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Recently, Dr. Stephen Hawking stated that, “The ‘God Particle’ found by CERN could destroy the universe leaving time and space collapsed.”


This seems like a pretty direct warning to the scientists at CERN pleading that they do not take their experiments further.


“I concur with Dr. Hawking in this appraisal. I will further state that for the protection of this Universe, of which I now stand in Command, that this situation be rectified at once and the scientific experiments on the planet be confined to that which is deemed safe for the planet and universe,  by the scientific community en toto.

"This would be my suggestion. Or it is possible that fleets from other advanced systems of the Universe will take action. However, I do understand they do not wish to be destroyed and will no doubt do everything in their power to prevent that action on the part of Planet Earth. I would offer evacuation by my ships but where would we evacuate to if the whole universe were to collapse?"

Note by Channel:  As Commander's Liasson on the Planet I have taken the liberty to change his words to some extent that they might be better understood. - V. Terese Thor"

Universal Supreme Cmdr Valiant (Val) Thor

Universal Protection Command Hqtrs.

Transmission by Alien Implant Technology

V. Terese Thor

01 March 2015 04:44 UT

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