of the food chain and that all things go through birth and death and that if a resource, whether it be a plant or an animal, is to be killed and consumed then we should treat that resource with love and gratitude for providing us with the nutrients we need and sustaining us at their sacrifice.

Thank you

Thank you for teaching me that anger and violence are all branches from the tree of fear. Thank you for helping me to forgive those who have wronged me and I ask for forgiveness knowing that the universe is just and graceful to accept my request as long as my forgiveness of others is pure in my heart. I release them from their bondage-no longer are we spiritually connected by the tree of fear, but we are now connected only through love.

Thank you

Thank you for all the times I've been abused and wrongly accused. I forgive and release these people and I thank them for showing me that everyone is different and strengthening me when I was down or felt the spirits of insecurity and inferiority circling me. I now understand that I am loved unconditionally and that everyone is a unique and beautiful reflection of the most glorious and undefeated force in the universe, love. Please forgive me, as I believe you are kind and just to do so as I have forgiven those who have wronged me.

Thank you for my family

Thank you for my friends and my foes

Thank you for everything you provide-you have given these things to me in abundance and I am humbled by your kindness.

Without you I have nothing and without you I am nothing. How incredible to know that I am you. Every day I step into your power and I am cloaked by your love. Fear cannot dwell in me or near me.

Your creation is beautiful and you are perfect. Knowing I am a reflection of you reminds me to step into my power every single day as no matter what I do, if I do it with love I do your will. Your voice is louder than any other in my heart and I feel your love when you speak and I know it is you.

Forgive me my mistakes as I remember who I am and as I forgive all others who make mistakes also. We are all just trying to do the best we can and we are all at different stages of our journeys.

When we come to know love we achieve greater light, greater wisdom and understanding. May we all come into love and light so we can shine ever more.

GOD bless the reader. May they understand and be filled with light.

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Star of the Magi

They call her number seventeen,

The star of the magi.

The beautiful heaven Of the Essenes,

A sight for the spiritual eye.

The universal planet of love

shines on us from the north

With a bright and beautiful sparkle

of her treasures she brings forth.

The star that they all talk about

over two thousand years ago

who would guide the ones who knew the stars

she's a sky compass, don't you know?

So next time you see her spare a thought

and please be sure to say hi

as she's guiding you in secret

as she watches you from the sky.

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The Beauty Of Spring

Trees are swaying in the sun

the gentle breeze of spring has come.

The blossom bright with pink and white

drops gently down as it catches the light.

Butterflies so beautiful just flutter by without a care,

its great to break away from life just for a day to see them there.

They make their way from flower to flower,

no knowledge of time, to me its hours and hours.

They happily fly as the bees rush by with their orange and black

coloured fur on their backs.

The breeze is so gentle and beginning to warm,

the flowers still budding, many starting to take form

with petals so fresh like a newborn child,

with colours so bright and of all different styles.

The smell is amazing and so divine,

I pick the flowers from time to time 

so I can take some of the outside in

and break away from the daily grind and think,

how wonderful the natural world can be

When I feel at my worst I go outside and i'm free.

Yet it costs nothing, not one single penny

to enjoy true wealth that is a gift to so many.

True wealth is the happiness freedom can bring

when you experience nature and hear the birds sing.

When you hear it you know that summer is near

and you have another chance to see everything clear.

What is the beauty of life without these things?

We should appreciate more, all the joy that nature brings.

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