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  • THE DIVINE PLAN is that this Planet Earth and all those who follow Divine Laws will move to 5th Dimension after 26,000 years. The Higher Dimension beings like The Galactic Federation of Light, Beings from Inner Earth, The King of The World and his Spiritual Army from Shamballa, The Ascended Masters and being from other Planets who have choosen to reincarnate here are all here on a Divine Mission to see that The Divine Laws are carried out and last but not least The Divine Mother Earth will not tolerate beings who do not follow Divine Laws any more. In 2012 only those who follow Divine Laws will be allowed to Govern and always remember if you respect God respect all his creation.
    Adama Head Priest of Telos says that you only have a few years to change and finally it will be a case of either SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT. Namaste
  • You don't need to be forgiven Ravi, you did nothing wrong :p
    The intention is what matters,... and it would botter me if I am bottering others *wink* (maybe I should work on that, or maybe that attitude is my strength... hmmm...)
    So, where are all that marvelous recipes?
  • Forgive me if my words sounded like trial, that was not my intention.
    There are so many ways to express planetary change, and being vegetarian is one of them, but not unique.
    If being "flexible" does not bother you, that's what matters!
    The interior will is the most important, only that I wanted to make clear in my message.


  • don't worry mo, I am...
    it is not perfect, but it is a movement to a better way... an improvement... a softly manner to show it is doable to my environment, in the hope that my example grudually might change them too, if they feel like it... not because I force them to, but because they want too as well... so to keep some balances... I am flexible... that is the way I feel best, in the best harmony with myself AND the nonvegetarians around me...
    and... in non-judging them... it's true that I don't need to judge myself... I am confident in my choice at this moment in time... and I know that I won't regret it later, cause I know why I am making this choice for flexibility...
    and Ravitiello, I am living the change I want to see happening in the world - if I would feel forced to be vegetarian, it wouldn't be the same... being convinced of being vegetarian is worth a lot more... so I am patiently waiting for that time when everyone is vegetarian... and I am doing what I can without forcing others - YES to encouraging, NO to bad feelings and enforcing !
  • I was asked to comment here on the present discussion, so this is what comes to mind:

    The vedic scriptures gives directions for people in different stages of spiritual evolution.
    Those highly evolved and seeking advancement are recommended to follow certain principles, one of which being non-violence (ahimsa), which includes being vegetarian.
    Those on the lower stages of human evolution, that are addicted/accustomed to lower modes of nature, such as animal killing/eating, are prescribed a different set of principles that allow them some freedom to indulge in their activities whilst simultaneously encouraging them to raise their standards.
    Actions within the field of principles prescribed for a particular persons stage carries less karma and eventually lead to purer states of being.
    These prescribed principles are not limited to food ingestion, but cover most aspects of life; politics, warfare, family, work, trade, meditation, religion, etc.
    But at every stage, the highest principles are recommended and we're encouraged to raise our standards to the optimum in this very lifetime. =)

    The way I see it, God doesn't punish or judge us for such activities. It's simply that we pollute ourselves.

    Bhagavad Gita: 5.14-16
    The embodied spirit, master of the city of his body, does not create activities, nor does he induce people to act, nor does he create the fruits of action. All this is enacted by the modes of material nature.
    Nor does the Supreme Lord assume anyone's sinful or pious activities. Embodied beings, however, are bewildered because of the ignorance which covers their real knowledge.
    When, however, one is enlightened with the knowledge by which nescience is destroyed, then his knowledge reveals everything, as the sun lights up everything in the daytime.
  • Tinywing,just do what you feel is right , after all your house mates are obviously not on your path and you have to be true to yourself, if not you will miss out alon with your house mates.
  • All i wish to state is that within a few years there will be only Vegetarians on this Planet. YEE... HA
    Adama Head Priest of Telos says we do not look at your physical bodies, nor the nice suit you wear, nor the wealth you have accumulated, nor the high position you hold but we being on higher dimension look at how much light you have within yourselves which depends on your Karmas. Namaste
  • "The true vegetarian should eat not only clean food, but with pure thoughts, feelings and actions." Beinsa Douno

    "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."
    Matthews 7:1

    We should work on our sins and failings, if we start thinking for people mistakes, they gonna become ours!

  • The point is that animal suffering is terrible! Cause this so many of us vegetarians are sometimes radical... Who's not eating meat for a while can cite all the benefits it brings, and is different for each one.
    Be tolerant with the limitations of others is positive, but you must respect yourself! It is a choice! When you choose yourself, choose your divinity within, and so the universe opens in new perspectives. We have a duty to respect ourselves, it is the first step toward change. If you doesn't live the change, how can you believe in it?

    "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi.

    Peace and Light,
  • yep, and I am still struggling that meat and fish and everything is so embedded in our culture here, and I am not living in a very awakened place... that doesn't mean I don't love my homemates or I don't respect them... althou they are still choosing differently, cause they don't know any better yet... I am already forcing them to think and to search an alternative for my plate, but I honour their choice that is different... and sometimes that means I choose for comfort and sociability... also if I am keeping my vibrations a bit lower, that is my choice and my risk... at this moment I can choose to be a flexible vegetarian in wording or to be a nonflexible nonsociable egocentric vegetarian... so I am choosing to be a bit more flexible in the name of love, respect, friendship... hereby not saying that true vegetarians are non sociable or egocentric, not at all... it is just the situation I am in now and how I am coping with it... let's hope the futur will solve this and makes things more easy... (and I know I am introducing nice tasteful vegetarian food to nonvegetarians... it are babysteps in accepting and discovering... but it is improvement nontheless...and with less resistance)
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