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Bring forth to me

Bring forth to me the sky of being,
a world of flow and strife.
Fall upon the eyes of love,
to cleanse the scowl of hate.

Clear does the call rise,
on the noon of mine desire.
Set in stone of past,
so far away from now!

Loneliness reflected in solemn eyes!
How far has the road set in stone been?
How lonely the sacrifices made in love?

Standing upon the fall of the rise,
tired eyes resting on the unknown.
Heart asking how long has it been?
Weary feet, bleeding from walking on stone.

Light fall upon a tired brow,
caressing painful skin and soul.
Solemn eyes rise to see the light,
drinking it to feel its wonder.

Give to me the need of soul,
let it give me wings of love,
to fly on the flow of source.
Feet no longer touching,
a past set in stone.

Bring forth, mine love,
and fill the needs of my soul,
not the desires of mine heart!

Written by Anush

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The Basilisk and White Snake

A face and a snake, defined in love,
behind a door of gold and blue.
Come hither to pass through
the portal to the fortress of God

Land of the forbidden,
land of the ever after.
Guarded by a Basilisk,
both light and dark

Dripping fangs, and gleaming eyes,
spitting and hissing in anger.
Patrolling the chaos that waits,
for two that will heal the land.

Enter God and white snake!
One bring strength and calm,
the other, Love and a song
A song of all life…

A song that bring calm,
to the chaos and the beast.
“Gentle dear Basilisk,
Guardian with soulful eyes,
of the realm of the forbidden land.

A song the white snake sings,
filling his heart with love.
That God can tame the chaos,
left in the wake of his thrashing

Sing White snake... sing,
let your song spread wide,
to bring forth a wave
of love and life divine!

Rise souls in despair,
the ones lost, returned
to the land of ever after
will bloom once more.

Written by Anush

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A letter to.......

I have not sat down or felt the need to write in this way for a very long time.... 2 nights ago during a storm, I sat on my bed and was going through some old stuff I wrote.... then I had this urge to write a letter to someone.... I still don't know who I wrote a letter to, but the need to so so was important.  So here is what I wrote

8109189295?profile=originalMaybe some day it will be found....

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“Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled with the spirit of God, and blesses are those who are persecuted for righteousness for theirs are the kingdom of Heaven.”

Life is about choice.. choosing to do the right thing even though your alone in that choice, by not letting the fear of the unknown cloud your thinking. In that fear when the path become hard to see we run back to what we know, even if what we know is broken beyond repair.

“Last Resort”

Words that has rung in my head for weeks, causing turmoil as I think of all that has come to pass in the past 5 years. My mind driving me insane with these thoughts and more. So when I watched this program, it made me sit back, pause and replay. How can what is in my mind just be said back to me in a program I have not watched before? This is like a validation of all that was running in my head. Here this man, spoke back to me the words that haunt my thoughts, WORD for WORD.

It made me reflect on all that has occurred, those that I have met that I have called friend. Those I have loved that always always left, saying words that is meant to harm, yet, words that hold no truth. Person after person, I come to depend on, their presence, healing a portion of me. When the healing is done, they leave, but we as humans have trouble letting go. Most of the time it end in hurting for both.

These people are on your path for a reason and we fall so deeply into them, that we disappear slowly, and in time we become the space around them. We become like them in so many ways. The deeper we allow them in the less of ourself we are. So when they leave we feel shocked lost and so bitterly alone and unwanted. In a limbo state, floating in a void with unknown direction, your pain multiplied with fear of what now? Where to now? Why? Why is this happening again?

When you get this deep into a person on this plane it lead to a power struggle as in your world you became a self sufficient unity, a oneness with each other. BUT you disconnect from spirit, and in the end the oneness are not replenished by spirit, and the energy in that sphere start to dwindle, and a struggle commence, between one that is more dominant and the one that is not start to be drained of life force. At some point the one being drained start to fight back. The only way out is to leave, the oneness needs to be broken, or repaired. In most cases its broken, as to fast the dominant one will resume the cycle started.

The turmoil it cause bring pain, because you and that person became each others existence, yet in the end you are alone in who you are. They were never meant to be you existence, you are the only one that is your existence. Oneness is what we need here, but this plane is not ready for that level of consciousness.

When you walk away you go through so many levels of grief at the loss of all that was, as you try to grasp something that will help you as at this time you will feel lost as if your on a little boat on a wide ocean. Especially if you were connected to the point of oneness.

This is the time people dive into another relationship, or find solace in an others arms, but it is not the path you should take.

This stage is the time you should sit down, reflect and listen to that little voice inside you that for the duration of this relationship you have not paid attention to, YOU. Do not give in to the child self that tell you how lost you are, or the ego that tell you so much negative self stuff, but deeper to that inner core you are, the one you always were.

In that silent moment of absolute stillness and quiet, that you will find the answers and the truth to who you are, and remember all you were before. It will be a time to remember the path you walked. And the reason for this detour you took, and why.

It bring you back to your center a place where you are whole complete and not lost, a place where you hear the voice of spirit, and know the next step you should take. Even if at the time that step is shrouded in doubt and mist, then you should stay seated in stillness listening to self and spirit and waiting for the mist to lift. This is the place of YOUR truth, the only truth you need at this time.

You need oneness in yourself not in another person, when you are one with yourself, in true unconditional love, you can achieve oneness with another person, if that person has achieved oneness in themselves. But the biggest mistake we make is to disconnect from spirit, as lovers usually do and they feed of each others energy. When the moon phase end and the reality of life enter that oneness, that is when you should both re-balance oneness and reconnect to spirit.

For years I wrote about this, And practiced it, but in the end, when the other person is not ready, oneness can not survive.

It is better to have loved and lost to not have loved at all – is a very old saying, and now sitting in this state of connectedness, listening to myself and spirit and objectively looking at the past 5 years... I see how the choices I made affected my path, but I also see how each choice was the correct one, to bring me to this place. It brought me peace, in understanding that there is more to my path than I was able to see, and I trust in myself enough to know that where ever my path lead me now, will be the best place for me to be. At that time, to receive the optimal space for yet another lesson, in love.

My friends and family look to my life and see the failures the inability to be normal, to have what they have. Some friends questions my words, calling them falsities, or worst, they are incorrect in their perception, but that is their right to see from their perception. They do not have all the information nor the experience of my path to even have a glimmer of understanding to where my path lead me. I look to the past year as the steps to a higher plane, perfectly designed to provide for me the correct circumstance to achieve the next level of consciousness. Even if it was walked in pain.

I am choosing to do the right thing even though I am alone in that choice, by not letting the fear of the unknown cloud my thinking and emotions. We are not the emotions we experience, they are the means for us to experience the lessons, and the pain, it make you feel, its the bodies way to tell you to look beyond what was, to the infinite possibilities to learn and grow. A ending is not the end, its the beginning to a who new chapter in the book you call MY LIFE.

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Spiral vibration

Circle, spiral, flow, slender body tense in a coil
Every footstep a threat, every vibration a tremor
skin reading vibrations, tongue testing the air
Instinct makes the heart race, tightening the coils

Who are you vibration that haunt me
Is there a purpose to the tremors
that you send racing up my spine?
The feelings it still in my throat

The nervous energy it ignite,
Making me hiss, in warning
mind your step vibration, beware
Mind the way you flow...

Closer it come, louder it become
tongue flickering faster, lips tightening
scales vibrating louder to amplify
a deadly hissed warning

Slender head raised, cupping in warning
Mind your step vibration, mind your flow
Come no closer, as your vibration is known
its taste tightens the gland of my defences

It taste of betrayal, of lies and deceit
It still memories of a vibration of harm
a hand holding an apple a soft touch
that once held respect and love

The apple brought truth to the eyes
and knowledge to the soul, a job well done
was rewarded with a curse of despair

Once vibration you held this snake
vibrating promises of eternal bliss
when the path given was complete
redemption when the apple was eaten

Yet the promises made by the vibration
was but a lie, to cover the lies hidden by truth
Who are you vibration, your name forgotten
yet the taste of your betrayal and lies linger

Step no closer vibration, or the poison
of mine betrayal will poison your soul
as I offer you no redemption
for the lies you wove on my scales

Written Anush

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We set expectations and boundaries we expect other to keep and when they don’t we are hurt. The hurt we experience every day are the direct result of our own illusions we expect others to adhere to.  No use in handing someone your entire existence and letting them take all they want, and then getting upset and hurt when they can’t appreciate who you are and toss you aside when they drank their fill. 


When we make friends or are in love we become greedy and want to possess the other person, demanding more and more form them until they feel caged, and fight back.  Then we wonder why….


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:1-13)


But what do we do, the opposite, and then we run around crying when the negative love we give others make them turn away from us.


This Bible verse has been in my mind for 2 months now:


If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:1-13)


It is a verse I have treasured my entire life.  This to me is how love should be, this is how I try to live my life. Through kindness, understanding and more; in my life I look at people and I see all of them, see how many is souls in pain lashing out at those around them, with their negative attitude their lies, the anger they direct at those they deem Unfit and unworthy.  Wanting to punish, and make them do as they want….


That is not how I live my life, that is not who I am… I see the lies in people’s words, mostly they lie to themselves, I see the energy on their profiles and the energy they throw at others, but…


That is their life and their choices of being, if you want to hide behind a mask, which is a choice you make, I will not call you out on it. If you want to hide behind 20 different profiles in order to say “you can’t even see it” That is your choice.


So many times I talk to people and they tell me stuff and I look at them and wonder if they realise just how they lie to themselves and now to me.  But it’s not my place to beat them up about it, life is about choices, and we are all learning the hard way here.  Life is about love, and if someone’s illusions don’t work for me I smile and set up a shield.  One day they will decide to remove that mask, but that is their place to decide.


In the last 6 months I stopped scanning peoples energy stopped scanning profiles, for one reason, Life is theirs to live, if they want to hide behind masks it’s their choice, if they want to create a lot of profiles, that is fine too. I love them enough to know that one day they will realise more than they do now and I am ok with that.


Love is more than us, and once we can be in peace in our centre, the world with their masks and illusions become visible.

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Thought of the day.....

Deciding to take a break from all levels of existence have been good to me... There is nothing like healing self and remembering your path to inspire you to have hope again. For far too long I gave all I was to all that asked, and they turned out to be more greedy than what was good for me.

Being all you can be in service of other, does not mean you have to allow their greed to consume you. Having boundaries are healthy for personal growth, but does not make you less of who you are, or selfish.

Returning to healing, and helping those in need, exploring the possibilities of paradigm shifts in our society, is important, but not at the cost of your own personal power. Your truth and your soul give you the personal power and assertiveness to stand your ground in who you are, by not allowing others to tell you who they believe you are.

This world... this plane of existence are but a illusion, once we learn to see past the illusion and experience the truth that is beyond the emotional state of living in this plane, only then can we find true change within ourself.

That change inside us ripple out and affect all those around us, bringing hope to the lost, love to the unwanted, and understanding to the ones that judge us.

I am.... you are... we are... One living conscious experience that are here to learn the truth of love. Love start within, self love. Self love promote love, compassion, hope and joy to those we touch when we love ourself.

Written Anush

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Auric Shielding - Taught by Anush

In these times a lot of light workers are being energetically attacked from the dark side.  During these times I want to give other light workers who are also under the fire of the dark side a possibility to protect themselves.

How to create an aura protection shield. 

We must learn to wrap ourself with a layer of protection that is positive, and latch into your subconscious so that you don’t need to focus on it constantly.

As a Healer I have used this technique, in my knowing…. Its something I have used since I woke up and when someone was under attack once I helped them see it and use it.

It isn’t hard to install this shield and it is important to clean your body and auric field first.  I use Golden light as its very strong for me, though you will use the colour light that suit your level of consciousness.  Many I come across use either green light or white light.  For me as a seasoned user, I prefer Golden light as its unconditional love for me, and it’s very strong.  Other times I will use the full spectrum of light.  It’s a matter of choice and preference and don’t really matter.

Close your eyes and breathe deep steady breaths.  In through the mouth and slowly release through mouth.

Focus on the light you are choosing then move counter clockwise inside your aura from your crown chakra and spiralling down through your whole body and auric field.  When it reach your feet turn the light clockwise and again spiral upward through your whole body and auric field to your crown.  It will form a patch of light over your crown and below your feet.

Now pull those patches of light from the crown and from the feet towards each other, inside your body, till they meet at your heart.  Let the above and below meet and mix in your heart.  Focus on the most powerful memory you have, that make you happy and feel warm loved and glowing.

Let that expand through your entire body, it will become so strong that it start to fill your auric field.  Now focus the light to clean your bodies, your auric field, every cell of your physical body and your mind from all negative and lower energies, darkness and shadows.

Let the icky dark energy that almost look like old oil leave the body through hands and feet.  At first it may be dark but after a while it will get lighter till it will hold the same colour as the light you are using.  That would be when you will stop.  You will now stand in a pool of really icky energy.  Push it away from you, making sure none stay behind stick to your feet. (I usually gather them in a orb that I transmute later)

Bring focus back to heart, then change the light in heart to pure white light and let it fill your body and pass out through your chakras.  Let it flow from your heart till it reaches the edge of your auric field.

Now focus on the edge of your auric field and let that light wrap around your field closing you off in a type of cocoon of energy.  Let it settle till it become a clear shimmering field.

You have now successfully made a shield.

It take long to make the first one, after that your body remember what you did, and it will be easier as the mere thought would activate it.  It would automatically do a cleansing sweep then set the shield in place.  Locking your shield into your heart, will make sure that when it needed or you come under attack, your heart will react to the treat, and activate the shield without you realising it.  It will become a reflex action that will save you much trouble.


The bad part about the Auric shield is that when you are sick, or you indulge in negative emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, etc…. it will deactivate your shield and then you will have to redo this installation into your heart.

The protection shield must allow your energy to pass through to the outside, as a healer I need it to filter my energy when I heal others also in receiving energy from others the shield will filter out the negative energy and only allow in positive and healing energy.

You can however close it completely to receive and give off no energy, but that is not advisable on a long term basis.  If your entering a area where you don’t want to be noticed then it’s a great tool.  You have to however unlock that once you leave the situation.  Otherwise your own negative energy will start to take you over, and you will also be disconnected from the source or divine energy that is always feeding into us through our crown chakra.

Don’t fear or doubt the workings of the shield as it will weaken your shield, and leave you vulnerable to attack.  The stronger your confidence in your shield is the stronger your shield will be.

Next we will look at the different ways to use your Auric shield in service of you

There is about 13 diferent ways I use my auric shield, here is the ones that is the most effective.  The rest is ways I have created in service of the work I do, so those I wont share.

The Mirror shield

Notice how the edge of your auric field is turned into a hard line, the outside shimmer like a mirror and in this way it will diflect ALL energy, yes all even love.  So be mindful to only use this in dire cases or for short periods of time.  It is rather affective when you are in a group of people and the energy is toxic.  it also help Empathic and sensitive people to not get overwelmed when in large groups od people.

The Wall Shield

It works a lot like the mirror shield, but this is more solid and it dont reflect.  When energy hit it it will run down the shield and pool at the bottom.  So be mindful when you drop the shield later that the pooled energy at the bottom ont get stuck to your feet.  The best way would be to gatehr that energy into an orm before dropping the shield and then to transmute the energy into positive energy that you can release back to the flow.

The Spike Shield

This is a very useful shield.  as its a hard shield and let no energy enter your aura.  it dont just diflect the energy coming at you, but it also return it to sender.  It will amplify the energy comming at you and return it to the sender amplified x 4.  In thsi way it will hit the sender harder.  So use this shield very responsibly as it can be quite dangerous.

The suit shield

This shield is the same as the Mirror shield, the only diference is that it is pulled really close to the body.  Doing this you adjust the energy flow from your chakras, in this way you almost dull your chakras.  This shield are extreamly useful if you want to blend into a crowd, and move about unnoticed in groups.  It conserves and consentrate your auric strength and might leave you feeling dizzy if you use it for long periods of time.

The Skin Shield

This is a more advanced shield to the suit shield.  It pulls so close that its part of your skin.  So if anyone look at you it will seen that you have no Aura or chakras.  This will consentrate your energy even more and you will have a very high screaming tone in your ears.  Not many can manage this shield for long periods of time.  So use it carefully.

The Corsham shield

This shield is a combination of all the above shields.  This is super advanced energy use, and it is very intricate to manage, If your auric structure was not laid correctly you will NOT be able to use this shield.  As it would crush you. This is a 5 layer shield that interlace into each other.  If you get the combination wrong it will either make you feel really sick or totaly break your balance.  When this one is done correctly you will have incredible control over all these shields at once.

I hope this give you an idea of just how useful the auric field can be.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Copyright Anush

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African Animal Totem Cards

I had this idea a while ago, after writing something said by and animal totem that came close to me.

This is what the cards will look like, I now just have to design the symbols and writing that has to go on it.

Yes I know wolves are not african animals but I could not resist making thsi one, just for myself.

There is still a lot of work left on these cards...

But I am looking forward to spend much time with my animal friends....

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Bring forth to me

Bring forth to me the sky of being

a world of flow and strife

fall upon the eyes of love

to cleanse the scowl of hate

Clear does the call rise

on the noon of mine desire

set in stone of past

so fat away from now

Loneliness reflected in solemn eyes

How far has the road set in stone been?

How lonely the sacrifices made in love?

Standing upon the fall of the rise

tired eyes resting on the unknown

heart asking how long has it been?

Weary feet hurting from walking on stone

Light fall upon a tired brow

caressing painful skin and soul

Solemn eyes rise to see the light

drinking it in to feel its wonder

Give to me the need of soul

Let it give me wings of love

to fly on the flow of source

feet no longer touching

a past set in stone

Bring forth mine love

to fill the needs of my soul

not the desires of mine heart!

Written by Anush

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Competition for February

The objective, create a really funny conversation.

Purple Worm - Daisy-May
Green Worm - Mikey
Snail - Thor the Snail (he sound like a hillbilly)
Green Dragon - The Kracken

Pizes are the same as the previous one.

1st prize - Soulpainting made for you

2nd prize - You can chose one of my already made soulpaintings.


Must be origional, and your own words.

Closing date 28 February 2013

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Hunted Kracken

Rustling scales, restless twitching wings

Blue eyes searching the horizon

Tongue wetting lips tight with tension

Deep impatient rumbling in a smouldering belly


Sensitive to the vibrations on the ether

The smell of apprehension on the heart of soul

A flick of a tail, a twitch of a tightening muscle

Heavily scaled skin ripple, as energy caress it.


Large horned head dip low, breathing the flow

Tasting and testing the tension in the ground.

Loudly expelled breath, clearing the senses

Heavy head snap up, eyes scanning the stars.


The enemy is shifting, gathering to move

Their smouldering intention already noted…

One head split to many, each tasting the level of soul

Weighing the feel of the intentions on the flow


A crescent star flash, the glint of a blade, in the shadow

Blue eyes; turn to blood, as it follows the move

The rumbling change, the vibration gathers

Many heads return to one, and seek

Beyond the flash of the shadow’s blade.


Shinning scales turn to shadow, blending,

Fading into the shadows cast by the flow

Slender neck pulled into striking position

Waiting, tasting, watching the shadow


One shadow become many, deepening the dark

Scaled skin ripple, with silent stealth

32 shadows move as one, followed by bloody eyes

That already know the position they seek


When will the crescent star learn, that their souls

Are known and loved by the one they hunt, so deeply

That they blue eyes know the truth, in their lies.

These eyes saw the truth they hid in the forest


A forest that hid a crescent star and a pope

A bag of gold, a contract made, with the trees as witness

To the deed that left sacred knights staring

Upon the sky with lifeless eyes, their name sullied

Crescent star and a pope, your deed witnessed by

One that know your soul, know your greed

The lust of your power, engraved in your soul

As those you slayed lay bleeding, in your shame

Your souls as dark as the shadows you use


Sinking a blade between the scales of the one you seek

Will not erase the shame of your deeds

That is engraved into the recesses of your soul

So many times you came for this one


When will you admit the shame in your soul?

Do you not realise that to receive forgiveness

Your shame must be revealed, and the injustice repaired

Lay down your blade shadow, you do not wish to die today


“Never!” the answer come, the same need no witness

“So be it”, the scaled shadow sighed, and rumbled

The movement silent, precise, and 32 of shame

Lay staring with blank eyes towards the sky


Blood eyes return to blue, and silent tears,

Trace paths over shadowy scales

The heavy head, turn and pull out the one blade

That hit true, between heavy scales, freeing the flow of blood


No amount of blood from the witness of the shame

Can erase what’s done, by a crescent star and a Pope

Only the truth, can find forgiveness, to soothe

The shame engraved in their souls

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"Make a caption for this picture."

Category1- Funny, rude, etc.
Category2- Inspirational


1- it must be origional, meaning own brain power.
2-only 2 entries per person.
3-Have freaken fun!

How is that for contrast! Now the bit you all want to know, Le Prizes!!!

1st prize in both categories, will receive an digital created Soul painting created by mhwa!

2nd prize in both categories will be able to chose one of my soul paintings that was already posted one that inspire you.

All prizes is in digital format, and will be mailed to the winners. The 2 first place winners will have to sit through a session with me, picking at their soul and mind mhwahahhaha! in order for me to paint a soul expression for them.

for those that dont know what a soul painting is, you can just call it a abstract painting.
so lets have some fun people!!!

Closing date: 18 January 2013

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Where do you hide my love?

You are in each breath I take, each kiss the sun leave on my skin.

In the breath of the wind that caress my hair.

Each day I hear you whisper my name on the wind,

The smell of a warm summer day on the breeze, reminds me of you.


Each day my eyes search for you, my heart skips a beat,

When I hear you breathe my name…

Where can I find you my love, where do you hide?

Each look, each hand I feel, I seek you, yet you are not there.


My heart yearns for the deep recesses of your eyes,

My lips burn in yearning for yours…

Why do you stay on the breeze?

Why do you hide from me my love?


I touch those around me, seeking the love, I lost

None can fill your place, none see me,

All they see is what they can gain, from me.


Where do you hide my love, how long must I wait?

Why can none see, the truth of my soul?

Why can’t you find me?

Why did you leave me between the wolves,

That plunder who I am


They do not know love, but the forfillment of their own desires…

They crave the power of the energy that surrounds me

And they take what is not theirs to have…


Why can none see deeper than what is seen…

Why do they seek more, and more in their greed?

You left me to suffer alone while you saved your own soul.

Still my heart yearns for you, my chest hurt in longing…


When will you keep the promise you made?

The whisper on your dying breath:

“I will find you, will never stop looking… you are my love eternal”


Yet you left me to the wolves, alone as you, went on your path

The sacrifice you made was me, so you can gain what you crave.

You left me to feel the raking of teeth on naked skin.

The pain the darkness bring…


The wolves come with promises, yet their eyes stray

Their promises empty lies, as wolves can’t see

The truth in my soul, only what is reflected in their own eyes.


No eye here can see the light phoenix,

Inside the diamond soul that fill my chest

Where do you hide my love, where do your lies reside…



As I kneel among the wolves, the rain hides my tears,

Filling the emptiness your betrayal left in me.

Hope is fading with each passing day

Taking with it the beauty I once possessed.


Eyes filled with sadness, reflect the certainty that my love

Has forsaken me to the wolves and their lies…

So they can take what they need,

But never truly see the secret reflected in my soul.


Every passing day bring the certainty,

That you have forsaken me, just like everyone else

The promise on your dying breath, to cover the lie in your soul

Your death gave me life… yet what is this but a lie


Why have you forsaken me my love?

Alone in the dark, among the wolves…

Alone.. to walk as the Queen of the dammed.

While you sit on the throne of light

Holding the hand, of lust and greed.

 Writen by Anush

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The Ouroboros and us


Origins of the Ouroboros

The Serpent biting its own tail is first seen as early as 1600 years BC in Egypt. From there it moved to the Phonecians and then to the Greeks, who called it the Ouroboros, which means devouring its tail.

The serpent biting its tail is found in other mythoi as well, including Norse myth, where the serpent's name is Jörmungandr, and in Hindu, where the dragon circles the tortoise which supports the four elephants that carry the world.
Alternate spellings include: oroborus, uroboros, and oureboros.

Symbology behind the Ouroboros

The ouroboros has several meanings interwoven into it. Foremost is the symbolism of the serpent biting, devouring, eating its own tail. This symbolises the cyclic Nature of the Universe: creation out of destruction, Life out of Death. The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life, in an eternal cycle of renewal.
In the above drawing, from a book by an early Alchemist, Cleopatra, the black half symbolises the Night, Earth, and the destructive force of nature, yin. the light half represents Day, Heaven, the generative, creative force, yang.

Alchemically, the ouroboros is also used as a purifying glyph.

The current mathematical symbol for infinity - may be derived from a variant on the classic Ouroboros with the snake looped once before eating its own tail, and such depictions of the double loop as a snake eating its own tail are common today in fantasy art and fantasy literature, though other conjectures also exist.

It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting before any beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished. The ouroboros has been important in religious and mythological symbolism, but has also been frequently used in alchemical illustrations, where it symbolizes the circular nature of the alchemist's opus. It is also often associated with Gnosticism and Hermeticism.

Showing itself primarily in ancient Gnostic texts, the Ouroboros is any image of a snake, worm, serpent, or dragon biting its own tail. Generally taking on a circular form, the symbol is representative of many broad concepts. Time, life continuity, completion, the repetition of history, the self-sufficiency of nature, and the rebirth of the Earth can all be seen within the circular boundaries of the Ouroboros.

Societies from throughout history have shaped the Ouroboros to fit their own beliefs and purposes. The image has been seen in ancient Egypt, Japan, India, utilized in Greek alchemic texts, European woodcuts, Native American Indian tribes, and by the Aztecs. It has, at times, been directly associated to such varying symbols as the Roman god Janus, the Chinese Ying Yang, and the Biblical serpent in the Garden of Eden.

There is truly little known about the deeper meaning of this symbol.  Many see it as evil, others as a trap, or a curse.  It is said that the re birthing cycle is a loop like this symbol, one that trap those entering in it in such a way that they will be in it for eternity.

There is no reason this symbol need to be a loop or trap in our lives.  As we have entered into this system, and entered into the cycles of death and rebirth, so many of us has forgotten the true reasons we came here.  To learn!!!

Each life we learn our lessons, when the time come we can leave the loop, yet very few leave it.  As they have become trap in the loop of their existence.

It eats its tail that is feeding it to continue the cycle, but the question remain what are you feeding it?  Are you feeding it negative or positive energy, this determine the effectiveness of the loop.

Many at this time desire a change, wanting to be rid of the loop as this cycle is no longer serving them.  They have been searching for the answers in their lives, trying to find a way to break the loop.

They believe that the loop hold them captive away from what they feel they need, and that is a change in path.  This time in this 26 000 year cycle mark a time of increased energy, that when utilised right, can help a soul change the fabric of his existence.  Maybe not now, but in the next incarnation.  This is a time of great opportunity.

At this time, it is each persons goal or purpose to break free from their current loop, so that they can reach higher, and change the path they are on.

How do you do this, is the question on many lips?

The snake is biting its own tail, it has the choice to bite or to let go. The way to break the loop is to let go of your fears. We as humans tend to fear what is not known, in this way the loop is known to us, letting go is the great unknown, something that strike fear into the hearts of many.

As time pass we start to believe that the loop is unchangeable, everything is existence is changeable at some point, why not the loop. They end up holding so tightly to their loop that they start to believe and despair that they cant leave it.

So they turn to find a saviour that will help save them from this evil loop that is keeping them captive. Yet, they do not realise that they are the only ones that can let go, in order for the snake to be set free for the loop, to create a new path, they can follow.

You are the only one keeping yourself captive in the place of existence you are in.  All change start by letting go!

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The stepping stone

A barely visible path, wanders through the dark and treacherous woods.  A traveller walking this path gets weary and sad as the path is not easy to walk.  It wanders seemingly forever; up a very steep mountain.  Many travellers give up and turn back to an easier path, yet many still try to reach the top of the mountain.

The woods are so dense that the travellers can’t see the top of the mountain; they can only see a little part of where they’re going, and sometimes the path almost disappear.  Many a traveller has gotten lost on this path, wandering the woods, for a long time before finding it again.

On this path there is a stream, this stream flow from the top of the mountain.  The snow-capped peak feeds it with sweet tasting water, which soothes the aches, pains and tiredness of the weary travellers.  Beyond the stream the woods thins and the travellers are able to see more clearly, and the sun breaks through the denseness of the woods, giving the travellers hope, and lifting their spirits.

 In this stream lay a stepping stone.  Well placed in the centre of the stream, revelling in the flow of the stream, listening to the song of the water against its sides.  Singing with the song of the stream; rejoicing in the knowing that it has a purpose.  It tirelessly stood strong, so that each traveller had a steady place to step on as they pass over the stream to continue on their path.  Some would sit down on the stone, sharing their stories with the stone, and rest for a while before moving on.  The stone patiently listened lending them its strength and the essence of the stream, so that they can walk once more.

Year after year the stone did its work with joy, yet slowly more travellers came, and the stream did not wash the mud left by their feet from the rock, as fast as it had before.  Slowly the stone started to wonder at the reason it was there.  Why it would lie there, to be stepped on to help the travellers with its steady foundation.  Every day the stone watched the travellers pass, and with time every step from the travellers began to hurt, the mud from their feet grinding into its surface scratching it, leaving marks on the stone.

The travellers praised the stream for its service, and beauty, before moving on.  None of them ever realising that the stone was also of service to them.  If the stone was not there they would not have been able to step over the stream, keeping their feet dry.  As the path is not completed yet, and walking it with wet feet will cause them pain.

Sadness grew in the heart of the stone, waking in it a yearning to not be what it is. To abandon its purpose; as its purpose is not needed.  Slowly using the flow of the stream and the weight of the travellers as they stepped on it; the stone started to shift, loosening the foundation it rested on and one night a storm raged increasing the flow of the stream, the stone succeeded.  The rushing water rolled the stone further downstream away from the path, leaving its place empty.

As the storm subsided, the calm returned to the stream and it flowed steady again.  Yet the place of the stone was empty and the song of the stream changed, and it lost the way it danced around the stone, caressing it.  The water spirits dancing on the flow of the water, felt the change and it saddened them.  They missed the stone, its song and its steady strength.

Still the travellers came, they stopped at the stream, and there was no stepping stone to help them across.  They had to walk through the stream, getting their feet wet.  The flow from the stream washed sand into their shoes, grinding at their feet, as they continued on their way.

Time passed and the stone felt relieved to be away from the stepping feet.  The stream washed it clean from the mud the travellers left behind.  Yet the sadness stayed in the heart of the stone, but it felt that no-one would miss it.

Two men came walking down the mountain, their white hair and beards gleaming in the filtering sunlight, their white robes crisp and clean.  As their reached the stream, the one called Seni asked the other “Where did the stepping stone go.”  The one called Eli answered: “It seem to have shifted from its place, let us search downstream.”

“A storm has come and clouded the heart of the stone, it cried out in pain as it rolled away from where it belong.” The spirits sang.  “Return to us what belong, so that we can sing again” the stream whispered.

The two men walked down the stream searching for the stone.  “Here!” called Eli.  They lifted the stone form the stream and placed it on the shore.

“Let’s place it back where it belong!” said Seni

“NO!” said the stone angrily.

“Why have you left the place you belong, dear stone?” asked Seni.

“Because the belonging hurt, and none see the service lend to them.  Why stay, when none care about the strength lend them, the rest given or the comfort so they can walk further, with no grinding wet sand in their shoes. The travellers praise all they can see, yet they never see the foundation lend to them. Never realise that what they received resting on a stone, touch them in ways they can’t see!  Do not place me back, where there is no appreciation for who I am!” said the stone in a sad and angry voice.

“We came to find you, as your place is empty, the stream’s song changed when you left, the water spirits can’t dance in the ripples created by your presence, it made them all sad.  Many travellers passed through the stream and had to be helped as their feet were bleeding and they could not walk, because you were not there to lend them a way to cross the stream.  The strength you so selflessly shared, and the way you listen to their stories, is needed.  You have to return to where you belong, without you, the place you belong... are empty, and it affect many things.” Seni said.

“How can this be true…” mumbled the stone not all that sure it wants to believe the ones that came to fetch it.

“It is true, let us show you.” Eli said.

They picked up the stepping stone and carried it back to where it belongs and placed it on the shore.  The stone heard the song of the stream, a sad song felt the change in the energy.

“Why have you left? We need you, can’t you hear that without you my song is not the same?” the stream sang.

“Bring us your ripples Stepping stone so we can dance again, so we can find the joy you bring to our existence.” The water spirits sang, sadly.

“You can place another stone there, it need not be me.  Every stone can be replaced.” The stone said stubbornly.

“Every stone have a specific value; size and balance, the soul of each and every stone are different.  Your soul and the way you change the song of this part of the stream is needed, as it affect the flow of the stream lower down.  All things hold energy and in the way your soul flow here, lend its strength to the energy of the area, and to the rest this part gives to each traveller.  This is what gives the travellers the strength they need and the fortification they need to continue their path.” Eli said softly.

“Since this mountain was created and this stream flowed this stone has been here, lending to all travellers this service.  In return the travellers leave upon it their mud, which grinds and cause it harm, and from them are taken a lot of their pain as they rest.   A stone is strong, but sometimes it needs to be washed with the waters of love and appreciation.  It also needs what is given, so that it can continue to be who it is.” Replied the stone sadly.

Just then a traveller stumbled to the stream, his feet bleeding, carrying his shoes. “I am so happy you found a stepping stone.  I came back to look for a stone to place here, as the pain crossing this stream is causing, should be prevented.  Let me help you place it so that others that come past here, will have the benefit of crossing over it.  In this way they will not have to suffer the pain I am feeling, as this stone can prevent it from happening to others!” The traveller mentioned.

Seni and Eli looked at the stone, “Do you see how much your presence affect here?”

“Yes, yet it does not sooth the pain it causes.” the stone whisper sadly. “Being a stone, bring the need to be strong, no matter the consequences thereof.  No matter what is thrown at it, it has to be what it is, a stepping stone, each has their place, where they bring to others the best of who they are, even if none can see, or appreciate what is done for them.  The stepping stone need to be true to itself and its purpose.”

The three people placed the stone where it belong making sure that it rest on a steady base.  As they step out of the stream, they heard the song of the river change, saw the joy of the water spirit return as they danced in the ripples cause by the flow of the stream.  All felt the energy change, to what it was before.

The stepping stone felt the caress of the stream, heard her song, a song it has heard since the time it was created.  Felt the joy of the water spirits, and sighed.

Elron and Sensei turned to leave, “We will walk with you traveller”, they offered.

“No, I think I will sit on this stepping stone for a while, placing my feet in the healing ripples of the stream.  The energy here is soothing, I will continue when I feel stronger.” He replied.

The others smiled, and returned up the path to the top of the mountain.

As the Stepping stone listened to the story of the traveller, it contemplated all that happened.  In all things there is a place each belong, a place where who we are serve all there is the best.  At times the mud of existence cover our vision, and a storm is needed to wash us clean so we can see, just how much we are worth, being who we are.   Be all you are in yourself, in service of all there is.  No matter whom you are, even a humble stepping stone.  Sometimes who we are can’t be understood by others, as they are not a stepping stone, so they can not appreciate the being of a stepping stone. 

Maybe we need to learn to show more understanding and appreciation to those that are the stepping stones in our life, those that are there to listen, and lend their strength to us in our need.  Never look down on the stepping stones that gave you more than you realised in a time you needed it.

Written and translated by A-Anush

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Do you see the Light? (A musing mind)

So much wisdom we find in many places, so much life we have to live.  Why is it that we have never looked inside the well of dreams?  Can it be that we are lost in an illusion, the way that keep us from our dreams?

Where is life, when we are not living, but hiding in our past illusions?  How did we get to this point? How did we get this lost? When have we lost our way… and stepped of the road to the golden door?

All the days of each life we live according to our desires, never to the truth of who we are.  As that life end it creates the illusions for future lives.  Each time your start a new one, the illusions of the past life, or the ghosts left by our disappointments, haunt this next life.  This realm is the root of creation, the well of dreams…

Here is where the desires of now, become the illusions of the future.  This realm was created to be the amplification of the human heart.  It is the heart of all there is, the breath of all, and the source of all there is.

In the beginning the druids taught the truth, the path to the Golden door the Path of Ssion (or Zion as most know it) the path of the snake, as it is the coiled path, or the spiral path, the path of healing and truth.  Each new child born were lead to heal the illusions left by their past.  With the destruction of the druids and the Ancient Archons, the well of dreams became a well of nightmares.

Through existence the spiral has been a powerful symbol, just as our DNA also represent coiled snakes.

Through our lives and through existence our desires are what he are taught to chase, money, fame, power, success….  Are the things we desire truly what we need?

The ancient teachings say that we have to ask for what we need, do we truly know what we need?  Do we assume that we need a sports car? Are you feeding your desire or your need?

The desires we have in each life, lead us on another road, away from who we truly are… Why?

Temptation!  The one test given to all soul.  In each life our desires are tempted, by those we fear, the dark ones, and the ones we call evil.  Yet they are not evil, they were once light, they too had given into their desires, and became what they are.

The more you focus on your desires, knowledge, fame, success, lust anything in excess, we feed our desires.  We do not need copious amounts of knowledge crammed into your head… it’s already there; you just need to learn to access it.  Do you truly need a fast sports car?  To boost your pride and make people notice you?

As I sat watching this movie, I watched with deeper understanding to the message inside it, so well hidden.

How many other messages is there that will trigger us to look inside, to notice us.

When will we start seeing the light of self, the light we truly are?  The light that shine from deep within the darkness of us.

The words are apt, all those years we looked through the windows to see within, yearning for our soul.  All that time viewing but never KNOWING, we are there.  Are we now realising how blind we were?   We thought we were seeing dreams, but we were viewing who were are.

Now at this time of change, we stand in the starlight, and finally some of us can see glimpses of who we truly are.  Waiting for the other half of us to see, to realise.  This is the time we are meant to be here.  The time where we can change the life of desire to the life of need?  Is the veil not the fog that is now lifting so we can see the starlight?  See how truly amazing we truly are?  How truly wonderful our hearts are?

It is then that our lives will become warm and real and bright, for the first time we will see the love we have, the love we are and how we can use that love to heal the illusions the past has created in our lives now. 

Have our view not somehow shifted, changing our outlook and perception?

Is this why we are starting to see those around us, those that are part of the love, part of the well of dreams?  Are we finally seeing?

Can we finally give this love to others, without being scared of what they may think, how they may judge us?  All our lives we were living in a daydream of our desires, all that time never truly seeing, what was hidden behind the fog.

Now that the fog is lifting, we are standing in the starlight, watching the person we truly am.  Standing in awe of our own beauty, feeling the love we are.

It’s time to take the hand of the person you are and to walk into the starlight, leaving behind the illusions the past has create, the living nightmare.

A time of choice, are you going to take the hand of the one you are and walk into the light of the golden door, or are your spiritual importance and pride going to make you fall from the path of Ssion.  Making you miss this opportunity to become all you are and can be, to walk among those that has lost their way.

We now have the opportunity to become who we truly am!  The question remains…

Can you see the light….

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The Dreaming.....

For a long time I have not dreamed, but last night I did and it was as powerful, as the ones I always had.  My dreams are visions of something I need to see or events that will happen that I needed to pay attention to.  Dreams for me was never just random, it ALWAYS had a message.  It was either a past memory, warning about some earth event, or something to help me see something in my own life I needed to pay attention to.

So here it is:

It started with me hiking with 7 other people, it felt like it was for a long time.  The scenery was a mix between America, Nelspruit, and the open planes of the Free State.  We walked, but no-one really talked, there were a person in front of me, which was not really the leader but the front walker.  I was just walking where they were walking not really paying attention to more than just being there and walking.  We pitched camp and settled for the night around the fire, like every night.  That morning I woke up and struggled to get up.

I said “That’s it my hip hurt too much, I am going back home.”  The others looked at me in surprise. The one that is the fore walker asked “why?”

I just looked at him and said I don’t know why I am hiking anymore, we have been walking for over 3 months, I am worn out.  This just doesn’t make any sense anymore.”

They looked at me baffled as I packed my backpack and walked into the trees.

Then the dream skips to me being home, healing my hip that was hurting real bad.  One day the 7 friends came back with a map.  The front walker opened the map on my table, pointing to a new path. He said “we can take this route” I looked at it and said “No there are huge lakes there; I am not in the mood for water hiking.”

“I think I have done enough walking…” I said.  He looked at me and said, “You were tired, is it not time for a new direction?”

I looked at the map but found no real interest in it. Then he traced a pathway between the lakes on farm land saying “let’s hike here”

Me: “Mmmm…. I don’t know that is on cultivated land, land belonging to others.  They might not take kindly that we walk their land.”  He: “Well, we will tread silently and lightly, walking their land and helping if the need arises”  I looked at them… “Please we need you to hike with us, it just is not the same without you.” They said.

I sighed… “FINE…..” and got up and packed my back pack.

We set out hiking through the farm land, treading lightly on other peoples land.  Leaving it as we found it, or would mend stuff as we went.  At one part we walked through a farmer’s vegetable garden, everything was neat.  The front walker, that walked in front before was not walking there anymore he walked next to me now. Asking me where we should go next.  We passed a patch of tomatoes, and he said “what is really strange way to plant tomatoes.”  The fruit of the tomato was planted in the soil half way in and half way out the soil, this the tops cut off.

I said “Not really, the tomato rot and from that the seeds grow.” He looked at me strangely so I added.  “When humans consume a lot of tomatoes, the seeds pass through their system.  When they discard it the seed stay whole.  I have seen how when the refuge is then added to a garden as fertiliser the first thing that rises from that is tomato plants.”

He looked at me and said, “That is strange indeed”.   We continued hiking.  After that I woke up and pondered over the dream, but ended up pushing it to the back of my mind.

Later I was talking to a friend and told him about the dream and as I did so I saw the message in the dream.

This is what I got form that:

Before I left for New York on holiday I was so tired and in pain.  My path made no more sense to me anymore.  I felt taped out tired, and was not even able to project properly.  Even seeing was hard, I have reached past the human capacity of exhaustion.  My will was gone and I felt that it’s not worth all this work.  It just seemed to go on endlessly with no real point.

In New York I found rest, and for the first time in lifetimes real peace inside myself.

Coming back home was not what my soul wanted and it caused a bitch fight between body and soul, throwing me off balance once more.  It opened issues that were locked till now and in the past week I was healing those, it did cause my hip to hurt real bad.  More kidneys that hip, as it was emotional baggage and that always hit me in the kidneys.

The person that is the front walker is my spirit body or my higher self (if you will)  It was time for my body to rest and catch up on all the changes made before I left on holiday.  As always the body make a battle of it.  This new path is the result of the changes I have made inside myself by working on myself and my past issues for the last 9 years.  This year for me is the change of power so to speak.  From the past to the now, the past was dealt with, the issues dealt with and cleared, old patterns were changed.  I have cause the body a lot of pain, which has not always been appreciated.

Now in this new path it’s time to work as one not follow the higher anymore, but work as one, till the time come to truly become one in self.  When there is no separation between Spiritual form and physical form.  This time is a time of calm being of self, within and without.  A stillness…

Yes stillness in this world is not always easy.

The tomatoes to me represent the human race, they are put through a lot (passing through the system) yet they still come out by growing where ever they land.  Their tough and no matter what is thrown at them inside they have hope, it is the will in them that drive them to be more than they are.  It is said that to grow you first have to die…

There are those that have wanted to destroy the human race, because they are useless.  Yet in all that was thrown at the humans in the last 2000 years they have become more than what they were, when they were cast aside, and the angels fell.

There are many that fight for the preservation of this system, and many that fight against it.

I agree the system need to change to what it once was…  before the fall of the angels, which was NOT right……

From the deepest despair and pain are born the strongest souls….. Aka quoted by me…

Standing with a map, seeing the path, knowing there is always a path, always a way… gives you hope that in the end it will all be as it must.

This time in , this place in time is powerful for each of us, we hold the power in our hand to change who we are going to be, and what paths we will walk.  It is the change of power, form follower to leader of your own path, your own choices, no matter what anyone may say… it is not their path not their road to walk… it is yours and yours alone!  This is the year, you become all you can be… within your own true power.

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Meat? Vegies? who is right?

For a long time this debate has raged.  Some wont eat meat as it is wrong to kill something to eat, as animals has souls too.  The debate has raged for such a long time and no-one ever end up being right.  As there is no right and wrong in this.  Its a matter of choice.

Here I will attempt to bring together a few views and research, so that you the reader can decide on what side of the fence you are or maybe even on the fence.  The choice are your own.


On 2 February 1966 a world leading Polygraph expert, Cleve Baxter, made an astounding discovery.  It was one of those finds that a scientist comes across while looking for something else.  In this case there was a plant sale near his office, and his secretary brought in a couple of plants.  He saturated then with water, curious as to how long it would take for the moisture to reach the top of the plants, particularly with the Dracaena cane, since the moisture had to climb a long way to the top and to the end of the leaves.  He places electrodes that measured the galvanic skin response (one part of the lie detector) in several places to measure the resistance.  When the moisture reached a particular electrode, the resistance would drop and be recorded since water is a conductor, not a resistor.

Baxter noted something unusual on the chart that looked more like what would be expected is a person were taking a lie detector test, even though moisture hadn't yet entered the leaf.  From this discovery he got curious as to how the plant might react to a threat.  He has the image of burning the leaf that he was testing and without having verbalized the thought, he touched the plant with he equipment, and the pen jumped off the chart.  He got matches from the secretary's desk and waved a lit one by the leaf a few times, but the reaction was already so intense that it didn't make a difference.  When he took the matches back to the desk in the other room, the plant calmed down.

He realized that something quite significant was happening, and from there on he dedicated his time and attention to look further into this phenomenon.  He did various experiments that showed that plants did perceive and respond to human emotions.  Rather than calling this capacity extrasensory perception (ESP), he called it Primary perception, since plants don't process sensory apparatus that humans do.  Primary perception is something that takes place at a much more fundamental level.  Others began to call this the "Baxter effect".

In the article titled "Man in partnership with Nature" (, Jeff Frank writes.

Mr Baxter proved scientifically that plants could think and respond!  A Consciousness!...  Baxter did months of research and found plants respond to threats as well as healing peaceful thoughts.  Plants love to listen to easy-listening music and classical music (but no heavy metal) and seemed to be attuned to animal life.  The plants wound actually tell when a human subject on the polygraph machine was lying!   Baxter found out in stress conditions, as when it is being cut, a plant will "faint" so it can't feel any pain, it goes "flat line" on the machine.  With fruit, the plant wish to give up its fruit only in a loving ritual, a communion between the eater and the eaten, a sacrifice.  Baxter said, "It may be that a vegetable appreciates becoming another part of another form-of life rather than rotting on the ground, just as a humans death may experience relief to find himself on a higher realm of "being"

After Baxter's initial discovery, there was considerable interest and further replication of his results by others, yet the Western science community generally reacted with derisiveness followed by ultimately ignoring his work.  On the other hand, when Baxter discussed his findings with a Indian Scientist, Buddhist or Hindu he stated, ("Instead of giving me a bunch of grief, they say, "What took you so long?"  My work dovetails with many of the concepts embraced by Hinduism and Buddhism." Its also dovetails with what the Findhorn community was discovering at about the same time, what quantum physicists have been telling us, and the research on DNA cited earlier in this book.

--------- taken from the book Earth Magick by Steven D. Farmer-----------

This clip show more on just how receptive plants are.

During my training as Shaman and Druid, I was told to go talk to a tree.  I thought my guides has gone bonkers.  Yet something in me told me to do that.  I have learned to open to animals and to speak with them, so why not plants.  I went outside took my chair, placed it under the old Oak tree and listened.  A hour passed, the horses and the cats came over and settled around me.  Then just when I was about to give up, I felt the flicker.  A really light touch.  At first I thought it was one of the animals, but eventually realized that it was the tree.

When learning to speak to animals you learn that they have very little words, they speak in emotions and pictures.  Domestic animals and familiars tend to speak telepathically, as they learn from young to respond to our language.  Trees and plants speak is different, its slow, gentle, fluid. They use energy and emotions, and pictures.  That tree showed me its life, pictures of people that moves around it, a little girl sitting under it when she was really sad.  How he comforted her.  It was aware of all the other plants and animals around it.  It was able to communicate to them, as the older ones remember the season cycle, it gives the other plants the ques as to when to conserve energy and water, and when its a time of abundance.  They learn, feel, are sad, happy, etc.

It shocked me at first, but also helped me remember the old teachings, the ancient druid teaching of the old druids that once roamed this world.  In a time when nature was still respected.  When the plants and the animals meant companionship, healing, food and shelter.

In the movie Avatar, the man learn to hunt, learn to kill the animal, saying a incantation over him, thanking him for his sacrifice, so that they can live.  This is something many do not understand.  This system was build for service in love.  The souls that come here has to learn to serve those around them in love, and in return they serve themselves.  The plant sacrifice its life for the animal to eat, so that it can live.  It leaves its life force behind while its soul move on and return to source.  The animals body uses that life force as well as the nutrients that is the plants makeup.  Us as humans eat the plant and the animals, their sacrifice give us life force.  Something our bodies need.

Animal life force are stronger, its a warmer energy, where plant life force are of a colder energy, together they are what balance the human's life force.  the eating of either one or both is a matter of choice.  None is right or wrong.

what is however a issue, is that food produced in a wrong way can affect your life force.  There is much research on this issue, but that is another discussion.

Being vegetarian, or not, is a life choice, you can not tell others their choice is wrong, as its not.  A plant gave his life so you can eat, or a animal gave its life.  which is right the pot or the kettle, their both in the fire and both burned black.

You as reader decide it remain our own personal choice.

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