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Sanat Kumara ~ The Solstice: Celebrate the Return to Love


By Meredith Murphy, 06/17/2015

Greetings Beloved Souls,
I am Sanat Kumara and I am here with you in this communication, to share with you about this time in your world. About the upcoming Sosltice alignment. About your lives – what is emerging, what is possible, what is important and what might be the most significant aspect available to you, in your experience now. The experience of the return of love.
Love is returning to Earth in wave upon wave of higher frequencies energies being grounded here. Of course all things are made of divine light energy which is love, but the higher frequencies of love the quality of love that you experience as the emotional experience of love, that is what we speak of when we say, love is returning. Love is returning to Earth as you increasingly are embodying the higher frequency aspects of your being.
This is no small thing. It is making life very sweet that all this is happening.
You are living in an amazing configuration. A sphere of experience in which the arrangements are changing. The correspondence is changing. The ways of translating vibration are changing. The relationship to consciousness is changing. All of this is changing in your experience, in this way, and as it does, love is becoming more available to you and in this experience of knowing more love, you are feeling more alive. More hope is available on the Earth, for the sense of potential within human life is opening up.
This is an extension, a mirroring of the way in which the energetic field of the planet Earth has also opened up. The whole way in which Earth is present in the galaxy energetically, has been transformed and is continuing to change. It is becoming a more uplifted sphere of experience.
Why is this?
For one thing, for some time now there has been a momentum in your worl about positive thought. About the value and benefit of positive thinking. This idea, although it has it’s flaws, is fundamentally positive! It is fundamentally beneficial to think positively about life and because you are learning this as a species, you are more aware of the tone of your thoughts. The mood you are in and the way your thoughts might relate to this and how all of this is also affecting your body. The mind-body connection is clearly recognized. This is transfomring what it means to be human and what is possible for humanity.
It is important for you to realize that you are living in a time of great change and that your very life is the fulcrum — the pivot point on which this change is being created and experienced. You are the humans with links to the past building bridges into the future. You are setting forth new examples of what it means to be human. There are still on your Earth those who think money and material things are at odds with the spiritual life. There are still those on your Earth who have not awoken to their inner connection and are completely captivated by the sensory experiences. Then there are those of you who are blending and bridging into something very new and expanded. Those of you who are working more unconditionally with the qualities of experience here and letting yourself learn how to be more free.
You are revising your family history, your genetic and soul family lineage as you in embodied form become more free. We have said many of this things to you before and you may be familiar with all of them and yet because you are living in a time of immense transformation and transition, we continue to remind you of these amazing changes you are creating and the context of your experience so as to help you stay focused on the clarity of the experience. We want you to see clearly how much you are revising and how much you are changing. We want you to claim this and to use it to become even more loving and unconditional in relating to yourselves, which you know is such a huge key to the empowerment you are opening up. Self-love is making it all possible.
We greet you too, today, knowing the energies on your planet have been very high pitched lately and the Solstice is this week. It is a time of wonderful possibilities and for you, to use these energies by coming together to feel your connection with the land, with the sky, with the sun, with one another and with all that you are. To live out your blendedness with one another. To open up to the magical experience of conscious multidimensionality, together and to celebrate the shifts and turns of your lives. The Sosltice might symbolize for you too, how much light you are letting in. How sometimes it truly ebbs away and other times it’s at such a pitch you cannot imagine holding any more energy. Yet all of it is part of your movement through space. A movement which you are using quite intentionally to temper your energetic capacity and grow your embodiment.
It is amazing and inspiring to behold and we relish each opportunity we have to share with you and celebrate your success.
As we come into this commincation we have one further thing we wish to share at this time and this is perhaps the most important gift we could give you: dear ones, have fun. Let yourselves have fun. Play more. Do what you want, more often. Let yourselves be free. Let yourselves choose to be free and see how it changes your life. See how much more is possible then you grew up believing. Let yourselves make the choices you want whenever you feel ready. Do not consider yourself late to the game, for it is that kind of game you’re in — one which is ripening and changing and you meant for it to be so. That you would continually open up new ways of being and some of that will be reclaiming things you put down long ago, for now you are more whole and can take them up again, with innocence and freshness and without any concerns about anything you might have called aging, or older-ness or whatever.
The ideas that there is a time for things is true and then again, it’s not true at all. It’s poetic to say, “it’s the perfect time.” It’s a wonderful way of being in accord with life. Of being fully present. It is also wonderful to be surprised by the timing of things. To have things return that you thought were gone. To like something you thought you hated. To feel open to something you thought was over. To notice you’re interested in something you never thought “at your age” you would consider. All of this is fresh and alive and for those reasons alone, worth celebrating and enjoying.
Let yourselves have more fun. And all that might mean to you. Fun is important and it is more of a key to living fully than you typically acknowledge and operate from. So why not do that at this Solstice? Declare your intention to be more sunny. More happy. More whole and to get there by having more fun. It’s a valid pathway you know? To all that you are and to all that is. Fun. The effortless way of connection. How is that for an idea?
We love you very much and we celebrate with you, your ongoing return to the fullness of your being, while here — in this most beautiful and abundant world, of so much beauty and such great and continually expanding potential.
I am Sanat Kumara
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Lady Master Venus: You Are Pure Creative LOVE

ladymastervenusLady Master Venus:


Hello, I AM Lady Venus. I speak from this channel’s heart today. I appear before her in blue translucent light and bring much Love to her and to you all today.

You have embarked on this journey of LOVE and as such it is becoming more and more transparent to you of its many facets and its depths, its sweet deliverance of feelings you have not tapped into since the early days of your creation.

You are returning now, dear ones. You are arriving at a new plateau, new heights of what Love is for you. It does not ask anything of you. It does not require anything of you. It just requests that you swim inside it. That you embrace it, that you revel in all its facets and depths.

This has become a full-time job for you. It reveals many parts of you that you have not been aware of so apparently until now. And it perplexes you, yet it excites you. It brings up feelings that confuse you, yet allows you to dig deeper into your depths, into your true nature.

I AM Love. YOU ARE LOVE. Dear ones, it is time you realized it. Begin to explore the many facets of LOVE, your inherent nature. It is all you are. It is all you will ever hope to be, dear ones.

Take a little journey with me now, dear hearts. Ride upon my blue stream of Soft Love. Let it enfold you, let it encompass you. Let it touch you and penetrate you into all the crevices of your Being. Float with it, breathe it in. Let it expand your lungs to capacity. Then watch for the opening it provides – New thoughts, new feelings, previously unknown to you, so don’t resist.  Allow them to enter into your consciousness and breathe, breathe, breathe the soft essence of Love. In and Out. Feel the velvety texture, the deep abiding essence of it.

Explore now these new feelings of LOVE. Let them take over and embrace you, nurture you – Let them BE you. I am your hostess, your guide in this journey in this moment. Let us explore together what Love means to you now that you are embracing it as your core essence. It sings, it flies, it floats, it opens all doors for you.

Be with it now and touch the softness of it. Let it take you deeper into your Being. Allow the feelings of Bliss and Joy to well up in you as you tap your True Essence, as you solicit and welcome those once-buried awarenesses of Love.

Take yourself back to your beginnings. Welcome Source again. Welcome your true nature – All it is is LOVE. Any feelings to the contrary are leaving your consciousness now to make room for these once-buried feelings of Love – The all-encompassing nature of it.

Wrap yourselves up in this. Consider yourselves a beautiful ball of glowing light and all it knows is Love. All you know is Love now. Allow yourselves to sit in that deep deep place of glowing Love for now. Get used to it. You are reacquainting yourself with what you once reveled and lived in solely before you invited thoughts of separation to enter.

Take yourselves back now and be that pure ball of golden light that only knows Love and Innocence and Purity and pure Ecstasy and Bliss. Breathe it in. Expand your lungs with it. Expand your cells with it. Expand your aura with it. Become it now.

You are Bliss. You are Love. You are Ecstasy. You are Pure Creative LOVE. Be at the center of it more and more throughout your day and experience new thoughts and insights. Magnify all thoughts and feelings of Love, Light and Bliss as they come in. Let it become the New You.

Breathe in and out with me now. Feel my softness of Love. Incorporate it now within you. We are One.



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Among the oldest Christian communities , the lamb was on the pastor's shoulders (no plate )symbolized the soul saved by Christ .
Lamb on the shoulders of the shepherd is a sign of compassion and caring for the new life that Christ has provided.
When Jesus came , he tried to inspire people to a higher notion of sacrifice. Instead of sacrificing some poor animals who did no harm to anyone , he taught people to sacrifice their own inner animal and desires as inner animal slaughter such release energies that are more valuable and can be used in spiritual work . Those who understand this are on the way to climb; those who do not understand him are still stuck in the stalls or cages - symbolically speaking - along with their animals they sacrifice and do nothing to contribute to a greater deepening of their soul in the dark.

I propose this year to accept the sacrifice interior new life based on compassion and responsibility for the lives of animals and the others and become the best! How we want to have peace in the world and in our hearts if we have the plate "war".

Killing Easter lamb has no basis in the Christian tradition, but rather has its roots in the Old Testament.

"It's a bloody ritual in strong contradiction with the concept of the Resurrection, which brings renewal of faith and hope.

It is a ritual that is not necessary in a society like ours, already steeped in violence and death that serves only to satisfy the interests of the food industry. "

(Pope Francisco)

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Sanat Kumara and Adama - Tsunami of love will wash away the old you 

Channeled by James McConnell  /  February 25, 2014


I am Sanat Kumara. I am the One you have known, each of you has known, in many times previously. For we have fought many a fight. Not the kind of fight you would think of though. Not the battle you would know of today but a fight for love and understanding. We have been there in the trenches, you and I. To all who would be in this room and to most who would be reading these words. For I am One who is known as the “One Initiator”.

I am the One who is there whenever there is that change in consciousness that movement that takes you to the next level of your being. I am there with you at that time. And have been many times before. But now at this time, we no longer call it initiations because that is no longer necessary. In the past, it was an initiation to move from dimension to dimension. From vibration to vibration. In order to receive that initiation you had to go through much. Many of you have done that in the past. If not in the bodies here in the Earth, in your other systems that you came from.

But now the time has changed. It is a new time. A new awakening. It is the time to start anew. With a new body. Not that you will not have your physical body, you will. But a new body of vibration. A new body of light. Some have called it the rainbow body. You are taking that body on once again. You are taking on as a cloak over you. For it is really no different than that.

It has been said that the year you are in now is a year of transformation, a transition. That it is. This is the year when all that you know of is going to wash away. That tsunami of love that has been spoken of many times. Just as the old is washed away in the wake of a wave, so too will this tsunami wash away all the old ways, the old programming that you have become accustomed to. It will wash away all that is no longer needed. For you are approaching a new life. A new level of understanding within you. And in many respects it will appear as a new life for you. But in reality it is not. You are returning home, each of you are returning home from whence you came. From the One-ness that you know already.

All is about to change in the twinkling of an eye. And you, dear ones, are here to be a part of that. As you have been there in other times and other places. In other galaxies. For you have moved into a system and scattered it asunder. Just as is happening now to the understanding of what you know as the 3 dimensional illusion. For it is being taken down piece by piece to be replaced by the new you, being the collective You here.

We are prepared and have been for some time. You are preparing and have been for a long time as well. When the time comes, as you know it is not too far off now, no we will not use the word soon or imminent, but we will say on the verge. You are standing on that precipice, each of you. Ready to jump when the announcement is made, the clarion call goes out. It is coming!

All of my peace and love and understanding and joy be with you now as you hear the changes coming.


I am Adama. I come to be with you now from that which you know of now as the Hollow Earth. From our Telos, your Telos. Because each of you in this room now, may already be aware of it, each of you have been there before. You were there with us as brothers and sisters, long ago, in the Earth’s time frame, there on our beloved land of Mu. For we worked together as a family. To make everything in our civilization at that time as perfect as it could be. Then, as you know, the Dark Ages came upon us. Not without warning for we knew ahead of time, that it was coming. It allowed for those of us to prepare. To find what you would call refuge. And where did we find refuge? In the City of Telos, deep underground.

And there we are still to this day. Many of us. And we were with you at that time when you first heard about those changes coming. And small portion of you at that time was frightened but the majority of you, you yourselves, knew that even though there would be those darkest of times, there would be the brightest of times after that. You now are in those brightest of times, fast approaching.

And soon, yes, I will use that word, because we are right here with you on this, our beloved planet, Gaia, Terra, we are here with you. And we are aware of all the things that are happening here on the surface. We monitor that on a daily basis and we know of the lights going off in each one across the planet. We know as consciousness changes that those lights flicker more and more grow to ever increasing brightness until they become the violet flame within each. That is what those of you here in this room and those who would be reading these words are about to do. You are about to become the violet flame once again.

Indeed, those of us who mentor to you, your brothers and your sisters, are here ready to emerge from our deep refuge, to be back on the surface with you once again. To intermingle, to join once again with our brothers and our sisters, our family that we left behind in those times long ago.

We are anxiously awaiting the time for our emergence. We have grand celebrations planned, both here in Inner Earth and there, on the surface and yes, up in the ships as well. It will be as if you are going from one party to the next. We think that you will not mind that for you have worked and worked and worked in your many lifetimes here to bring you to this very moment you are arriving at! We think all of us, believe, that you have earned the right to party.

But it is going to be unlike any party you have ever attended. The celebrations are going to be many and varied and in some respects, wild! Not in the sense of drunken stupor-ness but wild in ecstasy and joy. For you, my brothers and sisters, are coming home. And we are coming home with you as well.

All my peace and love be ever with you as we continue on this journey together. I am Adama. Adonai.

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~Saint Germain through Maarten Horst.~ Get Ready for A Surprise

MotherGodandTheEarthAllies's picture

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters.

 Now is the time to rejoice. All good things, promised to you are coming. Be in Love, centered in your hearts. The news that will be flooding your world will amaze you. As this happens, be the teachers to your neighbors, family and friends. Nobody is a stranger. All life is connected through the source of all that is. Use the I AM presence and the violet flame to radiate your light.

 Get ready for a big surprise. The love frequency is now so high that anything can happen now. Feel the joy in your anticipation. Nobody will be disappointed.

 I have seen things…The Earth bathed in Love with all children dancing in Joy. This is now reality. No dates are given here, but as you hold on the Love and Light in your hearts, the most wondrous Event can happen.

 I AM Saint Germain and blaze the Violet Flame in all of you.

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Lady Nada - You Are the Roses of Love

Lady Nada:


Hello my dear ones. Greetings from the Celestial Realm and All-That-Is, available to you right now with just your intention. For it is becoming clear to you that all is merging on a deeper level within you and much is opening for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

Expansion, dear ones; that is the name of the game: Expansion of your Golden Christed Self, your Ascended Self, your connection with the deeper parts of you, that connection with your Higher Self and higher. You are learning to live and survive and be within a much more enlightened place of indwelling and this is the point of center that you will emerge from and merge with forever more; see if you can push out from that point to infinity, to encompass All-That-Is. Dwell there, dear ones. That is your rightful place.

From there you can explore now much deeper realms of existence. For your Heart will lead the way. It is only within your Heart that you dwell now and it opens the path for you now to dwell in many levels of being – without boundaries, without judgment, without limits. It is freedom.

And for you, dear ones, it is not a new place to be. You are rediscovering it, on so many levels, as you surrender and Be with your Christed Self, your Ascended Self, touching the realms you once thought were separated from you but were always there waiting for you to reconnect with.

And I beseech you, dear ones, to light the way for yourselves by experiencing your Golden Light, your LoveLight within you as your natural way of being. Part ways with that linear focus. Feel the distance now when the old world beckons you; it is fading away into oblivion. It is dissolving back to Source to be recycled into a higher way of being. You are helping that by your staying within the higher dimensional experience that beckons you all the more now.

Now is your chance in the coming days to get reacquainted with your Christed Self, with your Ascended Self, and to explore it and merge your lower selves happily into the lighter loving energies of your Divine Essence.

For all intents and purposes, you have been visiting this often. It may sometimes feel strange. Start anew to see it as normal. Stay within it longer. Be your Divine, Christed Self now, dear ones. Play within it. Allow yourselves to rise within it.

We welcome you, dear ones. We applaud you, and we congratulate you. For you are arriving, you are becoming, and you are returning to your natural way of Being – out of the muck and dross of the old third dimensional experiences you once designed for your growth. Allow them to completely shed from you as dead petals fall from a beautiful rose to reveal the center, the core, the potential for more growth of an even more perfect rose of full bloom and glory.roses.imagesCAH75M9S

You are the Roses of Love, dear ones, spreading throughout the Garden of the Universes, in all shades of pink and magenta, illuminating and grounding Love into the Universes with so much potential to continually bloom with deeper and greater Love as you rise higher in your frequencies and dimensions.

I hold you to my Heart and I greet you from my Heart and I meld with your Love to increase it as you meld and share your Love with others, increasing it in yourselves and others all the while.


I AM Lady Nada and I bow to your Divinity.


©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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Grand Sextile on July 29, 2013


twin star of david
Star of David 
July 29, 2013 
graphic by Mary Shea 

The planetary energies of the July 29 2013 Star of David Merkaba - Grand Sextile are:

Management of Resources and Energy (Venus in Virgo), Stepping into the right use of our Personal Power (Pluto in Capricorn), Allowing Abundance (Moon in Taurus), Expanding our Connections with others (Jupiter and Mars in Cancer), and Saturation in Pure Grace (Neptune in Pisces).


If you have planets or points in your chart between 8-13 degrees of Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), the Star of David will have a more intimate effect. But anyone with a personal planet or angles between 2º- 6º of any sign could benefit greatly from this as well. And even if your chart doesn't have anything at these particular points, the Star is having an effect overall for everyone on Earth. Some may feel it more than others, but it is the prevailing zeitgeist of this summer.  


The two interlocking triangles of the Star of David have some gifts for us:  


The Grand Water Trine offers the opportunity for a cathartic cleanse of trapped, heavy emotions. The result can be a peaceful, blissful, gentle awareness of Pure Love, of being immersed in the sublime waters of Healing. If you've never felt intense Pure Love within your Heart, or felt it being radiated from someone else: you may feel it now. It is incredible.


The Grand Earth Trine offers a phoenix-like energy of resurrection after a descent into the underworld which began in October 2012. The result can be the productive building of new structures, filled with an abundance of all good things, magically delicious.  



Star of David Merkaba Stargate

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Sanat Kumara discusses the Universal Law of Attraction and Repulsion…


Now so many of you feel that if you simply declare intention, if you desire something, it is as if you are calling from the core of your heart, the foundation of your being, it is you calling out and magnetizing towards you that which you desire to experience; that is the starting point, not the finishing point. Now, what about the other side of the scale? What about the Law of Repulsion?

Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara, Keeper of Universal Law, keeper of each of you, Planetary Logos, overseer and yes, like you my beloved friends, servant and child of the One. Do not put me on a pedestal, let me sit with you in that core foundation and let me share my love and my Golden Ray, for I cherish you and I cherish the evolution of this beautiful planet and everything upon it. Never think, my sweet angels, that this is a race to completion because it is not. Are we anxious for fulfillment of the promise? Yes, as anxious as you are, as excited as you are. But this has always been intended to be a journey of joy, an undertaking of joy, of love, of beauty, the sweetness of Venus; for are we not partners, are we not family, are we not friends?

Let us discuss this Law of Attraction and Repulsion and yes sweet angels, it is both sides of the scales and it is the scales of justice, it is the scales of worth, and it is the scales of the universe. The scales are not represented in duality because in duality there is not balance. So when I speak to you of this balance of attraction and repulsion, what am I truly speaking of? Well, first and foremost, I am sharing with you a deeper understanding of Universal Law and what is Universal Law except sharing with you how things work, not on earth but directly from the heart of One the functionality of the universe. It is important to know and it is important to work with all of the Universal Laws. But yes, this day let us speak of Attraction and Repulsion.

Now so many of you feel that if you simply declare intention, if you desire something, that you are invoking the Law of Attraction; that is the starting point, not the finishing point. Never will I try to dissuade you from working with what you desire and calling forth across the Universal Grid, because that is what you are working with when you are invoking the Law of Attraction and Repulsion as well, by the way. So you are calling across the universe what you wish to claim and to bring into your life. And it does not matter whether it is a gold coin, the perfect partner, spectacular health, a harmonious family, or a harmonious planet. You distinguish in magnitude, but the process of what you do and how you work with this Law of Attraction is the same for all these things.

When you are working with the Law of Attraction it is as if you are calling from the core of your heart, the foundation of your being, that is why we have begun today with this meditation to bring you back to that foundation; it is you calling out with every part of your being and magnetizing towards you that which you desire to experience. There are times when you will casually say, “I would like, I wish that, I call back, something or other” and it comes to you. And you would say, “Well that was easy, I do not need to go through all this process.” But the reason it is easy is that you are accepting that it is possible and in fact what you have done in the ease is simply know that you are capable of calling to you.

So this does not need to be a strenuous act, it is not like running twenty miles, but it is becoming aware that when you call throughout the universe you are calling all beings, all energy, all delivery mechanisms. You do not need to decide how you receive, only that you do receive, in perfect, loving, ideal ways of ease. Stop trying to control it. That is a human obsession and it is time to let it go. So, you call your hearts desire with your expanded field and your foundation. So it is not a casual undertaking, even though it may be expressed most casually, most joyfully. Does that mean that we do not hear your desperate cries in the night? Of course not; we do and we respond. But so often what occurs in the desperate cry in the night is the feeling that ‘I am asking for help but I don’t really believe I am going to get it.’ So be aware of this as well.

Now how do you eliminate that sense of desperation when you are practicing with the Law of Attraction? You bring it to the stillpoint and in the stillpoint everything disappears into sheer energy, into the nothingness. And then you move into action and when we say this we do not mean that you go scurrying around trying to ‘make’ something happen. In many ways, when you do this, it eliminates the trust factor and it hinders delivery. So insure, my beloved ones, that your actions are in keeping with your hope, your trust, your faith, your joy, and the love that you know is your birthright and your core.

So what are you really doing? You are sitting in the love of your heart, in the divine essence of your being, and in the knowing of everything, whether it is a love partner, a sacred union, a perfect family, or a gold coin, is made of the essence of love. And you call that from your love across the universe, across the golden grid, and then you let it fly, skate, and travel to you in divine timing, which as you are advancing, as you are becoming more in the wisdom, is your timing as well. And if there is a timing factor involved in this, then declare it dear heart, for time is love as well; it is not a stand-alone entity.

Now, what about the other side of the scale? What about the Law of Repulsion? Because there are things, particularly as you are moving through this collective and individual period of transition, of Ascension, of becoming, there are things that you do not want on your sacred doorstep or on any sacred doorstep and so this is the things that you are repulsing back. Now what do I mean by that? because surely you do not wish to repulse conflict or hatred or greed and then have it land in somebody else’s home. Of course not. What you are doing, my powerful, beautiful angels, you are speeding that energy on the return journey back to the heart of One. You are returning it from whence it came. But you say to me, “SK, Raj, does it not have to go through the spiritual evolution?” And I am saying, “No. It is sheer energy that emerged originally as love.” And so you are returning it, for a tune-up as it were, back to the heart of One so that love can be restored, renewed, and recycled.

So the sensation of pulling what you desire and then sending back, as if you are an anti-gravity chamber, back to the One, the energies that you do not wish to engage with. Now we are not talking about sending people or nations, we are talking about identifying, and this is very important in the Law of Repulsion, identifying the energies that are abhorrent. And you know it very clearly, “Does it feel like love? Does this feel divine? Does this feel like oneness? Does this feel that I want to welcome it into my field? And if the answer is ‘no’ you are sending this energy and keeping it, you are hanging your “Do Not Trespass” sign out and we are suggesting that this sign, this No Trespassing sign, is posted a million miles away from you! And we ask you to do that today because there is nothing that will transform the energy of the old 3rd and the struggles that many are having more rapidly than simply sending the energy of lack, lack of love and lack of worth, back to the Source. And that is why I am speaking to you this day about this law.

Are you capable? You always have been. But, are you aware now that you are capable? Yes you are. So this is what I ask you…practice not only the Law of Attraction but it’s partner Repulsion, and send back, not to any planet, not to any universe, not to any sacred home, that which is not of love. Let it go back to Source, across the grid, sheer energy to be restored. That is your 7th dimensional birthright and it is what you may do right now.

Thank you and go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 06-15-13,

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Love’s Becoming…  Adama, Lady Nada and The Masters of Love


Channeled by Ray Dawn of Mount Shasta, CA
June 17, 2013


Hello to each of you. It is I, Adama, here to be with you in a breath of peace and love and fulfillment of your heart’s desires, your heart’s wishes.

Coming to each of you we are here to be of service to Love’s Becoming… to the heart opening time upon this dear earth. We, and I mean, I and the Masters of light and peace and harmony are all here to witness and to be a part of this love’s becoming and emergence in each of your dear hearts!

Each of your dear hearts wants to be in a loving way with this world, with all beings, to be in this loving way we arise together to be in unison. We allow in our own heart loves’ becoming.

To allow is the most important thing to do at this time, at this time of the Solstice. In this time all is emerging, coming to fruition. It is a most sacred time to allow all the blossoming all around you. It is seen in nature and in people. What is this blossoming? It is also in your very heart!

To allow is the most important “doing” as it creates a way to flow with the grace of all that is. To be in an allowing state one must allow all things. Allow all possibilities and be open to the blossoming that is happening all around and within you as well. Dear ones All is happening within each of you…

This time is most fruitful to allow loves’ becoming through you; through each of your hearts you feel and know this to be true.

What are your heart’s wishes? They are simple: allowing, flowing, opening, expanding, growing, becoming and being full of love! To be full of love and to allow it to fill you fully, then let it cascade out to others and to all life!

Now is a most sacred time of loves’ becoming as all is becoming through you, through your heart! As you allow this flow of love or energy to be with you, allow it to fill you fully first. Yes, this is in order. So much time is spent on your dear planet by putting everyone else’s needs before your own. We understand that there are many ideas about this issue…

We would say that now is the time to allow loves’ becoming through you. Through all parts of you allow healing, love, opening and discovery of this expression and experiences through your own being…

What makes your heart sing? What makes you feel love? Do you allow it?

Do you sometimes, instead, put the focus on another’s needs first?

We would say at this time, and all time forward, to create and to allow this love. It is of best use by allowing your own heart to be full.

To share and experience within you all that is love, one harmonizes one’s own frequency… To know thyself… Be easy as you come unto this time and truly allow yourself well being. Allow yourself, give yourself permission to be free, to be easy, to allow love and to then share as your well is full.

Dear ones we are so pleased as this occurrence of love is harmonizing each of you to love’s rhythm. It is softer and it is allowing more time to be— to enjoy this life you are in.

We say, “Enjoy you, your life and your own harmony within.” As you do, you are of great service to all that is. To allow this love and harmony within you is loves’ becoming through your very being!

Each of us comes together by this process and new harmonies are born here upon the Earth. We are all in this together to ignite love within this sphere and our mother, the earth, is so full of joy as she watches each of you become. You are all like the flowers: growing, opening and emerging into the light…

The Masters and I are one and each of us is in so much enjoyment being who we are. We ask you to find the opening within yourself to enjoy you.  Enjoy your being and your heart’s wishes and dreams. As you do we can all join again in one family of Love. So be it!

Thank you dear ones for our time together… It is Lady Nada and I too am here to be of service to this love’s becoming through and within each of your most radiant hearts!

As we come together in harmony, in harmonization of our talents and gifts and exuberance, we sing forth. We shine forth upon this sphere of light, the harmony of life force. Life force is ever giving…

This energy that is life force is truly love! It is aligning and merging with you all the time. It is what is behind all matter. Life is love and as you honor that, as you honor your life, you can allow in the love!

Be true to your own frequency that is unfolding love in greater measures at this time through all levels of your embodiment. Be aware of how much you are living in your daily moment; “Am I allowing this love or am I afraid, pushing it away?”

Know that truly you cannot push it away as it is what is enlivening your embodiment. But you can allow more. You can awaken to the knowledge that you are this love. It is you and you are one with it! All else is illusion. Yet in that too is understanding, is growth and is ever expanding joy of loves’ becoming through you, through each of you!

Your greatest service is to this now, to love’s becoming through all levels of your being and to acknowledge that. You are this love! To allow your own growth and understandings, to allow your heart’s wishes and to allow all…

Be easy upon yourself as you learn to love you! We love each of you full heartedly! We awaken with you in your hearts when you allow this love within. We share and know with you the beauty of all that is.

Join in this occurrence more frequently and we shall sing with you in joy! Awaken to this note. Be in an allowing state of joy as you emerge into the light. Be like the flower and enjoy the journey…

To loves’ becoming and emerging through your most sacred hearts!

We love you eternally,

Lady Nada, Adama and the Masters of Love…


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Adama Channeled Messages

Adama Channeled Messages

Channeled By Phillip Collins


This is the High Priest of Telos, in Lemuria, Adama coming to you regarding your important mission at this time. Your journey upon our Mountain was merely one portion of your journey. The book you are about to embark upon is an essential aspect of the journey, as well. Each of you, in a Sacred Triad, with complete equality, harmony & balance have chosen to create a message to Humankind of what took place. Please know, you do not fully comprehend yourselves yet, the magnitude of the journey. Surrender to not knowing. The Truth is about to be revealed through the next phase of your journey: The Book Upon The Mountain.

As a result of the work and rituals you accomplished on and within Mt. Shasta, this vortex will be further transmutated into the most powerful vortex upon the surface. The Cosmic Violet Ray of Love will consume the mountain and radiate throughout the world. This Love Force will assist in the Ascension Process many of you are choosing.

We ask you to pay attention to the aspects of the wounded alter ego in your mental bodies that can attempt to prevent this mission. The complete journey, the physical and post wisdoms, will be some of the most loving aspects of your individual incarnations. Much will be revealed during your up and coming weeks and months.

You will first create a sacred triangle (the initial three of you) that will eventually be placed in a sacred square, to include the fourth, the divine soul you call the guide. These sacred geometrics are encoded with the complete journey.

Have love and joy in your hearts ( as we do ours), as you embark on your journey's next phase. You may have thought the mission was complete but in many ways it has just begun as your new endeavor. Join in true unconditional, loving Brotherhood, reflecting the White Brotherhood's Christ Consciousness within each one of you.

Call upon us within the Inner Earth, for you have opened the Gateway to us, joined by the Fifth Dimensional energies from above. Together now we shall explain to the world what this journey truly means…"

I am Adama, your Lemurian Brother

Additional Messages

It is a very time for our planet Earth and both our civilization within and upon Mother Earth. All planets go through what is called an ascension process where they shift to a higher frequency in order to continue their growth and expansion (their divine soul plan). That time has now come for Earth. And we Lemurians who once walked upon the surface of this planet, through our love you, wish to assist you in the process of ushering in anew golden age of love, peace, enlightenment and true oneness. The world cannot stay the way it is and survive. So Mother Earth has already changed her frequency, thus everything within and upon her body must shift also. You have all agreed to be here for this wonderful event. It is time for you to remember who you are and why you are here. The name of oru capitol, Telos, means “communication with spirit.” And we are now communicating with you our brothers and sisters. All planets are hollow and inhabited by life forms of many vibrations. The sun is also hollow. There is much truth to be revealed…

There are over 120 subterranean cities within the Earth’s interior with millions of inhabitants. They can be accessed through holes at either the North Or South Poles. The northern and southern lights you see in your skies are actually reflections of the interior Earth’s central sun, which we created. There are many names for all the places and peoples, many who once lived upon the surface. All this information can be made available to you. Although Atlantis and Lemuria have become myths in your world, the people of both cultures are living in underground cities. Much of fiction is based upon non-fiction.

There are many in your world governments who know all about the Inner Earth civilizations. It is kept from you in order to continue to control you. We have not come forward because your world has not been ready to receive us (are you ready now?) and we cannot interfere with your freedom of will and choice. If we come too early, there are many who will try to destroy us. But our being revealed is happening sooner rather than later, since many of your are now ready.<

The governments you have on the surface reflect the consciousness of the people they govern. The people have largely given their power away due to a lack of interest or feeling nothing can be done (hopelessness). It’s not your leaders, it’s you. In Lemuria we have highly evolved individuals as our governmental and spiritual leaders. Stand in your power and make another choice.

Religions were the first governments and became fairly corrupted early on. Jesus, aka Lord Sananda, who we in Lemuria work with closely, never intended the creation of what became humankind’s version of Christianity. He wished his primary teaching (“Love one another”) to be purely made available to all. Your corporations reflect the structure of your governments and religions. And the three, religion, government and corporations control your world. It is time for a new world creation filled with truth, transparency and authentic leaders. This is not to say you don’t have some good people in places of power, you do. But they are largely handicapped by the existing systems. You the people can choose to change the system.

You can chose to have a new economy based upon truth and reality, not myth and fiction. Most of the world’s money supply is based on inflated credit. Most money is an I.O.U., not real money. You will return to a precious metal economy based on things that are real from Mother Earth, not human-made fiction. Economies that reflect the balance and structure of the Earth will maintain and sustain the Earth and those living on its surface, This means some of these precious metals must go back to serving the Earth, not just humankind. Eventually you will become as we Lemurians, not needing money at all. You will be able to create everything you need through unity consciousness and manifestation.

We have no need for money. We create our own homes through the power of manifestation and all food and commodities are free or bartered, There is no profit gained at the expense of another, for we are truly one. We believe in the rights of all to live in peace and abundance, with justice for al.. We do not need ro own everything and share what we have. Your system of money on the surface has made you all slaves to taxes and making money for many things you do not need.

Ascension and The Seven Sacred Flames are a process one must go through to shift frequencies…for you from 3D to 5D. You ascend from one vibration to another. The planets and the universe are in a constant state of ascension, shifting to higher and higher frequencies, ever toward the light. The seven falmes are a great gift to humanity. Without them you would have no way to get back to your true home, directly connected to the Creator. In Lemuria, we have temples dedicated ti these flames with many ascended masters and other beings maintaining these unfed flames. We have kept these flames us and now for you. Remember ascension is the main purpose of your many lifetimes on Earth.

Your thoughts and consciousness creates all the negative weather on the surface. Our atmosphere is protected by the content of our thoughts which is always in harmony with the planet and the Creator. Thus, our weather is perfect. As you are experiencing more love and light on the surface your weather will shift. Have you ever paid attention to where you have bad weather and connect that weather to the thoughts or conditions of that area? How many opportunities do you think you have lsot on the surface due to bad weather?

We have wonderful crystal living libraries within crystalline platforms. You can go to any of them and experience firsthand any history you wish. These libraries are filled with the truth if this planet’s history that no one on the surface knows. Much of your history is not rue. These are one of many technologies that we have that will amaze and delight you.

There are many space ships coming in and out of Mt. Shasta, our home. We take many explorations into outer space and also monitor conditions on this planet from space. Once you know there is more to life than what you just see now, the entire universe will open for you. You will see oneness and the beauty of the universe. We have the ability to make our space ships invisible to keep your military away from them. There are many people in your world who know all about us and our space-faring abilities. Your governments have kept the reality of UFO’s away from you in order to control you. Suppose you knew for a fact there were advanced civilizations all round you. How would you and your governments feel about that? Are you and they ready to accept this truth? Not as a threat?

We do not have sex the same way you do. Our bodies are less dense than yours so we connect with our partner on a higher level. It is a complete union with each other through divine love and the Creator. Our relationships and sexual expression reflects a more evolved understanding of love and sex. Your relationships on the surface are often based upon duality consciousness. We have learned that our partner is a mirror of our self from whom to learn. We come together with a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. When this balance is in place the perfect relationship always shows up. Then a divine union with your twin flame of your heart will appear, reflecting your higher self. We have several levels of relationships that allow complete sexual freedom until a couple may choose commitment leading to parenthood. It’s revealing in your slang language you often use the names of your sexual organs as curse words.

We do not have children exactly the same way you do on the surface. Much more responsibility and preparation comes into play before a couple can have a child. There are no children having children or unwanted pregnancies in Lemuria. Since our bodies are less dense our gestation period is one third of yours. A couple must be in a committed relationship (remember we are immortal and bringing another soul into physical form is a well thought out, planned event). When the couple is ready to commit to a child they have the spiritual training and support of their temple and community. In fact, most of the pregnancy is spent in a temple where the couple and child to come are in a loving and supportive environment. The child receives this level of divine love throughout their childhood and adulthood.

The purpose of Universal Law is to maintain oneness throughout the universe. All advanced enforce this law, which requires equality, peace, harmony and balance in all expressions of life. This law establishes divine order and maintains it. This law comes from the mind, love and will of the Creator.

The Creator is love that creates, transforms, heals and harmonizes all things. It is the highest consciousness and through its ever-expanding wisdom it creates the elements necessary to manifest seen and unseen reality everywhere. You are an individualized, unique, unlimited expression of the Creator experiencing itself. Your religions have largely personified and misrepresented the Creator. Since it is love, it cannot judge, condemn or punish you. That is control. The Creator is an unconditionally loving force that knows you and it are one. The Creator is trust that only exists in the heart, not the mind. The divine union of you and all that is being spoken here is the Creator.

This is a vey special time for your planet. It has changed frequencies in order to move forward in its evolution. Thus, everything within and upon the planets needs to shift also (this includes you). This is the ascension process. So things are changing rapidly and significant cataclysms will continue to take place. Preparations and messages from many sources, like we Lemurians, are coming to you now. Allow them to connect you to your higher selves and the light. We have been waiting many thousands of years for this ascension to take place. Mother Earth has sacrificed much for us below and you above. The end of that time has come. The time for transition into light is here.

It is an essential part of Lemuria’s divine soul plan to care for this planet until you on the surface can. WE shall join together and bring the light of ascension into the entire Mother Earh, to assist in moving the planet and all her inhabitants into a higher, more evolved frequency of existence(which is your destiny). Everyone who ever lived on Earth has returned for this amazing event of the Earth’s transition into light. That’s why there are so many people on the Earth now. Our light has never stopped being sent to the surface, this is the main mission of our remaining here. As below, so above. When is up to you….

The light workers are individuals and groups committed to assisting the Earth to transitioning into light, moving into a higher frequency. These people receive large volumes of light from below and from above, which supports the planet and increases the people’s consciousness, mirroring universal consciousness. And this consciousness travels at the speed of light, consuming lower frequencies all over the planet. Light workers are being born at increasingly faster rate. Children (indigos, rainbow and crystalline children) are coming into the earthly plane fully equipped for the task at hand, which is to bring humankind into oneness.

Our hope (and promise) for humankind is for you to live as immortal beings (like us) and to grow and expand in consciousness in an ever-expanding universe always toward the Creator within each of you. For you are the Creator experiencing itself.

Love is the highest vibration and frequency (energy) in the universe. Thus, it is the building block of everything. Everything is maintained and sustained by the love. Without love there is no creation, only destruction. Love will always bring our thoughts and emotions into oneness. The organ of love is your heart. Your heart knows that love is all there is. Everything else is the absence of love. We are all here to learn to love of self first and foremost.

In most advanced civilizations crystals are the main source of energy and are used in every spect of our lives (transportation, healing, communication, travel, building, information storage, etc). What you are aware of in your world about crystals is rather limited. Crystals, like animals, plants and you are conscious living beings. They are a fundamental part of the structure of the universe. The core of this planet is a crystalline grid that is the heart of the Earth and has received ascension activation. So, in effect, the crystalline heart of the planet is powering all the shifts that are taking place now. Crystalline technologies are powering your advanced computer communications, as well. The first radios were called crystals because the crystal inside the radio was the receiver. There is an important difference between your crystalline structure and ours. Since we live in a higher frequency our crystals are lighter ,clearer and more luminous and more able to absorb and store light. We can create crystals through our thoughts and they can take unlimited shapes and frequencies to meet our applications. The use of crystalline energy is limitless. Your world is changing dramatically and quickly as the result of crystalline technology. When we introduce you to our level of crystalline ability all things become possible.

The teaching of consciousness has filled entire libraries and continues to do so. So in a limited amount of space let us say; consciousness is a unique choice and path for each individual who chooses it. Consciousness is a heightened awareness and understanding of yourself (self-mastery) which reflects beyond you a total understanding of life. It is an ever-expanding process that unfolds according to the level of readiness and commitment you are willing to put into it. It is about knowing who you are and why you are here. It is about knowing through your heart your purpose (your divine soul plan) which is to be expressed through your talents and gifts; and by choosing to give these to the world. Developing higher consciousness involved moving from the ‘me’ to the ‘we.’"

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I Am Adama

Greetings from Telos, the City beneath your feet.

We are here, and we are honored to give you a message. We will talk about Ascension Rock, one of our favorite meeting places where many of our Council Meetings convene.

Beneath this space and beneath these boulders that you touch, lie one of our Temples where we sit and discuss the many topics of import related to Earth’s ascension and to our emergence to the surface. When you come here and sit quietly, we often pull you into our meetings, and you become one of our members representing the surface folk and your input is most valuable. It is at these times that we truly merge as One Voice representing the population of Earth – our voice from Below, and yours from Above. It is this merging of perceptions that help us form our plans for our forthcoming trek to the surface in the very, very near future.

This will be a monumental step on our part, and one that we have envisioned and planned for a very long time – and now the time is here. What joy is in our hearts to finally be able to put our plan into action, and make our way to the surface through our tunnel entrances that have always existed but had to be camouflaged to protect our domain from intruders. For after all, this is our home, and we don’t let just anyone in. Just as you would not open your door to strangers, we don’t open our tunnel entrances to anyone unless they have been invited. Our domain is our private dwelling place, just as your house is. And you keep your doors locked, don’t you? Well, so do we. Only you use a key to lock your door, and we use a force-field.

We know everyone who comes to the Mountain, and recognize your identity as soon as you start your climb. The Mountain herself, The Spirit of Shasta , picks up your vibration and knows who you are and exactly where you are, as you walk along her paths. Nothing is hidden from her. She hears your voices and records your thoughts and registers your movement. So talk to Her, She is always eager to converse with you.

The Earth changes are happening so fast now, shaking your people into wakefulness and compelling them to open their eyes to the devastation and extinction of sea life occurring in the Oceans and loss of species and habitats on land. This is the Great Awakening you have all heard of, and it is happening NOW.

When you stand on Ascension Rock, feel our Love coming from beneath the ground. For we stand here, as you stand above us, and we will enfold you in our auras of Light and embrace you in our energy fields, and we will become merged together as One – One soul representing Earth’s diverse family.

What a blessing it is for us when you are here! When you stand on this spot, We, in Telos, are most honored to join our Hearts with your Awakened Hearts…for in distance you are just a few feet above us, but in our heart space there is no distance between us. We become merged as One Heart.

When you stand above us, you become a Bastion of Light and your Light is magnified ten-fold as you gather together in this sacred spot. You shine as a spotlight, as our Light from below is focused into your Light from above, and it radiates out and blesses all life on the planet. This is the force of the Light when we gather together as One. So gather together as much as you can, whether in your homes or outdoors, for this exponentially increases your Light Quotient in ways you cannot imagine, and spills out and blesses all those in your locality.

Soon our people will be emerging from our homes beneath the ground, and we will greet you in your homes and embrace you in our arms, and we will be together as one family, one Beacon of Light, broadcasting our Unity out to the Universe at last.

We in Telos, are filled with gratitude when your Presence is here; the Trees bow to you in welcome, and the Mountain herself, the Spirit of Shasta, is deeply honored when you are all standing on her ground. What a day of celebration!

I Am Adama ~
© Copyright Dianne Robbins
Mt. Shasta, CA May, 2013

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