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Saint Germain: Moving Forward - November 14, 2011


Monday, November 14, 2011

Moving Forward

What does it mean to disappear? Man is not an object. In the context of divine awareness man in an enigma, dreaming about another dimension than the one he claims to be on. In this dream he is not an answer to any of the mandates he declares—asking for them to be created by divinity. He is the divine creator he asks to do things for him. Silly isn't it, that his dream doesn't allow him to acknowledge the divinity that is his actual identity. Who is doing this? Collectively this is the doing of the mass consciousness. All these dream contributors designate the destiny of the dream. Change the dream and conditions in the dreamers awareness will change.

We of the Great White Brotherhood are also in the dream as allies and aids. There is no ability on our part to dismantle the concepts of the group of dreamers that dominate mass consciousness, but we can assist those who can accept our messages and alter their individual contribution.

Passive curiosity about how the universe works does nothing to change the dream. Collectively there is one dream and all of the mental concepts of an area or a group decide on the character of the drama they create. One dream is the collective awareness, but many dreams contribute to that collective. Anger and deep caring cancel each other out. Many angry answers to daily events continue to disturb all who are not angry. Caring also cancels anger. More and more caring occurs when a tragedy strikes and anger is disolved as a consequence. Can you now see why anger is needed to maintain duality and caring is needed to dismantle it?

Now we have many who are able to dismantle anger in their group and the larger dream consciousness. Answering the current controller conditions needs more caring to collapse the disturbance. More and more  caring deletes negative energy out of group consciousness, overturning anger as the dominant dream attitude. Caring can alter the entire dream.

Negative attitudes are the cause of all the dream's current activities. Greed, dominance and focusing only on achieving material goals negates an attitude of caring. Are you able to accept that this is the current mass consciousness dream? "Think and grow rich" has turned around the dream attitude of caring. It has overturned the neighbor concept and the close knit attitude of "all for one and one for all." Instead of the "all" it is now "all for one—me." Children of God aren't getting the message that an answer to their dilemma is in the caring about all and not only caring about one's own dream over the needs of those who are effected by it.

Personal goals are good, but no goals are better. Goals that make a difference in the lives of others can deliver the caring concept to all who are able to be influenced by another's need. No goals means that caring about others is like the automatic choice made in a disaster or a car accident. The inner call of the master in the body becomes the actor and does what is needed. Caring is natural. Choosing to be loving is not the answer. Not having goals that override the natural desire to give is.

Answers to all of today's dilemmas, including the money concerns, is in caring. Caring about one's own area of delivery is all one can do in a direct way, but divine caring includes all of God's creations and doing things for others not in your direct line of awareness is most important. One world is needed—not in assimilation or money control, only in caring. Solve all the challenges in the current dream as divine creators. Use your own awareness to deliver more God awareness to man's dream. Challenge the dominators to convince them they too can care.

Afraid of them? No need to be. Change comes out of caring. Greed can be dismantled when dreamers demand change. Are those who ascended able to go out of their comfort zone to demand caring about others? Are the homeless in your area cared about? Are the dead and dying in the world able to be cared about? I am not asking for an impossible drama to be altered by your caring. Collectively there can be more. Aren't there enough caring beings to overturn the greed goals of the few? One percent has all the wealth as a consequence of dreams not being chosen that include more caring.

Cancel the dream of dying and the dream of control of your domain and ask how you can contribute more caring. Ascension delivered many masters that are going to completely disappear as their bodies are able to be dissolved by more caring. Caring to deliver more awareness to others will elevate their consciousness to the Christ consciousness in all circumstances. Then they disappear. No "uplifting" is going to occur as methods of doing this are not currently available.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saint Germain: 11-11 Continues its Contribution


Sunday, November 13, 2011

11-11 Continues its Contribution

After the great dimensional activation on 11-11 many of you do not have any desire to remain in 3D. Freedom from chaos is not the change that was needed. Freedom from anger, fear and defensive reactions against neighbors, accusers, demanding dictators, etc. is the ascended master's answer to chaos. Caring for all involved is the contribution he/she brings. Welcome to our world.

As an ascended master you can deliver many gifts to humanity. First love, next is contact with all who are needing it, and third, is the deep naked truth from the inner master that gives awareness on an "as needed" basis. Facing chaos is no longer your concern. Delivering the light that pours forth to comfort all who are disturbed is.

Channeling the highest teachings from angels and other masters is now the task that comes to you. Are you able to accept it? It is not too late to learn. When the master is able to deliver the truth, his channel needs to be CLEAR. When you ascended the arrogance of man's negativity, you contributed another access point for God awareness. Whether or not this means acting as a word channel is not important. An open channel for Christ consciousness delivers grace in many ways: your welcoming aura, your gift of divine caring, your meditative energy, your name in their active mind's content and your gratitude for their presence. These things give them evidence that they too can provide these things for others.

Whether or not one delivers messages doesn't matter. Another object of divine caring is being opened to more of God's grace. When help is needed in life's movie, divine grace can be near in the form of an ascended master.

Celebrate this major event. You will give healing to all who come near you. Nothing to do. Only BE.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Suzanne Lie: PHASES OF ASCENSION - Part 1



Part I



1) Downloading the multidimensional light and unconditional love that is entering us through our Crown and settling in to our opened Third Eye and High Heart.

(It is this download that creates our awakening and is documented in the Integration Section of my website.)

2) Loving that light and love so much that we can allow it to travel into the hidden darkness and fear of our deepest subconscious self.

(It is this part that brings on our “Final Initiation,” which begins of process of becoming Lightbody.)

3) Allowing the multidimensional light to reveal this fear to our conscious self and using the unconditional love to heal and set it free.

(This is when we begin the true WORK of being a Lightworker. We are called Light-Workers because it often feels like work to remain conscious of our fear and replace it with unconditional love. We have a long habit of accepting fear as a natural consequence of life on the third dimension. Once we realize that we have a tool to release that fear, we must create the new “habit” of ALWAYS remembering to identify fear and replace it with unconditional love.

It does not matter if the source of fear is our own inner emotion or the fear of a person or situation in our 3D world. The truth is that there is no difference between our inner and outer lives because we are the creators of our life. As we enter our fifth dimensional reality, we realize that we have the power to choose to transmute ALL fear into unconditional love and multidimensional light.)

4) Through the process of revealing and healing our fear with light and love, we learn unconditional love and detached compassion for our physical body, reality, experiences and persistent reactionary patterns (behaviors) that we formerly identified as our grounded self.

(At this point we begin to perceive ourselves as being as being our Multidimensional SELF who is having an experience of being physical. The challenge here is that we have volunteered to remain in our earth vessel for the duration of the Planetary Ascension. We are now Ascended Masters who still carry an earth vessel. Our greatest challenge at this point is to remember to remember that WE ARE ASCENDED within our consciousness. This is when our living in two worlds becomes more and more evident.

We are having many vision, dreams and meditations of our True Life in the higher worlds. These experiences are wonderful, indeed, but they can cause us depression or lower emotions such as fear and anger that we have to return to the illusions of polarized reality. Therefore, we need to remember to remember that only the small component of our great Multidimensional SELF inhabits the third dimension. Furthermore, we are greatly honored to be able to have this grounded expression of our SELF, as it gives us the ability to intimately participate in this wonder experience of Personal and Planetary Ascension.)

Part II posted soon with explanation of phases 5--10

Taken from:

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I AM the Light I stand within
I AM the form the Light creates
I AM the life the Light dictates
I AM the Light
The world is the reflection of my Light
The world within me joins that reflection
I AM standing in the Light of the world that I AM
I project my Light into my world to become a tree
As well as the birds and squirrels that make it home
I become the lawn that covers Gaia’s body
I AM each blade of grass
I AM the roots that connect each blade
I AM the soil in which life grows
I AM the Sky
     The Sun
          The Moon
I AM the form that sees the sky
     Collects the Sun’s light
          Absorbs the Moon’s glow
I AM the friends and family that visit my world
       They are my light and I am theirs
As ONE we stand beneath our tree
       We are the shade
            The trunk
                  The roots
We are the lawn beneath our feet,
       The roots
                  The soul
                           The face of Gaia
We are the house beside the tree
The block on which the house resides
The city
The state
The country
The continent
The planet
We are the planet
We are the Sun that feeds our light
We are the Moon that glows within
Within our form is All That Is
Within the ONE we hold our form
The transition happened yesterday and far beyond all time
We stand as ONE within the NOW as ALL we’ve ever been
The journey is complete, but yet, it’s only started
The pain, the loss, the fear are gone, although we’ve never parted
The vision of eternal truth is forever in our Soul
For now and all forever, we live within the Whole”

Begin your day as a PLANET.
Look into YOUR sky.
Feel YOUR feet within your earth.
Look into YOUR horizon.
Follow the pathway of YOUR rising and setting Sun.
Feel YOUR Moonlight as its cycles wax and wane.
Nourish and love the plants, animals and people living on YOUR land.
Experience the flow of YOUR oceans and waterways. 
Feel the rain as it feeds YOUR land and clears YOUR sky.
Know that YOU are the Planet.
The Solar System is YOUR family.
                  The Galaxy is YOUR clan.
At ONE within
The Cosmic Whole
Alone beside
The Faerie knoll.
Between the trees
Beneath the sky
Your heart expands
Your mind asks why.
Why decide
To let it go
To receive the gift
You wish to know?
How can you be apart,
Yet ONE,
Absorb the Moon
Becomes the Sun?
“The answer lies within,”
They say,
        “To ease the night,
Become the day.
“Hold the Light and
Let it glow
To BE the Truth

You’ve found you know!”




PS: my thanks to Susan Caroll and her great work


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October 28, 2011: THE CHILD WITHIN



All that I have waited for, through the sorrow and the strife
Can it be that it is possible, that I will find it in THIS life?


Somehow I never gave up, though I came right to the edge
Can it be that NOW I'll find, that I am waiting on the ledge?


It is here that I wait patiently, my hand upon my heart
Can it be, at last, I found the life I've searched for from the start?


Memories flash before me of a place I've never left
And at the loss of being there, my feelings are bereft


All that I remember that I've wanted in this life
Was to find a peace within me, and the ending of all strife


I remember who I AM now, and no longer need to suffer
I know the ME I AM inside, and release my final buffer


I release all the behaviors I created to protect me
I no longer need hide in them, now that my Soul is free


I'm alone without my armor, alone without my pain
Alone without my memories of all that I "should" gain


I no longer care for "gaining," or making myself strong
Instead, I go inside my Soul, who's been there all along


The Home that I have cried for, is knocking at my door
I release what I have "worked for." I don't want it anymore


I accept the life that's dawning, and see it in my heart
It is the ME that I've so missed, who's been there from the start


As I awaken to this dawning, and come back into the whole
I see how work and mundane life, has pulled me from my Soul


I feel I'm almost back now, and my visions show the Way
I'm oh so close and, yet so far, from living that great day


I forgive the ME who I became, in the darkness of that night
I embrace the ME, the one who cried in loneliness and fright


The child within will show me how to find my way back Home
The child within will find a smile when I'm feeling so alone


The child who lives inside my core, remembers why I came here
I came to help dear Gaia, hurt by anger, greed and fear


I came here once to do a job, which I hope is almost finished
A child of Earth, I came to help my Mother, so diminished


She's almost back into Her SELF and thanks me from Her heart
"Come with me NOW," I hear Her say, "For, of ME you are a part!"


I feel Her love embrace me, as I listen to Her voice
I know that I will go with Her. I KNOW that is my choice


For, oh so many lifetimes, I've visited this Earth
And now I'm ready from my Core, to welcome OUR rebirth


I speak for all the brave Ones who answered Gaia's call
As she asks us now to join Her, the request is for us ALL!


Together we return, to that which is our Home,
And from that point of love and light, the Universe we'll roam!


This is OUR ascension. Thank the Heavens, literally, for the Galactics and some very brave people who risked their lives, as well as some who gave their lives, to tell the rest of us about what has really been going in our 3-D Game.


When we were children, we believed the illusions and played the Game without trying to "look under any rocks." Now, we are adults. In fact, we are grounded Galactics, Celestials and Ascended Masters who took bodies during this "time" to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.


As we awoke to our Multidimensional SELF, we could no longer "mind" an unjust system and wait for someone else to save us. It is time for us to save our selves. We hold the power because we hold the love. We hold the Light and we hold the power of Truth.


From the loving perspective of our Multidimensional SELF, we can see where we tolerated the intolerable because we did not feel empowered enough to face our fear of change. This fear is actually our friend because it shows us where we are stuck in the 3-D Game and have not, yet, reclaimed our Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love. Fear also shows us where we are stuck, hence, forcing us to change.


When we really take a look at our lives, we often see how things that "threaten" to go wrong, or actually do go wrong, are actually opportunities for us to exercise our power of creativity. Through our multidimensional creative force, we can call upon solutions from our SELF that allows us to see each problem as an initiation that brings us closer to our Soul.


We also learn that far too often things have to break down before they can be restructured, repaired or transmuted. The areas of our life in which we are out of sync with our Soul are so uncomfortable now because we are merged with our Multidimensional SELF enough to recognize when we fall out of alignment. Now that we know the Truth of our SELF and have directly experienced a sense of unconditional love and unity with all life, we are strong enough to continue into the unknown with faith and courage.


We, also, feel the ever-expanding Collective and Planetary Consciousness. Simultaneously, we feel those who have tried to stop that expansion of love and light. However, now their power has so greatly diminished that we are feeling safe enough to fully surrender to the unknown, which is increasingly becoming the known.


We've had a long climb from a very deep valley, but NOW the mountaintops are just before us. We are extremely tired, but the vision of the fulfillment of our highest dreams gives us the strength to continue our journey.


The sun is rising, the fog is clearing, the Way is opening and New Earth is beginning. Now that we have becomes adults in Spirit, we can remember that:




I AM the Earth
The Earth is I


I AM the sea
I AM the sky


I search the land
To understand:


Why am I here upon this Earth?
What was the reason for my birth?


Was it so that I could simply be
The sky, the land and the deep blue sea? 


An answer calls me from my heart
That something special soon will start


All around me, things are changing
Lies revealed and re-arranging


I'll not find answers in the sea
For they are all inside of me


I took a form upon this Earth
To help dear Gaia with Her re-birth


From within, I see the Light above
That I must ground with peace and love


If I capture that which I have found
And pull it deep into the ground


I just may find the simplest way
To create a happy, brighter day


The night was long and filled with fear
Thus, I could not see, nor could I hear


The truth was, oh, so far away
To think about some other day


Now, that day has come, at last
And all I've known is in the past


The future has become the NOW
And, suddenly I remember how


To step across an unseen line
That has nor marking and no sign


To make it harder, it moves around
For it is a Path of light and sound


This holy light creates a tone
And, instantly, I'm not alone


The lies are done
Truth has begun


Within this Truth, I'm sure I'll see
That NOW, at last, my Soul is FREE


Blessings on your journey,

Suzanne Lie


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8108725298?profile=originalFriday, October 21, 2011

Making Awareness Apparent

Freedom from all of life's misery can only come with awakening. No drama comes to anyone that is not needing it. To entertain the conditions of change, notice how all of your lives are constantly changing. Nothing keeps on as it was before you notice. When noticing, ask yourself "Who is noticing change?" Are you the one that is observing or are you the change deliverer? Can this question generate another question? Are you the questioner or are you the one with the answer? Are you either? Both? Neither? Please ask these questions of the mind.

One answer is from mind consciousness, the creator of all mental answers. Another answer comes from the heart's awareness which is beyond the mind. Can you tell which is the deceiver? Which claims to be the one with the answer?

Am I deceiving you with my questions? No, only challenging and guiding answers to the one who has the ability to question. Freedom is when the last question being delivered is not needing an answer.

Are you confused? Nothing can be added to all of my questions except the next level of awareness. Are you going to give these questions your attention? All of these questions are for moving the controlling mind away from its mental choices.

Answer this: Am I the master or is another master more competent? Are you able to accept the master within as your only choice? Consider this the most aware thing that man can do. Break away from choosing answers, and instead, give the question all of your attention.  No answers are needed. Are you getting my drift? Can we agree that no answers are needed? That all of your answers are available in the heart of any man, woman and child? Practice asking for the answer of the heart and cancel all other contributions to awareness.

Face the fact that all of you can get the answers you apply for when you are quiet. The dream of this life is of your own choosing.

Prepare to ascend with the use of questions. Not just asking yourself these questions and accepting all the answers that come in response;  changing the questions will deliver more awareness. You close the door on mastery when you do not notice all that the master inside is giving you. Patience is needed. Question your concepts, all of them that appear when you are awake and divisive thoughts arise. Cancel them by asking "Who wants to know?" This will align you to your contract and bring more growth in awareness.

What I have said about comet Elenin does not include any delightful contributions, only challenges and control driven answers to its path of destruction. In the next days more control of the human condition will be attempted by the dark cabal as an astroid comes into view. Give it no concern. Fear is the only way this astroid can alter your matrix of materialization.

Politics is not the way to move things forward in a growth of awareness manner. Outcry is. Give those in the center of this current outcry applause, and anything else you can give. Are they the light in the darkness? Absolutely.

No more can be done to change the minds of those needing more awareness, but we want to activate action in those who are able to be their own answer to their  contract and divine expression. Make this day the most active example of what you can do. Free the masses with your divine light shining in awareness. Allow the divine being that you are to live as an example.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

You can find italian translation here:

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The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele

Practice going within for everything, and as you do, you will gain spiritual strength.

October 2, 2011


Greetings dear ones. We come again to wish you a happy ascension process. Even though it does not always seem an occasion for rejoicing, it actually is. You are beginning to differentiate between the dark and the light. Mankind is starting discern that which is old and finished and this discernment is manifesting in the world as a dissatisfaction with the status quo. Many are taking a stand on issues that before now they would not of even thought of as needing change. It is because those who always believed everything they were told, are now experiencing the higher frequency energies which are allowing them to feel the difference between that which is true and that which is false. You are becoming more sensitive to energy and Light. The veil is thinning, and is causing dissatisfaction with so much that you previously took for granted. You see dear ones, the old (duality and separation) is not based in Divine law and truth, it simply reflects your venture into the experience of separation in order to remember who you were while within this energy of separation. This is why the school of earth is so difficult and why graduation from the earth school is such an achievement. You are doing it! You are awakening in spite of appearances which means that you are hearing and following your inner guidance. By this we do not mean the many wonderful channels giving you information at this time. We mean your inner guidance, that part of you that is the spark of the Divine, that part of you that is the manifestation of Source Consciousness and embodies all that is. You are starting to trust and allow this completeness to manifest in your life as what you need--information, money, food, whatever. Source is within you and it is your awareness of this truth (your attained state of consciousness) that determines how much of this truth you manifest in the outer.

We say to you all that you are doing a fine job of this ascension but it is vital for you to stay centered and focused. That is, not to believe yourselves to be three dimensional beings occasionally coming into the higher, but to see yourselves always as Higher dimensional beings having to occasionally be in the lower. You see, most are still doing it in the old and beginner way; that is, reserving truth for special occasions and those times of meditation and quiet. Try now to live, move, and have your being in truth at all times for you are ready. Many continue to work from the belief that they are still beginners, but you are no longer beginners. It is not meant that you stay forever in books, classes, and groups that tell you how to be and what you must do. Many still feel that if they read a book, go to a class, or discuss truth with the like minded, that they are very evolved. Truth must be lived, you are able now to get your guidance from within; the Within that is Divine Consciousness-- omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. You! Once you know the Kingdom is within, you must not continue to look outside of yourselves or you create a bigger gap.

Over lifetimes you have played the third dimensional game of hide and seek and have learned who and what you are-- the game is over should you choose. If you choose ascension, you must live ascension. This does not mean living out from a state of consciousness not yet attained, for that in itself is very "human", however, it does mean knowing the truth at all times in spite of appearances, and then taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary at the time. It means sitting in the midst of chaos knowing; "God alone is power". Then proceeding to do what needs to be done.

Through experience, mankind has become comfortable with third dimensional games and finds them hard to give it up. Much that you have come to accept as life and much that you enjoy, is dissolving before your very eyes, but know that anything real cannot dissolve. It is only the concept of it that dissolves, whereas the reality behind it will again appear on higher and better levels. We give you the example of relationships. Many relationships are breaking apart as the result of energy changes. In order for a relationship to work, there must be a resonating of the energy between those involved. This is true for all relationships and not just romantic ones. When an individual evolves and thus moves to a new level of light resonance but the other in the relationship has not moved, you see they no longer resonate with the same frequency. This is happening within many marriages right now because one partner is still in the old energy of; "I am half of a couple, I need you to give me the masculine or feminine aspect that I don't have, and together we are whole." At the same time, the other partner is realizing that he or she is a whole and complete and embodies both aspects already. You see what this will do to a marriage or partner relationship--each are viewing the situation from different states of consciousness.

The new and higher sense of relationship is based in an awareness of self-completeness. That is; "I choose to share my completeness with you but I do not need you in order to be complete.

All things are going to change, but everything real and imbued with truth, will simply manifest on a higher level.

Those protesting all over the world, are experiencing urges flowing from a deeper sense of truth and connection with their reality even though most do not understand this yet. Divine Freedom-(a law)- is coming alive within them and they are expressing this in a way that makes sense to them, by protesting.

Stop looking so much to others for your answers. Let them help you; the books, the channels, the informational sources, but always allow the final word rest in how it resonates within you. You have all that is real within your Divine self, it is only the dream that has made you believe that you were separate from it. Practice going within for everything , and as you do, you will gain spiritual strength. You are awakening from the dream. You are finished with the games of living behind a veil of forgetfulness in order to see if you can find God in the darkness.

You have done it, now accept, embrace, and live out from that which you are, always have been and always will be.

We are the Arcturian Group

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8108725298?profile=originalSaturday, October 1, 2011

For Those Not on the First Wave

Many of the questions that are being asked now have already been answered in these messages. I am not going to repeat the details that have already been given. My dear ones, answers to those questions will come to those asking them in other ways. Make your questions to me relevant to all readers and ask about what is being discussed in these messages, not esoteric questions that have no relationship to my topics. My ability to answer all of your questions is very limited, due to the amount of time required to do so. This blog is not my channel's entire life work. Please do not expect more than she voluntarily gives.

Believing in the content of my words does nothing to determine your level of mastery. Masters do not need my advice. I deliver these messages for those not yet able to get their guidance directly—to provide more awareness for future outcomes. My request is that you believe nothing about the messages that come to you in ANY form, and dig into that knowledge base inside yourself. When you decide that this source is your only guide, able to give you ALL the answers you need, you will be the Master that you have incarnated to become.

Ascension is for Masters. It is not an automatic result of a decision made by those desiring it. Mastery is completing all your negative attitudes and living as an angel in material form. Work on all areas of dis-harmony is required! Giving love to all, without hesitation, is the angelic way.

Can you ascend? Only those ready will be asked to ascend in this next wave. All the rest CAN next time around, IF they become Masters before the call. Channeling a Master does not make you a Master. Walking the Master's walk is a requirement to ascend. Don't think that being anything less than an angel qualifies you for ascension.

Now, my next answer to a question is about the concept I recently introduced regarding ascension being able to deliver more light than the entire spiritual hierarchy combined can do now. When the advanced ascend, the light of their auras will infuse the entire planet energetically, unlike any other time in human history. Those candidates ascending at the moment it happens will give a major "dream come true" feeling to all around them. It will bring their energy up to the level they once dreamed of—activating their own inner light. More shakti will be delivered by those ascending than anyone has previously experienced. This will be felt by all near them, who will be activated. It will be a "chain of events" condition, where one light activates another. You won't ascend as a direct consequence, but you will become more aware and more caring. And, the demand for caring will also be increased. Searching for missing loved ones can demand caring and clear advice from these new leaders of light. After this ascension wave, new dreamers will come to the care of those who can assist them in their next steps.  Will this be my chela's new work? See for yourself the need and your ability to fill it.

Pretending that an ascension will make all of Earth into a New world is not an accurate assessment. No, chaos will come anyway, and so will all the other things my Master Messages have described. Be ready to live these teachings during the next year, and get ready to be on the next wave. There will not be another ascension wave following that one. Believing or hoping you are able to ascend is not the way to do it. Being very clear about the level of love in your heart is how you will know the answer. Please do what is necessary to qualify NOW.

People, don't give up your current life because you believe you are ascending. Keep doing your very best to live the best life you can. Many of you are not able to ascend now and cannot demand more than you are ready to receive. When the day of ascension arrives, those ascending will be taken into the light, but all those who have not qualified will not. Sending them off with great excitement is more important than being disappointed in your own demonstration of readiness. Cheer them on and rise to the occasion. Chelas will be qualifying (or not) by their actions in all circumstances. Be a guide to those you will be able to assist. Be the light that you came to be. This is not a choice of the mind, but a demonstration led by the heart.

Solving your own dilemmas is not the issue. Being light no matter what the circumstances are is the challenge you must qualify from. Life is not only for growth, it is also for giving others the attitudes reflected in that growth.

Believe in ascension. Believe in the Great White Brotherhood. And most of all, give these beliefs to God when you are called to ascend. All beliefs are dreams.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fine Tuning Your Discernment

Continuing to discuss all of the things being questioned is not in your best interest. Please, give away all of your concerns about motherships, comets, being rescued, defeating the dark cabals, etc. and totally dive into the depths of your own awareness. You can be an awakened being in this instant—no "doing" involved. Just give up all of those mental doubts about the ascension and its consequences. Give your current life 100% of your love and creativity until ascension occurs. It doesn't matter whether this next wave is the one you will be on. Those who are on this wave will be the true heros for those who are coming later. But ascension is to be a graduation gift, not a commentary on the earth  changes that will continue to occur.

Cheap, distorted confusion is being delivered to those channels unable to discern the dark from the light. Happy, delightful messages can also be dark. How? Because they defer any action towards  becoming awake. Most of the darkest messages are delivered in this way. Only being aware of the light means there is denial of what is not light, and what you are denying needs to be recognized and released for you to be free. Denial of your own darkness only keeps you "in the dark. "

What you think does not manifest as your reality if there's a contradictory attitude held in the unconscious. Bringing these negative deceptions to light is the way to enlightenment, not affirming their opposite while denying their existence.

Love is not about avoiding negatives, it is about transforming your reactions to them. Beloved and admired dark masters are abundant in your universe. How do you tell the dark from the light? By their actions. Are they the masters of light they claim to be? Can you tell? Here's what to look for:
Are they . . .
1. Acting as an authority.
2. Belittling others.
3. Claiming to be an enlightened being.
4. Maintaining control over anyone.
5. Managing an organization that is exclusive.
6. Afraid of anything.
7. Changing an answer to elude a question.
8. Framing a question instead of giving an answer.

A chalice for light acknowledges that God works through him/her and makes it clear that God is much more than any individual. When you claim I AM THAT I AM you are dispensing with a personal identity, not making a practice of claiming spiritual attributes.

Practices that demand strict adherence to "get" a material designation or acknowledgment from an edified human being are dark. When a practice is used to control it is not a true activation of light. For example: Many are being "initiated" into lineages of energy transmission. All call for the accurate delivery of their methods to be qualified. Most true "healers" are never made into healers in this way, they become healers in the most natural way. Adhering to any "special" method does not invite the most correct or the most effective transmission. It only limits. When a true Master transmits, he does nothing special!

Shall I talk about the groups making these demands? No need—those who are being directed by them will recognize what they need to know and distance themselves by their own decision. Negative attitudes towards any group is not the intention of these words.

Please accept the teachings these groups and their leaders give you about discernment. This is more about YOU than them. I don't care if they are dark—you need them to grow into the awareness of ONE. Please do not attack any group as being dark. Only determine whether you are being controlled or used to control in any way, and if so, walk away.

Controllers need agreement to their control. Agree to be controlled by nothing. Give your own guidance full authority.

Will I comment on other deliverers of information about ascension? Only to say there are many different opinions on this side also, so be true to your own inner director, and be in the group you are being led to. Channeling is not always the answer. Your own inner guidance MUST be the truth for you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna



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Saint Germain's World Trust

Bank Roll Programs

Around the turn of the century, the children of robber barons, and “banksters” began to see the error in their parent’s evilness and their use of wealth. These 100 children are known as “wealthy visionaries”. Together they invested some of their families money into secret money roll programs, to be used for humanitarian purposes.


The bank roll programs, allow wealthy investors to make insane profits by ripping off the assets and resources from third world nations. The profits from these programs are utterly astronomical as monthly returns can be in excess of 1:100,000 and 1:500,000. The name “roll programs” comes from a method of rolling money over and over in short periods of time. At the end of each cycle investors then reinvest or “roll” the principle and interest earned over into the next cycle. In the late 1990′s the bank roll programs finally ceased.


Money earned from these bank roll programs became known as the “Prosperity Programs” Over time the programs where secretly opened up to small investors so that one could invest as little as one hundred dollars at a time. These small amounts where handled by trustees, who collected the money and kept records, and combined the small investments into the large amount, let’s say, one million dollars, that was required in order to enter a “roll”.


The news of these programs spread by word of mouth and especially via multi-level marketers. Thousands of people invested and great wealth was generated, but little, if anything was ever paid back to the investors. Trustees such as Clyde Hood and Mike Kadoski where sent to jail under false charges. Then corruption, greed, and fraud became wide spread among the bankers, government, and even some trustees who wanted to steal the money for themselves.


Even the Bush family had their hands in the pot, using Promis Software they could transfer stolen funds without being traced. Many have died because of this wealth, but God has another plan for humanity.


The time has now come to release these Prosperity Funds and the funds from Saint Germain’s, World Trust. This money will be used to buy out all oil corporations, banks, pharmaceutical cartels, and zero out all debt. 250 years of compound interest has mushroomed the World Trust into a net worth in excess of one quattuordecillion dollars, or $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000.

That’s 1 with 40 zeros behind it. This is enough money to buy a gold cube the size of the orbit of Saturn. So astronomical most people will not believe it!



The money from the World Trust will be distributed in the following manner.

Level One — World Trust.

This is under the trusteeship of Master St. Germain. At his direction The World Trust can only be activated for payout at only two times during any given year, Easter and Christmas. At St. Germain’s orders the World Court activates the funding process. This process continues down through the four lower levels of trusts to the people, and under certain conditions the funding window remains open until the next holiday funding window begins. For example, if the Easter window is activated, the window can remain open until December 24, the day before Christmas, at which time it closes. The window remains open only if significant funds are moved to certain designated trusts during a set period of time. If not, the funding window is closed when such deadlines are not met.


Level Two —

These are the 180 Royal Trusts under the control of trustees in various sovereign countries. Examples are The French Trust, The Russian Trust, and the Vatican Trust.


Level Three —

These are the Family Trusts under the control of trustees of the world’s wealthiest families. Examples are Bronfman, Warburg, Morgan, Rothschild, and Rockefeller.


Level Four —

These are the 250 plus Corporate Trusts under the control of trustees from powerful companies and corporations. Examples are General Electric, Lockheed, General Motors, Boeing, Carnegie, Ford, Marriott and AT&T. There are 4-5 trustees per trust which means that approximately 1200 trustees must sign documents to move money through these trusts.


Level Five —

These are the Prosperity Program Trusts which represent the various 70-75 bank roll programs which are under the control of designated program trustees. Again, there are 4-5 trustees per trust or some 350 persons who must sign documents to activate these trusts. Some examples include Bergevene, SBC, ITI, Savage, Morgan, Omega, and Freedom. The largest trust is Freedom and it must be funded first. It is these trust’s that hold the wealth from the enlightened robber baron children.


Then finally the funds will be released to the common man.

As the funds pass through each trust, the trustee must use only certain designated “safe” banks and sign the proper documents with only certain designated banking personnel at those banks. Should this process be activated and then be stalled by deceitful bankers, deceitful trustees, etc. and the deadlines for funding to reach certain trusts are not met, the funding window is then closed. This is the problem members of the Bush family are blocking the release of these funds.


Taken From:

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8108725298?profile=originalNo Quest for Light Calls for Control

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why are you so concerned about the days to come? Are these deliveries making you angry? Are they activating feelings of former disappointments? My dear ones, all of you are being led to ascension. When it comes, the light that now shines only in the heart of hearts can be available to all through the changes that occur in you. Your mastery is not yet total, but it can be the dream's answer to the next advancement in awareness. Be light now by deleting your doubt. Give love to all, even those of us who have previously disturbed an attitude you have about accuracy. We do our best.

Not any of our conduits can give you the "absolute truth," or they would be doing nothing and saying nothing. No content of any channeling is "absolute truth." It is all a demonstration of the mental content needed to lead the dream onward. Stay in belief of any dictation, or news from any source, and dream on.

I am telling you nothing outside the dream. Whatever does or doesn't occur means nothing beyond the dream. Being of "no mind" takes the dream into account without any attachment to content. Awakened awareness does not care about any of the things detailed in the mind of man. Only divine awareness exists.

Now, chelas, when my call comes for ascension, the dream of your mind will end. As you move into light, the next days will get no concern. Once you are dissolved into light, your contact on this level of awareness will give instructions about the qualities of nature you will be contained in during the anchoring of light phase. No dross can be grown in this energy, only love of all. Your ascension will deliver more light to others than the entire spiritual hierarchy together can now convey.

Why are your calls for assistance in changing your circumstances not answered? Because we are not able to dictate our choices to those unable to hear. Only those who are clear channels or at masters level can be convinced of our desire to lead your world towards a more aware condition. We cannot come into your dream and convince anyone in the dark to do something that is not his own choice. We cannot interfere in the details of any controller developments because no controller will accept the guidance we deliver. Controlling anyone is not part of our dance of light.

Brothers and sisters, are you wanting one group of controllers to be replaced by another? You are answering my call to ascension with negative attitudes. Give them away. They don't get the answers the mind desires. Neither does moaning or complaining. I've mentioned before that all of the dream is your creation—we only assist in keeping the dream moving along as you designed it.

After ascension you will understand my words completely. Now, give me your dense attitudes to dissolve and make the light your only intention. Believe in the ascension. Give it no dense attitudes. Welcome help when it comes. Be still and release all that is not light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
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The Transformation of the Seven Body Chakras in the LBP
By Dott. Georgi Stankov



In order to understand why human body chakras have to be completely restructured in the course of the LBP, you must know that they harbour numerous energetic malfunctions, which have been inserted by the initial engineers of Homo Sapiens, the Anunnaki somewhat 13 000 years ago and only later on improved somewhat by the Sirians and other civilisations from the Galactic Federation.

The most important malfunction that must be removed at the beginning of the LBP is the blockage of the 4th heart chakra, which is the portal for Christ energies of unconditional love in the human body. This chakra links the human entity with the harmony of All-That-Is.

Therefore, the first and most important stage in the LBP is the opening of the 4th heart chakra (emotional centre). This chakra is blocked in most entities, and for this reason most of them are not in the position to experience unconditional love. Most of the problems that light workers have nowadays, or are discussed in their channelled messages, can be attributed to this blockage and gradual opening of the 4th heart chakra.


The vast majority of human entities do not have these problems because their heart chakra is closed and will stay so in many of them. Purely for this reason they will not ascend. The advantage of having a closed heart chakra in the past was that one did not have to cope with the many psycho-emotional problems, which most light workers are currently encountering, while cleansing their personal dross from their past incarnations and that of humanity.

This situation has now reversed. Due to the huge tides of high frequency waves of Christed energy and consciousness from the higher realms in preparation for Ascension of Gaia and humanity, the 4th heart chakra must be opened in most human entities on earth as to comply with these cosmic energies that determine the destiny of our civilisation and planet. Only those entities, who are able to fully open their heart chakra, will ascend and accommodate to the new harmonious energies of the 4th and 5th dimensions after the stargate 11.11.11 will be opened in November this year.

The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the conscious experience of various angst (fear) patterns that shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the cells, in the DNA, by the soul and affect human behaviour in a profound and invisible manner as long as the 4th chakra is closed.

Below, I will discuss the clinical and somatic symptoms, associated with this massive angst experience. Here, I will give you some technical information on the opening of the 4th chakra, which you may not find in any other book or channelled message on this issue.

As you may know, this chakra is associated with the thymus. This organ is in front of the lungs and is rudimentary in most human beings - it is not evolved at all. When the 4th chakra begins to open, the thymus starts to grow. At a later stage, this can be even determined by CT (computer tomography).

The growth of the thymus is associated with chest pains, asphyxia, acute episodes of severe bronchitis and pneumonitis, which are erroneously diagnosed as flu or pneumonia by most doctors, who have no idea of LBP and Ascension. The most disturbing symptom is, however heart arrhythmia, which is due to the adjustment of the heart regulation to the new, powerful astral energies, which now flow unrestricted in the physical body after the 4th chakra has been opened. The arrhythmia can last from 6 months up to one year.

When I first wrote about this symptom in my book "Evolution Leap of Mankind" in 2001, this phenomenon was completely unknown. In the meantime, I have many friends, who have entered this stage and are now complaining about heart arrhythmia, which is always associated with fear bursts that aggravate the mental situation of the entity.

They usually run to the doctor and get prescribed a ß-blocker or an anti-arrhythmic drug, which increase mortality and hinder the LBP, as I have already explained above. Therefore, it is very important that the entity should know exactly what is going on during the LBP and should not succumb to his fears, believe to be ill and visit physicians. This is a huge problem nowadays that impedes the LBP.


I can assure you that the transient arrhythmia episodes are absolutely harmless and disappear without any treatment as soon the opening of the 4th chakra is completed. However, one can make use of ß-blockers intermittently, when such symptoms occur. The advantage of a ß-blocker (preferably metoprolol) is that it, at the same time, has a sedating, calming effect and mitigates the acute fear experience that is associated with a LBP-induced heart arrhythmia. But you must restrict the use of metoprolol only to the acute fear episodes, as this drug is rather toxic when chronically administered.

The above information is extremely important for anybody, who enters this last and most intensive phase of the LBP.

According to my observation, the opening of the 4th heart chakra has reached many light workers (adult and old souls) in the autumn of 2009 and has been progressing at a rapid pace since then. In 2011 most light workers have experienced a peak in the cardiac symptoms, associated with the opening of this chakra. The broad population is now following this avantgarde of mankind, as the influx of high frequency waves from the central sun of our galaxy has significantly increased in the course of this summer and will peak in October and November during the Shift and Ascension of Gaia and Humanity to the 4th and 5th dimension after the stargate 11.11.11. will be opened.

Most of these energies of Ascension can only enter the physical body through the heart chakra. This is a key event in the LBP in the End Times, which is unfortunately not really discussed by most channels, at least not in such a way as to promote the understanding of the light workers. It is a pity, as this topic is of great practical relevance and existential urgency for most light workers, who need a good professional advice with respect to their clinical symptoms, which they cannot adequately interpret.

As soon as these two hurdles are surmounted, the LBP can truly unfold. This is associated with the opening of the 6th and 7th body chakra, which are closed in most entities.

Just for your information: Before the soul incarnates, she makes a decision on the energetic characteristics of the incarnated entity. One very important decision is, which chakras should be the dominant ones.



Taken from:
How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process
By Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD
, September 24, 2011,

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8108725298?profile=originalChoosing Ascension, Again

Sunday, September 25, 2011


When the ascension dates arrive, a call to all who chose to ascend will be made. Those who answer that call will know whether they are able to ascend or not, because they will once again be choosing to be the angel they incarnated to be. Are they willing to disappear to the world they know to ascend? Those who cannot are the ones who are not ready. Fear, doubt or desire for more of Earth's challenges will decide which mandate they will follow. Clear uncluttered minds will be the first to leave. Choice will not be a challenge for these, but it will be for those who are not yet able to agree.

My predictions are the advance call. When the call actually comes, those who are able to determine its content and its meaning will have an advantage over those who are not aware of what I have said about the next days and ascension. Can this prediction discredit my messages? Of course, because no ascension can occur without man's full agreement. When the call comes we will need that agreement once again. Saying "yes" will give us permission to activate the dematerialization of bodies. No number is required. Those not hesitating are going to ascend.

What will happen to you is your choice. Can you decide now and then alter that decision? Yes, and any one who does this can get on the next wave. But, are you going to give up an opportunity to live the best life you can make for others as well as yourself? You are the ones that can alter the fate of those not ascending. Only this big drama can get an absolute change in direction for all who need more awareness. Are they the reason to ascend? Yes. One of you ascending can deepen the light for them. Many ascending can manifest a new drama in their lives. We do not ask you to leave those you love. We want them to make the ascension with you.

All of my messages are my words, not those of my channel. She has no desires or concerns about any of these messages or their content and cannot determine their accuracy. We of the Great White Brotherhood are grateful to her for giving an unattached delivery of our words.

Can we have others deliver messages when we don't have this blog? Yes. Please do, but do so from an unafraid and unbiased clarity. No messages of this kind are to be delivered to those who are not clear. Channeling is not difficult for those with an open mind.

Can the comet destroy this planet? Yes. Will it? No, it will only make things more challenging. Will an astroid deliver a final mass destruction? No, Earth will continue to exist with an opportunity to be energized again. When this energizing is complete there will be a New Earth.

Will you accept the offer to ascend when it comes? No details are missing from these messages. All countries have ascension candidates, even those with negative dictators. This choice is not the country's determination, it is yours alone.

Follow the lead of your heart. Making the choice to ascend is the heart's choice. An awakened one will not be led by an active ego. Count the days now. Enjoy all of your moments. Get ready. Put your affairs in order. Get a master plan to those who are going to assist with the next day's tasks. Place no one above the call of your heart, and depend on no one to answer for you. Be with the angels and claim the destiny you chose to have. Make this call the one you aspire to.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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8108723876?profile=originalNibiru Contact is a Myth

Friday, September 23, 2011


My messages have all been about the next days and ascension. My dear ones, your curiosity about future events does nothing to advance these two awarenesses that are most needed today.

Nibiru is neither a galactic death constellation nor a contributor to the axis change. It does not exist in your universe. Have the conspiracy theorists been able to concoct a new planet to frighten you? Apparently they have, at least it appears so.

Can you turn your attention away from current events or controller fear dynamics, including the threat of death to the planet from this or any other contact mechanism? None of these creative dramas are accurate. My comet communication was to tell you there will be many changes, not total destruction. No comet or other method of destroying Earth is needed—man has already provided an activation of destruction that needs no assistance.

Are you ready to drop your fear so you can ascend? Fear cancels the ability to accept the amount of light needed to dematerialize a body. Cancel your dream that includes death and destruction. Believe in one thing only: I AM THAT I AM. Nothing else is accurate.

The Masters and angels are all clamoring for ascension. No other detail that can deter ascension needs attention. Are you able to accept ascension as a reality? Are you afraid of this? Make a commitment to ascend before there are no days left to do this. Practice meditation or another form of being quiet. Allow the God within to make all your choices, and let gratitude be your approach to life, not complaints.

Make no mistake, when the call comes you will be notified as a candidate to ascend IF you have done what my messages have asked. My words about this have been clear. Your choices are the difference between ascension or not.

Being calm, clear, awake and aware are the candidates most important details. Fake gossip about anything and everything calls for your attention. Be clear that only inner direction is to get your attention.

My fellow contributors to these messages and the Masters and Mankind blog do not want to control or disturb anyone, only prepare you to make the most informed choices. Now is the time to be very careful about accepting any man's conclusions about the future. Nothing is carved in concrete to be made an absolute. All can be altered at God's call.

Many of you are able to ascend. Count the days now, as only days are left. Weeks? Maybe.  Months? No more to be counted. During October on your calendar there will be an amazing door to ascension. Are you able to go through this door?

Be with the angels as you go. Be one of the angels and lead others. Be as you are, an angel in human clothing. Remember this concept and let others know: "All of humanity is matter that will go back to dust."
All the best.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
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Ascended Master Saint Germain: The Ascension Call

8108723876?profile=originalThe Ascension Call


When my words can be accepted by all who are contracted to ascend, my contact will not be an issue. All of those needing to know what the messages are saying will have direct contact and no "other" will be needed to deliver messages. When the ascension occurs my current channel will be going with it. Please don't depend on anyone outside of yourself.

All of these messages have answered questions currently coming in. Making a repeat answer cannot be the highest use of my ability to communicate to you. Please ask, but if no answer appears, this means I have already addressed this topic. Go back and read the older messages. My continuous attention is on ascension.

No daily occurances are on the continents by accident. All of the current events are caused by old disturbances that need healing. Conscious, open dissoluton of many old dramas is occurring, waiting for the ascension to make a major impact on daily affairs. We cannot predict the outcomes, only the cause of major alterations to human affairs.

My dear ones. When the call to ascension comes we will await your action to go out of the attitude of "maybe" to a clear "I'm in!"

Mothers are asked to carry children who cannot be told to be quiet and await guidance. All mothers and fathers who are the caretakers of children are to be responsible for controlling the depth of action their children are to take. Your hesitation means they hesitate.

Factors beyond a choice in the moment are now in motion. Activating the call is within our control. Are these things making you aware of how complex this control is? Please don't get afraid of this, it is not irreversable. All choices are to be activated when the call comes.

Present time awareness is my request. Be conscious of your daily activities so you have a clear open door to the new energies coming in that will activate the ascension. Are the doors open to this in your world?

All who are doing clearing and activation of more love in any area of the ascension domain (where it is needed) are making a difference now, as all ascension candidates are completing their contracts now. Can we count on you to be one of them? Are we on the same page?

My channel is not able to deliver regular messages now due to the call of her attention in other areas. When these messages are delivered will be determined by how she can manage it. No, my content will not be delivered by another, as her clarity comes from awakened awareness, not an ordinary consciousness. Wake up to this awareness yourself! Get the messages direct! I've asked this from the beginning of my channel's decision to give an opening in her awareness and her life to receive my words.

Practice any form of quieting the mind techniques to get yourself ready for the call. Bring love to all of those who appear in your energy field. Take care of your body, and complete your dissolution of mental disturbance. Help is available on the deepening of an intitial awakening. Please take advantage of this.

Police will soon be asked to detect messages that are against the common agreed attitudes of most humans. Mine may be deleted from internet content. Because of this possibility, I suggest that you act on my demonstration of love and get ready to have direct contact with me for the future.

Continue as though all is as it needs to be - it is. No control of thought or action is now underway, but this can change. Value the time we have together in this message delivery conveyance, but don't demand more of another than you are able to give of yourself.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
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8108723876?profile=originalAll About the Ascension Call


When the ascension call comes, those hearing it will be asked to do certain things to leave third dimension. No one will need to guide others. Children who will ascend can do this by their own essence taking charge. Colleagues of those ascending will be collectively surprised. All who choose to ascend will be moving to the dimension of their current awareness. Some to 5th, and many to the higher realms. Awakening to 5th dimension consciousness will be done automatically. Other dimensions will energize those who are complete with all of their lessons.

All children of God will get the call. Only those who are able to accept and act on it are to ascend. My direct appeal for channeling ability was to make awareness of this call more apparent to those unable to get messages direct.

At the present moment the goal is more than an obvious count demonstrates. No cause to be concerned if you are open to the inner awareness that normally guides you. If not, meditate and ask to be guided. No density claims an ascension candidate. All deep negative attitudes are now eliminated. Complete acceptance of "all that is" comes naturally.

Moving out of 3rd dimension is not magic - nor is it science. Only calm, clear minds can accept this choice. No levitation is involved, only disappearance of the body.

More and more, the dear ones who are to ascend are being readied. Are you needing more sleep? Are you getting more sensitive? Clearing density out of the cells causes these new conditions that are needing attention. No one can mentally determine their own density quotient. Are these clues enough to still make the needed contact possible? Yes they are.

Making the ascension easy has nothing to do with conditions in the 3rd dimensional drama. Only those who can ascend determine whether they participate or not. One by one they choose. There will not be any devious, complex demands on them to do so.

Meditation now is good. It is not a requirement, but will calm the mind so clarity of contact can be delivered. Making a will can be useful, although a disappearance is not the same as a death, and no legal deliverance of these directions will be made. Bank accounts can be closed or designated to dependants now. Make all decisions for these things now. Make a goal to ascend and give away things not needed. Are my words clear? Are you able to deliver these things now? No? Alright, don't do it, and allow things to be done about them after you ascend.

My dear ones. Those who question my authenticity will be astonished to discover their next quote is, "I was wrong". Please give them no attention. Prepare on your own to ascend and get the provisions to attend to the days of darkness in case you don't hear the ascension call. Make a decision to leave, or not, before the call comes. It will require an instant decision later.

No decent into darkness will go along with the ascension. Many of your days will be in between. So go to the store after the ascension should my words not give you confidence in your own choices now. Are you able to ascend? Just ask me this question directly and get your own answer. If no answer is delivered, this means you have no ability to hear the call. Get to work now and open the ability to channel your own guidance.

My dears, my words may appear crazy to those who don't answer their own inner director with clear acceptance. But, all who do will be delighted to be One again in another realm. No chariots of fire this time, only contact and mental dissolution of all 3rd dimension constructs. Abilities to see or attain directions other than words are not as clear in their guidance as direct messages of the Angelic kind. One can count on the direct message in an answer of words only.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
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Leaders of a New Humanity: the emergence

Photo_on_2010-04-09_at_16.42__2_3-202x300.jpgLeaders of a New Humanity: the emergence


“We are so delighted to be a part of something so magnificent, that which you call ascension, and what we call “homecoming”.  We say home-coming because each of you who is leading the planet to her destiny carries the activated vibration of home, of Source energy within…and though many of you have had to dim your light to fit into a world that was once unfit for such magnicifience, you are now emerging in the fullness of pure-heart radiance. Pray tell.”  -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

So much has shifted since the last update! As soon as I started to reorient myself to this new mental space, the unseens started hammering me with boatloads of information…and as long as this article will probably be, it is only 1/3 of what they have to share with all of us…compliments of the integration of the eclipse sandwich that took place back in June/July. Which sort of feels like forever ago…and yet a day.

The many multidimensional shifts that have taken place since that eclipse portal are starting to avail themselves both within the human (collective) mind and in the resulting external structures in our world.  These internal changes being felt by more of us now and are breeding contempt in the collective psyche, rendering an emptiness in so many who previously felt fulfilled within the 3d dimensional paradigm structure. (think family & friends) These uncomfortable feelings now surfacing within the many sectors of human society are successfully starting to threaten all remaining global systems that continue to uphold separation over unity.

The Flowering

Just in time for the 6th day (the flowering phase of The Tree of Life), in the 11th heaven of the 9th (& final) wave of the Mayan Calendar… which ends on 10/28/11 according to Carl Calleman… and as a result of the rising discontent in those around us, the time has come for the way-showers to honor and share our deeply held & hard-earned wisdoms with more of humanity.  For those leaders of the new world who have been held back, unheard, thwarted from complete self-expression or deterred from sharing full-truth with others, your time has come. The unseens say that this group of souls has received the clarion call to come out of hiding, to stand up in personal truth with honor & integrity, to bear witness to the changes that are taking place all around us, and while holding the vastness of our wisdom and knowledge with authority, with sovereignty, but most importantly…without fail. This will mean different things to different people, but I am hearing that each of us will be tested in some way to apply the full strength of our light.

“Now, we realize that this may be a bit of a struggle for those around you…in the sense that the changes in you will require changes in all those close to you, and to that we say…be not afraid.  Be all you came here to be lest you risk losing an opportunity at magnificence. The time for shining your full light is now and you will be presented with many situations in the coming days which will require this of you. We are not saying that this will present challenges by way of discordance, but by way of displaying your inner-strength in a manner that can be definitively seen, felt and heard by others.  Many of the new leaders have been hiding behind the cloak of unworthiness for far too long, waiting for the final reconnection to your genetic excellence…for these souls, a great opening is upon you, a shift in the way you participate with your truth and display it to others.” -Seven Sisters

For those who have begun this transition into full-truth, into authentic being-ness, and are arriving on the “other-side”…a congratulations is in order!  Your world is already beginning to shift in magnificent, supportive & awe-inspiring ways. And this is just the very beginning.

The true measure of our authentic self-expression is realized by the level and amount of reciprocation from the world around us now.  Our external world is always an accurate depiction of our inner-dwelling, so as we participate with the physical world from our singular point of truth, the reflections of our light now shining back at us can be eye-opening and heart-expanding…revealing/reflecting not only the accuracy and alignment with our authentic core-selves, but the physical evidence of our unmistakable inner-beauty that has been…for so long…quashed under the weight of our self-percevied limitations.

In other words, we are being de-cloaked and as a result the outside world is beginning to see our divinity…our pure-heart radiance… because, ultimately, we are now more aligned with and operating from divine LOVE.  These experiences of being “seen”, for who we really are…and as if for the first time…can be jolting after so many years of hiding our true selves and being discounted or judged by conventional thinkers steeped in doctrine.

Coming out can be off-putting because, lets face it, we’re gun-shy…and even when we do need to use our guns, they are always cocked with a string of defenses…some from rote memory, some completely made up: like when you run into an old friend from yoga whom you haven’t seen in 5 years and after a very thorough once over, you get asked the fateful & dreaded question….“so what have YOU been up to?”  And in that very moment…you’re presented with the sobering reality that it  a b s o l u t e l y  looks like you’ve done nothing…except age…and your faced with the depressing double bind decision of…Do I lie to her, or to myself?

This is that moment when all the blood from your limbs pools in your ears, noise fades, and someone from deep within you emerges with an interesting and “creative” story about’

We’ve all been there and wondered who we can & can’t tell that we’ve actually spent the bulk of the last 5-7 years in fetal position waiting to be (re)born.

But that’s over now.  According to the unseens…no more hiding.  We are being called forth by those who need us and we will be received with love.  Not only that, but once we move past the insecurity of being judged or laughed at, the unexpected warm reception by others can spur a knee-buckling level of gratitude.

You may be noticing these true heart-based connections emerging all around you…even with strangers…a feeling that suddenly everyone’s light has been turned on.  But the truth is that these are just the reflections of our own internal light shining so brightly now that the world can finally see it.

This is how you really know when its your time to shine.  Not only because you have something to share, but because you are being beckoned to share it.

Navigating Split-Realities

“The realization that some of you are leading this brigade, and even more are following, is an important distcintion to make at this juncture.” -Seven Sisters

In the last update the unseens mentioned a changing of the guard ….”as the collective world consciousness inevitably cascades into greater levels of fear… and their overall sense of security is rocked, there will also be those of you who will be simultaneously rising to meet great success”…and they have more to share about that today.

What they want to make clear is the fact that only those who are complete in their spiritual maturation process are in the preparation period to lead.  They are saying that….“Those who will be stepping out as the beacons of light in a time of darkness will experience a vastly different reality than those just beginning to look within”, and they would like to offer some assistance with regard to handling the split in reality structures that we are beginning to witness.

This split is becoming REALLY noticeable, and it can feel alienating to not be able to relate to so many who are still living out the old-paradigm.  For that reason it is becoming increasingly more important to understand how we operate within this new perceptual field of awareness because it is tremendously different from the old.

For those stepping into leadership roles, I am hearing that there is coming a more deeply-felt sense of liberation than those around you will experience, in addition to a more visceral understanding of timelessness due to the level of expansion that this group of souls has achieved.  Juxtaposed against this reality will be those who are just beginning to awaken to their divinity, and for this group there is coming a profound shift in consciousness that will, or already has begun to rapidly deteriorate the 3d dimensional reality structure that they have been participating in.

For these peeps, and most likely it’s no one reading this, it may seem like the rug is being pulled out from under them as their whole world shifts on its axis.  Those at the front of the parade are well-versed in this matrix dismantling process and so the leaders/wayshowers will be stepping into position simultaneously as the 3d bubble begins to burst for these awakening souls.  In other words, some of you will be to the next wave what our invisible spirit guides were to us…in some cases, and depending on your role in the plan, you will be the “physical” guides who will be escorting these folk over the bridges to 5D that we have been constructing for years.

For those of you who are leading, you are coming to really know who you are and what your role is in the bigger picture now…it is becoming feeling-based…meaning, what you have “known” was true now “feels” true.  For years, this group in particular has been awakening to the greater part of themselves, the part that is here to lead humanity to its destination…but without a context to apply that information.  The sisters share with me that the context is now formed, and the result of this will be much greater clarity and a keen understanding of what we are physically here to do at this stage.

“In a sense this information is not new to you, but it may feel new…and we realize that there are those of you reading this who have little understanding or clarity around what your role is in the greater plan, and to this we say: everyone is in the process of awakening to much greater personal truth…all at different and varying levels of consciousness…and all in the perfection of the divine plan.” -Seven Sisters

Lastly, I am hearing that for the teachers of new-humanity (teaching is a very broad term), the matter of how we receive information and share it with others is changing in a big way.  The Pleiadians say that it is important to understand that there is no longer a gap between what we are here to experience and what we are here to teach.  The example that they give is if we are here to teach others about healing, there is no longer a gap between our personal state of health and the information that we teach about healing…in other words, we are stepping into embodied presence and so our own healing IS the teaching.

This means that instead of teaching from a future perspective of what “will be”, we will be teaching from presence of “I Am” or “what is”.  We are becoming integrated teachers by experience (heart) over teachers by knowledge (head) …the difference is in integration versus concept.

Time is folding in on itself and so we are finally becoming that which we are here to teach. This is pretty exciting because it means that we will finally have credibility are anchoring into real-time awareness and are beginning to discover the many joys of operating from the realm of oneness.

Physical Happenings

“No longer is the physical body merely a space for your soul to sit in, but it is enlivened with christed-intelligence and has a “mind” of its own, so to speak.”  -Seven Sisters

And finally, the sisters want for us to understand that our bodies are undergoing major, major changes…most of which we can feel, but not mentally grasp yet.  We are adapting and conforming to the new system (light) intelligence that now sustains us and yes, there are many symptoms associated with these changes…especially appetite/digestion oddities as we alter the Source of our physical nourishment… but I am hearing that we are soon to notice things that we haven’t before.

One of the things that they mention in addition to deeper psychic development, is that as we become self-contained in our energy field, we will begin to feel that our body is operating on its own accord, seemingly independent from the world around us. This is exhilarating in the sense that we will begin to feel the freedom from lower dimensional dross as we are released from the discordant planetary matrix that presently houses us….however, without awareness, the unseens feel that these changes could cause confusion or stress and so they want to palliate any potential fears.

This disconnection from 3D is already noticeable in small ways, like the inability to feel the discomfort that others are going thru or even feelings of alienation since nearly EVERYone around is experiencing some form of chaos and it can feel odd and lonely to be blissful and excited about the falling world.

“Keep in mind that with the acceptance of your divinity comes the realization that those things that are still deeply-human, that is to say…still operating form a place of separation or limitation…will seem very far away and foreign to you.  You will feel a disconnect from much of the life that still surrounds you, however, this detachment is necessary and required to move into your new dwelling space.  What we recommend is that you focus less on the disconnect you feel between your new awareness and the awareness of others, and more on the connection that you feel between your head and heart.  This is where the magic is happening and all else will eventually fall away to reveal the essence of full truth.”  -Seven Sisters

For me personally, this has meant a great deal of exercise for my compassion muscle.  Connecting to those who are hurting thru love, and not suffering, requires discipline…I find it to be a delicate balance between validation, holding a safe space, and reflecting higher truths…all at once.  It’s a lot like juggling.  And what I have found really odd is that we have worked so long and hard to move beyond the (e)goo, that you would think it would be easy to access all those years of struggling so that relating would be effortless…but we are so presently focused now that this doesn’t seem to be the case at all.  It literally takes effort to relate to things we have been fighting thru for years and years and years.  It’s that higher-dimensional amnesia, I tell ya… pretty peculiar stuff.

Mostly, the sisters want to make clear that any disassociation we are feeling is normal, healthy and that we will find it very helpful in assisting others. It’s not that we are exiting the matrix of human life, just the matrix of human suffering.  The difference is mostly in perception, and we are simply rising to meet a new outlook.  Consequently, this “release” will ground a feeling-based understanding that we are not our body, but that we are participating within a body, within a life, and within a divine-human context.  Again, not new information, just a deeper integration of it.

“There will be so much more to share on this in the coming days, but for now all that is required is the understanding that you are beginning to identify with your divinity…not your egoic perception of divinity, but the actual presence of it. You are getting glimpses of what it means to be spirit in human form…the phase of embodiment that we refer to as “the realization of your divine body” and it merely requires the understanding that you are changing from one form to another.  We assure you that this is not the aggrandized version that would see, perhaps in movies, but more of a subtle shift of expression from limitation to limitlessness.”  -Seven Sisters

We have had to literally dis-identify with every aspect of being a so-called human in what the sisters have termed the “release of the pain/fear-body phase” in the Phases of Embodiment article… which is why it took so freaking long…but the divinity phase they say, is much more natural to us and will feel more seamless in its unfoldment.

So, are you ready to shine?


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Copyright © 2008-11. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

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The Ashtar Command have predicted that those who ascend in the first wave will be given the opportunity to return to the Earth in the ascended state, to awaken the rest of humanity to the ascension opportunity. The Keys of Enoch support this prediction by speaking of the sudden appearance of 144,000 Ascended Masters on the Earth, who will transform the world and push back the clouds of darkness and despair. The appearance of 144,000 masters is also predicted in the Native American prophecies. In April 1983, the Medicine Teacher, Harley Swiftdeer declared that, "144,000 Sun Dance enlightened teachers will totally awaken in their dream mindbodies. They will begin to meet in their own feathered serpent or winged serpent wheels(Merkabah) and become a major force of light to help the rest of humanity to dance their dream awake." This would also provide an explanation for the 144,000, spoken of in the Book of Revelation.Chapter 7, of Revelations, refers to an uncountable number from everynation clad in what John perceived to be white robes. This could have been his perception of the light bodies adorning the multitude, who follow in the wake of the 144,000, to rise in the second and third waves of ascension. John also said that these were the ones who had been cleansed by the time of great distress, a seven year period of great tribulation. This would correspond to the natural disasters that have been predicted as necessary in order for the Earth to cleanse herself of industrial civilisation and pollution prior to her own ascension.

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Ascended Master Saint Germain: Awaken and Ascend

8108723876?profile=original Awaken and Ascend

Concentrate on the conspiracy theories and you will not awaken and ascend. Not that these are not accurate, most of them are contributing credible facts to man's cabal awareness. But this is not to be the focus of those wanting to ascend. Why? Because this helps negative attitudes grow. Anything "against" counts as negativity, no matter what topic is being attacked. When man chooses any opinion that is "against" another, his mind is caught in the dream.

Nowhere does it say this dream is Reality. Man does not have any understanding of Reality. Are you concerned about any conspiracy or controller dialog mentioned by this blog, or from other sources? Then you are not awake yet. All of these things are part of the dream, my messages as well as every other contact with Masters and angels.

An awakening is to master life with no belief in the dream. When you awaken, you become aware that the dream is a dream, and all of those still dreaming are not awake. "Am I going to ascend?" is a question the dreamer asks. "Are we going to awaken?" is a more aware question.

All the conspiracies are not theories. Most are accurate accounts of the dream that is being acted out as a dream. None of the "hands on" descriptions are being made up by those delivering them to man's mind—except the official ones. No official claim about man's condition comes from an accurate account, only from manufactured data to lead you away from what is accurate. But, neither of these two scenarios will take you to the awakened condition. Both are distractions! Mental conviction for either matrix of materialization contains no accuracy in the big picture, only in the keyhole you are observing it through.

My message today is not about whether there is a conspiracy or no conspiracy. It is about the dream or no dream.

Chances are you do not agree with anything being claimed by me today. Why? Because we are talking about waking up to a more accurate picture than the one that is meeting your eye when it is seen through the keyhole. Please don't allow your mind to cancel this message before it learns the next attributes of being awake:
1. Clarity about how the dream is mesmerizing the mass consciousness.
2. Awareness of the Truth that mind cannot grasp.
3. Change in the consciousness of an adept to awareness of the higher realms and beyond.
4. Cancellation of those attitudes that have defeated the ascension.
5. Answers to all questions about the dream.

Making a leap in consciousness can be a direct result of discontinuing your mental concerns about the drama being enacted by all dreamers. Placing all of these dramas in a category of "dream not Reality" is a good way to begin. Next, move your attention away from all the deliverers of control vs. victim material. All of this is part of the dream and you can detach from it. Convincing yourself (or anyone else) about the accuracy of any data is mental destruction of the light.

You  only deliver light from the essence of your being. Your guide to awakening is in the core of that light—in your deepest inner depths—not in the mind. Forget all the change data, all the mesmerizing conspiracy theories, all the data about human affairs, and go to this depth for your reality check. Not just for a casual glimpse, but for a deep, clear acceptance of what is found in the awareness of your own heart.

Allow the dream to be your entertainment, not part of your ongoing creation. The mind is your director of mis-understanding. Clear your mind of all outer news and open the heart for awakened awareness. We need more awakenings for the change of mass consciousness in the dream to be achieved.

We are near the ascension, and we are not content with less than all of those who chose ascension to be on this next wave. Are you awake? No? When the ascension occurs you will not be leaving.
You can awaken NOW—it needs nothing other than what I just told you in this message.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
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A Special Interview with the Arcturians: The Countdown Has Begun!

The Ascension of Gaia and Humanity to the 4th and 5th

Dimension at the Stargate 11.11.11.Pole Shift and Cataclysmic Events Will Only Affect 3d-Earth.


By Dr. Suzanne Caroll, September 17, 2011

Introduction and Energizer:

Dr. Georgi Stankov

The Multidimensional Reality of Suzanne Caroll


If there were a prize for New Age literary achievements, Sue would have won this alternative Nobel Prize on Literature a long time ago. When I came across her website in the fall of last year, I was overwhelmed by the depth, the multitudinous scope and the cunning visions, sprouting from the infinite imagination of this unusually gifted poet, writer,  professional psychologist, and, as I
immediately recognized,  a dear soul mate of mine since the Atlantean times, whom I had been searching for a long time on this planet.

How could such a creative personality dwell in the current political ostracism, emotional aridity and self-centered egomanics in this last crumbling empire of Darkness, the prototype of the dying Roman Empire in Modern Time, I was pondering all the time, while going through Sue's excellent books on her website, which are a life-time lecture for any deep spiritual seeker. I immediately contacted her, and the rest is history, as they say.

For the last one year, we have exchanged myriads of  emails, sometimes several a day. I have published a small sample of them, written at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, in my last book on human Gnosis "The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction". Sue was the Muse of Creation, who inspired me to write this book with her vibrant responses to any intellectual challenge I had thrown upon her in this last year - and there were many, I can assure you.

Indeed, the most exciting correspondence, I have ever come upon in the End Times of this toxic planet - we were detached from space and time, enjoying the infinite and eternal exuberance of our souls, while still trapped for a transitory moment in the illusionary prison of the  human "mortal coil" (Shakespeare).

The multidimensional reality of Sue is so overwhelming and breath-taking that one can spent his whole life, wandering through the infinite cosmic realities, which she presents in her books with a cunning sovereignty and unbending imagination, It is the omnipotent space-time of the human soul, which manifests itself in the "Unconscious", "Conscious", and "Subconscious" - three excellent comprehensive books on the multi-verse of human awareness, which make Freud with his sterile "Es, Ich and Über-Ich" seem like a pitiful victim of a petit-bourgeois Jewish mind, calibrated and distorted by the subconscious erotic and carnival monsters of the dying Austrian Empire.

Forget Freud and read Sue. Discover the infinity of your "Super-Mind" with her confident guidance. Transcend with her "The Thirty Veils of Illusion" and dare "The Return" to the pristine pastures of your soul, enjoy with her "The Visions from Venus", culminating in a beautiful  "Interdimensional Love Story", let yourself be educated by this gifted psychologist how to "Reconstruct your Reality". Enter the "Arcturian Corridor" and ascend to the multidimensional reality of the higher realms. And if this is not enough, go with Sue's loving company  through the "Seven Steps", leading to your soul - the most brilliant "Poetic Journey of Spiritual Awakening" of Modern Times.

Her literary heritage to mankind perspires the transcendence of the medieval poetry of  Italian Trecento
, Lorenzo Medici's stances on the waning power of earthly love, the passionate love songs of Aquitaine and Celtic bards, the heart-breaking tremoli of Mozart's operas, the eternal solemnity of Bach's fugues and the pantheistic exaltation of Beethoven, turning a blind eye to the frailties of enslaved mankind, seeking his salvation in the coming storm of the End Times.

The History of this Interview:

After I had written my last article on the coming magnetic pole shift and the necessary restructuring of the earth`s crust at the Stargate 11.11.11 in this fall, when earth and part of humanity will ascend to the 4th and 5th dimension, I had, for the first time in my life, doubts about the appropriateness of its publication. The planetary changes and catastrophes that will come very soon in association with Gaia's Ascension will be so sweeping and devastating at the same time, that I questioned the wisdom of announcing them in advance, even when my objective was to present them in a more neutral scientific manner, as to calm down the fears of my readers. It was for the first time in 15 years, since I had given up working with channelers, that I asked Sue for an external advice from the Arcturians.  I wrote to Sue:

"I have sent you this article because I have the same foreboding for some time, which is associated with Elenin and the star portal 11.11.11. and the entering of earth fully in the photon belt as already confirmed by the Arcturians.
After I have written this article on the magnetic pole shift, I am, for the first time in my life, not sure, whether I should publish it or not. It is not that I might be compromised, if I am wrong in my predictions. As you know, I do not care about such things. But I do not want to contribute to the general fear. On the other hand, I am rationalizing the necessary changes from a scientific point of view in this article as to take away as much fear as possible from my readers and hinder wild speculations as is currently the case with Elenin.

For this reason, I want you to do me a favour for the first time. Could you please ask the Arcturians, whether these events will unfold in the way I have discussed them in my latest article and, whether it is appropriate to publish it, even if they come as predicted?

I will not publish my article before I have a feedback from you. When I wrote this article on the magnetic pole shift, I had the good feeling that it is correct. I was inspired all the time by the higher realms and wrote it almost in a state of automatic writing, however filtered through my scientific mind as usual.  You know, I have entered areas of knowledge in the past, which nobody has ever visited so far, and I have always been right. It is not that I have the feeling that I am wrong, otherwise I would not have written this article in the first place, but I am not sure if these news should be distributed".

The answer from the Arcturians came promptly. I am quoting below Sue's response:

"Dear Arcturians,

I  heard inside that you had something to say to George about the article. Was that correct?

Dearest Suzille and Georgi,
We wish to tell you that both of you went down with Atlantis and have vowed to do whatever you can in this life reality to make sure that Earth is victorious in this Ascension. What happens to your current vessel is of no consequence, as  you both have light bodies that are fully activated.

Suzille, you have almost finished your complete release of this particular embodiment and Georgi has come to a state of peace that is lovely to see. We talk to both of you, as you are a team. Georgi presents the truth in a scientific, straight forward manner, and you Suzille present the truth in a loving, artistic, embedded manner, in which the people FEEL the truth. Together you present a method of presentation, which is all encompassing. 

Georgi, we wish to tell you that it is fine to send out your article. You have already presented yourself as a trusted source that stays away from any sensationalistic material. Most of the people, who will read your information, already have a feeling that it is true. Those that are frightened by it, need to wake up. Even if fear is the source of their awakening, it is better to have the fear come as warning than to have the fear come when they experience that, which they did not allow themselves to know. 

We also wish to say that most of the damaging predictions that will happen to Gaia, will happen after the initial Ascension, when much of her light beings have moved into Her higher expression. She is aware of this, and being the dear Cosmic Soul that She is, She is willing to suffer damage to her temporary 4D body. Once in Her fifth dimensional expression, polarity shifts are not an issue as She will be beyond Her electromagnetic form, and beyond the polarities of North and South poles.

Suzille, please attach your message from St. Germain and Gaia that you have recorded:

This was the most unusual day for a while, as many light workers must have also experienced - September 11, 2011 - an important energy portal for this month that will prepare the energetic conditions for the Shift and Ascension in November 11, 2011.

Sue was the whole day in a state of detached exaltation, hovering in her consciousness in the multidimensional realities of her Higher Self. In this ability, she is unique. Then she wrote to me the following email a couple of hours later. I am quoting it in full length, as it describes very poetically the last dramatic days of Atlantis, which Sue and I experienced together in that incarnation. This dramatic scene will be paradigmatic for what many human beings will experience at the Stargate 11.11.11.:

"After the Arcturian message I had a high consciousness for quite a while. Also, I began to remember you on Atlantis. You were one of the few Priests, who stayed with the land to keep your contract to help Gaia, so she would not leave Her orbit. I also stayed. In fact, most of the 144,000 stayed to assist Gaia. We knew, there was a real danger that the planet would be lost. We had little attachment to our earth form, so that death of that costume was of no consequence. However, I think that many of us forgot that we volunteered to stay for the duration, which means until now.

The ones, who stayed, were on our Island, which was one of the biggest and the holder of the Divine Crystal - all gathered in front of the Temple. We were the remaining Priestesses, the old ones, a few adults and the many orphan children. As we gathered in our circle to await the end, we sang, toned, meditated and told our stories.

I could see you in the Tower, which is where the High Priests spent most of their time, communing with the higher planes. The Priestesses spent a great deal of their time on the land and with the people, for it was our job to ground that, which the Priests had brought in. As we heard the rumble of the final quake begin, we looked into the Center of our Circle and saw Gaia, the spirit of Earth. She was crying and sent us all thanksgiving.

I feel Her crying now for all the humans that will not make the transition. She loved every member of her body, no matter what. I am trying to be like Her, but it seems that now, at the end, I am feeling a doubt, where once I was so sure. I am thinking of all the times, I gave into fear and anger and doubt that something so wonderful could happen. I remember when we were in the Circle, we all gave voice to our doubts so that we could release them from our hearts.

I tell you this, and no one else, for you were there. Likely you too can remember those last moments.

Living in Los Angeles  all my life, was just like living in Atlantis during the last years before the Fall. I know, I was born here to remember that life, as I was to do it once again. Again, I will sacrifice my clay form to Gaia, only this time it will be to raise Her, rather than to save Her"

My response came promptly:

"I am baffled - how do you remember all that stuff? It is incredible. It sounds quite probable to me, but I cannot remember my last days in Atlantis in such a detail. When I was a child and stayed on the Black See coast in the summer with my grandparents, I had again and again the vision that beyond the horizon there was Atlantis. And in my dreams at day and in the night, I was walking along the temples and the streets of Atlantis. It looked like ancient Greece, but more solemn and beautiful. But that is all I can remember about Atlantis. You are much better in remembering in this respect. Incredible! What are you still doing on this planet?"

Sue on the same remarkable day:

"It is lifetime's gift or curse that I remember my past lives. This is especially true, when something jars my memory, like the Arcturians message. I also remember many of my off-world lives. I remember fighting the Great Galactic War several million of our years ago. I was a male Antarian. I remember my life as a Keeper of the Flame on Pleiades, my Draconian life, my life on Sirius B as a whale-like creature and others. I was not meant to share many of those, though I may still, if there is time. I am not sure there will be. I feel like I am moving far away and saying goodbye to everything that has been important to me".

On this day Sue was, indeed, most of the time in the 5th dimension, and I feared that she may not come back on earth. I am describing the history of this interview in some detail, as this is what many light workers and other human beings will experience very soon. There are not many stories of this kind to be found in the New Age literature.

Shortly thereafter, Sue sent me the next email. She must have been in a state of fervent channeling all the time, writing one message after the other on this unusual day, when the foundation for this interview was laid. I understood Sue`s state of spiritual elevation very well, as I have gone many times through similar situations, when I discovered the Universal Law and the developed the General Theory of Science. She now wrote this, after reading my article on the magnetic pole shift:

"I had, I am having, an intense memory of you, my dear friend, then as well as now, in that life-time on Atlantis. You were the leading orator of that time. However, you were also, very unpopular,  as you told them the truth that their world was ending. The Priesthood wanted to keep this truth from the people, for fear they would be frightened. The truth is that the Priesthood, which was extremely corrupt at that time, wanted to make sure that all the ships and air craft were available for their own use. They had their own escape planned, and only stayed on Atlantis, till the last minute to milk what they could from the dying society. Does that sound familiar?? Anyway, in the end - remember that we lived much longer then - you refused to leave our world. You could not stand to stay in a world, so imbued with fear and greed.

I can see from those first four pages, after having had myriad written communications with you, that that disillusionment and anger has left you completely!!! Your energy is fully androgynous. You still have the male, authoritative projection of scientific energy, but you also have a female tenderness in your wonderful preparation of extremely frightening information.

OK, I continue now. I will have to write you again as I continue. I feel the Arcturian in your every sentence. They helped you soften your presentation without diminishing the Truth in any way.

I am almost hearing your Atlantean name, but I can't quite get it. I know that that is not important, but maybe it is. My remembering further details of the END has given me great courage. Of course, courage is not something you need, but it is always good to remember what we have learned in other lives, especially Ascension lives. Yes, you ascended into the fifth dimension in that life in Atlantis, but  you knew, you would return to Earth's wheel of life for you had fallen in love with Gaia.

She is such a beautiful Soul. Yes, I think that is what you need to remember. I don't remember your official name, but I just remembered the name I called you, which is TAR. Your name may have been something like Altarian. However, that may have been the official name for the High Priest, as we called Atlantis Altar a lot. I don't remember why, but I have seen that in other places too. Yes, what you will remember tonight in your sleep is how you fell in love with Gaia."

What a great message from the Arcturians through Sue. I was deeply moved. It was an extraordinary day, indeed! 

The next day I formulated 12 questions to the Arcturians, regarding the Shift of Gaia and part of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimension at the stargate 11.11.11 in exactly two months from this day on. I was feeling within my whole body, which is now vibrating with incredibly high and powerful, but harmonious frequencies coming from the centre of the Galaxy, the apocalyptic scenario that is awaiting mankind in the remaining few months of this year.

Notwithstanding these circumstances, I preserved my scientific detachment and neutrality and decided to make a scientific experiment in this interview. I have to explain this in some depth, so that the readers can grasp the cognitive background of my elaboration.

In the 90s, I experimented a lot with various channelers. All these channelers were asked by their source to establish contact with me. It was a similar situation  in those days as the present one in the End Times- full of deliberate surprises and serendipity. My objective was to find an irrevocable proof that there is a higher consciousness that knows much more than we, normal human beings.

One must consider the fact that in the early 90s the transcendental dimension was not so well explored, as this is the case in the current End Times, when the energetic situation on earth is much more favourable and supports the development of such deep spiritual insights. At that time, the Ascension process had barely commenced.
I made a number of interviews on the new Theory of the Universal Law and its implications for human society with several channelers, who were not competent in this scientific area. I filmed these interviews, where I discussed complex physical and theoretical aspects of All-That-Is as Energy and could prove subsequently in filmed discussions with the channelers, that this knowledge cannot come from their daily consciousness or human mind. As they channeled in trance, they also did not remember what they have been channeling.

The "Proof of God" that I rendered at that time, was indeed very compelling.  However, no surprise, nobody could understand it or grasp the scope of this proof from a scientific, teleological and theological point of view, as nobody understood the new Theory of the Universal Law at that time. I must add to this that nothing has changed since then.

The Universal Law is the Law of Oneness, and it is the ultimate scientific Proof of God. Purely for this reason, my channeling research in the 90s was a redundant hobby, But I learned a lot about the inability of most channelers to explore in a sound scientific and critical manner the quality of the messages, because they channel with such a fervor. This is the chief malaise of the current New Age Vanity Fair. There is no need to list all the failed channelers in the last several decades of New Age, which is underpinned by a profound anti-intellectual and anti-scientific attitude, as my readers know most of them, but they still follow them in their inherent illogical manner.

Most of the channels I worked with at that time, came from Germany and Bulgaria and were channeling in trance. Some of them also used automatic writing. After I had rendered the Proof of God for my personal conviction, I decided to stop my channeling research, as there was nothing more to learn from it. Besides, the information, I received from these channelings, never exceeded my intuitive knowledge, which has been incessantly expanding with the help of the causal worlds since then. These levels had already inspired me to discover the Universal Law and develop the General Theory of Science which will be the future Theory of Ascension.

Humanity was not ready at that time for such irrevocable "Proofs of God", although Chistianity has done nothing else in the past 2000 years, but to try to render this proof. The current Pope Ratzinger was, for instance, famous for his futile religious efforts to prove the existence of God as a seminarist in Freising (Munich), Bavaria, where I now live. His  effort to prove the existence of God was purely intellectual, as he is a comparatively young soul, as I write in my five German books on human Gnosis, and has no direct contact to his soul. He does not even believe truly in God, as he is energetically not capable of this. This common deficiency among the Christian clergy is contrary to the spiritual abilities of most light workers, who have an unrestricted access to the higher realms, because they are star seeds and their chakras are more or less opened from the very beginning. Instead, the broad human population has been still completely dumbed down by the Powers That Be and have no clue about their transcendental origin. This situation will change profoundly after the Stargate 11.11.11. will be opened in the fall of this year.

This elaboration is very important, as it furnishes the reader with the explanation, why and how Christianity will collapse in the fall of this year, after the Shift has taken place. At this point in time many light workers, who pertain to the Planetary Ascension Team, will heave Gaia in the 4th and 5th dimensions and will ascend, thus demonstrating the immortality of humans and their souls - their multidimensional nature.

This event will be the famous "Second coming of Christ", which this Advent-Church has been so desperately awaiting since Paul (read his epistles, and especially his two letters to the believers in Thessaloniki, from where my family originally comes.). However, this Second Coming of Christ will be the final mortal blow to this debased religion, represented by pedophile priests  and spiritual criminals in the higher ranks, who have always collaborated with the Orion/Reptilian Empire.

This said, I stopped experimenting with channeling in the mid 90s and dedicated myself to the intimate and very intensive dialogue with my soul. However, there comes a moment in time, when one needs an external advice. This was the case with me, after I wrote  my article on the magnetic pole shift. Retrospectively, I realize the heavenly humour of this effort. The interview below had a second hidden purpose, beyond giving new detailed information on the coming cataclysmic Shift at the stargate 11.11.11. It also established the active cooperation between Sue and me as a team of Ascended Masters, as the Arcturians explained it above. So much for the better. Such spiritual teams are now being built all over the world. This is the famous "connecting of the dots" at the End Times, of which one has heard and read so much in the esoteric literature since the late 80s.

Before I present this interview, let me explain my methodological approach to it. I knew that I will not learn anything more from the Arcturians than I had already known about the coming Shift of the poles and Ascension of Gaia and humanity.  Instead, I decided to apply a specially developed psychological method, which I used a lot in my previous channeling research.  I decided to take the role of the devil's advocate and formulate all my questions in the linear, deterministic, three-dimensional weltanschauung, which most light workers express nowadays. They  search all the time for causal relationships and explanations in the outer world and display no understanding for the multidimensional thinking which is in the core of all Sue`s books and channeled messages from the Arcturians and other Ascended Masters, such as El Morya and St. Germain.

Most of the light workers do not even explore the channeled messages, which they frenetically read or write all the time, for any causal relationships or superficial explanations of the coming apocalyptic events. Instead  they only try to lull their growing angst and unrest in front of an unpredictable future.  Their fears are exacerbating these days due to the high frequency waves that sweep over earth and humanity in preparation for the Shift.

As I expected, the Arcturians stayed general in their answers, although they give us some extremely valuable information, if one can read between the lines. But I will not make the effort to chew this information for you now, as the pedagogical objective of this article and interview is to make you independent, critical interpreters of such important channeled messages. Try to develop your own discernment, as all channels recommend nowadays, but seldom observe in their daily channeling activities. Hence the big confusion among light workers in the current End Times.

Of course, I did not inform Sue about my methodological approach to this interview, as I did not want to influence her in advance and bias the outcome. When the Arcturians answered my questions on September 14, 2011 and Sue sent them to me as a file, she sounded rather disappointed, because my questions were answered somewhat vaguely, compared to the rigid deterministic, causal manner, in which I had formulated them. I had to reassure her that she has done a great job and that this interview is extremely valuable, precisely because it evades any specific details and rigid timelines, but clearly reaffirms the coming of the major event - the Shift and Ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions at the stargate 11.11.11 - in an irrevocable manner. I wrote to her on September 14 the following:

"This interview is great Sue. I am intending to publish it under your name and me as an energizer. This information must be given to humanity unfiltered as it is.

Now let me tell you why the Arcturians have said exactly what I expected. The uniqueness of this dialogue is that I deliberately chose in my questions the deterministic, static 3d-view of the world, knowing that the Arcturians will put forward their multidimensional perspective from the higher realms.  Knowing all your previous messages, I expected them to tell us that all reality is an entirely subjective matter of the individual entity and depends only on the scope of his individual awareness. I did not expect anything else.

But this interview is extremely valuable in itself, as it confirm ultimately what you are always writing - let go the linear thinking and start thinking multidimensionally as to create the brightest version of your destiny. This happens in the Now, not in the future, as there is no such thing as past, present, and future - All-That-Is is Simultaneity. This is also a leitmotif in all my books on human Gnosis. This message must be definitely brought to the public. This interview delineates the borderline of human weltanschauung, which will ultimately determine between Ascension and Tribulations on a catastrophic 3d-earth"

And now the Interview.

An Interview with the Arcturians:

The Ascension of Gaia and Humanity to the 4th and 5th Dimension at the Stargate 11.11.11.

Pole Shift and Cataclysmic Events Will Only Affect 3d-Earth.

Dear Georgi and Suzille,


We wish to tell you first of all that times, dates, percentages and numbers of people are third/fourth dimensional concepts. We see the beautiful consciousness that lives within the ego and clay shell of our grounded ones. Furthermore, we do not conceive reality in terms of sequential events, as that, too, is only of the third and fourth dimensions. Just as we have requested of Suzille, we ask that you, Georgi, move into the perspective of your ascended SELF and see the ego and clay shell in which you are living. This is one of the first visions that the ascending ones will see. They will not see Gaia below them, for they will be ONE with Her. Note, we speak this last sentence in future tense, but please remember that, for us, the ascension has already occurred, is occurring, and will occur. We remind both of you dear grounded ones to move into your multidimensional thinking and listen with your High Heart, as we give the answers of these questions.



I visualize myself within the body of Gaia. I am in Her womb contemplating my rebirth. Before me I see an Arcturian. It is showing me three expressions of itself, the small form that they once held, eons ago, when they were planet-bound, the light form they hold on their Starships, and their formless expression of pure, group consciousness.


I was told that before I answered the questions that you have asked them, I was to meditate to become centered within my Core. That is when they/it appeared to me. I have been asking to see them more clearly, and they reminded me that that would happen only through my Third Eye and High Heart. When I saw them in that fashion, toning came from my Throat Chakra.


I understand now that that toning was my birthing back from the womb of Gaia. However, my first three chakras, those of my ego, will remain forever sacrificed to Her eminence. I understand how important this is for me, as I have had great difficulty coming back all the way from my meditation. I would return, but my realities would quickly shift, I would be dizzy, my balance would be wobbly and, too often, I would fall.


I understand now that it was Her, my Earth Mother, that I was feeling. She too has been having great difficulty with Her ascension and wants all Her Light workers to assist Her. There are more challenges for Her to face. It is time that we all remember what we said we would do to assist Her before we took this embodiment. I feel my High Heart, just above Gaia’s land and see the Arcturians and other members of the Galactic Federation landing softly on the body of Gaia. It is their Scout ships, of course, but Gaia needs the frequency of their craft to assist Her in maintaining Her new frequency.


Yes, Gaia is fifth dimensional now, but She is like a babe. The time I am now experiencing is NO time. Therefore, there is no sequence in my mind as to how this all happened. I am to see the results of our work before I answer your questions. Oh, and the results are so magnificent. The sky is an aquamarine blue with silver sparkles and the land glows like an eternal sunrise. The light is diffuse, as it no longer comes from one source. I am not to see the sources of that light at this time. I, too, am a babe, and my fifth dimensional perceptions are just awakening.


With the vision of our challenge made victorious, I am ready to answer the questions:


Now, I have pondered over the information, which the Arcturians have given to you (and me). It all focuses on the stargate 11.11.11. If I have understood them properly, at this day the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) of star seeds will merge their body fields together in an inner circle and with the field of the earth, and ascend beyond linear time. Earth will move into the 4th dimension and most of the members of the PAT into the 5th or higher dimensions. This information of the Arcturians is quoted below:

"As each Light worker, in full association with the planet, enters into their own Core, you will be in the Core of ALL Life. Remember, if you are ONE with all life, than all life is ONE with you. In other words, if you are IN all of life, then all of life is IN you. In your process of merging with the ONE, you will be in the CORE of the process of planetary transmutation.

This Core will be much like a Stargate, for you will be in the 11 11 11 Stargate.

Therefore, when you emerge out of this Stargate, which is free of all time and space, you can come out in any time and any space. 

OR, you can emerge from the Stargate beyond time and space in the fifth dimension or beyond".

This first mass Ascension of light workers and Gaia will be accompanied with planetary changes and natural catastrophes, which I have presented in my last article on the magnetic pole shift. The members of the PAT will not be affected by these planetary changes, as they will go through the stargate 11.11.11 and will leave linear time.

This whole information fits very well with my perception. However, it is not sufficient enough and raises several questions, which I would like to address, and if you consider them relevant, you can ask the Arcturians for further explanation, so that we get a more precise picture, as we are running out of time:


Arcturian answer:

Remember that, in your world, YOU have not yet created this event. We can see your creation from our No Time, but creation is very fluid. Creation is light made manifest into a form. Not only do forms waver and change, but so does light, as well as the consciousness that contains that light into form. Therefore, please remember that predictions about the future are a third/fourth dimensional expression of thought. Within the fifth dimension and beyond, there is NO time. Therefore, there is NO future to predict and NO past to ponder. There is only NOW.


This NOW is very fluid, as it Flows within the ever-shifting, expanding and contracting breath of the ONE. Please remember to use your multidimensional thinking when you hear our answers, as they will not correlate with the sequential, time-bound human communications.

Question 1 (Georgi)

What is the number of the light workers that constitute the Planetary Ascension Team, PAT?



The number is “enough,” for we see that in whatever form you choose that you are victorious.

Question 2:

Will they all go through the Stargate on 11.11.11. and ascend, that is to say, leave 3d-earth for ever in a physical body, by delegating it to Gaia, as the Arcturians have said below?

"You will do this in the same manner that we have taught you. You will merge each chakra with those of Earth and allow both your personal and planetary kundalini to rise. With the rise of your kundalini, your entire nervous system will be updated to perceive and respond to the fifth dimensional frequency of Earth."


Our beloved grounded ones have been repeatedly undergoing this process of merging their chakras with Gaia’s for quite a bit of your “time.” They have done this as a dress rehearsal for the 11.11.11 event, and they will continue it until Gaia is fifth dimensional. Humans have always been a component of the great Being known as Gaia. You are all ONE with Her and will continue to be so even as you visit many other worlds after your full ascension. You all, that is, all of you that choose to Ascend, are emissaries for this Local Universe. In fact, you are quite famous.


Question 3:

Does the term "stargate 11.11.11", as used by the Arcturians, relate to the date "November 11, 2011" or is this term related to the energy 11.11.11, which may manifest earlier or later than November 11, 2011?


It refers to both of those concepts. To our perception, there is no difference as the “time” of November 11, 2011 is a third dimensional illusion. What is perceivable to our, and to your, multidimensional perceptions is that the ebb and flow of frequency oscillation, again the breath of the ONE, is reaching critical mass. Much as a human would enter into deep breathing in contemplation of meditation, Gaia, your Solar System and your Galaxy are entering into the “deep breath” of the ONE in preparation for the meditation which will precede your re-birth. Remember that every beam of light is alive. Your planet is alive, your Solar System is alive, your Galaxy, Local Universe etc., etc. This fact is what you will all discover/remember at your return to Light body.

The next question is associated with the previous one.


Question 4:

Is the collective Ascension at stargate 11.11.11 as described by the Arcturians the announced First Wave of Ascension or will there be some individual Ascensions before this wave in the period between October 16 and November 11, as to announce this first mass wave of Ascension at stargate 11.11.11?


From our perspective many of our grounded ones are like children, who are just learning to jump. However, it is not their earth vessel that is jumping, it is their consciousness. It is so beautiful for us to see our grounded ones flashing in and out of our frequency of reality. You are visiting us, our Star ships, New Earth, mid-fifth dimensional Earth, and many of you are visiting your Home worlds in preparation of your return.

Ascension is not a one-time thing. Ascension is whenever you expand your consciousness beyond the third and fourth dimensions. Therefore, the process of ascension is being practiced again and again. Each of these experiences are just as real as the “final.” Ascension. However, remember that “final” is a time-bound term. Therefore, it is meaningless in the higher worlds.


Question 5: Will the earth ascend at stargate 11.11.11 definitely in the 4th dimension, before it finally ascends on December 21, 2012 in the 5th dimension?


Yes, a version of that reality is created within the ONE of our perception. This version is much like a “dress rehearsal.” However, everything is free of time in the fifth dimension, so there is no concept of how long it will last or what will happen in the “future.” HERE, there is only NOW.


Follow-up Quesion: In this case earth will be for one year in the interim 4th dimensional state.


The reality of which we speak is fifth dimensional. There is also a fourth dimensional, but that has been Gaia’s aura since Her conception. In fact, it was intended to always be Her resonance, but that changed after the fall of Atlantis. This fourth dimensional version of Gaia will remain intact as long as there is enough Light to maintain it’s cohesion into form. Remember, that in the fourth dimension, there is time, space, and polarity. Therefore, this 4D Earth has many of the same challenges as third dimensional Earth, but there will be less fear, as it is of a higher resonance than the third dimensional version.

In the Arcturians' message of Sept. 11, in response to my question, whether I should publish my article on the magnetic pole shift, you said:

 "We also wish to say that most of the damaging predictions that will happen to Gaia, will happen after the initial ascension, when much of her light beings have moved into Her higher expression. She is aware of this, and being the dear Cosmic Soul that She is, She is willing to suffer damage to her temporary 4D body. Once in Her fifth dimensional expression, polarity shifts are not an issue as She will be beyond Her electromagnetic form, and beyond the polarities of North and South poles."


Question 6:

In this case, can we regard the stargate 11.11.11 as the first Ascension step of mankind and Gaia into the 4th dimension and the stargate 12.12.12, respectively, around December 21, 2012, as the second final ascension to the 5th dimension?



The 11.11.11 process is the first leap into the fifth dimensional New Earth. That is the first part. The part is the challenge of maintaining that state of consciousness so that you maintain a resonance and calibration to that reality. Once your consciousness lowers to the resonance of the fourth or third dimension, you can no longer maintain your adhesion to that reality.


11.11.11 is humanity's first trial run through the Portal into New Earth. Some of you will remain there to stabilize New Earth with your unconditional love and constant intention of stabilizing that reality. Some of you will practice your innate ability to live in multiple realities and practice being on both New Earth and the ascending 3D Earth, so that you can still be of assistance to Gaia and Her inhabitants.


And, some will only move into the fourth dimensional Earth to stabilize that way-station to New Earth, assist the fourth dimensionals to move into the fifth dimension, and/or use that stopping place to practice your inter-dimensional travel skills.

Follow-up Question: Will the massive planet changes and associated catastrophes thus take place after stargate 11.11.11?



The planetary changes and associated catastrophes will be experienced by those who have volunteered to help throughout that situation and by those who need “proof” that it is time to wake up. All possible versions of ascension will happen simultaneously within the NOW. Each of you will experience the reality, to which your consciousness resonates. From the perspective of each one’s Multidimensional SELF, you can use your 3D senses to “see the disasters coming” then raise above that experience, if you choose to, by calibrating your consciousness to the fifth dimension.


If it is your Soul Agreement to “die,” leave your form at that “time,” you will. If it is a Soul Agreement to maintain a physical form in service to Gaia, you will find yourself in an area of Gaia’s body, in which your earth vessel is safe. These safe places are created so that the Planetary Ascension Team can merge their consciousness with Gaia’s to assist Her to ascend. The exact moment of total transmutation from 3D to 5D will not occur until there is the greatest potential for success. Some PAT members will move between New Earth and physical Earth because they will not abandon Gaia, until they have fulfilled their agreement or die trying.


We see that some of the PAT will appear to “die trying,” but will immediately appear on New Earth in their body of light. Their dying is to either complete old karma or to be an example of great courage and self-sacrifice for those still on the fence.


Question 7:

The first 4d-Ascension will be associated with dramatic earth changes as described in my last article and above, and will affect the remaining humanity, but not the PAT, which will be already in the 5th dimension. This conclusion perspires from the above quotation.  Can the Arcturians confirm this conclusion?




Some brave members of the PAT will remain on Earth during these times to help anyone, who may see the light in the last moment. Others will serve in the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension to assist those, who have just crossed over in fear, others will serve in higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension, and other will serve as greeters and organizers on New Earth. You all know your assignment, as you have volunteered for them. However, most have just forgotten it, but you will remember them when you need to. Just trust your self.


The first ascension waves into the fourth, and for many into the fifth, dimension will have accompanying earth changes for those who need those changes and for areas of Gaia that need those changes. Just as some people will need to have the experience of trauma to clear their consciousness of lower frequency fear, and so do areas of Gaia need that experience in order to shake off that lower frequency.


Both the Ascension of the third and fourth will have some version of disaster. By Ascension of the third dimension, we mean the release of Gaia’s old skin. In other words, Gaia will shed the 3D form of Her skin much like a snake sheds its skin when it no longer serves her well. The 3D form no longer serves Gaia, as Her intention is to complete the process of her schoolroom earth and move into higher expressions of Her SELF. By “temporary 4D earth”, we were referring to the temporary version of Gaia that will be maintained so that some late awakeners can still choose to ascend into fifth dimensional New Earth.


All that you described is correct for those who need the experience of disaster to awaken to their full potential. Those, who can maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, will be like surfers who are riding the wave onto the shores of the fifth dimensions. Also, and very important, there are some, who have volunteered to live within the trauma to assist those in need. We salute them for their sacrifice.


Question 8:

How many of the ascended members of the PAT will be able to return to earth after first ascension  and help humanity in the interim 4d-period of one year to adopt to the new situation by establishing new social infrastructure and implementing new technologies?

It will be sufficient to give the number in percentages.


Earth is still a free-will planet. Therefore, these percentages are not predictable. However, we do see that you are successful.  Hence, enough will return and enough will remain on New Earth. There are many factors involved in what percentage is needed, as well as many possible realities and manner, in which these decisions are made.


Question 9:

Will the 4d-earth in the period between 11.11.11 and 12 (21).12.12 also contain the remaining 3d-earth timeline or will the split take place on 11.11.11, so that humanity will also split into two parts that will drift apart and will no longer really communicate with each other?


Every possibility can become a reality, if enough grounded ones put their intention, thoughts, and emotions into that possibility. Humanity is VERY influential on how the Ascension will go. Love creates love and fear creates fear.

Follow-up Question:

For instance, if new advanced 4d-technologies are implemented in this interim period, will they profit only the ascended part of humanity, or will they also be given to the part that will most probably descend or will soon die and leave earth?


Earthlings, especially those in the United States have turned a very blind eye to the deeds of the dark ones. Some of them may choose to create a reality, in which they can finally stand up for their rights and confront the lies that they have allowed to enslave them. Remember, Gaia is a Schoolroom Planet. It is like a teaching hospital, in which every situation is seen as another possibility to learn more.

The ones, who remained sleeping up until the final call, may wish to create those 3D-polarity lessons before the school closes.


Question 10:

If yes, what sense will it make to give this portion of humanity, which will not ascend, access to such technologies, which they will most probably misuse due to their low spiritual level, and will definitely not use in the remaining catastrophic earth B, where human society will degrade much more than currently.



It is of little consequence what happens to the late-comers, who are desperately trying to make use of whatever lessons they can learn. The illusion will be closing, as those that have chosen to ascend will not be influenced by this activity.


Question 11:

Is the Ascension scenario that earth will split in two time lines - ascended 5d-earth (A) and remaining catastrophic 3d-earth (B) - as predicted by the channel "Cosmic Awareness" and by myself in my last book, still valid or are there other alternatives in sight in the meantime?


There are infinite alternatives, which are only limited by one's state of consciousness.

Last very important question 12: (12 is a magic number!)

Will the new theory of the Universal Law and other multidimensional scientific ideas be introduced to humanity in the interim period on the 4d-earth, or will humanity have to await after the final Ascension on Dec 21, 2012, before starting to implement these ideas in the 5th dimension with the help of an expanded human consciousness in most ascended human entities?


That is humanity's choice, which is dictated by the consciousness of the many and the tenacity of the few.

We are always with you!

The Arcturians

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