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whew... negative rules in here

i know some don't like the announcement before members leave this site...but i have felt the love of some who may feel ordinary but in fact they are very know who you are and i thank you for sharing with me...and i'm sure we will meet one day...good-by for reason is i no longer wish to read my friends attack each other..i'm crying now...i was called a liar for sharing my very personal visions...i will continue to love everyone here...chow

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for some time now i have changed my email address in here...but i still see my old email...again i changed...but it does not take...i'm kinda blind in here..i don't get emails if i should respond to a reply..i'm sorry i don't want to seem stuck up...i'm not getting any do i fix my problem?  thank you dear friends...but you are really my brothers and sisters

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Hello dear family,

i'm wondering if any of you are feeling something is going to happen on 12-12-12...maybe a really big citing of GFL or fire falling from the sky or major volcano eruption??  much love to all 

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Pole Shift..Do you know your part?

we know earth is has already started...i was sent here to keep generating encourage, to share with...but most to care...i care that you may not make the shift...i care that we all haven't learned to balance ourselves...please find the love in yourself and make it grow...see it you know why you are here?  please help me spread love so we ALL make it...much joy

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Religion the Darkness that Separates us

i don't mean to disrespect anyone...but this i am lead to say...if you are not jehovah witness you are not saved...OH WAIT if you are not mormon you are not saved...OH WAIT...if you are not christian you definatly going to hell...POINT IS...only YOU can save yourself...MANY light beings were sent by Divine Source (it's set up kinda like a monarcy (the universe) we can only see in 3d at present but lots of us have risen our vibration to 5th so we are kinda quantum jumping..intense love...anyway back to religion...IT IS THE WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING...i respect all..but LIVE your life the way the light beings (jesus) taught and that will "save" (make a difference where your energy goes next) is NOT going anywhere...and some will re-live 3d until they learn ....but 5d i believe is also here on earth...because i'm feeling it...reading this you will feel it too...i'm throwing you sparks of Divine will see glimpses of the things to will know the elements will melt around you but NO harm shall come to you for you are the immovable generation...those that have awakened and corrected ego 5d awaits you...well done......much joy and peace forever

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Who pryed us apart that we should see a difference

Are we reallly different

Only in our path and the life we lead

Only in our mind and what we believe

It's time to drop our differences to the ground

Connect with Divine Source

Brothers and sistera are we found

Loving each other the way that we should

Don't feed us fear and always an enemy to fight

This just ain't right

You can feel it when we connect I know you do

We are the ones that will make the change come true

This is right and you know it too

So together we connect we are so much alike

Together we connect it's not even a fight

We keep connecting until it comes true

This better life for me and you

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Sacred Scriptures

I'm sure that most of you are aware of sacred scriptures, they are in the bible but the same scriptures go way back in all spiritual text...Divine Source kept sending light beings to show us the right way to live...we kill them...research's the dark forces...the devil made me do it...ok...a secret ...your eyes very careful what they not feed your darkness...don't fear or you give power to the one who wants to destroy you...but embrace and appreciate this sacred scriptures....if the light be in you these scriptures come to your heart....when the elect are all ready the change will come...not until...enjoy your dreams and visions...much love to you all.....please read this again...ty

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A message from DIVINE SOURCE...some call God

I am so much more than god...for I created them all, the all, the everything. Things are much bigger than this reality....your fatal flaw is all have been cursed with that...not from me but the gods who find you all as threatening.....the gods some of you praise...not your were told it was the again what you believed to be the truth and you will see the real truth and you will wonder why you didn't see it before...stop hearing man...he will lead you they keep you pumped with lies and deceit....they do not want you to know the truth....sit with me each morning and I will guide your path...sit with me at night and  I will protect your thoughts. are a divine being full of light...but some gods have bound you with darkness...correct your ego...I have sent many light-being's to teach you how to live but you kill them more will come...I say to all...respect all...judge no one...correct your ego and your light WILL shine....I love you all so very much...the kingdom of God is at hand

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Let me SHARE

i love you all and i am lead to share with you.  i respect all things.  if you have never heard of Thoth and the Emerald you do.  they are on line and i ask that you please read the last book, secret of secrets...paragraph 4.  if you need to feel truth read about the material this knowledge is written.  i am lead to tell you is an everyday battle within ourselves... for that is where both light and darkness dwells. when the elect has completed this correction process within...then we'll move forward...ok, this is in motion  but please, LOVE EVERYONE...and JUDGE NO ONE.  that is such a big flaw in US all.  much sweet peace to all, it's time to enter into REST.


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Be Happy

there's alot of information out there that can cause stress...planets smashing us, our sun shooting us death rays, et's coming to harvest our brains, we're doomed for that great earthquake...all stressful stuff.  i wish i had something good to share with you   all i can contribute is my sight of this place.  we are doomed with separation, always a side to choose, and we kill those that doen't believe our way...and we are always the right one, better one....sides in religion, politics even our sports, people killed at a sports game, gee, are we missing the mark.  until we master ourselves we are spinning and going nowhere.  we are source energy, we are energy, intelligent enery, ever wonder why we are all so much alike.  well most of us, i'm sure all here have found correction within.  a secret key, stay in the now..the past is gone leave it there, the future will take care of we surround ourselves with love..i feel the love and when we all feel the love we'll find ourselves not in doom but our great beginning.  don't be discouraged, be happy.  much love, barb

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