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Did you ever feel this power - it made you feel like the middle of the earth ?

Everyone is talking about Power ! Everyone is saying - what? Smoke a joint!

[youtube]watch?v=w2xzIgdD_XA [/youtube]

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Reality by The Norm

Please If you want to have a laugh in the same time not be laughed at  

Take a few minutes and listen to this man.

Joe Rogan - - - - specially on the you tube type "What is reality"

This is thoughts for your friends, family who are not in the same boat

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What is LOVE?

Everywhere we look the word Love is being used.


What is it? 


Helping each other in need? Touching in a loving way? Being tolerant to all behaviours? Protecting our own? 


There is many different loves that I would call human behaviour, programmed to p

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