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I hear people spread all kinds of stories... Stories of Globalists, stories about the "evil" people who want to control everything.  Meanwhile, those same people glorify Dictators, Demonize people they hardly know, and continuously propagate poison that people continue to drink down like Kool-aid!

But the real question is WHY do they do it? Why do self-confessed people who act like they are connected with Ultra-terrestrial beings spread disinformation? What could they possibly have to gain by spreading these false truths and stories of demonization?  

The answer is simple - Distraction. They want to be the center of attention.  Why else would they need to continually spread hate and propagate so many stories that include Fear, Betrayal, and other bad things that keep you thinking about "Us vs. Them" instead of developing your own personal POWER?

The truth in my Opinion is that there is NO ILLUMINATI -- they sure aren't "it"... And there is no energy out there more powerful than yourself.  Most of these people hide behind false symbols and facades because they will never show you who they REALLY are.  :)

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Jill Renee Feeler: How to Live Your BIG Dreams!


Jill Renee FeelerHow to Live Your BIG Dreams!

Jill Renee Feelers - Beacon for Lightworkers Website

Jill Renee Feeler - Alchemist, Futurist, Author, Intuitive

Very cool video-blog discussing: Living your Big Dreams

  • Choices and Authority and Shifting Perspective
  • Breaking past any Limitation
  • Being Aware that not everybody has your best interest at Heart
  • Redirecting Energy, Repairing Broken Relationships
  • Being Open to Change
  • Authority to Change Course in your Life, whenever you Feel the need to
  • Opinion and Insights from the people we come into contact with
  • How do decide what we explore as our Life Options

Enjoy :) Starlight Blessings :)

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Teal Scott : How to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within!

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst's YouTube Channel: 

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst

Very cool video-blog discussing: How to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within :)

  • Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty
  • Expressing your TRUE beauty
  • True Power and what it means to Shine
  • Art as a way to Express
  • Dancing as a Release
  • Divine INCLUSION instead of Exclusion!
  • Sensual Pleasures and Surrounding yourself with Beauty
  • Exploring Sexuality (Our Bodies should NEVER be off-limit to us)!
  • Getting past what the "stereotypes" of what being a woman is
  • Letting go of the "Motherly" stereotypes
  • Getting in touch with your INTUITION  your EMOTIONS
  • Cultivate Love, Openness, Compassion, and Joy towards this world
  • 3 Changes you can make on a weekly bases
  • Meditation specifically designed to manifest your Divine Feminine
  • Releasing Resistance
  • Healing our Negative Emotions (Setting the Female within FREE)

Recommended Books:

The Artists Way - Julia Cameron - Getting Off - Jayme Waxman - Woman Code - Alisa Vitti

"Our Divine Feminine will shine though" :-)

Starlight Blessing to ALL :)

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Arcturian Council: Ra's Download about existence and aspects

Arcturas RA:  Arcturian Council: Ra's Download about existence and aspects

RA's YouTube Channel


Cool video with Arcturian Ambassador RA showing how he Streams downloads from his Future Self ~

Spirit Form

  • Lock Temples from the Inside
  • Re-Incarnation utilizing preparation of their vessel for Astral Travel
  • Learning to view Earth as a Play Ground for Learning
  • Template Structure, Embodiment of Light
  • Expansion of Consciousness
  • Walking the Truth
  • Transforming the Matrix
  • Re-Programming your Consciousness

Merkabic Constructs

  • Levels of Chakras (21+1) = 22
  • God Codes as an Avatar Being
  • Download Systems
  • Self Realization
  • You are part of God (Light)
  • Infinite Fractile Consciousness
  • Terra/Christos - Christic Energy
  • Data Streams within each of us
  • Opening to Change
  • Getting out of Repeater Loops
  • E-motonal Technology and how that connected to modern Technology
  • Owning your Master-Ship

Fierce RADIANCE, Divine Blue-Prints, Lighting up your SELF :) <3

HAVE FUN!!!! :)

Namaste ;-)

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The Frequency of Bliss

The Frequency of Bliss

Ever enlightened ~ One ~

Basking in the Eternal Glory of the Solar Sun

Cellular Ignition - Cognitive Intuition

Explosion of Energy! 

The Frequency of Bliss


I'm Tuned into Your Vibration

A Higher Understanding of Eternal Revelation

Newborn Consciousness Expanding within Me

Learning to ~ Be ~

Sacred Fire Burning

Incense Smoke is Rising

Purifying my Soul

Sacred Alter for the Offering

Unmatched Beauty of your Presence

Interlaced over the Fabric of Time

Woven into my Soul Forever ~

~ LoVe ~ 


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Beloved Grace

Face like the Sky

Eyes like the Stars

Heavenly Whispers of Truth become Who you Are


Destiny Fulfilled ~ Jupiter illuminates ~ Lighting this world with a new golden Grace


Infinite Love

Swimming in Joy

Vibrations of Bliss


Comforting every Cell in our Being


I can see your Beauty Within

I can Feel You

I Feel one with You


~ I Love You ~  :-)

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The Mirror of Our Soul

We look in the Mirror, but what do we See ~


A deeper Reflection of Ourselves, Emotions in a Great Vast Sea.


Hypnotic Essences, Transformative Energy


Lightning of our Souls Desires, Consciousness of a new Reality


Energy rising, Peaking at the Surface of the Skies

Voices Longing, Laughter Cries

Looking for Something More, Something Deeper in your Eyes


Love for the many, So much the Soul Defies


Basking in a 1000 suns of Ecstasy


Looking within


Feeling the magnetic intensity


Feel the Sun

Touch the Moon


Alchemical Transformation, Is coming Soon ~


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Enchanted Destiny

Gentle drops of dew caress my skin, moist waters, quenching my parched lips ~


Essences of scented flowers, holy presence, hypnotic flow ~ 


Echoes of eternity moving through my soul



Gentle light, warming energy ~ 


Calm loving embrace, moving me in profound ways ~


Blossoming evolution, the depths of our souls awaken… :-)

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Rapture Invocation

Rippling waves of exstacy, like an earthquake shaking our souls foundations.

Contractions of the Universe, transforming our cells...
Divine passion, igniting our souls!

How could we have known that this awaited us, even in our wildest dreams.

Divine consciousness, bliss beyond our most beautiful visions.
Love taking us to a higher state of existance!

I feel you, I love you, and I am one with you.

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The Inevitable Tide

The Light Warms My Soul

Enters through My Eyes, Cosmic Awareness

Filling the Void Within

Loving Embrace, making me Whole!


Tranquility in the Night

Helping My Soul take Flight

Feel the Night

It's Warm as well


There never needs to be Darkness, in this Great Swell

Inevitable Tide



The ocean within, Washes it's Waves over My Soul

I fear it sometimes, but it makes me Whole


Stir My Inner Fears, they are Illusions that will Disappear

The more I push Love away, the more it just keeps coming on Stronger

Destiny awaits me, At every corner, Truth knocking at My Door


Love is swelling in the Universe, Transforming every Atom, every Molecule

An Intelligent Design, for a New Human Race 


I can see My True Face and it is Beautiful!



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~ Love Revolution Invocation ~

Inner Revolution!

Outer Revelation!

The crystallization of our souls...

Gleaming like the thousand diamonds in the sun.

Warming the Universe around us, taking us to new levels of consciousness.

Inner embrace of love....feeling more than we can imagine!


The stars are calling our name, the birth of our dreams must awaken!

Take us to the sky, drench us in your divine light!

Fire in the heavens, igniting the dawn of of a new age....

Let us be one!
Let us all feel more! The Divine Spark Lives!  

Uncover the great mysteries within. The keys of Life!
Awaken our souls!!!!

Let our energy ignite Love, the most powerful energy in the Universe!

So it shall be :)

I am Forever Grateful! :)


~N~a~m~a~s~t~e~ :) sm21.gif
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Inner Light

Inner Light

I look into your eyes

And I see your soul smiling at me

Filling my heart with joy ~ calming my inner fears

I see your beauty deep within your soul and it fills me with infinite gratitude

Love is the most powerful thing in this Universe

And I can feel you touching me and changing me on deeper levels, more than I can comprehend

Your beauty is raising me from the depths of the abyss ~


I can feel you making me whole again

Healing my chaotic mind and soothing my heart

Light shining from within brighter than a thousand suns


I can feel you within me.

~ :-)

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