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Revolutionary E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing and How it works:

Some of you will be asking where I have been for the last year , let me explain what we have been doing. Dave Stewart (Lightworkersxm & E-Clinic)

This is new and this is living in The New Golden Age.

This also is the end of disinformation on health matters:

Most of you have your own good health but some of you know that you can do that little bit more to have great health.

What's more, most of you know that you are divine and just need that push, flick or nudge to have complete control over your own health.

Some less fortunate have had major illness, Aids, MS, Cancers, Morgellons etc, sent to you to deal with and this is where we come in.

E-Clinic Live is a group of people from all walks of the spiritual realm which includes a global team of Naturopractors whose skills vary from Osteopathy to Electro-Magnetics - Symbiotics and Quantum Biologists.

We have all come together to create a system of Self Help where by visits to the hospital and doctors plus  taking toxic pills or complicated and unnecessary operations, are now a thing of the past.

The object of the exercise is for you to get to your health before it gets to you.

Please keep an eye out for us on Exopolitics TV with Alfred Webre very soon.

Here is how it works:

1) Entry and Aptitude contact:

You fill in the form on E-Clinic post : here :

with details and specifics of your current health:

We will contact you and determine if you will be responsive to advice that will ultimately check if you are determined to help heal your self.

Your case will be entered into E-Clinic-Live International discussion panel or experts and a decision will be made as to the best naturopractor to use to assist you in your self healing proocess no matter where you are on the Planet.

You will then be refered to one of our naturopractors.

2) Case Study 

You will pay a consultation donation to the E-Clinic or The Naturopractor practice.( normally $105)

This will cover the first consultation ( max need is 3-5 for any illness).

You will be assessed as to what structure will suit your repair.

Implementation of structure of Self Healing.

Advice on any Pulsars or dietry support aids will be explained at this point.

3) Back up and courtesy check ups.

Our team will check up on your progress.

Cancers Aids and Morgellons or longer term visitors may need 2 or 3 Consultations.

Finally you will be involved in discussions that will determine if you are fully aware of your self healing status for the future.

Check ups : Due to the mis/dis/information our naturopractors are fully knowledgeable of this modern world of toxins in air, water and food pollution.

You can simply put on the inquiry form "Check up". You will be amazed what you will learn that mother earth has placed here that has not been effected by thousands of years of supression and more than 100 years of toxicity.

We will then check your nutrient intake and liquid consumption is fact based and up to modern day 5th dimensional standards.

Water and You :

We are 80% or more water and yet modern Physicians do not study water for more than 5 minutes out of more than 5 years of qualification. This very ommission is testimony to the fact that they do not understand the science and mechanics of who we really are.

Be prepared to further open your mind:

All we ask of you is to be prepared for some shocks and surprises and enter with an open mind and be prepared to Think " Out of the Box"

E-Clinic Naturopractor # 1 Quote " You are not sick You are Tox-Sick".

E-Clinic Naturopractor # 2 Quote " A clean start internally is a clean beginning externally"

Overall mantra : "We will do anything in our powers to help you help yourself should you promise to reciprocate your own commitment to your self".

We greet you to the E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing with empathy and an E-Spirit welcoming.

Please come in and read our testimonial list as it swells or join in and fill the inquiries form in and step into your new paradigm of natural self healing.

We would love to see you and share with you.



PS We are 'donation only' based at E-Clinic.

Those of you who wish to donate to 5th dimensional live works and practice can donate here:


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Benjamin Fulford 28th Jan 2013

The Vatican P2 lodge, with their plan for a fascist world government, has started a massive world-wide offensive on multiple fronts. In Davos, Switzerland, for example, they are making wonderfully optimistic pronouncements that are totally in contrast the underlying reality. In Japan, meanwhile, they handed out massive bribes via Lord Sassoon to set up an 82-member faction of MPs within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, according to White Dragon Society sources. In the US, their man Obama and his gun-grabbing campaign has blown up in their faces. Also, old and powerless old war-horses like Henry Kissinger are being trotted out (and ignored) as they threaten war with Iran for the umpteenth zillionth time.

These moves are all nothing but symptoms of severe panic as underlying moves, that are being coordinated purely by hand-delivered letters, are taking place outside of their ability to monitor.
For example, the letter from the Japanese Prime Minister delivered to the Chinese President

led to an agreement to shelve the dispute over the Senkaku/Daiyu Islands and concentrate instead on kicking the Sabbatean mafia out of Asia, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. There was a lot more in the letter and accompanying tape-recording but, much of the information will never be made digitally available for reasons of security.

Meanwhile, the wholesale bribery and blackmail of Japanese politicians aimed at setting up an

Full Post here:

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Full article here :

Update : Connecting the dots : The whole world is now more easy to understand : Financially : Morally : and spiritually : A call to all Light Workers : Put on your hard hats and gloves : It is time : You will be needed now:

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Written and compiled by Dave Stewart 17th Dec 2012.

Following our Meeting With Cobra and the Portal 2012 Conference here in Sint Maartin /Saint Martin All of our group has a raised awareness and will be using this to be clear in our minds and souls for the future. It is testimony to comments in this article how high we seek from ourselves.

For Us and our group ( generally everyone here agrees) the emergence of David Wilcock’s post, blended into the Neil Keenan’s Video and capped off with Benjamin Fulford’s Last couple of months, weekly posts, a true picture is emerging which describes an emerging secondary picture.

Joining all the dots now One can see that future more clear than at any time of the Rising of our Light circles.

It is down to 3 things only

1) Financial system is changing right before our very eyes and Too big to fail Banksters are been taken out of the big picture and a new financial system is moments away and building up like a gas in a balloon, all we have to do now is be observant and push all other conspiracies of shooting’s and other distractions out of our way and focus on the next news by these guys, as they have the pen and papers on the most important issues.

2) Morals, means our morals , Common law, where people and their possessions are crown and again if we focus on our new world and see that the downsizing of our Cabal in now firmly in place and our mission is to focus directly on people who should be removed or interviewed regarding their lack of morals , and so it is emerging that in Britain. Clearly a Pedophilia run Bankster onslaught of the People and children has no place in this society and the peoples pistols are now targeted, right to the heads of the government, shadow government, Television and Royal Cabal and social services. This is not a conspiracy anymore it is pure fact thanks to people like David Icke 20 years ago. People are using their morals to pick out individuals now and bring them in for questioning and a further big picture will unfold, and the system in now at breaking point.

3) Spiritually  Read more here and super short spiritual video :

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Please go here for the full post,

After meeting Cobra last week on the Portal 2012 conference here in the Caribbean I have found a new sparkle in life.

Enter Dr Janine Vogt from Germany

What work do you do ? I asked her on the beach 

"I have a four year history of curing cancer patients in Germany in my clinic"she told me.

We lightworkers here use MSM DMSO and MMS to cure cancer and HIV and Arthritis and many more cures here too in the Caribbean I told her,

I asked her Do you agree with our methods ?

"Totally" she said but cancer is an attitude thing,

We have to re write totally how we think of cancer.

Read the article above,

This is very interesting.

Her perception is totally against all that we have be taught ( conned) and light worker like you all here in ashtar command should not be surprised by this content.



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 Portal 2012 Conference SXM Announcement 

Email for tickets :


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Caribbean energies from Sint Maarten/Saint Martin Written by Dave Stewart and Fellow Light Workers:

Firstly we begin with a 7 year old boy presenting us his Crystal Grid perfectly explained in 7 minutes

Thanks to the guys n gals at 2012 scenario for this one more here :

Back to home issues:

I often wonder this and thought that Donald Barnebey of the Ashtar Command chose very careful wording of this subject:

Quite honestly I could not have put it better myself: please go to link at the bottom:

ET Home Photos: Where are they?

Good question and our message to all our channelers is simple,

We will be asking you for this proof in the near future surely it can be answered with ease:

It is that simple to 3rd dimensional beings as we use 5th dimensional tele-portation of information on our computer screens:

This should be put to bed immediately:

Back worked Alien Technology is on going and our Hubble and Spitzer telescopes appear brilliant to us at first glimpse but they are in the hands of the Elite Cabal and we only get to see their airbrushing of selected images to suit their agenda.

Just today Vatic project reveal that NASA are caught red handed with exposes of fake Mars pics here :

Sorry to be a realist but in times of 3d on earth and the great  suppression we are all subjected to and limited abilities spiritually, it is not that easy to just ask anyone waking up, to just “go for it” spiritually , and think that divine intervention and the death of the dark cabal is all true and we can now focus on our inner self to become all one.

It simply is not that easy, I am still confronted by doubters every day where I am forced into a corner from releasing my knowledge,

This is a main stay problem I have with heavy deeply spiritual people, they appear to be able to just blast their stuff out as if every one else is into it , well for a real wake up call ,

That simply is not true, most people I cross the road with , or catch the bus with ( writer will not drive fossil fuel cars no more as mini protest) These people, some knowing a little but keep it in, or others simply, know nothing at all.

It is just as well we have an awakening going on, on Island so that is becomes a refreshing relief to become my self again, once we all meet up form time to time.

So where is the balance? I am learning from day to day ! The balance is that some days appear  to be more spiritual than others ( fact)

On my learning and having created the Coka-Cola post a month ago , I have now eventually (after peer pressure tks Bastiaan, Brett & Elaine ) stopped drinking the disgraceful corporate poison and chosen fruit now as my ingestion (Good For Me) How about you ?

What have you done recently to prove to your self that the Deep Dark Cabal are defeated in total?

Complete article go here :

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Drake Update 19th April 2012


  • ~ Drake is waiting for substantiation of this intel he got “about a day or so ago” ~
  • “THE SECRET SERVICE IS EXTRAORDINARILY ‘TICKED’ — as well as the Delta Force — because they’ve been ‘dumped on’! “
  • “There’s been pictures floating around of Clinton [Hillary] partying in Columbia. The Secret Service got pics. Clinton was supposed to have been in a nuclear conference in Turkey at the time…and sent some clerk.
  • There was a lot of heads of state and whatnot there [at the conference] — and Israel was included. And apparently Israel was livid!”
  • “And I heard also that THE U.N. IS UNDER HEAVY INVESTIGATION…that THE CENTRAL BANKS ARE IN AN UPROAR because of some things that have been filed against them.”
  • “To go along with the same thing…DC was supposedly completely lost as to what to do — running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off!”
  • “Everybody knows about the GSA (General Services Administration) investigation by now… During this little ‘fun and games’ with the military, apparently PANETTA [US Secretary of Defense] WAS TOLD THAT THERE WAS NO WAY THAT HE WAS THE BOSS OF THE MILITARY! So, that’s going to be interesting!”
  • “And the other part of this is that THE ARRESTS ARE GOING TO BE METHODICAL — ONE AT A TIME. In other words, I guess they’re going to ‘shoot’ at the big guys [arrest them first?] and carry them away.”


For more Please go to latest 19th April

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Please see this film if you would like to understand the back worked Alien Tchnology and who is behind the cover ups and killings 

All your household goods are from Alien back worked technology and the corporation have done this by maintaining control over all of us 

We are near the 5th dimension in many forms of back worked technology already

enjoy the education and history lesson for sure



UFO FILM Jose Escamilla

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Does any one agree with me that we need to focus on those at the top who need leins and genocide notices served on them ?

These people are the very people who are guilty of one major thing among-st others.

They are keeping us from Free Energy and Anti Gravity and they prevent us from progression.

We are 150 years behind our times because of these people of power Gold OIL & Drugs and Satanism

Not to mention the genocide plans they have for all of us .

Please see the list and make sure that if you have one in your area  that you are duty bound to check and update us all on there where-bouts and pending law suite.

Cease and Desist orders are to be ordered, to stop their crimes on humanity, as they have too much power and not one of us wants  them in this power or in our new world of The Golden Age.

 We are all responsible to ensure that this is in the making.

Here is your link to the list of every one of them and there are many surprises.

Further postings will be exposing the illegal Cults  like the Black nobility Society that go cap in hand with these Satanists and their evil

Expect more to be named  soon

Namaste Dave

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