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By Meashenu,
Guest writer,

The animal kingdom is going through the ascension process too! Knowing what some of their ascension symptoms are can help you better assist them through the process. The more of us that can become aware of this and help out, the better care can be provided for our animal friends.

Ascension Symptoms For Pets And Animals

  • Mouth/Teeth & Bladder are the most sensitive areas and can first signs of ascension symptoms & shifting of energies
  • Fatigue / Exhaustion
  • Increase in drinking in water
  • Changes in diet, likes and dislikes
  • Excess shedding
  • Stages of spending a lot of time alone, to being needy and wanting lots of attention

Just like us, there may be unique symptoms that pop up per individual pet or animal. For us, a lot of us are experiencing that our physical energy is being drained or pulled from in order to help with activations, healing, purging, and shifting of energies. The same thing is happening for pets and animals. Energy to support their process is being pulled from their physical bodies.

Physical ailments, including the organs, often mean that they are need of better food and water. Just how we are drawn to better food and water when our consciousness shifts to a higher vibration, they are as well. Instead of tap water, your pet may want better filtered water or bottled water. There may be a better quality or brand of food they are wanting to have.

If you have a way of getting yes/no or confirmation answers, you can check on this yourself. You can also use a pendulum and when looking at different brands of food online and trying to figure out what would be best for them, ask your pendulum “Is ___ brand going to be best for (pet’s name)?” You can do the same thing if you want to confirm if what they are going through is related to ascension symptoms of if they are in need of a veterinary visit to go that route.

Don’t forget common sense. If your pet is old then they may just be going through normal ailments for their age and the traditional understandings and treatments would be more beneficial. 

Energy healing/work would be very beneficial to any animal experiencing ascension symptoms. Since their physical energy is being drained, you can supplement that with energy healing and supply them with energy that way so that the energy they need is drawing from what you or someone else is providing, instead of pulling from their physical bodies.


Helping Them Yourself Energetically

The first thing you can do to help is to bless their food and water just like a lot of us are doing for ourselves. You can hold your hands over the food and visualize/put intention that divine love energy goes throughout it and changes the frequency of the food to love. You can do the same thing with the water. If you want to want to be specific to the frequency, you can ask/hold intention that the food and water be changed to the 528hz frequency.

For energy work/healing, the first suggestion is always to connect heart to heart. One way to visualize or do this is to imagine your heart like a wireless device that is connecting to another wireless device. You can see both your heart and your pet’s heart just light up and be connected. If some other method comes to mind feel free to do that, the intention is what matters the most.

You can then imagine a cord of light from your heart and going down through your body and through the bottom of your feet and all the way down to the core of the Earth and connecting there. Then you can visualize/hold intention that the energy from the core come back up into your body and that it goes into your heart. From your heart you can have the energy flow through to your arms, then hands, and visualize/hold intention that the energy comes out of your hands as beams of energy. Then you can move your hands around your pet (touching or from distance) with intentions of love and healing. Hold the intention that any clearing, healing, alignments, upgrades, or anything else they need is done. If you know of a specific ailment that is bothering them, imagine that this is fully healed and see your pet as fully happy and healed, like it was never there to begin with.

You can also use the violet flame energy of transmutation to assist them. You can research this energy and how to use it, but a short version would be to just visualize and imagine that the energy of a violet colored flame goes throughout their body and energy symptoms. Ask that it transmute and heal all and goes where it is needed the most. Do this from a place of love as well. 

If you are unable to get close to your pet and animal you can use the same methods from a distance. If you are not in the same area as the pet or animal and it’s long distance, then you can connect heart to heart the same way. Then just imagine that they are right in front of you and you can do the work the same and just ask that it is being received the same as if they were there.

If you are uncomfortable with helping them yourself, you can ask an energy healer to assist. Heather can connect to animals and provide thorough readings for what is going on with your pet or animal, as well as communicate with ones that have passed over to the other side.

Meashenu offers distance energy healing to assist.

Love & Light

Heather – The Lyran Initiative


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Web of the Woods

A walk amongst the trees is rejuvenating, nourishing and healing, yet a forest is so much more than an amazing collection of trees. There is a lot going on in the foreststhat we can’t see. Ecologist Suzanne Simard says trees have a sophisticated and interconnected social network existing underground.

A world of infinite, biological pathways that connect trees and allow them to communicate, and allow the forest to behave as if it’s a single organism.

Her 30 years of research in Canadian forests have led to an astounding discovery: trees talk, communicating often and over vast distances. Trees are much more like us humans that you may think. They are extremely social and depend on each other for their survival. Communication is vital, and a massive web of hair-like mushroom roots transmit secret messages between trees, triggering them to share nutrients and water with those in need.

Suzanne grew up in the magnificent forests of British Columbia. She shares how she’d lie down on the forest floor and stare up at the crowns of the giant trees. An accident with her dog who fell into their forest outhouse and had to be dug out, led her to discover the incredible underground root and mycelial network she would later research. When she returned to the study of trees later in life, she learnt how scientists had just discovered in the laboratory, that one pine seedling root could transmit carbon to another pine seedling root.

Trees communicate over vast distancesTrees talk, communicating often and over vast distances.

Trees Support Each Other

This insight spurred her on to study real forests to see what happens there. Her idea that trees could share information underground was controversial and many of her colleagues thought she was crazy. Difficulties in securing research funding led her to conduct her own experiments and so she planted 240 birch, fir and cedar trees in a Canadian forest. She hypothesized that the birch and firs would be connected in their own underground web, but not the cedar. Undeterred by bears, she covered the seedlings with plastic bags, filling them with various types of carbon gas. She injected a radioactive gas into the birch, and then a stable carbon dioxide gas into the fir.

When she ran a Geiger counter over the trees, she discovered silence from the cedar, and a loud sound of communication between the fir and birch trees who were sharing carbon with each other. She discovered birch sent carbon to fir, especially when it was shaded. Later the opposite happened, when the birch was leafless in the winter, the fir sent over more carbon. Science had always believed that trees competed with each other for carbon, sunlight, water and nutrients.

Simard’s groundbreaking work showed that trees are interdependent and cooperative, in fact they are immersed in deep relationships with each other.

A web of myceliumTrees converse by chemical and hormonal signals via a network of mycelium.

The trees were conversing by chemical and hormonal signals via the mycelium. These messages determined which trees needed certain nutrients. They communicated via carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, water, hormones and chemicals and then shared these elements, balancing the entire forest.

The web is so dense there can be hundreds of kilometres of mycelium under a single foot step.

The Wisdom of Mother Trees

And the mycelium connects different individuals in the same forest, from the same species and other species. This network works in a similar way to the internet. She discovered that mother trees nurture the younger trees and that a single mother tree can be connected to hundreds of other trees. Trees talk, and through these conversations they increase the resilience of the whole community. It’s a magical community of trees all supporting each other.

Suzanne’s research has important environmental implications for the destruction of our forests. She says that when mother trees are injured or dying, they send their wisdom onto the next generation, but they can’t do this is if they are all wiped out at the same time. She hopes that her research will change the way we practice forestry.

Self-healing treesForests have an enormous capacity to self-heal.

You can take out one or two hub trees, but there comes a tipping point, if you take out one too many, the whole system collapses. We are steadily weakening our forests, by clear cutting and planting only one or two species. This is having major environmental impacts. But there is hope. She says forests have an enormous capacity to self-heal.

Four Solutions for Sustainable Forestry

She suggests four simple solutions for more holistic and sustainable forestry that could end the damage caused by clear cutting:

  1. We need to get out into our local forests more.
  2. We must save old growth forests as they are the repositories of genes, mother trees and mycelium networks.
  3. Where we do cut, we must save the ‘legacy’ mother trees and networks so they can pass their wisdom onto the next generation of trees.
  4. We must regenerate our forests with a diversity of species.

As more and more information comes to light about the complex relationships existing between trees, we are better equipped to save our forests and help them thrive. Scientists like Simard are helping us change our perspective so that we work in harmony with nature; something that could dramatically alter the trajectory of environmental disaster and bring harmonious outcomes for both humans and trees.

Trees can talk to each other – Suzanne Simard

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by Adeana M. Slater, Guest writer,


Spring is in the air!

This brings change within all of our restless hearts and souls. Maybe we notice that our heart craves someone specific. Maybe we know that our job or career is unfulfilling and it’s time to change that. Maybe we dislike our current location…

Maybe, just maybe we feel like we reach a “dead end” in our life time and time again. And maybe this dead end is your wake up call that there is better out there for you. All you have to do is make that decision and take that first step. Know in your heart that you will not misstep and fall flat on your face. When you follow your heart. Truly follow your intuitive guidance and TRUST that… you will never go wrong. You will never be led astray from your ultimate goals or destiny. You may want to close your eyes if you have to step onto this new path unsure and untrusting as if you are making the right move.

I will reiterate that as long as you are following your heart you will never go wrong. Your soul intuition is your built-in GPS that will ALWAYS guide you directly to your intended destiny. It’s when you get too much “into your head” and begin to analyze too much and too often that keeps your pathway twisting this way and that… truly prolonging your own progress and ultimate desired outcome. It is up to you whether you want to choose the arduous path or the one most easily traveled as long as you are willing to do the soul work and take the action to get there.

There is a constant reminder that you have a soul team of angels and guides awaiting for you to ask for assistance when and if you need it. All you have to do is ask. I will attach my previous article of “Your Angels and Guides: Your Unseen Audience” here.

You are never alone and don’t have to be. Please reach out. With this New Earth energy, we are entering the truth and awareness that we are no longer desiring to live by the relentless societal goals or expectations that are unsatisfactory to us now and have been in our past. We no longer desire or wish to be defined by our outside world to appease others.

It is your freedom to be able to make decisions and be able to stand on your own two feet. Remember that you are not here to live up to other’s expectations but to truly decide to live your own life based on your heart’s deepest desires. No one is holding you back but yourself. Any fear is illusionary. Smash through that and choose to continue forward. As a collective we have asked for change and it is definitely upon us and more is yet to come.

I will say that we have reached the true tipping point of Ascension. The Light is strong and becoming more so as “time” continues on. I will call this the “point of no return.” We will never again revert backwards to the dark ages era. There is no back-pedaling. The bicycle you chose to ride cannot pedal backwards. This same bicycle you chose is unable to steer you so far to the right or left that you are able to turn around and travel ground behind you that you already traveled. You have the ability to steer passed obstacles and you can choose to pedal faster or slower based on your specific Ascension journey. The choice is only forward now. The options to settle, stagnate, or go backwards has been removed completely.

Choose wisely. Don’t settle. Know, feel, and see your amazing self-worth. Remember to keep moving forward at your own pace. You are magnificent or you wouldn’t be here. You decided to live, grow, change, excel, love, forgive, and be here during this ultimate Earth and soul shift. Celebrate your progress and celebrate yourself with every choice that is propelling you forward on your chosen path and destiny.

So be it.

And so it is.


Love you all,



About the author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and Twin Flame who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time to encourage the collective towards self love, soul empowerment, and higher consciousness.

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Guan Yin on awakening of the masses and more 

By Linda LI

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today to give you an update on what is about to happen, and what has been brought to the surface by the current incoming energy.
Yes, Divine and the company of heaven, have implemented quite a few new rules on the planet lately. You may not have noticed but in reality, these newly arrived rules have been working deep in the society, and in the governments. As result, we have seen all the changes happening throughout the great cosmos and on the planet. Humanity has awakened enormously and has realized the influence of the dark forces on humanity. Therefore, at this moment, humanity finally realized the influences, rather than love, has ruled the planet for eons of time, and sees the results of that ruling. Now, humanity has finally sees it's own power and has decided to forgo the dark influences, start the new, and that is what is happening throughout the planet. In other words, what is happening on the planet is that humanity is finally giving up the influences which have ruled the planet for eons of time. Humanity has at last realized its own power and its own light, and decided to forgo the old rulers, give up the old power, and get on the path of self realization, adopting the Divine rules and laws for the highest good. 
For that, Divine and the company of heaven, are thrilled and move along with humanity. What Divine really wants is what is happening. Divine wants humanity to realize its own Divinity within, to love each other and love the Divine and the company of heaven, and to recognize that the planet earth is its Mother. Humanity has come to this point now, and the trend is with us and with humanity. 
I love you dear heart, I am Guan Yin. In the recent shift, the Divine has noticed that there are some light workers, who are supposed to be the leaders in this Ascension project, just recently remembered that they are indeed the ones who are needed. Those individuals, who have been appointed by the Divine as the Ascension leaders, have also been trained by the Divine over eons of time to be able to wake up on time and lead. And that has been the understanding of all concerned. But due to personal reasons or personal journeys, these souls who were appointed by the Mother and Divine as the Ascension leaders, we discovered that they are still in the middle of ego games and having a hard time getting on their designated path. For that, Divine has repeatedly sent warnings to their soul groups, and Divine has also separately worked on them for some time now. But the end result is still not that promising. At this point, as Divinely pointed souls, if you are in the known or unknown, or if you are still not sure what your roles are, what you are supposed to do on this Ascension journey, you may have to resign from the roles your soul signed up for so that Divine can designate someone else for the roles you suppose to play. It is pivotal that we have our leaders in place by now, so that the Divine plan can get moving forward. But in order to do so, we do have to remove a few designated souls who are not currently able to perform their Divine duties. Some are not even close to doing their job and those souls who are not doing their job, have to go. 
We understand that your soul signed up for the job, and you have indeed been trained for the job. But in reality, we can not wait forever for you to realize that and start your mission. You need to resign now, and let some one else move to the position. That way, we still have you as our light worker, but not in the way of the Divine plan. That is the message. And that needs to happen now.
Besides replacing these souls who are not able to perform their Divine duties, Divine also has plans for the souls who are indeed doing their Divine mission and performing pretty well. Divine feels that these souls, who are really doing a great job, in their full capacity, and are able to move the Divine plan forward and fast. Divine knows these souls well and feels so much appreciation for them, and Divine wants to promote them more. Divine is ready to put them in important positions to carry out the most sacred Divine duties. Divine has full confidence in these souls and looks forward to their victories.
I love you dear heart, I am Guan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, you are going see more changes carried out by our Divine warriors. These warriors are fully equipped, fully dedicated and at full capacity. They are Mother's great loves, and Divine and the company of heaven, are so proud of them. They are indeed the Ascension heroes on the planet. For that, I salute them, send them my great admiration and enormous loving support. Job well done indeed. I am Guan Yin. I love you. So it is.

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Cmdr. Sundeelia: What’s Next?


Cmdr. Sundeelia:  What’s Next?

What comes next on planet Earth is an excellent question, but one that will only be answered through the gradual outplaying of events that lay before us.

Since I am officially “retired” in your parlance – the truth is far different – my presence “here” has ample time to view the ‘news” via the Internet, on alternative sites, through the Reader on WordPress, and through my own observations, including feelings, as to what is currently going on in this swiftly transitioning world.  And consequently, write about my observations.  As with a channeled piece, take what resonates and leave the rest.

As the President of the United States (POTUS) Donald J. Trump is now the primary person upon which the world focus now resides, for good or ill.  A significant portion of the American populace doesn’t know quite what to make of Trump, especially if they still follow the mainstream media news reports, that is.  Others detest him outright, who, IMHO I will say that this particular fraction of Americans have been completely brainwashed and indoctrinated, and stripped of their ability for critical thinking and logic by a toxic combination of mind-numbing drugs, poor quality processed foods, excessive sugar, water poisoned by the nerve-agent fluoride, and sprayed like bugs through geoengineering.  Add in a toxic educational environment that is, in reality, designed to create mindless little robots who mouth the official story and you have a dangerously endangered and dumb-downed public.  Frankly, it is a wonder to me that any of you can survive at all and a reflection of the inherent toughness and adaptability of the human species present on Earth in these latter days.

Chaos has been sown on this Earth, this sacred blue-green planet, with the sole “evil” intent to control and dominate the existing human population.  In the relatively recently revealed plans of the global elite, it has been pointed out that there exists the intent of wiping out, yes, killing at least 90% of the population, leaving only the elite or rulers and their well-controlled slaves or servants.  The elite has told you their plans, blatantly, laying them out in plain sight, knowing that the distracted population would most likely miss the message, being too busy with their cellphones and other electronic toys to pay attention.  Yet there have been a brave few, patriots on behalf of ALL humanity, who have been willing to look, pay attention, learn and finally create a plan to foil, once and for all, the plans of the once hidden cabal, the real aliens among the indigenous human race.

We, of the Pleiades, and our allies of the Galactic Federation of Light, are aware of these plots and counterplots and so we look on with great interest to see in which direction the population will go.  Will they blindly follow their erstwhile masters, looking for free handouts on the way or will they remove themselves from the sheeple and strike a blow for freedom?  Our people, who have fought our own battles with the Enemy that you now face, hope it is the latter choice.

Striking a blow for freedom doesn’t always translate to mean one must literally fight in combat.  Acting as an agent of change can take on as many roles and paths as one can imagine.  Being a vegetable gardener in the midst of a deserted city can be to act as a rebel against the establishment that wishes to see people starve in the midst of plenty.

There is the need to question EVERYTHING that you have ever been taught.

I’ve never been attracted to politics, but I find myself watching reports about what is going on and doing some of my own research into the origins of the problems now plaguing the United States.  Since I live in the States, I know it best, so choose to use it as an example.  Basically, what people are now facing is a choice between low frequency and high-frequency ways of living.  I could label these two choices, just as easily as “good” and “evil”, but which one is evil and which one is good.  That depends on your point of view.  As an example, the so-called elite, who have singled themselves out from the rest of the people; consider their way the right way.  They believe that they have the God-given right of conquest over the rest of humanity if they are truly a part of humanity at all.  They believe that their “gods” will return and wrestle the control of the world from all others, leaving it in their hands for good and all.

That brilliant but deluded scenario will not play out this time.  For these “elite” as they regard themselves, above and better than others, are not of the generations of Man, but an scions or descendants, actually hybrids, of the remnants of a race that crash-landed on the Earth after the destruction of Marduk, and consequent stripping of Mar’s atmosphere, and being chased here by their enemies… the Pleiadians and other agents of the Light.

The elite, at least some of them, are the scions of the fallen “angels”, although they certainly were never angelic, but a race of beings known as the Belials who entered this quadrant of Creation through a portal near the constellation of Orion.  Immediately, they began to attack and conquer the worlds within the lower Orion star system, only halted by the higher frequency levels of Bejelium, which is still today remains free of all influence from the dark ones and their allies, the negative Reptilians.  Great Beings such as Metatron, Lord Orion, and Lord Melchezidek make their home still in this world that contains the highest frequency levels currently available within this Quadrant.

The heavens from which the Belials “fell” were the higher frequency worlds of the Sirius and Pleiadian star systems, as well as many others, who long fought the War in the Heavens, aided by Archangel Michael and His Blue Ray Legions.  As a consequence, besides their foothold on Rigel and the lower Orion worlds (including the Belt worlds), the Belials have been denied further access to Sirius and the Pleiades and any other enticing worlds out there.  Soon, this last remaining outpost on Earth will be lost to them, as well, as the planet undergoes her ascension back into the higher dimensions, from which she fell over 12,000 years ago due to the inroads of the Belials and the destruction of the great Sky Crystal.  The “fall” was a fall in frequency levels, from the sixth dimension to the fifth and finally to the third dimension.  And the Earth is one of the lowest vibrating planets still in existence in this Quadrant, but not for long.  The attention of all the lighted worlds of this Galaxy and many of those well beyond are now focused on this tiny planet at the edge of the Galaxy, as the Earth undertakes her birth into the frequency of the fifth dimension.

This rise in frequency levels will be gradual, but consistent, especially when the contrary ways of the erstwhile “elite” are ended once and for all.  The only way to succeed in this mission is to forcefully cut off all sources of funding that the elite has used to further their nefarious plans, which is to shut down the Central Banks, all over the world.  Since the majority of these banks are owned by one family, the Rothschilds, this will effectively limit their influence on governments in the future.  This is one avenue that POTUS Trump and his team of patriots is currently pursuing, to break the American Republic free of the octopus arms of the Federal Reserve.  As with most inventions of the cabal, the Central Bank was not designed for the good of the people, but a way to control, dominate and crash the economy of a country and bring its rulers and leaders to their knees whenever such a display of force was needed.  The cabal is very afraid that this is now taking place in America, as it has already taken place in a few other countries, namely Russia, Syria and Iceland.  And they can’t do anything about it but scream, threaten and bully in their own narcissistic way, primarily through their chosen organs of propaganda, the mainstream media news, and the controlled film industry.

In the words of Douglas Gabriel, it only takes a few people to create a Revolution.  Less than 5% of the colonists participated in the first American Revolution.  Most colonists wanted to remain within the control of Great Britain.  The patriots knew that the destruction of their individual freedoms as British citizens was slowly being eaten away and that an arrogant overseas government would naturally fail to understand the needs and wants of the long-distant colonists.  So, despite the pleas of their countrymen, neighbors and sometimes family members, the patriots struck out for an ideal of Freedom that had not previously been allowed to exist upon this planet, not for many generations since before the Fall of legendary Atlantis.

Today, the patriots are still few but their numbers are growing as the Internet connects like mind to like mind.  Minds that have formerly been closed off, perhaps frightened by the prospect of change are suddenly coming awake, on fire, to become enlightened by the Flame of Freedom, the Violet Fire that is the signature frequency of the incoming energies of the New World.  Their efforts which have failed in the past, even after the first American Revolution, are now supported by the incoming rush of Cosmic Rays as your planet trails its Sun through a new and higher frequency part of space.  We have seen the future and in it, the Light has won, but you now must allow events to play out, step by painful step.

This is truly a cyberwar that is taking place on your world—information against the control of information.  Information, as we have told you in the past, is Light.  To be informed is to be given the tools and knowledge in order to make wise decisions.  The wisdom part of the decision-making process is entirely up to you and your ability to tune into your own inner guidance.  If you are incapable of accessing this inherent wisdom, you may make unfortunate decisions.  When faced with a major potentially life-changing decision, it is wise to sit on it for a while and let the decision form itself within until the feeling that it is complete and feels “right”.  Then you can move forward.  A sense of ease will accompany any decision that has been carefully made.  Keep in mind that your decisions may, if reached in this manner, completely contradict everything that you’ve been ever taught, but it will emanate from your own inner Truth.

The Second American Revolution is actually more than an American revolution for it will affect the rest of the planet, the rest of the world’s population, with the effective goal to FOREVER free this planet from the control mechanisms placed upon it by an alien force.  This ultimate goal will be attained through the works of the patriots on the ground, the ground crew, aligned with the Light Alliance and the positive extraterrestrial forces of the Galactic Federation of Light.

People who have followed the teaching of the New Age often mistake or discount the necessity of doing a little dirty work before an individual can succeed in their goal of creating a beautiful and abundant life for themselves.  They may refuse to work on themselves, clearing their own karmic debris from their genetic lineage and their own individual incarnations.  They may insist that everyone follow the methods that they have found effective, thus denying others a free will choice to choose what works for them, which may be totally opposite to what is being sold.  They may speak out against the POTUS and his team, unwilling to look beyond the vivid ego of Trump to see how effectively he is acting as the spearhead of a movement.  This movement, designed by patriots, is expanding across the country, as more people realize that the vacuous promises given by socialist Zionists are paper promises, designed to con the people into continuing to give their power away to an ever-growing and invasive federal government.  Behind the false promises lies total dominion and control, the Orwellian nightmare of 1984, this has been, truly, the full intent of the global elite all along, minus that 90% of useless mouths…people who refuse to mindlessly obey and are killed for their resistance.  Few people realize that it was the plan of the corrupt secret government to round up and kill outright at least 25 million Americans.  That was the use intended for all those secret FEMA camps and piles of pre-made coffins.  All of that would have played out under the Clinton administration, under the orders of her global Zionist puppet-masters, the Rothschilds family, and their hidden masters, the 13 Black Families of Europe.

Make no mistake; you have all been given a reprieve by the election of Trump, whether or not you personally like the man.  Take the time to learn more about the Second American Revolution and decide to hold a little gratitude for an individual chosen by retired members of the American military to lead this country back into the Light, perhaps kicking and screaming, but onward and upward nevertheless.

In my own readings, I have been drawn to the works of Tyla and Douglas Gabriel, aka Betsy Ross and Thomas Paine, of American Intelligence Media.  I also value the reports from the SGT Report, X22 Report, Lionel, Anti-school, You Are Free TV and many other patriotic freedom-fighters who are currently fighting a battle against an attempt of full-scale censorship on the part of YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.  This is a war of information.  The denial of information is a denial of the Light.  The ability to decide what you want to read or view should be a right for each citizen no matter what country they reside within.  Yes, that includes China and countries of the Middle East.

Freedom will come next upon this planet, but it will take a struggle and take unpredictable turns.  Be able to find YOUR center and place of calm within as the chaos swirls about you, whether energetically or as flying bodies.  Freedom needs to be earned.  It isn’t valued when it is handed to you on a plate.  We know this well for we had to fight for our freedom long ago in those legendary star wars that covered millions of years and tracked across the Galaxy from end to end.  Fight well, people of Earth, and we will fight alongside you.  The Flame of Freedom still burns on the High Altar of the Temple of Purification.  Let it burn, also, within your own individual hearts.


I AM Sundeelia VaCoupe, of the Starship The White Winds (aka Eliza Ayres)

© Copyright 2012-18, All Rights Reserved.  Permission is NOT given to create videos or recordings of this written material.  When re-posting or sharing please include all links to the author and this blog, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

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Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that humanity’s ascension has been going so well lately that Divine feels that it is time to kick it up a notch and increase the incoming energy so that the Divine plan can get moving forward faster, and Gaia’s ascension can be smoother. And that is what Divine and the company of heaven, are doing. We are going to increase the energy level largely to the areas where Mother Earth needs it. And humanity in turn will feel it more and wake up more. As a result, we can push the Divine disclosure even further till the final disclosure happens. That is the Divine plan for now, and that is what we have been doing lately.

I love you dear ones, I am Mother Mary. In the recent shifts, Divine and the company of heaven, have noticed that a lot of our light workers have been shifting a great deal, especially in the recent shifts when the incoming energy is so pronounced, and Divine is happy about that, and thrilled that our light workers are finally getting the Divine messages and participating in the shifts. This way, our light workers themselves will grow so much and so much faster, just in time for the upcoming changes and events. For that, Divine is happy and satisfied with the progress our light workers are making. And Divine wants to encourage more of this kind of growth and participation. Also, Divine is going to continue the efforts and work so that our light workers and humanity alike will continue the wake up process. Together, we will push for the further awakening of the masses, and establish our Divine agenda on the planet. That is the goal. So far so good.

I love you dear heart. Besides the intense energy currently coming to the planet, Divine also wants all of you to know that the planet is currently on the cusp of the big shifts. In other words, big changes are coming. The changes to the weather, changes to the earth herself and big changes to humanity are all coming. The big changes, planet – wide changes I am talking about, are the kind of changes that will bring tremendous impact. Divine wants all of you to know this and adjust your emotional body so that when changes happen, you won’t freak out, you still can sit in the heart and be the peace for the Mother and humanity.

I love you dear heart. In the next few weeks, Divine and the company of heaven, will continue the push for our agenda. So far, we have established our first Divine government and its structure in Washington DC. And we are going to continue to fill in the positions, bringing our light workers in and adjusting the Divine agenda so that we can be in sync with humanity’s and Gaia’s ascension and where we are as a whole. In other words, we need to make sure we don’t go too fast. We need to make sure that our light workers can grow with us and follow the Divine guidance precisely. We need our light workers, each one of you, to find your place, energetically and physically so that when the Divine government starts to function, you know your place. That is a tall order, but we need to make sure each and everyone of you, finds your place and move.

In terms of how to find your place and where to move to, dear heart, I want you all to listen carefully on this one. Each one of you has a Divine mission to fulfill. Not until recently, has this Divine mission manifested in your world. In other words, before, you just did your Divine mission energetically, you stayed in a designated location. But recently, we have moved a lot of you to Washington DC to form a team, and together, you and I, together, we have been working in DC, getting the energy cleared, moving out lots of the old energies and establishing our first Divine government, and we even organized the government in a way that is going to be manifested in your world soon. In other words, you are part of this Divine government. You get to move for the new position you signed up for.

As for how you would know whether you are the one who needs to move, what is your position? At this point, all I can say is to prepare thyself dear heart. If you feel that you are part of the new Divine government, you get to move to where the government will be located. In this case, the Divine government is located in Washington DC. If you are not sure how to approach it or simply have no clue, you may want to meditate on your mission, ask for Divine guidance, consistently ask, and you may get a clue. But being consistent is the key. Sooner or later you will be noticed.
I love you dear heart. It is an exciting time right now. We have got so much to do. Our Divine government is coming online soon, soon enough for us to start the preparation. We need to prepare ourselves, get ourselves ready, little by little, we will get everyone here, and fill all of the necessary positions. Together, we will start the brand new organization, the brand new Divine government and new human race. Together, we will get the job done, you and I, together, dear heart, we will bring Gaia home, bring humanity home, and make Mother proud.
I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. So it is.


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Inventor of vehicle that is powered by water passes away in restaurant shouting 'They Poisoned Me'.

Are you aware that water-powered vehicles have been in existence for many years? Well, if not, then I’s likely because they’ve not been covered by the media at all.

Strangely, the inventors of such fascinating work appear to have been bullied into stopping their genuine work, or passed away in rather bizarre situations.

Water car inventor killed

Stanley Meyer, one of the inventors, was responsible for designing a gadget that was believed to be able to make any car run only on water.

It’s attested that such car when outfitted with such gadget had the ability to travel all of the US on a measly 22 gallons of water. The inventor stressed that either tap, purified, or salt water were viable options as engine fuel.

Stanley Meyer was certain that his work had been recognized by other institutions, as he obtained interest from the Pentagon and even supposed honors for his work.

As well, the British Advanced Energy Institute sent an envoy to research his body of work. Later, they even confirmed this by stating that:

Stan Meyer Interview - Water Powered Car Explanation
“We recently sent a delegation to witness Stan’s work, to really evaluate it. This is one of the most important inventions of the century.”

Unfortunately, without his knowledge, the very same folks that appeared to recognize him led to his mysterious decline. Stanley Meyer’s life was put on hold when one day, as he was having dinner with his brother (his twin) and a couple of Belgian investors. The purpose of the dinner as supposedly a celebration of their work, the vehicle that runs on water, being patented.

All was going well, that is, until Meyer drank from his cup of cranberry juice. Suddenly, he began to choke, and took hold of his neck as he bolted outside the diner whilst at the same time vomiting violently. As he lay dying in his brother’s arms, his last words happened to be, “They poisoned me.”

Although the cause of death was officially classified as brain aneurysm, it is incredibly suspicious that his dying words happened to be about an attempt to murder him.

Think about it, Meyer’s vehicle that runs on water could be an immense hurdle for the oil industry’s profit margin. However, could it really be that corporations in the oil industry could be so cold as to do whatever it takes to end this potential threat from launching?

One thing is for sure, the big players were all very much interested in Meyer’s work. Investments and notoriety had been gained from all the large oil companies, to investment firms, and the government was rumored to have been as well.

N the end, Stanley got an enormous offer for his patent, in the threshold of a billion dollars, from such large groups. However, he passed on all of them, as the main reason for his developing of a vehicle that runs on water, was so that big oil companies and countries would stop being able to take advantage of consumers.

Still, that unfortunately never came to be, and as we know, oil and gas prices have since skyrocketed as the water-run vehicle was not put out on the market. Stanley was a rare person, one of those that wanted to genuinely make the world better through his work.

And then you wonder why the media hasn’t provided any coverage on his death or his work! But there is a way for us to help, to stop this corruption rooted in the system. Get word out, make yourself heard, and tell about this story that has been silenced by the big corporations. If we want a world with free energy, we need to support people like Stanley Meyer, who once said:

“If me and you could come together in accord, no political institution in the word, no multinationalist groups could defeat us.”

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Uh…very interesting news my friends given the assertion of Cobra, and other spiritual folk, about a “kiss from the Sun” heralding the long-awaited “Event”. Of course, no man will know the date and time of this happening and this ties in beautifully with many QHHT practitioners whose clients Higher Selves state this to occur in the first quarter of 2018.
So…thanks to RT for bring us this report, maintain a state of watchful awareness, and…
RT News
A magnetic storm will strike the entire planet on March 18, according to a graph of magnetic activity developed by the X-ray Solar Astronomy Laboratory of the Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to the graph, three days before the storm, on March 14, 16 and 17 , geomagnetic alterations will be experienced . Before that period, the magnetosphere will be calm.
The magnetic storm that will reach Earth on March 18 will be the third since the beginning of this year . The first was registered on January 15 and the second on February 19.

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by Amanda Lawrence
New Earth News Correspondent

At the exact point of the forthcoming ‘LIGHT WAVE’, certain humans will serve as energetic node points across GAIA. They are positioned accurately. As energetic nodes, their light will link up across the WHOLE of GAIA as a HUMAN GRID SYSTEM. They came in, this lifetime to do this, for humanity, for Gaia, her kingdoms, the solar system and beyond (ripple effect). They know who they are, they serve the WHOLE, period. So this post is specific to those individuals:

After recent Trigger Point (spurring the ‘loving detachment’ phase), came a rest period.

Now we enter a period of SELF CARE and CLEAR OBSERVATION MODE, in order to be at optimum frequency at the time of the ‘LIGHT WAVE’. It is essential (and you know it) for this period, or will very soon realise this within. Self care means caring for all our bodies:

Sleep needs, food and fluid needs, exercise needs, skin/muscle/blood/nerve needs (your body will tell you what is required).

We have already pulled away from much. Yet there is a paramount need for awareness in what we allow into our own time and space. What drains you? Who drains you? Be aware and take action for the highest good (the ALL). Being aware of outside forces draining our energy field is paramount to ensuring, holding, rising to our highest frequency possible NOW. When helping another, are you simply ‘feeding’ them or is the assistance serving the whole? Being drained down of your own energy when participating in other human contact is something to look into, at INNER level.

Our emotions are our indicator (gifted by our Higher Aspect), to show us how aligned we are in any one moment TO our Higher Aspect. There is a centralised point of balance, harmony, peace and bliss. There are energies either side of this serving as a barometer. Where some emotions are lower energy frequency and to the other side of the scale are higher energy bursts of frequency. The third dimensional construct labels human emotions, yet at their core truth, emotions are just energy at variable frequencies. It is essential at this time, pre-shift to observe our own frequency (via observation of our emotions), in order to adjust, work at, in order to BE the balance, BE the harmony, BE the peace, BE LOVE. And keep observing, keep adjusting back to central point of balance in these NOW times for we must BE the highest frequency at LIGHT WAVE, to serve as we intended to all along.

Work AS THE LIGHT BODY. For you are it NOW. You know that, so work as THAT for it is YOU. By now you know what to do from your inner guidance system. Connections increase and heighten now as intended per individual and their divine missions. It’s action time pre-WAVE. Gaia and her kingdoms, galactic, humans…are connecting NOW pre-Wave at increased levels, working together at energetic levels for the greatest good. As the human that connects the HUMAN GRID, you will be working (knowingly or unknowingly) with the other humans doing the same GRID task. This is focused work…be aware of anything ‘outside’ TRYING to distract away from this work.

Awareness in all moments now… up until LIGHT WAVE. Dark energy will try all methods to lower your frequency. They are aware of you. They will use whatever means, be it a sick relative, the elderly, friends, loved one, family, fellow Lightworkers and people just now awakening at this 11th hour who feel confused and panicked. Dark energies will LITERALLY use ANYONE with any weak spot they can enter. Use discernment and watch your own energies as a gauge. Guard your own energy with your own tools. The dark know what’s coming. So they will attempt to infiltrate the HIGH FREQUENCY humans who create the HUMAN GRID at LIGHT WAVE point, those that absorb the highest light on behalf of the ALL.

For these ‘humans’ (starseeds) with this pre-agreed task, we have now reached (or you will reach very shortly) Self Care Mode (not selfish care mode…huge difference). We continue to help others yet will have AWARENESS at this juncture. At this 11th hour, we NOW discern where help will or can be of benefit. Yet quietly knowing each are divine aspects of Source, each having THEIR individualised experience within the illusionary scenario, and knowing all ARE LOVED and cared for. Each human chose this planet, at this time, and ARE responsible for their OWN energy having chosen their current path at pre-birth stage. As Love for ALL we continue to assist, but not at the expense of the GREATER PICTURE, or the expense of the ENERGY we have thus embodied, continue to embody for we have come here to BIRTH NEW energy through our physical bodies on behalf of the UNIFIED FIELD of ONE.

Naturally, as we embody more energy and become heightened frequency beings, we are able to withstand greater, more powerful energies with each current and ongoing incoming wave. These current and timely incoming energies WILL ONLY become stronger in order to build up our human body’s physical and mental ability to withstand the LIGHT WAVE at the highest capable INPUT to the human vehicle. At LIGHT WAVE point, energies will enter through the human vehicle thus creating MULTIPLE (repeat, multiple) wave patterns within the whole physical body. So not just one wave pattern will be felt within the body. Currently, in REAL time, we are physically and etherically building to this ability with each incoming. Yes it is currently felt as strong multiple energy patterns in the head, and more recently lighter patterns are being felt within the rest of the body…however, as a guide…the nearer to the LIGHT WAVE we get, the clearer and STRONGER the HEAD and BODY multiple patterns will be. We build, we withstand, we take it…because we can.

Starseeds…We came in to do this…it IS our mission. So NOW, we build ourselves, retain our highest frequency at all times, regardless. Use discernment, maintain your own frequency. It’s very much the time to be CLEAR about this.

So much love, honor and respect.

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Munder – Massive Explosion at Cern: Incinerates Scientists and Destroys Part of CERN
Editor: These idiots are trying to open a portal to another Universe to bring in more dark energy troops, thereby circumventing the blockage around our planet. Yes, their license should be yanked. They’re a bunch of psychopaths… IMHO.

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We are now on the verge of some seriously massive, transformative, NEW, multidimensional energies planet Earth has never seen before. It’s here to activate ALL of us into a deeper knowing and aspect of ourselves. March is activating deep cellular knowing and sacred knowledge held in our newly formed DNA and cellular structures. The last few years were about clearing these old grid and timelines so this new activation could come “online” within us….this is the time. This is it.

February was about releasing the density within our cells and organs so we could acclimate easier to this frequency coming in March. January and February were emotionally BRUTAL and hardcore when it came to acknowledging our hidden traumas, anger, resentment, jealousy and envy that we held deep within our cellular structures and organs. The Solar Plexus took a beating as the Gallbladder and Liver had to release DEEP anger and resentment not only from this life but from old residual lifetimes of brutality, pain, disappointments and self loathing; this brought out the EGO and shadow personalities in us like NEVER before. February forced us to make peace and Ctrl Alt Delete all old emotional baggages that kept us “imprisoned” to old ways of being; this was the massive PUSH needed to move beyond old concepts of our survival mechanisms. It was a month of MASSIVE clearing.

The Plexus now has new meridians and Chakras in the side of the stomach which is retuning how we physically AND spiritually digest our new realities; the hologram of our new realities have now gone up in frequency so now the body has to match or it will not be able to function. This brought on Digestive issues, nausea, pain in the stomach and sacral region. For women, our periods changed a bit, it either got really heavy and painful or you were menstruating less than normal. For the men it brought out sexual frustrations and aggressiveness that stemmed from childhood traumas. Deep clearing of the Male and Feminine energies within all of us.


I’ve been realizing so many people (including myself) complaining about the Gallbladder so I went in and asked what was going on. The Gallbladder is the organ that controls our wise judgment and our ability to break things down in our lives. We then make sense of that incoming information in order for us to ACT. If we do not have a proper handle on how to judge or make sense of things we can’t properly “digest” things in our lives. What’s happening is that old anger, resentment, and bitterness are being PROCESSED by the Gallbladder and it’s pushing you to let it go or stay stuck. We have no choice but to let it go unless we want the organ cut out of us. I’m no doctor; I solely speak from an energetic standpoint and if you feel guided to seek alternative care please listen to your body. With the upgrade of the new HUman body our organs can’t upgrade with old beliefs, fears, and EMOTIONS. We worked really hard in January and February to make peace with the EGO as it was going through a sort of “death”. Our Ego was created to tell us right from wrong, survival, and a bridge to how we needed to ACT and BE based on a 3rd Dimensional system; this system is now dying so the ego has nothing to hang onto anymore. Feelings of envy, jealousy, possessiveness and a war of negative energies swept over us. A lot of people were saying they were having “evil” thoughts, feeling attacked, not acting like themselves, fear, weird energies around them and even their pets were acting weird. Not only were you dealing with your own inner turmoil but the turmoil of the collectives; so it was INTENSE! The symptoms were some of the most intense symptoms I’ve felt in a pretty long time I think because these symptoms dealt deeply with the mental and our shadow emotions. Sharp pain in the brain, pressure around the head and Third-Eye Chakra, the nape of the neck, ears feeling like you were under water or hearing high pitch frequencies, TONS of Throat Chakra stuff as we were being PUSHED to be honest with others and ourselves. Depression, deep sadness, loathing and anger. When the frequencies change we are going to feel it first in our heads and feet/legs, then it makes its way into our Chakras to clear, upgrade and attune. The Symptoms were PLENTY and INTENSE.


March is going to bring a DEEP purging and Spirit is calling on all of us to release the anger, resentment, and bitterness once and for all. So those that need to hear your truth will hear it, those that have taken advantage of you will hear it, parents who have abused their power and us will hear it, old lovers having the nerve to pop back into our lives will hear it…March is bringing out the BEAST and whoever is in the way of that beast called your stored trauma and pain will be PROCESSED. We are READY for the New, we have done the hard work to stand FULLY in our truth, to stand FULLY in our awakened bodies and consciousness….WE. HAVE. DONE. THE. WORK. Now is the time to play with creation and our God Creator abilities; however your New Earth looks to YOU! March is going to feel like you’re a baby learning to walk for the first time, these new energies are going to feel weird but remember that you know how to walk in these new “shoes”! You are ancient beings from ALL over the Galaxy; access the portals of your being and play with your new powers; create a higher frequency world. How does it feel to think it and seconds later it is yours? How does it feel to put your hand on ANY part of your body and heal in seconds? To have unlimited abundance? To communicate with like-minded brothers and sisters from all over this Universe and share our knowledge to create a better world together?

It’s ALL happening RIGHT NOW…We’re here. We’re doing it! It’s an honor to be here with you on New Earth…we made it!

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Audio version.Video version.
Greetings, I am Master El Morya, the Chohan and overseer of the First Ray of Light. It is my purpose to oversee and activate within others the Creator’s qualities of wisdom, divine will, power, courage and action. It is my purpose to assist and encourage all to exist as the divine will of the Creator.
In times of change, transformation and awakening, the First Ray qualities are required to create inner stability, security and empowerment.
With the First Ray of Light, you learn to once more understand the Creator and the presence of the Creator within your being and reality. Acknowledging the divine inspiration that flows from your being, the reason and purpose for your actions and the actions of others, as well as the greater picture of ascension for the Earth and beyond.
The First Ray of Light assists you in understanding how the divine will of the Creator moves through you, can be expressed through your actions, thoughts and emotions, as well as embodied, further grounding the divine will of the Creator into the Earth.
The First Ray of Light represented by a red colour enables you to move in harmony with the Creator, receiving the support of the Creator, as well as, knowing yourself more fully. Your inner truth is activated, as is your inner power, these merge to awaken your entire being into a new level of spiritual awareness that influences your way of life and creations.
You are encouraged to delve deeper into your being to recognize what is aligned with your power and courage, allowing you to engage with these sacred qualities of your being. You will also be guided to ask what within you is aligned with the divine will of the Creator. This is the sacred plan for your existence, it incorporates your mission, the reason for your soul’s existence on the Earth, as well as your experience of fulfilment and ascension.
When you realize within your being the thoughts, emotions, actions, reaction s and creations which are aligned with your power, courage and the divine will, then you also realize what is not. You allow yourself to embark upon the journey of letting go of everything that disempowers you, creates fear and distracts you from the presence of the Creator communicating with you and guiding you forth.
This transitional process is filled with such wonder, beauty and magic, as you reveal to your conscious mind the eternal presence of the Creator within your being and navigating you through your reality.
No 1: Trust
Embodying the divine will of the Creator requires the activation of trust, especially in that which you cannot see. Embodying your inner power and courage requires you to trust in the love and compassion eternally present within your being, in truth your goodness. Often people are fearful of their power because they or someone else has abused their power, although they cannot remember the circumstances the energy created remains.
Trust is the energy that encourages you to fully embody and experience the sacred qualities of Creator, and yet the quality of trust can be challenging to awaken. Often patterns of the mind and past experiences can create distrust which means that you are unwilling to commit to the qualities of the Creator already present within your being.
When you recognize within your being the thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and creations which are aligned to your power, courage and divine will, as well as those that are not, you will allow your distrust to dissolve as you realize with deep knowingness the presence of the Creator within you. Calling upon the Creator to support you in your everyday life and ascension will nurture your inner trust as you will begin to recognize the support of the Creator manifesting all around you.
‘Beloved Creator, please support me today in my reality, actions, creations and spiritual evolution. Open my eyes and all my senses so I may see and acknowledge your powerful, all embracing divine support within and around me. I am ready to receive your divine support in the most beautiful, perfect way and accept manifestations in my life now. With deep gratitude and love, thank you.’
No 2: Commitment
As you recognize the presence and support of the Creator filling your being and reality, so you awaken a sacred energy within you of commitment. The Creator does not wish for you to make promises, vows or even to dedicate yourself to the Creator and all that is the Creator. Instead, when, I, Master El Morya, speak of commitment, I speak of the energy of loyalty to yourself and your spiritual evolution.
I encourage you to ground yourself into your truth, into all that you recognize yourself to be and all that you know and wish to be. My guidance is to inspire you to take responsibility for your own evolution. You are the only soul upon the Earth that truly holds the answers you seek; they may not be the same answers that others seek.
There may be others who come into your reality to awaken your inner knowingness. However, it is important to remember that you are the source of your own inner knowingness and remembrance. If you face challenges, feel lost, require guidance or healing know that all you seek is within you.
It is very easy to seek answers outside of yourself, this is natural, and I, encourage you to accept and observe yourself when these patterns arise. It is appropriate to accept help from outside of yourself as long as you hold onto your inner power. The key is to commit to yourself, to trust your abilities and to know that the Creator will move through you demonstrating, sharing and revealing all that you require.
With this inner knowingness, you will build a strong bond with your inner energies, your intuition will blossom, and your expression of the Creator awaken.
Allow yourself to ask within these questions to bring realization to your being:
At what percentage am I committed to my spiritual evolution?
At what percentage am I committed to my physical reality?
At what percentage am I committed to my inner truth, essence and fulfilment?
The word committed can also be changed to trust or faith. In truth you are asking yourself how much do you believe in your spiritual reality; how much are you ready to engage fully with your physical reality and how much do you have faith in the presence of the Creator within you? These questions may bring new insights and understandings to your awareness, as well as alert you to healing that is required to align your being and awareness fully to the Creator.
I, Master El Morya, encourage you to take time to contemplate certain situations, goals and dreams that are manifesting now, or you wish to manifest. Inviting yourself to acknowledge if you are fully committed, do you believe, have faith and trust? This will bring forth deeper enlightenment and connection with your inner essence.
I, Master El Morya encourage you to contemplate what commitment really means to you? Remember that it is a feeling of grounding and knowingness within you, what does this feel like and manifest within your being and reality?
No 3: Expression
I have spoken of many beautiful energies, Creator qualities and experiences such as your power, courage, divine will, Creator’s support, trust and commitment. All empower, ground and encourage you to embody your essence and truth as an expression of the Creator. There is one more pathway I wish to guide you to focus upon; this is the pathway of expression.
You have reached a pinnacle point in your spiritual evolution; you are ready to express the Creator through all aspects of your being. You are ready to be creative, to inspire others, to be of service and to no longer hide your inner truth. It is time to be an expressive beacon of all that is the Creator. There are no rules, simply focus on the love, peace and truth within you and you will be guided in every moment of your reality to express the Creator in ways that fulfil you and all.
Therefore, I, Master El Morya, believe that it is important to connect with the First Ray of Light, the energies downloaded into your being will activate your inner qualities of wisdom, divine will, power, courage and action thus supporting you in trusting, committing and expressing all that is the Creator.
I am present with you to empower your truth and encourage all to exist as the divine will of the Creator,
Master El Morya
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Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

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Image Source

More and people are experiencing the stages of light body activation. The consciousness of the universe is rising, which in turn is increasing the vibration of the people residing in it.

Energy makes up everything, and it is in a perpetual state of flow. Mother universe is generous enough to lend its energy to its inhabitants to lead them towards spiritual ascension.

This process of ascent is called as light body activation, and it happens in 10 stages. In this article, we’ll throw light on all of them.

Stages of light body activation
Stage 1
In the first stage, you feel as if you are an ethereal body. As our spiritual realms discard self-ego, they become lighter.

Flu, headache, joint pains are all symptomatic of reduced density. Your neurosensory pathways also realign, and the size of the pineal gland increases considerably.

After the discharge of Karmic fragments, the being is cast into a state of existentialism.

It starts to question everything, from the meaning of its existence to its place in the material world.

Many people feel over-the-top fatigue, as this process is physically and emotionally draining.
This change happens at an exponential rate. Most people find it hard to cope with such a fast-paced transformation. This is one of the most critical stages of light body activation.

READ Expanded Consciousness — Reconnect, Evolve, Ascend
Stage 3
Your sensibilities become more attuned to the spiritual and the material world. Your being absorbs light for the purpose of illuminating the darkness within you.

Stage 4
Brain chemistry experiences a significant shift. Reduced hearing, persistent headaches and other symptoms ensue.

Burning pain in the chest is also felt as the heart opens its door to the fifth dimension.

Our perceptions start to change because our line of sight and thinking are both reprogrammed to pick up different stimuli. Some people also develop premature clairvoyant and telepathic abilities.

Stage 5
Dreams become more lucid. The frivolous thought processes no longer occupy a significant part of your mind. Some people might feel being buffeted continuously by doubt and certainty.

Stage 6
In the sixth stage, we consider everything in the material world to be unreal. We start to believe that reality exists in our mind and nowhere else.

We look at our lives and feel utter distaste. We begin to muster up the resolve to let-go of our careers, lifestyles ― things that are holding us back from our true purpose.

Stage 7
Our emotional conflicts start to resolve. The blockages hindering the flow of the heart chakra clear up. Obsolete and superficial patterns are released.

READ Universal Synchronization, Destiny and the ‘Agents of Fate’
Stage 8
We start to give in to the ways of the universal source. We understand that there are reason and rhyme behind the ways of the universe.

Moreover, we start to notice subtle details about people and Our emotional intelligence reaches its acme.
Stage 9
A sensation of disconnection persists at this stage. We seclude ourselves from close friends, family members because their frequency doesn’t align with ours.

We start respecting the freedom of others and learn to let go of karmic relationships.

Stage 10
Everything ends at this stage. Your spirituality reaches its final and stable state. You attain self-acceptance and inner peace. Also, your higher consciousness aligns you with your true purpose in life.

After going through all the stages of light body activation, we finally find meaning in life.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.

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Major Key To Transgenderism!!! Bisphenol A Creates Baphomets And It’s In 16000 Food Products!!! Dangerous Gender Bending Plastics/Receipt/Aluminum Chemical Is In 90% American Blood!!!! Detox From Bisphenol A In 10 Days!!! Theory: Much Transgenderism Is Chemical-Based Therefore It Can Be Detoxed Away!!!
There may be someone who is genuinely transgender… but it’s looking like since plastics are everywhere and Bisphenol A is in the majority’s blood, that many transgender tendencies are thus chemical-based and can be dealt with, with a good cleaning of the blood!!

1. Transgenderism is associated with baphomet (satanic male being with female boobs) …a symbol of what appears when a species ’strays from God’.
Here is a baphomet… often associated with a time of chaos where everything goes wonky…the end of the age of Picses and the beginning of age of Aquarius has brought us lots of chaos… up is down, right is left, right is wrong, male is female… essentially there has been a push from deep hidden forces to slowly turn everything backwards for humanity.

2. Bisphenol A has many unnatural effects on the human reproductive system.

3. 90% chance it’s in your bloodstream!! Ack…!!!
BPA Detox – Experience Life
Bisphenol A (BPA) — the nasty, endocrine-disrupting chemical linked to cancers and infertility — is ubiquitous, lurking in all sorts of products you use every day, like milk jugs and soup cans. And if you live in the United States, there’s more than a 90 percent chance it’s already in your bloodstream. On the bright side, you can …

4. It comes from plastics…. inside of cans… and those pesky till receipts… are some of the main sources.
BPA in 16,000 Food & Drink Products

In June 2016, EWG used industry data to build a database of 16,000 food and drink items that could be packaged in materials harboring hormone-disrupting chemical BPA.

While it’s well-established that polycarbonate water bottles and most canned foods contain BPA, the EWG uncovered some other interesting BPA hiding spots. They include:

The lids of glass jars for baby food, pickles, jelly, salsa and other condiments
Aerosol cans for whipped toppings and nonstick sprays
Bottles and tins of cooking oil
Aluminum beverage cans
Metal coffee cans
Beer kegs
*I always decline taking receipt from cashier at the store, unless it’s an expensive purchase.


Jan 17, 2013 – Bisphenol a (BPA) is a synthetic estrogen used to harden polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resin. Yes, you read that right. SYNTHETIC ESTROGEN. An estimated 6 billion pounds of BPAare produced globally annually, generating about $6 billion in sales. It is fabricated into thousands of products made of …

6. More proof that major portions of transgender tendencies are chemical-based!


7. See… what is messing up our lives, is the unnatural aspects… not the natural aspects… remember, many of us born have never drank water from a waterfall… they have never washed their hair in a waterfall… they have not swam in a clean river… they have not been able or willing to drink the chemtrail rain and snow… and probably most important… THE BLOOD IS DIRTY, AND HAS NEVER OR RARELY BEEN CONSCIOUSLY CLEANED!!!

8. The solution is easier than most can see… the solution is clean blood folks… not just clean it once… but a lifestyle that revolves are cleaning your blood… it ain’t that difficult…. here’s what I do….

I make an effort to get at least 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tsp of bentonite clay, 1 tsp of charcoal, in my body most days… it cleans up all sorts of health issues… and also, exercise is a must, because stagnant energy is gonna create stagnant energy.
As a 49 year old man, I had the wonderful experience of having a woman ask me if she can touch my skin, because it looked so healthy.

It’s one thing for each of us to support each other… if someone wants to be transgender then fine… however, if it’s a condition that is simply a state of detox… I don’t see how this is empowering… to support someone’s toxic and unnatural state… does that really create a better world? The truth does set us free to our natural state of being, whatever that means to you in your clean-blooded purified self.

There’s probably been a rise in unnatural homosexuality, porn, deviant behaviour, with introduction of plastics into common day living… that’s why they hide the homosexuality statistics, because they were growing, not staying level throughout recent history. Also, Bisphenol A, is great for a country that wants war with others and themselves right???

Now you know why the celebrities wear dresses… one reason is to make it all seem ‘normal’.

Now we have a major glimpse into why our plastics-based world, has created untold amounts of pain, suffering and confusion… and can thus rise above.

Please note that if they say something is Bisphenol A, they may have just used another Bisphenol.

Plastic is only one concern we have health-wise… our solar system itself is changing, and we have to upgrade our bodies if we want to live on earth in the future.


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The Merkaba  by EraOfLight


merkabah eraoflight

“Like the Sun, we must breathe, radiating out all life, and from all life we will receive our manna.” “Love then is the most intelligent and creative force in the universe! It is literally the vine that ties and supports all life and creation together.”

A Merkaba is an amazing liquid light body energy field extending over 50 feet around a person’s body.


The Merkaba is a living energy field. It is you and you are it. It is created using a special sequence of co-ordinated breaths and visualizations.

When you are able to think about your Merkaba field every day and feel that unconditional love is part of your everyday life, then the field has become permanent and you will no longer need to do the daily meditation. However, you may choose to carry on because you enjoy the experience! On average this is six months to one year after starting the daily routine. Mer means light, Ka means spirit, Ba means soul.

Every single thing in the universe has a Merkaba field around it – even a planet. Once all humans had this knowledge, but in our fall from grace in Atlantis we forgot how to breathe correctly through the prana tube and how to maintain our Merkaba fields.

We started to breathe instead through our noses and mouths. Human babies are born with an intact Merkaba (the baby’s fontanelle is the remnant of the prana tube entering the crown), but it collapses within a few days. CREATING A MERKABA Surrounding your body is an energy sphere, sometimes called a biosphere.

Within this space you can create the Merkaba – a wonderfully responsive thought-form. This is an ancient technology, hinted at through the ages, and given many names by various religious and philosophical systems.

This has been a secret, closely guarded by the adepts and masters, only recently made available to those seeking transformation, enlightenment and ascension.

In the Keys of Enoch, J J Hurtak, refers to the Merkaba as a Vehicle of the Vehicles. He says the Merkaba can appear in numerous forms and colours and that it creates and controls time-shifting and the intersection of light dimensions. It is a global energy field, which exists outside time and space and thus works as a kind of geometry reference for outer manifestations.

The use of a Merkaba opens us considerably to other dimensions and is a sign of spiritual development. Hurtak observes that only a spiritually developed individual is able to invoke and control a Merkaba and will then automatically serve with higher intelligences.

Certainly a Merkaba is an inter-dimensional time travel vehicle, a sort of UFO, which is self-created within the energy field, using concepts of Sacred Geometry. The process, as taught by the Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Flower of Life programme, involves a sequence of 17 breaths. To accomplish this feat, a breathing technique is combined with visualization.

The technique involves cleansing your star-tetrahedron auric field and using sacred geometry (no maths skills required!) to create an amazing protective liquid light energy field extending 50 feet around your body. It may seem a little complicated at first, but with time and dedication it is not difficult to master.

Joanna’s comment: Personally, I found meditation almost impossible until I tried this system. I found it very difficult to empty my mind of intrusive mundane thoughts, which constantly distracted me from the peaceful state I was seeking. The structured process of this technique meant that my concentration had to remain focused on the Merkaba creation and other thoughts were unable to penetrate.

I have found the Merkaba routine totally life changing for the better, and I am now able to meditate in almost any format as a result. MERKABA MEDITATION WITH ANGELS COURSE In this exciting programme, the basic Merkaba technique has been enhanced by Angela McGerr., to take in the wonderful colours and energies of the angels relevant to the body’s chakra system.

Angela, author of A Harmony of Angels and Harmony Angel Cards has created a system which combines a full body healing (and the facility for distant healing for others) into the daily Merkaba routine.

The Merkaba Meditation with Angels is taught by Angela McGerr as part of the Rainbow Eye Melchisadec Mystery School. DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK Drunvalo Melchizedek is the person primarily responsible for bringing back knowledge of the Merkaba to human consciousness.

Drunvalo studied physics and art at the University of California at Berkeley, but personally feels that his most important education came after college. In the last 25 years he has studied with over 70 teachers from all belief systems and religious understandings, providing him with a wide breadth of knowledge, compassion and acceptance.

He is a highly advanced being with phenomenal understanding of most things metaphysical and a close link with the Hopi Indian and many other Tribal Elders.

Not only is Drunvalo’s mind exceptional, but his heart, warm personality and love for life everywhere, positively exudes from him. He networks his teachings, including the Merkaba Meditation, through the Flower of Life Organisation (

This teaching encompasses every area of human understanding, explores the development of mankind from ancient civilizations to the present day and offers clarity regarding the world’s state of consciousness and what is needed to maintain a smooth transition into the 21st century. Resources: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes 1 and 2 By Drunvalo Melchizedek

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Base numbers in Numerology
1 = all there is, unity
2 = duality, free choice, puzzle
3 = catalyst (healers often have this number around them) They change things around them without changing themselves.
4 = earth number, community, Gaia, grounded, farmers, agriculture
5 = forced change
6 = harmony, spiritually high, co-operative
7 = all things spirituality, alters, spiritual activity etc
8 = manifestation and abundance. Not just money but health, life, immunity…
9 = completion of a cycle, the end of something, graduation

Master numbers in Numerology
11 = Illumination. People who see this number or even repeated e.g. – 11:11 on the clock are here to be illuminated
22 = strong duality. A decision which has very different results in opposite directions
33 = ultimate compassion. This is our current active number of DNA as well.

Other master numbers higher e.g. – 44, 55, 66 etc. are yet to be understood. They will come clear as we evolve and are currently not available to decipher.

Here’s the recording. I think the numerology lesson starts around the 20 minute mark.

Kryon Numerology
Kryon cosmic numerology 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (numbers link to numerology below)

This is an edited channeling done by Lee Carrol, the originals can be found here.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Oh, dear Human, let me speak to your heart right now. The things you are afraid of are the things that you’ve made up. These things come from the Human mind and the Human duality. The intellectual mind puzzles about what is around it and creates its own scenarios of what is happening, to fit it into a construct that makes sense. That creates devils and failure and low self-esteem. Do not fear the love of God! Why would you fear being healed? Would you fear joy? You think, perhaps, if you take this spiritual step we speak of that you will be seen as odd by others? Maybe the family members you’re with might not love you as much? Perhaps they will think you’ve gone off the deep end or whatever you want to call it? Do you not realize by taking the mantle of Spirit in this fashion and by activating the DNA in this fashion, you might instead be seen by others as pure and balanced? Your family might even say behind your back, “We don’t know what happened to Mom, or Dad. We don’t know what happened to Grandma or Grandpa. I don’t know what happened to my partner.” Then you will hear, “But I sure like it! Whatever it was that changed them has made them more balanced.” Did you ever think of that? That’s what an enlightened being is like. They’re the essence of understanding and pure love. They glow with the energy of peacefulness. People want to be around them. It’s not a problem to be their friend.

This is what you can do for yourself. All of the things that you would ask for in your prayer times or in your meditations – reduction in frustrations, release of the drama with others in your life – these things are so ready to be solved. Many of them are actually part of your lesson, waiting to be solved. Slowly, as your path allows for it, the DNA is activated by your request with pure intent. That’s why we’re here, dear ones. My partner said to you that this room has been warmed up. Let me tell you about the room: There are those who have had epiphanies here, who have found the love of God here, and found direction for their lives here. Some found family here and now they know they’re not alone. So the invitation to you is the same, you know? Are you just going to meet the people you came with or are you going to meet someone else? Are you going to say “hello” to someone you don’t know today? Maybe it’s a family member just waiting to feel your energy. That’s what happens in these kinds of meetings – a reunion, a healing meeting, a meeting where you might actually change your mind because of the energy that is provided here today.

I’m Kryon. I’m what you define as an angel. I don’t even know what that means really. But I know this: I’m just like you when you’re not here. That’s what I know. And when you’re not here, we are brothers and we are sisters, if you want to genericize us. We are family and we move together in the cosmos. All is known when you’re not here. Things make a lot more sense and the duality is not present when you’re not here. And so I say to you, family, that there has to be an element of trust when you take the hand of Spirit and move forward. There has to be faith in the love of God and what we have called “cosmic intelligence.”

The Seven Cosmic Laws
There is teaching this night. I would like to present to you the Seven Cosmic Laws of Kryon. I’ve done this twice before. But this is the channelling I want recorded and transcribed.

To some, this will seem like a review, for all of these concepts have been presented in the last 18 years, but never in this concise way or grouped in this manner. My partner knows what’s coming because he has said these things before. But he doesn’t know what’s going to be added to it. These are the cosmic laws that I, as the entity that I am, have deemed the most important for the Human Being to know. Some of them may shock or surprise you in their simplicity, but they’re not simple. All of them speak about the love of God. Although I give them to you in a row, in linear fashion, they don’t present themselves in importance this way. However, their numerological values are significant.

Number one:
You can never return to a less-aware state.
No Human can willingly unknow anything. Once it is in your mind, especially in the spiritual energy of your DNA, it is impossible for you to unknow it. If any of you have revelations in this place tonight, you’ll not be able to erase the experience. Oh, you might try to forget it, but it’s still there. You can’t unknow it. And so we say this to you: be careful what you decide to know because it will change your life.

If you decide, for instance, to study the energy aspects of the numbers around you, and so you add them all up and the sums are all the same number… you would be amazed at the coincidence! It happened to my partner that way. I gave it to him that way and he can’t unknow it. It is one of the things that propelled him to the next step. “What are the odds,” he said, “of this taking place?” So the odds are what gave him the 3D proof of an interdimensional concept of Kryon. He’ll never unknow that fact.

If you feel the love of God touching you tonight in a way it never has before, if you walk out actually healed, you can’t unknow that. If you have a revelation of how something works, you can’t unknow that either.

Some of you have asked for things. “Dear Spirit,” you have said, “tell me what it is I need to know.” Then the teaching begins and you’re shown some things that you should work on. Sometimes it’s your health. You can’t unknow that, can you? There are those who would say, “Well, I’m a Human Being of free choice. Therefore, if I choose to ignore it, I can.” You’re right. That’s not unknowing it. That’s a Human Being who chooses denial. And if the information is profoundly spiritual, you will become unbalanced. It is impossible to know something profound and pretend it is not there. You’ve called it the “elephant under the table.” Impossible, it is, to ignore. Therefore, you will live your life unbalanced. Be careful what it is you choose to know. We say this to you in all love and wisdom, when we say there is a process that begins when you ask with pure intent for it to begin, that is more profound than you know. You cannot go backwards once you’ve got it. That’s the first cosmic law. The number one represents new beginnings in numerological terms.

The second Cosmic Law of Kryon is this:
In every Human Being there is profound divinity. But it’s not intuitive. It lies there and “pokes at you.” You know it’s there. It’s there enough for humans to find a religion, isn’t it? It lies there and you know enough to go find God in some form and fulfill the manifestation of that search through attendance, through joining, through worship, through doctrine. But the truth of who you are is hidden. That’s the second law. It’s not intuitive that you are God. It’s not intuitive that inside your DNA would be all these gifts. It’s a beautiful cosmic law. It’s beautiful because it keeps you in a place where, if you’re going to search for the divine, you’ve got to mean it. It cannot be casual, for you won’t get answers. This explains why some of you have perhaps opened a study or opened a book and said, “I’ll try this, or I’ll do this, or this didn’t do anything for me.” Maybe even tonight you’ll walk away and say, “That didn’t do anything for me either.” I’ll tell you why – because you didn’t invest anything in it. It’s a casual attending, with you looking for something that will change you. Instead, why don’t you look for a tool to change yourself? That is the message. It’s because you decided not to open your heart, because you didn’t see the opportunity when a legion of angels showed up, whatever that means to you.

There are entities in this room, past and present, pieces of you here that you don’t even know about. The Akash is present [life force of the planet]. Do you know what that is? You’re part of it. Walking the aisles here are the essences of those you’ve loved and lost on this planet. You may wonder about them. You might say, “What would they do if they could see me now?” And you call out to Mom or Dad, “Help me to see the truth!” Such a family, it is, that surrounds you all the time. They’re here. That’s where they are… not up in the sky. And they never really left, you know? Some of you will know that because you’ll be able to smell them and feel them. I don’t talk about these things idly; I tell you these things as part of the cosmic laws. You’re divine creatures and you have a veil that hides it.

That was number two. Two in numerological terms represents the duality.

Number three.
It’s just so profound and so simple and you’ve heard it as a statement from me over and over for all these years. “You’ve said it too much, Kryon,” many say. But I’ll give it to you yet again. Number three, the Cosmic Law of Kryon: You are dearly loved.

On my side of the veil, you are loved by all of the entities in the quantum hologram – more than you can count, more than all the numbers that you would know how to speak. Yet they all have something in common; they’re part of one consciousness that know your name. And you don’t believe that either. “Too grand,” you might say. I’ve got more information for you on that. Wait until you hear cosmic law numbers six and seven! Everywhere you go, you’re known, and you’re loved. It is the core emotion, if you want to say that, of the Universe. It is love. All the masters who ever visited you told you this, yet you still manufacture reasons to dissect and doubt it.

It’s the energy you felt when you came into the earth and it’s what you feel when you leave it. I promise you that when you close your eyes for the last time and remember who you are, there is only love. When I see you in the Cave of Creation, there is going to be joy. Do not fear that time, dear Human Being. Oh, make no mistake – we want you to stay a long time, because we need your light on this planet. That’s why you’re here. But I’ll tell you this: When it’s time for you to go, don’t fear it – for you’re coming home. It’s a great time and it happens constantly… a party that never ends. It’s a joyful time of heart and light connections unfathomable to you as a Human that goes on constantly as the Humans come and go and the series continues and the cycle of life is complete. I can’t even explain it. And many of you will walk out of here not believing it. That was number three.

The number three in numerology represents the catalyst. A catalyst is an energy that provides the push for transformation of one energy to another, yet never changes itself. Therefore you might say that this loving energy is the core catalyst of change and transformation for the Human Being. Love is that way. It absolutely changes Human lives and gives reasons to exist. It manifests wisdom where there was ignorance, and compassion where there was nothing but emptiness. It is the reason for all, and is the common denominator between both sides of the veil. It is the staple of Kryon, and the key for enlightenment of the Human Being. It is the light of discovery on a darkened earth and the true solace for those in distress. Indeed! You are dearly loved!

Number four
is an attribute of the mechanics of incarnation, of life expression, or what you call the rotating life experience on Earth. And here it is: Everything that you learn spiritually in one expression carries over to the next.

That means this: Whatever you learn right now, you don’t have to re-learn when you get back. It’s there in the Akash, like a jar that contains whatever is learned. It’s filled with what your life’s lesson is about. Every incarnation you’ve had before now and all of the things that you have learned are in that metaphoric jar. And when you decided to push on the door and open that spiritual jar of wisdom, out pours your entire work through the ages. Everything you ever learned since you started the journey of coming to Earth is there.

There have been those who have said, in their darkest moments, “If I have to come back and learn this all over again, I don’t want to come back.” Well, you don’t have to learn it again. It explains why some of those who have never had any spiritual training have profound wisdom. It explains why the new consciousness children of Earth carry with them a half-filled jar of this at birth, no matter what. When the jar is opened by even the smallest child, out comes profound ideas from the other side of the veil… who they used to be, the way life works, and why they chose their parents. This would not be happening if it were not for the new posturing of the magnetics of the planet – the reason I’m here at all.

New tools are here, you might say – a new interdimensional aspect of Human life that you did not have at birth. You had to work for it, but the new children come in with it. That’s the reason they don’t want to stand in line, either. [Laughter] They don’t want to get linear. They all want everything at the same time, if you’ve noticed. It’s an attribute that won’t be lost on you. It’s about learning, and you ought to celebrate it.

Now let me tell you what that means, doubter. Inside you, doubter, contains some of the greatest spiritual truths that any have ever had. I want to tell you all that there’s a shaman in the audience and he doesn’t know it. He’s afraid to open the jar, too, and he may not ever do it in this lifetime because of this fear. But, oh dear one, you know who I’m talking to, don’t you? If you choose to ever open that jar, out will flood the profundities of the ages. Healer that you are, if you choose it, it’s there. Part of the duality you have wants to keep the lid on it, because you know if you open it you can’t go back! [Cosmic Law One] You know it’s there, don’t you? Do you want to do it this time around or not? There is no judgment of you. My dear one, the party will be the same when I see you on my side one day, if you open the jar or not. You are dearly loved. That was number four.

Number four in numerological terms is an Earth number and involves structure. It’s a grounding number. The knowledge of the ages is like this. It’s the gold that’s mined from lifetime to lifetime in the Akash. It’s the only thing that you carry from one lifetime to another that is the most practical of all. Your spiritual knowledge is like the mantel of God. When you ask for that jar to begin to open, out pours a very comfortable energy – your own mastery.

Number five
is when you give pure intent and activate DNA layer 10. There’s something else that happens with it that is profound: You give permission of the cosmos to rearrange things around you. Some of you know what I mean, don’t you? You give permission for change. In your darkest hour, perhaps, you may have called out when you were in trouble and things were not going right.

That’s when the Human says, “God, who gave you permission to change my life like this?” And I would say to you, you did! So be careful. Before you decide to push on that door to create the activation of any of these DNA layers, be ready for the changes that may occur in your life. This is not esoteric fluff. It’s life changing. Just ask some of those around you what has happened to them when they decided to find “God inside” of them.

All of you sit in a time and a place that is extremely profound and timely. We need your light for this planet. If you’re going to make a decision to send the light, you’re going to change the planet. The reason why you’re here, each and every single one, is the reason why you’ve awakened – even you, doubter – the reason why you came with someone else to this meeting tonight. There is no judgment of any of you. I’m just giving you the facts. There is a reason why you came to hear these things – in order to fill up that jar even further, to make you aware of the way things work.

The Cosmic Law that I speak of is that you give permission for life change when you move into the arena and ask God to tell you what it is that you need to know. It’s the way of it, you know? It’s the way it works. It’s like enlisting into a legion of Lightworkers where you give permission to Spirit to help you fall into the ranks of those who will heal this planet. And the good news is that all the changes that you start in your life appropriately and eventually bring you growth and eventually bring you joy.

God does not take pleasure in harming situations, taking love away, or creating sickness or sorrow. That is not what Spirit does. Yet that energy is often assigned to the spiritual attributes of the doctrines of the planet. It’s not that way, dear ones. The things that you might experience that you call growth, even what you might call problems and challenges, are all about your time of increasing the light, for the planet needs you to be honed. There is an old expression and we’ve used it before: “Iron sharpens iron.” It speaks about sometimes the way you have to be put through the mill so that you can be shaped into the glorious, angelic form that you’ve asked to become. That’s a cosmic law.

Numerologically, five is the energy of CHANGE. Need I say more?

Number six:
As soon as you start this search of yours, as soon as you push on the door, as soon as Spirit sees pure intent, all of your universal family knows it. I want you to think about that for a minute. You envision yourself in a linear form – one Human Being making one choice in a sea of humanity. One grain of sand in a vast, spiritual beach makes a small choice. Well, I’m going to tell you, the whole beach knows! That’s a cosmic law. That’s how profound it is.

When you turn on your light, everybody sees it. Things that you cannot imagine that are procedural, spiritual and historical take place. Even the Akash* itself is modified each time a Human makes that decision. The vibration of the planet changes by the Human Being making a decision to move into an interdimensional state where they begin to see things differently. You call it ascension, rebirth, activation of DNA. Call it whatever you wish; everybody knows. “Kryon, do the humans on the planet know it, too?” Absolutely. Oh, perhaps not at a conscious level, but I will tell you, they recognize a shaman; they recognize a master; they recognize one in ascension status. They may not know why they like you, but they do. It’s the God in them that greets the God in you. And the two God parts, they communicate with each other, and they know. The cosmos awakens when you do.

I’m going to tell you that there are a number of you just on the edge of crossing into that place of light right now. I can feel it – can you? And when you do, and if you should do it and you push on that door, I would like to tell you the whole cosmos knows it. Blessed are those who have made the decision and stand in these places that know about life, who know the power of light, and don’t just speak it, but live it. Blessed are those for they will inherit this planet, meek as they might be. It is their essence, their lineage, that the planet will carry from here on. That’s who is here, Lemurian. That was number six.

The number six is the center – the most sacred number in the series. It represents communication, prayer and the “pipeline” to the Higher-Self.There’s only one more cosmic law, and I’ve saved it for last.

Number seven
represents a number of divinity. It’s a number representing the divinity of God. I give you information now and that is this: The seventh Cosmic Law is that every single one of you has an effect on the fabric of reality on this planet when you send light.

It’s the Seventh Cosmic Law of Kryon that says that every time you sit down and send light, it moves mountains – moves mountains! It changes the future of the planet.

Now I’m going to give you some information that I’ve mentioned only a few times in my messages. I’ve saved it for this transcription. If you don’t remember anything else from this message, remember this. Of the entire population of the planet, only one half of one percent of you need to awaken in order to create a renaissance and peace on Earth – one half of one percent.

In case you wondered whether all of those on Earth would eventually think like you, the answer is absolutely not. No. It’s a small group of you who have been elected by your own consciousness and your own lineage to come here at this time. Old soul, you are here to serve a grand purpose of sending light for the rest of humanity. Remember, this planet is filled with those who are not as old as you are [meaning that they don’t have the number of lifetimes you do on Earth]. For when you have a geometric progression of numbers of Humans on the planet, that means only a seeming few of you are very old and the rest are very young. I speak to old souls right now; that’s who hears and reads this. It’s the old souls that will make the difference, and many of the children are among them.

Oh, have you ever wondered why you’re here? Have you ever wondered what you’re supposed to be doing? You’ve got the power, you know? You’ve got the energy within you, which is divine. And even though you can’t prove it in a 3D fashion, can you still send the cosmic energy of intelligent design to the Sudanese, and trust that what you have done is going to make a difference? If you can do that, you are a Lightworker, making a difference to the vibration of Earth.

Less than one half of one percent of the planet has to be involved. If they are, you’re going to see a positive shift and you’re going to see it profoundly. Leaderships will change. Refreshing ideas will emerge within governments, of which nobody ever thought of in the past. You might say, “Why didn’t they do that earlier?” And I’ll tell you. What has happened is that your light, dear one, let them see things that were formerly in the dark. Watch for this – cosmic intelligence being carried on your light that illuminates ignorance and turns it into wise choices. Then celebrate it and know it had your energy all over it.

I don’t have anything to ask you that would be embarrassing for you. These things are between you and God. Right now, you might say to yourself, “Dear Spirit, tell me what it is I need to know.” Claim the healing that’s been waiting for you. “Dear Spirit, I claim the divinity in my DNA.” Start a healing process in your mind and body. Who would like that?

I am Kryon. I have loved you this night and will continue to until I see you again, and again. And so it is.

Kryon * Akash is defined by Kryon as the life force of the Universe or the planet, depending on the context of the conversation.

Source assistance:

Source: Kryon Numerology:

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From the feedback I have gathered, it seems that increasingly, more Lightworkers are experiencing sleep-related problems, including unusual stiffness on neck and shoulders after sleep, difficulty falling asleep, waking up at wee hours of the night and unrestful sleep with lucid dreams.

If these symptoms sound familiar to you but you can’t consciously relate them to any lifestyle or psychological factor, then a probable trigger of these sleep issues would be the activation of the Zeal Point Chakra residing on our 5th dimensional energy body.

About the Zeal Point Chakra

Other Names: Ascension Chakra, Occipital Medulla Chakra or ‘The Well of Dreams’

Location: Occipital juncture in the back of the head where the skull and neck are joined; same level as just above our lip

Colour: Magenta

Vibrational Qualities: When fully energized, it will regulate multi- dimensional and telepathic communication by awakening higher faculties of the brain, which give access to the higher frequency levels of consciousness and opens up our spiritual abilities. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, advanced dream-recall capabilities, healing gifts and inter-dimensional communication are abilities that can blossom over time with a fully awakened Zeal Point Chakra. Tension in the neck and upper shoulders can sometimes signify an opening of this chakra.

Managing sleep issues during Zeal Point Chakra activation

The guides’ explanation – given the location of Zeal Point is close to the brain, if there is insufficient integration of the higher frequency pulled through by this 5D chakra with the rest of the chakra body, the hypothalamus in brain center (which controls the endocrine system) can become over-stimulated so as to cause sleep disturbances and possibly other forms of hormonal imbalances.

They suggested the following measures to enhance the connectivity of our different bodies:

Exercise regularly to improve blood and Qi circulation (Qi or prana improves the body’s receptivity of higher energy frequencies)
Maintain flexibility and strength of the spine through yoga, Pilates, dance etc activities; to include neck and shoulder exercises to reduce tightness and tension in those areas
Perform the following breathwork for effective grounding of Zeal Point 5D vibration onto the 3D chakras:
a) Inhale deeply into Zeal Point Chakra and hold your in-breath to the count of 5

b) Exhale slowly along the spine until your out-breath reaches and leaves through the Root Chakra (coccyx/tailbone)

c) Repeat the above breathing cycle a few more rounds until you have a sense of the 5D vibratory rhythm of the Zeal Point is in harmony with the 3D chakras along spinal cod i.e. Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat chakras

Precautionary note: consult your physician as to the suitability of the above suggested remedies if you have any critical health issue and/or prolonged sleep problem.

Arcturus Guides and Egyptian Deity Horus to Offer Tips on Managing Physiological Changes during Energy Shifts

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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