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Is this my Mission - Could it be our collectively

Hello Everyone,


I had a dream - a dream where the world could unite as one with a single word, on a single day - and create history.  This dream crossed ALL cultural and religious boundries and made our "future so bright our space brothers and sisters had to wear shades"!!!


                              1st January 2012




How can we achieve this - well I am posting this blog for suggestions, but a few my children and I have come up with are:


* In your Christmas cards this year ask your friends and family to pause for a moment and as lovingly as possible say GAIA


* Maybe we could suggest that people say a prayer, blessing or a simple Thank you for the meal they eat on New Years Day


* Make a notice and put up in your local shops and ask others to do the same for you


* Put the message on your car window for all to see (ask Gaia to accept the honks you receive as a recognition of Love)


* Take an old t-shirt, turn it inside out and get happy with your message with textas.  Could be great fun for the kids - and walk around wearing your creations. (Those of you in a cold climate that time of year could attach a sign to your bobble hat Ha Ha )


* Ask people to put a reminder in their phone for the day or place 'post its' around the house so they don't forget


* Many of you may be members on other sites and facebook, twitter etc, maybe you could spread the message there


* I know that many of you are extremely creative on the computer, maybe you could create and post something on You Tube (my children tell me I am technologically challenged, but I am willing to give it a go - or should I say tell my Son what I imagine and ask him to create).  Lets see if we can make it go viral (is that the word?).  From this I imagined all media outlets picking up on it and again we would reach more people.


IMAGINE - if ALL newspapers ran a front page on New Years Day with a picture of the Earth and the word GAIA placed across it!!!!  If ALL News Headlines started with the story of how the world came together on a single day!!!  Now wouldn't that be special.


What do you think? 


Can we achieve this - together?


Many feel that they want to do something but don't know what, this is something we can all do!!!  Lets see just how bright we can be!  I imagine GAIA with a heart bursting for joy that her children have shown they can come together (and play nicely) and all in her name.  


                  What a proud Mother she would be!!!!



Joy, Love and Blessings


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Am I reading this right????

Hi Everyone,


The most bizzare thing happened to me today!!!!!


I had gone down to the shops with the express intention of buying a quartz crystal pendant for myself and my children to wear around our neck.  I had viewed a message from 'Little Grandmother' suggesting everyone wear one so we may ground ourselves with Earths energy.


I was also going to buy an Amethyst ring (I don't wear jewellery) more as a trigger for my awareness after spending the weekend reading the teachings of Saint Germain.


I got to the shops and parked the car, turned the car off and the key would not come out of the ignition.  I started the car again a number of times and tried turning it off to no avail.  I considered a number of options 1 - I am not supposed to buy the crystals, 2 - maybe I left something on at home, 3 - the ignition is buggered!  I decided to leave and go home, see if the key would come out and if not then at least I was at home and could deal with it there.


Got home - turned off the car - and pulled out the key!!!!!  I hadn't left anything on, clearly the ignition wasn't buggered, which left my third option - I was not supposed to buy the crystals!!!!  I have had a number of signs before for different things, but I have to say this has to be the most blatent and bizzare!!!


How about you, what has been your most bizzare nudge??


Joy, Love and Blessings


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Hello and Thank You

Hello Everyone, 


It was with great anticipation that I checked my email today to find out that I had been accepted for membership and two members had extended the hand of friendship. WOW!!


I wanted to be able to express my heartfelt gratitude to all members of the AC family for their aid in helping me out of 'The Pit of Despair'! 


My confirmation email says my blog is supposed to say something about me and contribute to the community.  I hope this covers that.


It was about 8 weeks ago that I reached a particularly low point.  I have been in 'the pit' before but I don't believe I had managed to go that far down.  The line "Knowledge is Power" kept going around and around in my head but all I could feel was Powerless.  I had managed over a great period of time to isolate myself from the general population, only going out when necessary to shop and work, no socializing.  My work is somewhat of a haven as my collegues believe I am (affectionately) away with the fairies!  Ha ha.   I have lost most of my friends and my sanctuary became my home, where I thought I was free to be ME.  My kids always refer to me as an 'Alien' due to my Universal interests and Spiritual beliefs, as well as not being like anyone else they know. I didn't feel I needed to censor myself in my own home.  Then, one evening whilst I was speaking over dinner (can't remember what now.. yet another social injustice I think) my Mother said to the kids "has your Mum been reading her magazines (alternative media) again, and it is a New Moon" (a New Moon affects me far more than a Full Moon).  Well, my little bulb dimmed and switched off and so began my descent into "The Pit of Despair'.  Dinner time became very quiet after that!!!!


Then one day whilst surfing the net during my lunch break, I somehow ended up with a link to AC and it seemed a lifeline had been thrown to me.  I realised I was not alone with my story, my feelings, frustrations etc etc.  Since that time I have filled every lunch break and evening with a log on to AC and devoured all I could like a greedy child in a sweet shop!!!  I could feel myself becoming stronger and heading toward the light and my levels of confusion from all of the information I had amassed over the years began to clear.  I was learning so much from being a spectator on AC that I was beginning to find my TRUE self again, allowing my heart and not my head to take the lead, along with the clarity that comes from doing so.  I feel that I must make a mention of the rock that I attached my rope to as I made my ascent to the light...Drekx.  I have found your postings to be not only informative but extremely grounding.  Words cannot express how it felt to have that guiding force that pushed me forward and over the edge into the light.  I too got excited at the thought of Sirian Tours of Motherships, where HOPE was once lost it is now found. Many, Many Thanks.


I feel I made a great shift at the weekend appreciating the gift of being here on Earth now in 3D and all it has to offer and will try everyday to see the miracle in everything!!


Ravinda I loved the Laughing clip.  Tears rolled down my face with laughter.  I decided that I would look everyone I meet in the eye and give them the biggest smile from my heart that I possibly can and it really is amazing what can happen for you.  No more hiding away.  I have made a call not to arms but to Joy, Love and Laughter!!!!


With much Love, Gratitude and Blessings to all of you.



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