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  • Blessings and much Love...Always of service to all...Peace, Love and Light...
  • Welcome home,I see you like spiritual books,have you read the Urantia book or A Course in Miracles.these to are the books I use the most. But also I use the Keys of Enoch and the I Ching and many others. Keep in contack. Adonai
  • I am delighted to welcome you to Ashtar Command Crew.
    Infinite Blessings with God's Infinity Energies of your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for you in every moment. Steve
  • Thank your for your friendship and God bless you and yours..
  • Welcome Adam Ray...and many blessings of Peace, Love and Light.....

    As the newest wave of energy begins to arrive, please remember to continue your forgiveness work. It may be tempting to set it aside and come back to it later when things seem less energetically charged. The Universe is gently reminding you that this is definitely the right time. (Smiling) Being as clear as possible will make your transition more graceful, easy and peaceful. As always, The Universe is there to guide and support you every step of the way. ~ Creator
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Chippewa Lake, OH


October 26

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Spiritual seeker. Married with children.

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Adam Ray left a comment for Steve Hutchinson
"Thanks for the welcome Steve."
Mar 8
Adam Ray left a comment for rev.joshua skirvin
"Thanks for the warm welcome. I do like spiritual books. I have read some of the Urantia Book but not much."
Mar 8
Adam Ray left a comment for aadams
"Let me know what you think of the book. It would also be nice to have a Talmud Jmmanuel or Goblet of Truth study group. Sent friend request if you'd like to be friends on here."
Mar 8
Adam Ray left a comment for aadams
"Have you read; STAR WISDOM Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality By Gene Andrade? I think you would really enjoy this book. I have never felt like I belonged here on earth either."
Mar 7

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ANCIENT AWAKENINGS Sunday Call  4/11/2021    (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell  THE ONLY CONTROL THAT THEY (THE DARK FORCES) HAVE EXISTS ONLY WITHIN THIS 3RD DIMENDIONAL ILLUSION St. Germain and One Who Serves channeled by James…
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If you haven't, try Scalar Energy,,,
It is working miracles for me...
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"It is said that at 66 AD, a war in heaven was witnessed by the Jews! This was the same year the Roman Governor, Gessius Florus, entered the temple in fulfilment of Mathew 24:15. So we see that indeed according to Jews, a 'war in heaven' symbolizes a…"
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"So called Big Gray. Why said he us a new Species? Is this really FAKE? Wake up. We need to stop these Nuklear Stuff at all!"
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